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Information icon.png All we see is a faggot who talks to himself on his own forum and like a huge pussy denies anyone the opportunity to create their own posts by DISABLING REGISTRATION. LOL WHAT A BITCH! XD

Business in the front, santorum in the back

AngelofthyNight AKA Lord Rick AKA Angelofthyeternaleve AKA Richard Rowe is a redneck stoner who is the founder of the Paranormal and Ghost Society. He has become infamous for spreading epic drama and lulz throughout the internets for being repeatedly pwned for his unwarranted self importance, and in response, acting like an internet tough guy and threatening internet lawsuits.

Paranormal & Ghost Society

The Lord himself

Since founding his ex wife founded the Paranormal & Ghost Society, AngelofthyNight has become a world-renowned paranormal investigator who has built his organization into one of the largest in the country. Specifically, AngelofthyNight will point to the 60,000 photographs he took on investigations, the thousands of society members, and the multiple mentions thereof in old media. IRL, his organization only has a few real members, his website looks like something an 8th grader shat out on Geocities, and his press amounts to a few local news stories and two-line blurbs in encyclopedias that include everything. However, since AngelofthyNight feels free to include anyone who has ever joined the e-mail list for his Yahoo groups, he believes he's achieved some sort of fame.

What AngelofthyNight does excel at is alienating those who might have any legitimate interest in helping him. In particular, the people around Lord Rick always seem to fail to live up to his outrageously high expectations, which causes no end of butthurt. Parties are a particularly sensitive issue for Lord Rick. The following usually happens:
Step 1: AngelofthyNight plans a huge party or event for his group.
Step 2: Only one or two people show up.
Step 3: AngelofthyNight goes "BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW!"
Step 4: ????
Step 5: PROFIT!


Take, for example, this recent chestnut from his MySpace blog:
[-+]Click to Expand

Some of you members never fail to disappoint me lets face it this just is not going to work you people have some serious issues to deal with. Our new investigator never showed tonight wasted my time with that, her boyfriend who wanted to investigate told me he is jealous of me so I lost him tonight to, and not one member from our group showed. How can you people join an active group then not be part of it lets face it some of you are nothing but a bunch of cowards you do not investigate cause your scared and you do not show to talk to me eye to eye cause your scared. Keep it up that is all I am going to say and you will have no group to enjoy or places to learn about in Florida. Do you know that everybody that is showing to my party is not even from the paranormal group and how long have we been around 5 freaking years? Yet we have had countless parties, meet ups, media appearances, etc I have every right to be upset. I work hard to make YOU happy in know way does my time that I take for YOU (Members) benefit me. The amount of money I spend on the site, equipment, time, energy, even risking my life matters nothing to you people. Because if I am not buying your dinner then none of you want to show isn't that right? To be honest with you one of these days I am going to just cancel the site and disappear for good then all of you can sit on your asses spend your life watching Taps Ghosthunters get richer meanwhile you could have been part of a real paranormal adventure group cause I am dead sick of the the bulls&*% seriously. I mean its Halloween almost this is the time most people do get involved. None of you wish to help me plan the party, none of you will help me with our new logo, none of you even wish to show so I could share with you my trip up north as far as I am concerned when I move I do not even want to hear from anybody from this state cause you had your chance to face off with me now not when I am thousands of miles away. The real kicker is that this was our first meet up at Gator's its an awesome place but when I ask the waitress to put two tables together and I sit there alone for 2 hours you not only wasted my time but you also wasted the waitresses time therefore I have to apologize to the ladies working there for you people. I do not care anymore for everyone that burns me in the end someday somebody out there will do the same exact thing to you trust me on this I have seen it happen time and time again. I get people that use to knock me saying this group was a bunch of bs now they are writing me cause there own group is failing or there having problems finding loyal members. You people are not ready for what I am about to show you whether its bigfoot footage, an apparition, a demon whatever you people cannot handle the real truth if you could you would show. I have over 10,000 members get 1,000 hits a day on our site do you people understand that about 300 of you are located within an hour from me and you mean you cannot get in your goddamn cars hit the gas pedal and shake my freaking hand? Well F&%$ You To and have a lovely night. See that is the problem everybody expects me to play the good guy and not speak up or speak my mind. But I am not going to sit back and let people do what the hell they want that is not how it works here. I have lost a lot of investigators and members because why? Because I am so honest to a tea that it hurts your virgin ears PLEASE!! That is why I am a good paranormal investigator because I am HONEST what you see is what you get and if you cannot shake my hand you are not worthy of my time and I am not talking about the people who live out of state well the WNYers got this I am better then you attitude but what do you expect 90 percent of there families came from Poland off the boat I am talking about people that Live in the same area as where we are based. See I am not like Taps I do not get rich off of stealing haunted locations then airing them on television. I am the REAL deal my skills in this field will perceive almost any ghostbuster in the country that is because I work extremely hard and I work very hard to get you people to be friends of this organization. The only time anybody from here emails me is when they want a goddamn favor. When I first moved here nobody wanted to investigate with us now I got people emailing me wanting to know where this place is and that place well go find the places yourself cause this founder learned his mistake from Buffalo NY and now look at it its overrun by a bunch of teenagers vandalizing all these places calling themselves explorers. Ya know I remember over the years how I spent money on steaks, shrimp, beer etc for my members and yet people put me down like I am the devil himself. This is all I have to say and why should I care what I say its not like any of you offered to come to the Halloween Party if you cannot show to a public meet up then that tells me you surely will not show to a party. I am so pissed off tonight ya know because its always drama with you people this one's son is sick, this ones boyfriend is jealous, this one does not drive at night, this one is afraid they might become haunted if they meet me blah blah blah if I can lose my friend to death on a paranormal investigation and still continue my work then you people can surely come on out and have a cup of coffee with me. See people here think I am super human I am only good as a haunted places dispenser the hell with trying to be my friend right? Hell if some of you were my friends you would not let me down you would show up hang out and actually show one fu^%[email protected] ounce of gratitude for the 5 years of hard work I put into the boards, sites not to mention the 1000's I have helped privately beyond this list. Like I said a bunch of balless cowards. Ewwww its going to kill me to make some new friends. Ya know pisses me off even more? We have another local group that gets 30 to show at there meet up yet the group has not done one freaking investigation in over 8 months like I said people fail to recognize achievements maybe they are jealous who knows but if all I get is crapped on then let me be the first to crap on you when you join my group since you Christians believe that the god you worship does an eye for an eye then that is the game I guess I will play the eye for the eye game. Only new local members from now on are invited to the meet up how is that for ya! Have a nice night! Oh and here is a few photos from the meet up and my son has a message for the lazy bastards!!! The only good thing I seen tonight is the waitress with the nice ass and the chicken wings!

