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Anime is a prime example of why two nukes wasn't enough


—New Hampshire Democrat State Representative Nick Levasseur, [1]

If you noticed she is holding a watermelon first, then you are completely normal.
Anime shows how much fun a girl can have eating ice-cream
What is this faggotry?
Why Japs worship the very same Americunts who nuked them, because at least they can earn popularity on Deviantart.

Animu (sometimes called anime and Japanimation) and desu manga (pronounced man-gay) are the result of the Japanese population getting severe brain cancer from the nuke which Albert Einstein threw unto them, coupled with an extra WMD of feminism castrating their collective balls. The result? Asperger's Syndrome: Mass Media Edition. An entire slave race of Chris-chans forced by their Jewnited States masters to emulate and surpass Renaissance art: and the result was the most powerful brainwashing medium in the entire history of the Internet. Animu's true purpose is to erode the minds of innocent children, 16 year old girls, and basement dwellers so that they will eventually only know the words "KAWAII" and "DESU", leading to the entire world to fully submit to Jewpan. Animu's secondary purpose is to introduce normal humans into Jewpanese aspie sexual practices including the torture, mutilation, rape and cannibalism of innocent children, sometimes with bestiality to add insult to injury.

BTW, in IRL, call it a "cartoon". People say anime so it doesnt ruin their teenage self esteem, what little is left desu. People still cling to the genre even though it's been a fact that Anime is Dead in North America.

A typical Animu scene


Animu was due to the Jewnited States during World War II dropping atomic bombs on them. desu The first animu was technically The Story of the Concierge Mukuzo Imokawa created in 1917, but the film Hakujaden, created in 1958 (by assholes) desu, is widely regarded as the first "modern" example of animu. In the 2000s, animu began to become popular in America desu.

Now, thanks to the Interbutts, legions of kiddie-diddling male mouth-breathers walk the malls and school corridors of America, looking from beneath sweat-soaked cat ears to make your sweet little Suzie or Billy part of their sickening 2-D sexual scenario. And it's even worse in Japan, where animu has mutated into the nightmare of moe, in which grown men now pine for tiny girls with no tits the way their dads used to fap to Ursula Andress or Raquel Welch desu. It has gone so far that even Hayao Miyazaki himself has stated animu is a terrible, terrible thing.

The "Artform"

Animu is often praised for its artistry and the high quality of the animation, even though in reality, the animation is crap, the low frame rate makes the movement choppy, meaning the animators are too lazy to draw any plausible movement, so the character stays still for 20 minutes while the mouth opens and closes. Animu is often bagged for its incredibly convoluted and constantly repeated story lines (erroneously called "plots"), its high amount of violence, sex (including tentacle rape, their favorite kind), foreign values like animal rights, sportsmanship, self-respect and filial duty, and its tendency to cause epileptic attacks in small children. Animu plots are often far-fetched, contrived and repetitive, quickly becoming boring and the "humour" quickly becoming unfunny to anyone who is not a brainwashed otaku with a negative IQ.

A typical male animu character.
  • Animu females are pretty much the only reason why anyone pays attention to this art in the first place and is what happens when Japs fap incessantly to Renaissance sculptures of Greco-Roman Goddesses and Catholic Angels and therefore get an over-idealised conception of Aryans. They are usually white, wide-eyed, small-lipped busty and athletic supermodels with huge brains, epitomising the complete opposite of niggers in an attempt to make them as aryan as possible. However they also are absolutely submissive cocksucking machines who have eardrum-shattering high-pitched pre-adolescent voices because Japs can't let go of their obsession with little girls. Or the girls are very emotionally conflicted and have a "deep voice", what would be a normal adult female speaking voice outside of Japan, and have a dark, mysterious past. Chicks in anime hentai can't take fellatio without breaking their weak jaws and possibly blowing their heads apart. It is very hilarious when you, if a weeaboo, go to Japan and find out that their females, far from the Aryan-supermodel-angels you were expecting, turn out to be ugly smelly skeletons with horizontal vagina dentatas and are feminists who will just date you only to scam you out of your money.
  • Animu males are usually very skinny, hairless and effeminate homosexuals with uber-fighting skills and silly philosopho-whining galore and a phobia of women (influenced by Japan's destruction under the feminist plague), if they are good guys. If not, such as in One Piece of Shit, they are turned into hypermuscular super-caricatures of niggers (see below) and look like they are going to rape the closest female or bishonen in the nearest prison.
  • People of significant skin tone and prominent labial characteristics rarely exist in animu, and when they do, they usually look like something out of a banned Bugs Bunny cartoon from the 1950's. White Otakus excuse this by claiming that "Japan is an isolated island with no knowledge of the outside world", which is total bullshit; Japan has uber-technology (just look at their giant humanoid robots Gundams) and most Japs have more access to teh Internets than Americans do. IRL, Japs are a very racist people but still love everything Western, especially after their defeat in World War II. For some reason, in animu they seem to be obsessed with France. Fortunately, as displayed later, Germany is retaking its positions. The way they design their anime females as the complete opposite of niggers (dark skin, bootlips, flat noses and small brains) and the laws against immigration of niggers in Japan prove that at the very least, they share the common knowledge that niggers are Apes.

