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Only God knows what is stored on anonmgur's servers


—(it was child porn)

Totally not copying any other much more successful ideas.

anonmgur (pronounced anon-m-jur) is was an image hosting site and sister site of Encyclopedia Dramatica (NO). It is a shitty PHP ripoff of Imgur "branded" with Anonymous imagery that Zaiger made by stealing code and then deleting attribution from it to make it look like he wrote it. Its mission is was To Provide Fast, Free, Anonymous Image Hosting Child porn.

After half the staff threatened to quit if he doesn't get rid of it, Zaiger finally deleted it and took that shit off of our site header. He later tried to revive his kiddy porn stash at least once, and someone else also made a copy of it at some point, possibly Zaiger as well.



Anonmgur is an advanced web application with such space age features as:

  • Uploading images
    • From your local drive
    • From URL
  • A bookmarklet for uploading from URL
  • Encryption
  • SSL
  • Stripping EXIF data
  • BBS, HTML and Reddit markdown in image results with the file URL
  • Optional shortlinks
  • Disqus comments
  • Image deletion

More features will be forthcoming, such as multiple simultaneous image uploading, drag and drop and copy and paste image uploading and some other cool shit we are discussing. Zaiger was never able to do any of that, but managed to make the site more pedo-friendly by making images only viewable with a direct link.

Testimonies by happy customers

Z used to talk about how he saved tons of porn he liked that people uploaded. The site was not a treasure trove of hot amateur porn though. Most of the sexual content was CP, creepy clothed pictures of kids, and dick pics. He seemed to be bothered much less about this stuff than everybody else and he strongly resisted taking the site down until several admins threatened to quit over its existence.

It's all speculation, but combined with some other concerning comments he made about younger teen girls, I'm suspicious about his intentions for trying to keep the site up and I suspect other people share my concern.

The worse part is that if he wasn't interested in the kid pics, most of the adult pictures seemed to be related to human trafficking victims.



Zaiger created anonmgur from source code that was released under the GPL by vaska94. Zaiger promptly removed all attribution to vaska94 in the source code and solely attributed the code to himself. I only know this because Zaiger forgot to delete the readme file which had the original link to the source. Doh.

I have all the original content of anonmgur, I haven't looked at it, nor want to look at it, but Zaiger asked me to restore it on a new server, and he was...proud of the content, and was like "There's a ton of awesome porn in there."


Gallery (thankfully not of the child porn)

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