See I am not like Taps I do not get rich off of stealing haunted locations then airing them on television. I am the REAL deal my skills in this field will perceive almost any ghostbuster in the country...


—Lord Rick, he's the real deal

tl;dr: AngelofthyNight attacks his own fanbase because nobody showed up to help investigate some spooky shit with him. He claims they're "cowards" because they're too scared of teh ghosts! He's also upset that nobody's showing up for his parties or helping him run the website. He threatens to close his website. He also talks about how cool he is and how everyone is missing out on a really good time, using infrared cameras in a cemetery at night with a butthurt redneck.

What you get if you join any of Lord Ricks groups

AngelofthyNight has also alienated former members of his organization because he is a sick fuck. A young man named Aaron was once one of his investigators, and quit the organization after a PGS party at which Lord Rick had a competitive Easter Egg Hunt. Aaron was forced to dress in a drag outfit that practically exposed his sack and was photographed extensively for Lord Rick's own sick fuck fapping pleasure at a later time. He also plastered Aaron's very gay drag pictures all over his website, but eventually removed the links to the pictures even though the thumbnails can still be seen here. ED scientists have concluded that the pictures were removed because Aaron's parents were none too pleased upon viewing the pictures and made their son stop hanging out with such a blatant pedophile.

Investigative Methods

AngelofthyNight's methodology is thorough and sound, at least for a stoner redneck retard. The Paranormal and Ghost Society goes out to cemeteries, historic sites, and other totally spooky places and takes pictures while Lord Rick leaps around from headstone to headstone acting like a douchebag with his sword that he carries on investigations. AngelofthyNight then photoshops orbs or other masses into his pictures to show that it was haunted. According to AngelofthyNight, all of the places he has investigated have been haunted.

Wall of Horror

There is also a section of the PGS website called "The Wall of Horror" that AngelofthyNight uses to trash the people and organizations that he feels have slighted him or caused him some offense. They include:

  • author Mason Winfield, for being concerned about Lord Rick's dead friend and for being nice enough to put him on his television show. LOL WUT
  • for not listing AngelofthyNight and his shit organization in their book.
  • the SciFi channel and their shit show Ghost Hunters because he's jealous of the group it features, the Atlantic Paranormal Society.
  • the local library, for blocking his shit website.
  • the shit ABC show "Family Swap" for not putting his own horribly dysfunctional clan on the air. They were even nice enough to let him audition and not just tell him straight out to go fuck himself.
  • (again) for not licking his balls or otherwise behaving like a typical MySpace fag.
  • Some UER faggot named Roadwolf

About Himself

These people salute their champion.