More recent animus are even gayer and have characters with bug-eyes that literally take up more than half of their face, hair that is bright and colorful enough to give someone a fucking headache, a nose that's impossible to see without a microscope, and girls that orgasm every 10 seconds for no fucking reason whatsoever. Of course, in typical animu, everyone can jump at least 100 feet in the air and punch through solid concrete-reinforced steel or swing a sword hard enough to create a tornado like Japs wish they could do in real life.

They also refuse to call Japanese cartoons "cartoons" because this is an English word, and they have forgotten how to use it because of brain-damaging, seizure-inducing cartoons and eating those sugar-laden Choco-sawdust Sticks. However, they are excellent at enraging every normal person within earshot simply by bullshitting about these unimportant aspects of Japan.

The ten commandments of why Anime sucks ass

Gay anime.png

  1. It comes from asian people. Everything asian is inherently wrong.
  2. There is no originality in Anime, everything has already been done by the west. Example: "Lodoss War" = "Lord of the Rings" * multiplied by gay.
  3. Anime is just a way for fucked up little asian men to get off by raping little Anime girls with tentacle dick monsters. Refer to commandment one.
  4. Anime sends the message to American youth that it is cool to be annoying like the protaganist of Pokemon. If uncured, your child might become the next Chris-Chan!
  5. Anime art generally sucks. It's very uninspired and any kind of good design is instantly ruined by soulless, blank, and empty doll-like abominations with absurdly large eyes.
  6. 90% of men that watch anime are gay pedophiles. 75% of women that watch Anime are mildly-to-definitely retarded. (Statistics can be verified at the FBI's homepage)
  7. Anime has been proven to lower the IQ of young children. It may also cause your offspring to become a failed artist.
  8. Anime comes from asia. everything asian is morally wrong. Again, refer to commandment one.
  9. Anime is destroying the environment, adding to global warming and has made cancer rates all over the planet skyrocket.
  10. Anime has been shown to break down nuclear family ties and cause children to hate their parents.

This is all true. We are a team of sociology experts with several degrees at a university in a major metropolitan area of the planet.

OMG Hot!

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Hentai.

Look at all the detail in that cock....
Six reasons to watch Dragon Ball Z

Animu chicks, with their irresistible giant eyes, eardrum piercing voices, oddly colored she-mullet hair, their lipless mouths, rubber tits, and their tendency to act like complete fucktarded whores normal women, have managed to find themselves entering the wet dreams of many lonely nerds, resulting some to prefer animu ladies to RL wimminz. This is probably because Animu bitches don't care if you're fat, greasy, and masturbate to lolicon. They don't slap you in the face when you compliment their tits, before even properly introducing yourself, and they don't call the police when they find you in their room masturbating into their panties whilst holding their baby photos in your spare hand. The ladies of the animu world don't care about such trivial matters of which was just mentioned. All they want to do is engage in deviant sex acts with you. In this way Animu girls are very similar to the Russians.

Animu girls also have the amazn ability to materialize a massive bludgeoning weapon out of thin air and yell "BAKA HENTAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!" at an ear-splitting volume and beating the living shit out of the male protagonists.


See if you can spot some moe characteristics here.

