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Well that makes it a-okay . . .

This just in! AniutqaDA finally admits that she traces!

AniutqaDA is a very delusional tartlet who seems to believe that tracing over screen shots, and recoloring line art from the movie Spirit is A-OK. She has somehow obtained a very large fanbase of complete retards that will kiss her ass if she were ever distressed, and attack anyone that has the balls to point out her blatant faggotry. AniutqaDA, being Polish, defends herself as well as her ancestors did in WWII, and so resorts to commanding her fantards in terribly butchered Engrish to ATTACK TEH PERPETRATORS!11. Also her dream is to be in possession of Cybertron Hot Shot's hawt, imaginary, robot cock.

Recolor Goodness

AniutqaDA, being the epitome of originality that she is, has an entire gallery full of totallyOriginal horse designs in totally original poses. These are all completely original works of course. Screw it, they got baleeted.

Idiots coming by her page are surprisingly oblivious to the shit load of images with the exact same pose. They most likely have the attention span of a gold fish, and think that each image spammed into DeviantArt is something completely new and exciting. When in fact it is just the same lame ass line art with varying colors on a white background. These make up the majority of her bland, tasteless gallery.

Gallery of recolors About missing Pics
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Her "original" artz

To many people Aniutqa is only known for stealing copyrighted lineart. Little do they know that there is actually moar about her art to discuss. If you take a closer look at her Transformers-related art, you may see that the style closely resembles that of Autobot-Windracer. To make it even funnier, Aniutqa has stated on numerous occasions that the said artist is among her top favourites. Conclusion? This proves that not only is Aniutqa a shameless tracer and recolorist but also a HUGE hack, with no talent and originality. WARNING!! Gallery made of mass amount of Fail and AIDS. The goggles will do nothing.

Steps to e-fame via tracing

This picture was certainly not traced!
AniutqaDA does the right thing by hiding comments that point out her blatant tracing

If anyone wishes to be just like the trace/ recolor cunt, AniutqaDA, they must simply follow these steps to become a popular Tartlet.

1. Think of an animated movie from your childhood. (If you're a furfag, Balto or Lion King work best!)

2. Trace poses and details from any screenshot of above film, or color in coloring book images.

3. Claim poses and such are copyrighted to yourself.

4. Deny any accusations of tracing, and hide comments. Always let fantards do all the dirty work!

5. ????


Tracing = Popularity

Fantards are right, you are clearly jealous of AniutqaDA's tracing skills
Aniutqada bitching about being accused for being an art thief. No worries, her bitches are already on the job

It's a fact set in stone, that if you trace any character (or characters) from a popular fandom, you'll be showered in e-fame. This results in having legions of mindless fans flock to your gallery to watch you and +fave every piece of art shat from your unoriginal asshole of a brain. These mindless people you may call "watchers" will defend you at any cost when you are attacked. They go about defending you with the usual "UR JELOUS" comments, and retort by using "witty" comebacks. When in fact, they have just made a complete idiot of themselves.

Examples of these Tartlets are lurking all over AniutqaDA's page. Their tactics are the most correct way to show that AniutqaDA DOES NOT TRACE!

Drama on Livejournal

AniutqaDA demonstrates how butthurt she is
Artist's impression of Ainutqa's apparent birth fetish
Capped for great justice!

The drama began when AniutqaDA happened to come across an ancient entry on the community DeviantArtSnark that featured her countless recolors and traces. (Found here) Overwhelmed with feelings of extreme butthurt, she decided to post an angry journal entry about it, and even left a comment demanding that the thread be removed link after announcing that "it wasn't funny!". Not long after the journal was posted, fanbrats began joining the fray. AniutqaDA and this particular fanbrat got the b& hammer before anymore lulz could be harvested out of the incident.

The journal quickly became one of the top three journals on the today page, as large numbers of fanbrats gathered to defend their favorite artist lol. One fantard by the username PalominoLegacy even went as far as making a Livejournal account just to "yell words" at the offenders, hoping they would stop. When they learned that their plan was a complete and utter failure, they resorted to making an "da_anti_flamers" community on LJ! OH SHI-


A collection of proof has been obtained throughout the dramafest. Please feel free to leave links to these images to AniutqaDA's front page, and "artwork" as much as possible.

Original: link Shitty recolor: link ("forbidden") + The body from this image here: link ("forbidden")

Original: link Shitty recolor + Original Comparison: seen here

Original: link Shitty trace: link ("forbidden") (She gave no credit for the pose! QUICK! Report it for great justice, and lulz!