AngelofthyNight believes that he is an immortal creature with superpowers, like an otherkin whose "other" is God. Much like Jesus Christ, AngelofthyNight also believes he has the ability to heal people through his touch. In his own words:
[-+]Click to Expand

Once upon a time a special creature with a unique soul that was born. At the time the world nor others recognized this perhaps because they could not understand what they had or who he was. Perhaps they feared this creature and knew his potential. At a young age he was able to see the future and see things beyond our world. Through the years his love became pure as he wondered why people are so cruel and treated him different then the others. He had not a friend in the world not a soul. Many nights he spent crying himself to sleep wondering if anybody cared. He often sat alone watching the sun go down and having visions of flying watching over everyone very hurt inside wondering why others did not care for him. He was scared, often forgotten, abandoned, and even saddened. His ability to read others grew as he watched silently others over the years. Later he grew older and wiser started to see beauty within the darkness. His love for mankind grew dimmer like a light flickering in the wind being smothered by air. Many betrayed his trust, broke there fellowships and defied him because of special soul. Saddened by the evils of mankind here on earth his love grew for other things such as trees, animals, and the darkness. His love had grown for the darkness so much over the years as he watched time fade away slipping from his hands. Many suns he watched go down and many moons arise holding within himself a power unlike any other man. He had the power to love and help those that needed it but over time many abused this creature for there own selfish use. He was one of the purest beings on earth one that was not afraid to show others love, compassion, passion, nurturing. This creature was able to heal and help others but over time was not helping himself. He came very close to death on quite a few occasions. A death that nobody would remember as this creature was not recognized. As time went on this creature still alone and sad found his true purpose one that goes beyond human comprehension. But he also created a purpose in this world to make his life more meaningful. He had A gift a power that is beyond most. He understood death, life, good, evil, love, hate, miracles, beauty and so much more. His knowledge ran deeper then most. He looked so deep hoping to find the answers he sought for so long. Overtime even the god people taught him about defied him greatly making him question life itself. He was a curious creature one who wondered as to why there are plagues, deaths, disasters, and many other things that would occur here. He often had many other questions that could take one man a dozen lifetimes to figure out. Overtime he walked amongst the living and the dead. He walked in the light but still embraced the darkness. The night was his salvation the sun was his damnation. He sits perched bravely amongst the few; Watching, Waiting and Seeking the world of the unknown. He has no fear he only has sorrow and despair as he knows the beginning and the end. Watching time fade knowing his path to destiny and fate such as a Vampyre watching out from a stone tower above. He has seen the stench of death, the birth of life, the sadness within. He has watched as the world turns as some have came some have gone. He has seen with his eyes and his soul the things that were not foretold and hidden from mankind. He knows as he waits and watches like an Angel from above. Still a creature of sadness he goes to no place man has been before the beyond wishing for an end to the abomination that others portray him as. He wonders in tears of what the world will be as upon his truth birth will he reign fire upon mankind incurring his wraith for mankind's wrongdoings? Or will he watch in the darkness from above and help those that are looking for true salvation such as he was when he came into this world. Today he lives often misunderstood creating miracles that only he could understand as he loves the darkness that mankind has forgotten. Thus the creature AngelOfThyNight came to be and walks amongst you and life's many paths.

TL/DR "I'm a delusional sick fuck!"

Lord Rick also believes that when he dies, he will become a god. His unwarranted self-importance has led some to suspect that AngelofthyNight is just a troll or is doing it for the lulz.


sup /b/

As befits the founder of a paranormal research group and the owner of several Wicca-themed Yahoo groups, AngelofthyNight is, in his own words, "not religious." How this jibes with the charms, spells, and other worthless pagan crap he sells on his website is not immediately obvious.

AngelofthyNight's advanced spiritual understanding tells him that ghosts are totally turned on by his bitchin' tattoos:

Certain ghost are only attracted to certain people some are like beacons in the night. Not all people will attract ghost i think most ghost find my tattoos interesting therefore i tend to get good pictures in return for letting them see my tats.



According to AngelofthyNight, ghosts are like dogs in several ways. First of all, you cannot show any fear around them, or else they might attack you. Second, if a ghost likes you or has rabies, it might follow you home. Lastly, if you slather yourself in peanut butter, a ghost will totally suck your cock.

Not surprisingly, AngelofthyNight is also a big believer in UFOs. In fact, he saw one once, and you should believe him despite not offering a shred of evidence:

Based on my adventures i am 150 percent certain UFOS are real being that i seen one over my house for 3 hours hovering that's all the proof i need.



A UFO hovered above his house for 3 hours. Hmm. Did the neighbors see it? Did anyone else in the house see it? Did he phone anyone and say “holy shit dude, you have to come see this! There’s a fucking UFO over my house!” Did he try to take a photo or video tape it or anything?