Moe (or 萌)), not to be confused with Moe Syzlak from The Simpsons, is a Japanese slang word referring to a fetish or love for characters in animu, manga and video games. The word has come to be used as a general term for a hobby, enthusiasm, or a non-sexual fetish. Moe characters have appealing traits such as glasses, clumsiness, young age, cute dress... basically all suitable characteristics for someone who is asking for it. This is why characters like these are largely included in many animus; authors like to create their show with as little effort as possible, as when a moe character is introduced all other qualities of the show can be thrown out the window, since animu fans only care about character development, which tends to spread out across 30 or more episodes, if not even more.


The pinnacle of absolute faggotry and lack of imagination, Chibi is the offspring of worthless wapanese cockminds following a two-step animé tutorial in order to feel clever and artistic. Also known as "Super-Hyper-Ultra-Deformed" (or simply super-deformed, SD), it is the bastardized version of the Japanese word "chiisai", which means "small." Otaku apply this term to pictures of animu characters with compacted, stubby little bodies and gigantic, oversized heads. Fangirls have yet to realize that no Japanese person over the age of 6 ever uses this term. Everyone on 4chan commonly faps to this shit due to its similarity to loli.

Chibi is responsible for creating the many otaku emoticons that have remained alive to this very day. It is also commonly used by the yaoi community to describe the uke in a relationship.

Fangirls and Fanboys

Typical Animu fan. Note the magazine used as a human substitute, so ronery.
Another good example of an average anime fan, Foxworth.

Animu has an enormous fandom worldwide consisting mostly of 16 year old girls, 13 year old boys, and 30-something basement-dweller males, and there are literally thousands of communities on Facebook, Twitter, DeviantArt, and everywhere else, devoted to this retarded "art form". Another site, Pisoga, is devoted entirely to animu and consists of hundreds of fans. Not to mention 4chan, the Pearly GHates Of Faggotry. Hardcore animu fans call themselves otakus, and spend most of their time masturbating to and making AMVs which they then upload to JewTube.

Fanboys/Fangirls watch an unhealthy amount of animu, Causing their eyes to stretch to unholy widths until they look like full blown owl-eyed Indians.

Most fans pretend to have a high knowledge of Japanese culture and language, though they have never been to Japan or even read a book about Japan, and can't even say the most popular Japanese words like "animu" correctly. They often attempt to use Japanese words (but at incorrect times, with the wrong meaning, the wrong conjugation, and the wrong pronunciation) and also pretend to like eating Japanese cuisine, their knowledge of it limited to Pocky, sushi, and Raymond Noodles, which they also cannot pronounce.

In some rare cases, a person can take animu in low doses, and still maintain some level of normalcy. A person who has been able to watch animu and still return from the brink may even maintain a healthy interest in Japanese culture without quoting shit from it incessantly, however such a case is very rare. Fapping to anything animé is the point of no return.

No fans over the age of 12 will admit to ever having liked Dragon Ball Z, but every single animu fan in the world got hooked on Dragon Ball Z before they watched anything else. Some people grew up on Dragon Ball which we all know makes you OG and super cool and not at all as lame as DBZ fans.

A fangirl butthurt over the censorship of animu in America, so she compares it to Disney.
This is a five-part series.

Animu Genres

Girls are usually drawn in skin tight spandex.
Nazis love anime too
Imitation Western anime, don't be fooled!
Shonen anime, summarized

Note that some shows are listed under multiple genres. While one would expect that a show with multiple genres is more intricate, complex and interesting, each additional genre actually just compounds the fail already present.

Typical Anime

Fail War With /sp/

On February 15, 2010 a small minority of 4chan /sp/ trolls launched one of their fail raids against /a/. The attack garnered little attention and could have been thwarted completely with simple mod intervention. After the 12 year-olds had lost interest and gone to bed, /a/'s tripfags felt it appropriate to spam /sp/ with faggy diplomacy threads. The /sp/artan rednecks didn't take kindly to this nicey-nice gesture and a counterstrike ensued. The conflict eventually devolved into /a/ being spammed with "my face" and "You're all gonna die alone" threads, and /sp/ being exposed to the ungodly horrors of gay animu pornography . More 12 year-old faggots (particularly from /mu/) eventually joined in, mostly in support of /a/, and contributed to the clusterfuck until the faggot mod finally finished masturbating to child porn and went on a banning spree. In the end, nothing was gained except a realization by most chantards that 4chan had a sports board.

Gallery of Typical Animu Clichés

Animé Faggotry About missing Pics
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