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Angry Little Facesitter wants to have a lemonparty
Hawt Angry Little Giri

Gospel of Enbeecee: A Jessica By Any Other Name

The Arial font that YouTube uses makes capital i (the 9th letter of the alphabet) look like an l (the 12th letter of the alphabet). This is a source of great lulz for trolls on YouTube who will make make impostor accounts of any YouTuber with an L in their username and use it to hurl abuse at the victim's friends and subscribers, who will hopefully respond by blocking the innocent victim.

Jessica wanted to have the username AngryLittleGirl on YouTube so that old men who watched her videos would know that even though she was an eminently fuckable piece of jailbait legal ass, they had to pretend that they were interested in her angry rants and not her pert breasts.

TheAmazingAtheist. Typical ugly non-believer

Unfortunately for Jessica the YouTube Favicon.png AngryLittleGirl username was taken by Kate, a normal person who does not give a fuck about YouTube and rarely logs onto that soul-sucking site.

Jessica, using 16 year old girl logic, decided that what people thought her username was, was more important than what it actually was and swapped the last L for a capital i and became YouTube Favicon.png AngryLittleGiri.

God bashing is a popular sport on YouTube as it provides infinite source of vlogging material for people devoid of the skill, imagination and/or creativity required for real filmmaking.

Marcus Aurelius aka Albus Dumbledore, Mass-Murderer/Rolemodel

Most people who believe that God does not exist are ugly (and therefore choose to believe that God does not exist rather than that God hates them, despite all the evidence to the contrary). When the atheist's on YouTube discovered that Jessica was not ugly, they immediately invited her into their Blasphemy Challenge club and featured her YouTube Favicon.png "God. Is. Imaginary." video on their website on 14 January 2007. They then proceeded to watch her video almost 50,000 times from that God-forsaken site pushing it onto YouTube's most viewed pages and eventually causing it to pick up over 100,000 views.

Jessica's Blasphemy Challenge video had this quote in the description;

Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones.


— Richard Harris (Marcus Aurelius in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone)

Despite Jessica quickly realizing that her username was shit (since everyone misread it and no one could find her on YouTube), the views and subscribers that she had gained from this first video stopped her from ditching the channel and starting again.

In Jessica's "My Boring Life" video, (whose concept was cleverly stolen from a fellow Asian YouTuber), she sat silently in a slutty outfit for 10 minutes. Because of the abundance of skin and lack of Jessica actually speaking, the video facilitated masturbation by staring at her long, silky legs, soft but perky breasts and cutely sullen face. She got over 6,000 views. In her next video, "Church of Me" she spent 3 minutes as a typical YouTube talking head. She got less than 2,700 views. This proved conclusively that YouTube subscribers watch the videos of 16 year old girls with the sound turned off.

The Why Are You Watching This Crap? Challenge: "My Boring Life", silent and slutty, over 6,000 views. "Church of Me" talking and not so slutty, less than 2,700 views. Jessica fans want moar slutty and less talk. Believe it!

For YouTube's is the Power and the Glory Forever

AngryLittleGiri's subscribers are Fucktards, but to an attention whore a subscriber is a subscriber amirite?

Jessica spent another 5 months being unfindable on YouTube, as only hardcore atheists and/or masturbators knew how to spell her username. During this time she made 31 more non-nude, non-booty shaking, non-popular videos. She eventually decided to ditch her fucked up username and start again.

Who needs the Bible when you have FAP material

On 28 July 2007 Jessica posted a TL;DW video (now removed) in which she said her family and school friends had found out about her AngryLittleGiri channel and that she did not want them to watch her videos so she was going to make a new secret channel that they would not know about.

This was of course complete bullshit as every video that atheists make gets onto YouTube's completely not secret "Most Discussed List" as a result of their endless, pointless, senseless, circular, strawman arguments that are usually resolved in the real world with high explosives.

The next day (29 July 2007) YouTube decided to call her on her bullshit and made dumping her channel much more difficult for an ordinary little attention whore by featuring her YouTube Favicon.png Gullible is not in the Dictionary video on YouTube's front page, (thereby adding over 7000+ new subscribers/haters to her AngryLittleGiri channel).

Some people are waiting to see if Jessica will still ditch her YouTube promoted insta-popular AngryLittleGiri channel (like she swore to God she would). It is more likely though that her inner attention whore will get the better of her and her fear of sinking back into the cute-but-not-naked masses on YouTube will cause her to cling to her new subscriber base for the personal ego-validation and promise of Honorz that it carries.

Other people don't give a shit.


Gospel of Faucknuez: Aids and Fail

She's still a whore in my books.

AngryLittleGiri is the poster child for why VLogging is made of infinite amounts of AIDS and fail. After hearing from her mom about how God has failed to pay alimony for the past six years, AngryLittleGirl made it her life goal to denounce religion and call all those who hate her intelligent videos gullible idiots. It was during this time that YouTube, a terrorist organization fighting to overthrow all of the potential for lulz and win on the internets, featured one of her videos. In the time after the featuring of her video, a civil war erupted on YouTube. Anyone who pointed out that Jessica was just another ordinary 16 year old girl on the internet was flamed by atheists who thought she was pwning religion.

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YouTube Favicon.png Gullible is not in the Dictionary
Attention whore is not in Encyclopedia Dramatica; Cutting is a talent. Moar details at eleven.
Anonymous responds

Note: The user that posted this video attempted to remove it from the page, and disabled embedding. He is cleeeeeeeearly asking to be trolled

Foreshadowing of Attention Whore's Remorse? So soon?

Shrieking: How to make friends and influence people

Shortly after her video got featured, AngryLittleGiri posted the following video, telling everyone who told her the video was shit why they were "fucktarded".

YouTube Favicon.png Pretentious Bitch - mirrored video with a more apt title.
Please feel free to post hate comments and rate with one star as she is cleeearly asking for it
Note the constant arm waving typical of inhabitants of Retardedland, and the use of the word 'opinion' over 9000 times.

Her PM box quickly filled up with 1,400 important Private Messages such as "You are a bitch" and "You are a whore", so she made a video saying that she was turning off Private Messages, and promptly deleted it.

Jessica turns 18

According to her youtube profile, God has punished Jessica by permanently revoking her jailbait status (costing her half her fanbase). On the plus side, she will now do porn on request and that you can stick it in her pooper for $5. Jessica sez: YouTube Favicon.png Not Enough PORN on YouTube

Shit That Noone Cares About

The name Jessica is of Jew origin, from jesca meaning "artificial insemination". It shares the same Hebrew root as Yeshua, which has been transliterated into the English name Jesus.

Like active Satanists everywhere, Jessica is a huge Harry Potter fan and obtained her copy of the final book at midnight during a typical Satanic event.

Possessed Little Giri

It is common knowledge that Harry Potter is a warlock and therefore is an enemy of God. He should not be seen as a hero. He should be lured to Jesus Camp and killed along with all the other warlocks.

YouTube Favicon.png Harry Potter would be put to death at Jesus Camp

Allahu Akbar min kulli shay.


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Jessica Rose (LonelyGirl15) and Jessica Christopher Walken (AngryLittleGirI15) both acting like ordinary 16 year-old Satan worshipers

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