—some dude on Portal of Evil


Note the sheet that's hung up to disguise the fact that he's living in someone's garage.
I'm gonna rape me some children!
The tattoo on his neck means faggot

One of Lord Rick's hobbies is smoking marijuana at every social gathering he attends, taking pictures of himself in the act, and posting them online. His MySpace blog also corroborates his substantial drug usage, because all he posts about is how much pot he smokes. He is also stupid enough to name his dealers, who will probably shoot him if they ever find out. He's not afraid of getting caught, however, because of the disclaimer on his website:

If y ou support the NWO, are Against the people or Affiliated with the United States Government please Exit. If you work for any law enforcement agency you are not allowed to enter this site if you do again we will pursue charges against the pending officer and any agencies.



Of course, The Man will never dare cross such a powerful incantation, and He certainly wouldn't be moar suspicious of someone who hates Him that much.

AngelofthyNight is also a big believer in what he calls the NWO which tries to persecute him at every turn, no doubt because the Jew are trying to keep him from his precious pot and CP.


Lord Rick, seconds before he uses your money to buy pot

AngelofthyNight's political views range from libertarian to communist to hippy, which is about as consistent as you can get from a brain soaked in THC. The only coherent thread is his hatred of America. In the "Fight for the Future" section of the Paranormal & Ghost Society site, he details his political views:

What AngelofthyNight wants to see happen
  • The government has made a law prohibiting people from approaching aliens. It's apparently in the Patriot Act. Obviously, he just can't tell extraterrestrials from beaners.
  • The Branch Davidians at Waco were just freedom-loving Americans, who happened to be led by a child-rapist.
  • The government implants microchips in people to track their movements.
  • AngelofthyNight advocates some sort of Kristallnacht against the offices of social workers, because he is incapable of taking care of his own children.
  • AngelofthyNight advocates violence against DMV employees because he was too retarded to realize he should have turned in his New York license when he moved to Florida.
  • AngelofthyNight hates the armed forces and America, and invokes Godwin's Law. Since Hitler is not around, the United States doesn't need an army. Sound logic.
  • Nobody should pay their taxes.
  • "The US Constitution is what i believe in the declaration of independence." LOL WUT
  • You should give your life to march on Washington so that Lord Rick can see UFO documents.
  • Crime is due to high property taxes. This, of course, ignores the fact that most crime is caused by people who live in areas where tax assessments are low. Y'know, due to crime and all.
  • The government should abolish all taxes, and also enact massive welfare programs with money from... somewhere.
  • The Constitutional Amendments prohibiting slavery should be repealed.
  • Fewer people should go to college (undoubtedly because he did not).
  • The 2nd and 4th Amendments should be brought back, from... somewhere.
  • A march of 150,000 people would be able to storm the Capitol, White House and Pentagon successfully and establish a new government.
  • He should be a shoe-in for the 2012 Elections, "after all, that fukin nigger got hisself elected." Why can't Lord Rick, a batshit, homeless, narcissistic, drugged out piece of white trash shit have a chance?" [1]

Like any good racist redneck faggot with a hardon for government overthrow, AngelofthyNight is an admirer of Hal Turner. Unlike Hal, however, Lord Rick is totally okay with the welfare system. Sekrit EDiot research has revealed that Lord Rick is a disgusting, filthy leech on the blessed teat of the United States government's social services, collecting disability money from the government for "back pain" so that he can go fishing, play soccer and smoke marijuana.

Personal Life

How do I maked out?
*fap* *fap* *fap*
angelofthynight grabs himself an azn loli

Despite getting married at least 100 years ago, AngelofthyNight maintains an extremely active dating life, moving from fat gothic 16-year-old girls to batshit crack whores and back with singular ease, thanks to the profiles he's established on every single dating site on the Internet. He strongly prefers lolis, faps to CP, and has an Asian fetish, thus making him a middle-aged version of Anonymous.

AngelofthyNight claims that he is forced to seek attention elsewhere because his wife is a fat, batshit bisexual witch who's given him nothing but children. In his own words:

I do have a wife/open reltationship she plays little or no involvement in my life or what I want to do with it. Sadly as much as I love her...her love lacks for me physically and emotionally. She is bipolar she wont seek help for it so she constantly is abusive verbally towards me...alot of responsibility to deal with but I do it cause that is the type of guy I am very patient with others. Some days the downgrading, her barking orders at me, and lack of affection hurts. Its hard cause she never is around and when she is she acts better then me. Its hard spending your life trying to make someone happy who just never sees it but we got a history and I do love her a lot just as I love other women in life to. Does she know about other women yes some women I share with her she is bisexual she just is a bitch towards me at times she will not deny it to my friends they just laugh and well we have history so that its in a nutshell.



