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Can we stop referring to this two-bit sensationalist hack as a journalist or reporter? I've read better articles in Viz.


—Forum User

Amelie Walker is an Australian "journalist" employed as youth affairs reporter for Rupert Murdoch's Herald Scum newspaper in Melbourne. She created lulz after writing a "news" article based entirely on plagiarising user posts from the raver forum (ITM). Having spent some time lurking the forum, probably to score E's and Whizz, she then betrayed her forum drug-buddies by dropping their dox's in a national newspaper article after datamining them on MySpace, even dropping the name of one of the forum users Ralph Wiggum!! LOL!!. After this, like any decent internet citizen they datamined her dox and made amusing shoops of her ... only to be threatened by the newspaper's legal team.

Perhaps Amelie Walker went into the newspaper game with all the best intentions of a 22 year old journalism graduate, wanting to carve a name for herself whilst sticking at least to the basics of ethical and moral reporting. She probably doesn't even realize she's contravening her own industry's codes of practice and journalistic ethics in general - you DON'T interview people under false pretenses! Though she probably never understood what "journalistic ethics" were to begin with.

  • CONCLUSION : She is part of the cancer that is killing journalism,
    and is contributing to the downfall of the printed media as a source of news.


Ralph Wiggum reported slabs of Smirnoff spirit-based drinks were selling for $240, and cans of spirits for $10.


—Amelie Walker - credible sources

I'm in Ur Holocaust Memorial - being an attention whore
Annalise Walliker 1.jpg

Although dedicated to the rave scene, ITM owes its commercial success to its community guidelines not allowing any discussion or promotion of illegal drugs. Thus its userbase get immensely butthurt at the mere suggestion any of them has used drugs ever, when in reality they all take drugs together every weekend.

ITM forums had already been quoted in the news in recent times, starting with a November 7, 2007 ninemsn news article misquoting a thread on ITM where ITMers joked about buying and eating recalled child's toy Bindeez.

The next mention came with the November 26 article in the Daily Telegraph (also owned by Rupert Murdoch) trying to implicate ITM in organizing an illegal dance party in Sydney. Problem was, the anonymous "journalist" got the site name wrong, instead writing which is the website for a food products company.

I know if I were going to take a myspace pic of myself I'd do it in some sort of holocaust memorial.


—Mickstah on the ITM Forums

its not her fault that she is a shit journalist, its the newspapers fault for hiring her


— Oblivia An entangled inebriate

Amelie's article

Obviously a credible source

On Saturday December 8, the annual Ultraworld festival was held overnight at Kryal Castle in Ballarat, near Melbourne, and while a few people were arrested for possession and others carried away in ambulances after overdosing, for the other 5000 people it passed without incident (ie. they can handle their drugs).

Then on December 11, Amelie's article slamming the rampant drug use at the rave was published in the Herald Sun, entirely based on quotes from the forums. While most ITM users use a pseudonym username on the forums, many include a link to their MySpace in their profile, which Amelie had apparently used to find out their real name and suburb of residence to attribute their comments in the article.

Amusingly one comment was attributed to the forumuser's username
as if Ralph Wiggum were a real name - Credible Source!!.

Many forum users were butthurt at having their already publicly available information made public, and this was made even worse given the article was published on the Tuesday after the rave when they were on their comedowns.

The ITM users responded with a threads like "Post stuff here you want quoted in the herald sun!" and "So who's up for a rave at Herald Sun HQ?" before they started datamining her! Looking up her publicly available information on Google and Facebook producing lulz. Before long her photo had been photoshopped at raves taking drugs and then photoshopped doing any old unfunny shit. ITM moderators initially allowed this until Amelie caught wind of it and BAWWWWWWWWWW'd to them and they realised the pictures were also against the community guidelines and had to go.

Forum Mods are


it is safe to say that if someone somewhere somehow had a copy of all the jpg's and gif's and went into a internet cafe, set up a fake account on an image hosting website and put them up and as long as it weren't linked to here then that person would be fine...
InTheMix have serious delusions of grandeur

i'm only speaking hypothetically...


Forum Pussy before they found ED

Problem with using an internet cafe, is that the IP can be traced back to the cafe, and all cafe's keeps records, or security pictures of who has come into their cafe


Flathead_21 -Srsly these guys are a bunch of faggots LOL

hey djdrey, out of curiosity what did they tell you? any threats?

it's funny how they kicked up a fuss about their employee being portrayed as an idiot on an internet forum read by 1000's, but we can't do anythign about them printing some of our user's REAL NAMES without permission in a major tabloid read by 100,000's.


spice_of_life - seems sensible

News Ltd's legal team is huge compared to the non existent ITM legal team


skattakid -being a faggot again



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