ZOMG Champion is pissed! Original: link Shitty recolors: link ("forbidden") & link ("forbidden") Overlay of the two (Champion and Coloring page): link

  • "forbidden" page possibly due to account B&
Gallery of unoriginality About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

And we musn't forget the ones 'colored' by her various fantards:

And the motherload of possible lineart used for recoloring: link

And another possible lineart page: link

It is encouraged that moar evidence found should be added to this section of the article kthx.

This just in!

AniutqaDA makes a journal on changing dA accounts :(
A horrifying .gif from one of AniutqaDA's alternate accounts

After getting totally pwnt on the interwebs for being an unoriginal tracing cunt rag, AniutqaDA has decided to change dA accounts! (As seen written in moonspeak on this journal.) If anyone is able to translate it, many free internets to them. Translated!

I have a fairly constant attack on me![Everyone else draws] all the characters from the film, and as usual I can not!I’m evil, nasty and damn pissed! Write what you want! But they [won’t] go away. My patience has ended and the second time I go! I promise this time I will not return. Even ‘life’ to DA was, is and will be better without my presence here. Thanks, [those who] defended me, but I can not endure this war!

And I have had enough of that! What if I’ll be on my old accounts[?] My Champion and lineart’s is dead… byebye DA




With that death news aside, she has indeed switched accounts. This is the normal tactic for popular tartlets, because they simply can't bear to go a day without any fantards to kiss their ass. It's like a furry trying not to fap to yiff for a day, because it's just impossible. Be sure to expect more tracing in the alternate accounts linked below, and report them for great justice!

Cries of the Fantards

AniutqaDA's fantards prove to be nothing but morons in their unity of BAWWWWWWWWWing.

They have recently began making ED accounts just to blank this article. But blanking is pointless, and only leads to them looking like complete retards. GG GUYZ.

One of them has just recently left a butthurt tl;dr comment on the DA_ED community on LJ. CRY MOAR FAGGOT.

List of accounts that have blanked this article thus far:

"I do not even know AniutqaDA; however, after being alerted to the atrocious article that was here previously, I stepped in and deleted it because I honestly do not how people can do this to one another. Please, if you ever feel the need to pick on someone in order to make yourself feel better, why don't you just get a hobby instead? I hear kite-flying is time consuming!''"

It is mandatory that these user pages be vandalized with the pain series and Goatse as much as possible. DO IT FOR THE LULZ.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

AniutqaDA deletes fucking everything

After reading a journal (now baleeted) a fanbrat posted after realizing just how much of a cunt AniutqaDA was. She has decided to delete everything that proves she is an uncreative, butthurt drama queen. These include the recent journals whining over this article and the people being OMG MEEN to her, and the "line arts" or repeated tracings of the same image over and over with slightly different coloring. She is most likely hoping that everyone will forget about this incident and go on pretending she is the most talented fucktard ever to grace the tubes.

A few days later, she reposts the same images, and as always, fantards are there to +fave the shit out of it, and completely forget why she deleted them in the first place.

Too bad the internet never forgets. Ever.

AniutqaDA acts butthurt and BAWWW's some more

Recently AniutqaDA posted a butthurt journal entry (BALEETED!) bawwwing about this submission that she felt was concerning her recent tracings, despite the fact that her name was never mentioned in the original submission. No surprise that her butthurtness resulted from her fantard army to bawww about harassment and bullying.

AniutqaDA deletes fucking everything 2: Electric Boogaloo

It all started when a brave tartlet posted this journal, providing proof to the masses of DA that AniutqaDA is a hack artist that does nothing but trace. AniutqaDA later discovered that journal, and proceeded to leave a comment on the Tartlet's page where she ultimately admitted to tracing. Upon seeing this, a fanbrat of AniutqaDA finally realizes just how retarded she was for defending her, and made this tl;dr journal explaining just how disappointed she is.


When fanbrats gather to read the journal, they realize as well that the whole time they were being "lied" to, and were defending a fraud. Much lulz ensued when these now, not-so-fanbrats came to AniutqaDA to express their disappointment.

Seeing as how half of her fanbase was OMG MAD at her, AniutqaDA does what every butthurt tartlet does, and deletes fucking everything. This time, she didn't just delete a few images, she went for the whole gallery. The only thing left is a farewell journal, and comments by fantards, with the occasional retarded emoticon reply from AniutqaDA herself in a different account.

Who knows how long it will be until she gives in and posts the images up again for her fans to wank over. Disregard that.

AniutqaDA's new account

Come on Aniutqa, you can't fool us.
Much like kirbyslover Aniutqa is also a comment hider
She's also obsessed with fucking ED

AniutqaDA makes massive fail yet again by making a 'brand spanking new account' at ArrowDA, posting the same Spirit tracings and shit that she has posted before. Like she did on her other accounts, the little fucktard will hide comments that call her out on what she did. So obviously she doesn't HAET HOARSES like she says she does.