It's hard to imagine why a woman might be upset that she married a stoner redneck with no future who lives in a garage and has no sense of responsibility for his family, but it's true: the only thing keeping her in the relationship is AngelofthyNight's willingness to coax unsuspecting girls into disgusting threesomes.

Sometime last Thursday, AngelofthyNight dated a fat goth loli with the appropriate moniker of Angel. She ran away from home and moved in with Mr. and Mrs. ofthyNight for unlimited meth-sweaty sex, but her family and friends intervened when they saw the massive fail she'd become entwined in. After this break up, Lord Rick posted a whiny response and admitted to crying, subsequently surrendering all man points, but unfortunately he removed the lulz within a few months. He successfully moved on to dating Ariel, a drunk homeless crackwhore who used him for sex and drugs. Unfortunately for Lord Rick, even a homeless crack whore has limits on what she'll put up with for a place to sleep, and she dumped him. You can read the tl;dr details here if you're ever starved for writing with no trace of punctuation. He threatened to become an hero on his MySpace blog and, as a result, supposedly got a sympathy bone from a comparatively hot azn loli.

AngelofthyNight spends most of his time trolling for teh pu55y on MySpace. He recently left a comment for a particular lady and then stayed up for 24 hours waiting until she responded. When she didn't, he bitched about feeling ignored:

I had some girl tell me tonight that she does not approve of my profile and would prefer to live with her ferrets rather then be friends with me.



Everybody knows that hedgehogs make better pets than ferrets anyway.

AngelofthyNight vs. Portal of Evil

Lord Rick has been on the internet forever, long before web 2.0 started. On July 7, 2003, user "hezron" added a link to Paranormal Ghost Society Portal of Evil. Users on the PoE forums laughed at the overall shittiness of the website and more pointedly, at AngelofthyNight himself. Feeling incredibly butthurt, AngelofthyNight created a sockpuppet account named "Blue Thunder" or "Brad" on Portal of Evil to pimp his own website and to defend himself against trolling. However, his attempt at sockpuppet faggotry was so transparent that the PoE users just humored him and continued having their lulz unabated.

Failing to heed PoE's cries of gb2 hugbox, AngelofthyNight decided to e-mail Chet, the co-owner of Portal of Evil, and tell him that he was calling the Internet Police and the Slander Salamander. Chet sent a kindly response:

Lets just cut the shit, you can blame me for everything. You can sue me for everything. Sue me because you have no friends. Because you make a shitty website, because your mommy doesn't love you. Have at it. Just in case I am not making myself clear - FUCKING SUE ME YOU PIECE OF SHIT. You little balless wonder, so fucking scared that someone might soil your virtual underpants you want to run behind some fucking lawsuit and think your gibberish will scare me!?!? How is this for scary, for each stupid statement you say - your mommy (the one who doesn't love you) grows a black cancerous cyst on her cunt, and as you keep spouting this shit, her black cancer cunt is going to grow so large it eats her and your family's dog. And then both the dog and the black cancer cunt are going to come back from the dead and haunt you. You will forbid your sidekick from doing a "history study" on her because it will only come back that mommy didn't love you. Eventually the black cancer cunt will become a mainstay in your home. Sadly within 2 weeks it will have more friends in the neighborhood than you have made in the past 3 years.


—Chet, on AngelofthyNight

Hezron also revealed that this was not Lord Rick's first time on Portal of Evil, pointing out his "angel's sorrow page" which includes a lulzy girlfriend application and a threat to become an hero (which is a recurring theme in Lord Rick's life). That particular link was submitted by "Anonymous" on June 18, 2001, making Portal of Evil the first site to ever troll AngelofthyNight. They would certainly not be the last.

AngelofthyNight vs.

Sometime last Thursday, members of, a Canadian urban exploration message board, were minding their own business when AngelofthyNight made a post where he explained his plans to explore some sekrit catacombs in the Buffalo, New York area, and resorted to internet panhandling by charging those who wished to join him $20 for the trip and equipment.

The flames started almost immediately, with Lord Rick acting like an internet tough guy saying that he handles any adversity with his bare hands, and threatening to kick the ass of any 13-year-old boy (but not actual adults, because that would be dangerous). He also admitted that the $20 donation had nothing to do with the actual trip, but was meant to offset the costs of his own flight from Florida.

Of course, this only set off a full-blown lollercaust as board members continued trolling, pointing out the lol sections of his shit website. Another member offered to take people on the same tour for free, while others pointed out that he was doing his investigations wrong, and that the caves he was planning to explore were neither sekrit nor particularly exciting. Lord Rick responded with a tl;dr rambling post where he said that he was rich and beautiful and that he was calling the Internet Police on

After Lord Rick declared lulz war, the moderators stepped in, temporarily withholding the banhammer so that AngelofthyNight could be more effectively trolled. Pics of Lord Rick's children were posted and operatives were dispatched to [[tro/small>ll]] Lord Rick's MySpace. After awhile though, the drama died down until the weekend of AngelofthyNight's big trip.

The Shooped Cave Drama

A few of the members showed up at the entrance of the allegedly sekrit cave that AngelofthyNight was supposed to be exploring that weekend and stayed the entire weekend, to either meet AngelofthyNight or to call him on his bullshit. AngelofthyNight never showed up. None of the promised newspaper or TV coverage ever occurred. As it turns out, Lord Rick did come to the caves; he just went to the rear entrance by unnecessarily climbing up the sides of waterfalls, when he could have easily driven to the cave entrance. He was also stunned to find that his beloved MySpace whores didn't want to let him wash his disgusting body at their houses, or sleep in their beds -- one whore even told him she hoped he froze to death.

Further Lulz

AngelofthyNight returned to with a vengeance, accusing the users of many internet crimes and other srs business including pedophilia, although given his atrocious grammar it is hard to tell, really:

If you do not remove my sons photo you got one day then I am contact the police department. Posting photos of someones child without there authorization is ILLEGAL and if something is not done about it you will hear from my attorney and your local police department TRY ME! You got 48 hours to remove it then I am sending the link into the local sheriffs department for exposition of a child illegally! Last chance you want to start shit with me start it with me but a young sick child Ill fucking sue this board and there will be no UER period! So its your choice!



When it was pointed out that AngelofthyNight didn't know the law and had posted the pictures in question on his publicly available MySpace page, AngelofthyNight responded with more lulz and threats, where he claimed to have contacted the site's owner, and the Internet Police:

Actually there is where you are wrong you see I contacted UER about it if you do not respect my wishes you will be responsible in not removing the post as I have asked. I have just called the local sheriffs department you will remove the photo just because I have it on my MySpace does not give you authorization to post it here without my permission. I suggesst you do your research since the photo has caused much threatening endengangerment to my son technically I will hold you responsible again try me I am not joking. No more flame post, replies to all the junk or nonsense. If the photo does not get removed you will be in more trouble then you realize. You can mock me all you want I dont care but you will not involve my son in this even talking to the local Sheriffs office they gave me a nice earfull and your in pretty deep shit. As of now the link has been sent in and I did take photographs of the photo up on your site. I also saved the moderator post since you have not decided to take action upon my request therefore making you responsible. It will be removed we can do this the civil way or the hardway your choice. Have a nice day!



The site owner revealed that Lord Rick had never contacted him at all, and even if he had, the website was hosted in Canada and immune to the local sheriff's laws.

AngelofthyNight made another attempt to subject the owner of to massive pwnage, by submitting a tl;dr post to the guestbook (of his own website that nobody gives a shit about) making your mom jokes and threatening to sic Pinhead from the Hellraiser movies on srsly:
January 4th 2007 11:52:53 AM What is your name?

Lord Rick 
What is the Title of your Web Site:  
A Description of your Web Site:  
How did you find this Web Site?  
Where are you from?  
A Place You Want Us To Investigate?  
Investigate Uer I Got Plenty of Photos of Poindexter. 
Willing To Make A Small Donation?  
I do not mind being self funded Its all good. 
Interested In Joining The Team?  
I am the leader but we have a solid team. 
Are You A Member Of Our Organization?  
I Am Its Foundation 
Do You Believe?  
Yeah I heard a rumor that Alex gets on his knees and sucks some of his explorers off!