The b& hammer

As of October 30th 2007, ALL FIVE of Aniutqa's accounts were banhammered. Her primary account had been banned for requesting illegal serial numbers in her journal, the rest were done in for ban evasion. Wanna bet on how long it'll be before she starts a new one? In the meantime, it's time for us to say 'Goodnight sweet Princess.'

Polack done got her passwords stolen

As of recent, a troll happened to be the butt of Ani's spamming. According to this troll, Ani is still, amazingly butthurt over her permaban on DeviantART that happened at least 100 years ago. The price of being batshit insane, however, resulted in losing both her email and shitty Polish art blog jacked.

Included is some art from the troll, to express their thoughts on Ani and her fabulous, but still traced, work:

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

The Incident on the polish message board

Ulv pwns Aniutqa

Last Thursday, on a polish, Transformers forum a topic was created in which users could post links to shittiest fanfics on the web. During this time one of the board's lulsers happened to stumble upon Anuitqa's fanfiction blog, and decided to post the link to it for the pure lulz. Seeing this, Aniutqa stormed the board under the nick "TheArmanda", asking what was wrong with her fiction, and why does everyone hate it so much. Her questions were answered when Ulv, the forum admin, came. Tired of Aniutqa's bitching and constant spamming, he told her that her fic was an utter, piece of crap which only an absolute retard could write. He also suggested her that she should either leave the internets foreva and become an hero, lock herself in her basement or go and buy herself a new brain. PWNT!! Below you can see the full translation of the whole post:

Well... evidentlly everyone is too polite to tell you this, but I don't

know what politeness is, so...

Everything on this blog is shit. Graphics, pictures, text, everything is lame and indicates a high level of retardation. You on the other hand are an evident case of being an utter moron. It would be a waste of words to critise you, so simply delete the blog, hole yourself in some kind of a hermitage and go buy yourself a brain, I heard that students of the Medical Academy have some which they're using for testing. Even the one that's cut into pieces without pituitary gland and frontal lobes would be better than Yours. With a little bit of luck, you'd become a vegetable and won't come close to the computer keyboard.

On this forum we have people that are against abortion. Your blog should become an argument in discussion with them. This whole gang of idiots, unloved by their parents, with a fast connection to the internet, is the thing that litters the Internet and makes it a hatchery of rubbish.

What's worse - after that, all of us true fans, are being identified with this malaria, the sign of which you are. They think of us as being infantile... thanks to such kind of fanfiction writers who write crap and identify themselves with some shitty robot.

And the serie is called ARMADA, not ARMANDA. Armanda can at least be the name of the brasillian soap-opera.



Instead of thanking Ulv for such wonderful advice, Anitqua went completely batshit insane which resulted in an instant flame war.Many lulz were had, until the mods came and closed the pool.

Of course this didn't stop Aniutqa from spreading her cancer on the board. Starting to feel more comfortable, she decided to post some of her fanart, to show what a great artist she was. It was then, that some other lulser recognized her and decided to tell everyone on the board who she really was by posting a link to her ED page. Another flame war began, with Aniutqa bawwwing that she's completely innocent, and that all of her art is "TOTALLY ORIGINAL GAIZ!!11!!". This however didn't help as the mods, who had enough of Aniutqa's bullshitting, decided to treat her with a banhammer.

However she managed to come back after some time, brining much lulz with her lack of knowledge and moar of her craptastic art. Whether or not she's gonna receive another banhammer it's not known, but judging by her habit of constant spamming and acting like a total moron, it is believed that it won't take much longer....

"Galvatrons" 2008

Recently, on the said Transformers message board, the admins decided to give awards, called "Galvatrons", to users who, throught the whole year, either became famous for their actions or simply stood out from the rest. Unsurprisingly, among the people who were nominated for being the "Most Interesting User of the Year" was Aniutqa. Yet, it was her who got the most votes and won in this category.

Congratulations Ani!! Once again you've proved us that your utter stupidity and dumbfuckery goes beyond that of a retarded child.


In an attempt to explore new and uncharted territory where no one know who she is AniutqaDA joined y!gallery today, December 9th, of 2008. She promptly broke da rulez by uploading furry art. She was swiftly and immediately suspended for being under the age of eighteen. Like so many furfags and tracers of her caliber she thought she could get away with being on the site before she turned eighteen.

Haha... shows what she knows.

However, the most surprising thing is that while being at the Transformers message board, Aniutqa claimed that she has no interest in yaoi on multiple occasions. This is yet another proof, that Aniutqa is nothing more but a FUCKING HUGE hypocrite.

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