Share Your Personal Experience Here:
[-+]Click to Expand

I think that you will be very happy to know that you messed with the wrong dad I would kill another man for my sons you crossed me brother and wanted my attention well now you have my attention. Now I NEVER will go away:) As the founder of this organization I think my members would enjoy seeing you be punished for your sins against the Paranormal & Ghost Society organization. I asked you very nicely to remove my sons photo and you laughed at me. I asked you to remove the defaming post and copywritten material you refused. I enjoyed that administration card someone made for me I had it laminated earlier today :) now I am on the 13th level just like you buddy. Does this mean I can now come to your events and crash the party maybe your afraid your friends will like me more cause Ill bring the beer and fun!
I will curse you, your nerdy friends, your family for generations to come since what you fear most is the paranormal well then you got it lol. I am very happy that we have shared these great experiences together our fellowship has been lovely but I thought I would let you know and your friends know. I have forwarded over 50 photos of you to the Toronto Police, Monty's,The US Embassy and all the places you visited with security guards!!
Now go tell them I toke up I do not care as far as I am concerned poindexter you took things to far and now you will meet the deliverer of justice!!! Nothing will buy you immunity with me this is America and I say give me liberty or give me death. Many will turn their heads now cause they can clearly see that your are a scrawny nerd!! Did you actually think you could take on a warrior like me at the Akron Caves sure I visited them briefly cause I knew if I seen you their as well as your friends and it would have been like a hellraiser movie!!! I love a good Hellraiser movie don't you remember the party when pinhead raises his hands and the doors shut in the night club the screams, people running in fear man that just gets me going. When a man is pushed to his limits you would be surprised what that man is capable of.
You are very very lucky we did not encounter one another when I was in NY I will leave it at that. But I thought I would let you know the good news old pal:) I am thinking about visiting Toronto sometime in the future might have to wait a few years but we will sit down and have a little talk! Oh yeah I am a bitter jerk how enlightening if your going to get it right please get it right I am not a jerk nor am I bitter however I do love to dwell in the darkness you did not think they just called me Lord Of Thy Night for nothing did you? See unlike your group I am not evil I do however believe that I have every right to expose the moron that you are.

I have no wars with other groups I respect all groups:) I respect all explorers but Alex I will spit on you!!! Your lack of leadership in your forum has caused a ripple effect not just with me but other allies do you think we will let you get away with your treason? Being an explorer or investigator means having respect for each one that does it because of the involvement and bonds shared!

Do you have any comments?

I know all about the fake proxies I know EVERYTHING now:) remember that old email I sent you weeks ago well I gave you 24 hours to remove my sons photo you refused!! Good luck exploring cause your face is going out to millions in Toronto!!! Oh and its totally legal cause all I am doing is being the messenger giving kind tips to law enforcement!!!
I have toppled empires in my time and I will topple yours! See the thing is unlike you I DONT care what your site says about me, the hate sites, the rude guestbook signatures cause as I said before negativity is like blood threw my veins each sin you commit makes me so much stronger its like a nuclear weapon chain reacting. I am somebody you cannot win against if you got supporters I feel sorry for them they could join a million other sites at no cost rather then pay you to sit on your scrawny ass.
You mocked out my photo I got a photo with your face covered in ZITS lol as a psychic your energy is weak it makes me so freaking sick. You could not even come close to me in strength, looks, or knowledge! My green flowing hair is better then your nigger lol. Anybody who supports you must be like you that is what I am starting to figure out. Those that oppose you have smartened up to see the geek that you really are. You have more haters of UER then you think so you got lots of members half of them are banned or fake names you know it as well as I DO.
You myswell turn over UER to me Id at least treat each man with respect and go out weekly exploring. You have no balls boy! Its pretty bad that after the 300 flame post, harassment I received, threats etc that I am still laughing at you your efforts are fruitless! You wanted a nemesis well now you have one and I am the worst one you could ever have cause you see while you spent months trying to pick me apart I spent time investigating YOU. I am very intelligent when it comes to these things!! Now I understand that you are not into women and that you are in touch with your feminine side it even shows in your whining guestbook messages!!
Do you think people care if you call me a fake? bitter? a jerk? you sound like a girl why don't you try a little harder!! I know you and Alex you do not have it in you I am so disappointed that you have to pick on my son an 8 year old boy instead of standing up against a Lord. I love the site btw glad some people see you for what you are you look like you belong in the zoo. Good thing their are laws or Id put a bounty out for you lock you in a cage with an alligator and see who wins. Do you know how you beat a 16ft 1000lb Gator Alex? You take out its offense first then immobilize it. Its fairly easy to do but that requires some knowledge something you lack.
Boohoo go cry to your mother send her over here to Florida I will share her with my brides will each take a turn hahahahahaha nothing like moms homecooking after a hard day of running UER huh? Aren't you a little to old to be living with mommy? Hurry and tell your mother that I toke up maybe I should visit her in Toronto give her a smoke and show her the prince of darkness guarantee when I am done with her she will not think of you fondly as a son lol.
You see my friend I am very loving, peaceful, and respectful man. But I have a few simple rules I go by A. Do not cross me B. Give me respect and you got mine back and C. Do not mess with my sons yep you broke all 3 of them so you get what is deserved. Please tell your mom I said hi let me know if she can do the administration for my website as well actually let me do the administration while she is under my desk appeasing the god that I am!!
Aww what is wrong did I hurt your feelings!!!! Well too bad!!! As you told me under the fair decency act this is okay to do well thank you for teaching me this I learned from the best woooo! You are like nothing but slaughter to the lambs my friend. Our organization may not have the best site or the most members but we are elite and gods at what we do. I would love to see you climb a mountain, swim under water to a cave, take on a wild animal, or hang off the side of a ship. My men are trained to be the best you cannot hide what you have done to me I will not stop till more then a billion people see your sins against a father and his sons!

The Aftermath

AngelofthyNight requests hookers and blow

AngelofthyNight received the banhammer from He then subsequently attempted to drop dox on several of their members. There's been no word of a pending internet lawsuit.

Lord Rick also set several of his MySpace blog entries to private, and, in keeping with his internet panhandling, restricted full access to his shit website to those who give him OL or IRL fellatio, attention, or money. Yes, for the low price of $39.99 per year, you too can peruse the entirety of AngelofthyNight's paranoid delusions of grandeur.

AngelofthyNight vs.

Some unfunny nerd with a supernatural blog, calling himself "the odd emperor," decided to start some drama with AngelofthyNight. It started out with a review, and then a post during the drama, in which he was actually trying to be nice; afterwords, however, he wrote an e-mail to AngelofthyNight asking some lol questions. Ricky became incredibly butthurt over not being treated like Jesus Christ and retreated to his MySpace hugbox.

In February of 2007, the odd emperor made light of a trip AngelofthyNight was taking to investigate the scenic and apparently haunted pine barrens of New Jersey. For some reason, it took three months for AngelofthyNight to see and react to this page. However, due to his recent pwnage, angelofthynight had learned a few things about trolling.

He immediately declared war and got his MySpace sockpuppets and fanboys to post on the odd emperor's MySpace, calling him a pedophile faggot and accusing him of grooming. Then, like Pigslop, angelofthynight offered free PGS site memberships to 1337 h4x0rz (which he humorously called "those experienced in "The Matrix") in exchange for hacking the odd emperor, even though nobody gives a shit about his website. He also threatened to give out the odd emperor's dox, even though the odd emperor did not drop AngelofthyNight's dox on his blog. Eventually, AngelofthyNight did drop the Odd Emperor's dox in his wall of horror section above -- dox that he found in a post on the Vanguard News Network after the odd emperor trolled some Nazi asshole. This just proves that AngelofthyNight is a nazi who dreams of the day Hal Turner will let him lick his balls.

Recently, AngelofthyNight removed the odd emperor's dox from his wall of horror in return for the odd emperor's baleeting most of his entries on AngelofthyNight. Truly, AngelofthyNight is becoming a fearsome internet warrior, except for the part where we still know he gets his information from white supremacist websites.

Lord Rick on YouTube

Like a lot of other internet douchebags looking for e-fame, Lord Rick went and got himself a YouTube account so he could upload vids of his expeditions. Like when he tried to climb a mountain in the middle of the winter with no protective gear, or after he swipes food from his landlord for Thanksgiving dinner. He's even so fucked in the head that he believes he is really running for president in 2012. I shit you not!

Lord Rick's videos are almost all complete faggotry, who cares if he goes on roller coaster or wanders around some abandoned shit people go to all the time?

But I'm Lord Rick...and I rock. It isn't about ego, it's about I know what I'm good at doing. And when you take over 50,000 photos, you run a site for 5 years, with thousands and thousands of members and millions and millions of hits, you gotta be doing something right.



AngelofthyNight responds to ED

AngelofthyNight claims that he won't read this article because it is full of negativity and hate. He also claims that since someone wrote a long article about him, it means that people secretly look up to him and are jealous of him. Obviously, Lord Rick fails it at understanding trolling. One day, we at Encyclopedia Dramatica know that his curiosity will get the better of him.

AngelofthyNight threatens Encyclopedia Dramatica

As predicted, Lord Rick's potential lolcano has officially erupted.

His response to ED:

Encyclopedia Drammatica let me make this loud and clear for you. In 48 hours I am going to be reporting you to the Internet Exploitation and Online Protection Center unless all the material is removed. I am posting this on my list because I know for a fact the person doing it has a hidden alias on our boards. Let me explain to you what is going to happen once you are reported. You will be traced....then if it comes back you belong to a certain site that site could be shut down and eventually people that belong to those sites could also end up being in a lot of trouble for other offences I will not post them here. What will go into the report is how our organization has beyond a reasonable doubt that you virused a business domain. You also will be turned in for possibly having incriminating photography only because the site you host or belong to exploits places publicly unlike us who do not disclose locations therefore we are fully legal. I have asked very nicely as the material up is false and can be proven to be false such as the fake article about my friends death and how we were responsible which is very disturbing for his family to read. I am not a nice guy when I am pissed off you can bank on that...that if you push my buttons enough you will be my next project and manifesto. Its very simple remove the material in the next two days and I will forget that it ever was posted or leave it up there and have to deal with you being reported which from that point on will be out of my hands. People ask me what's up with that well its simple someone thinks its a big joke but often people who play big jokes online end up eventually getting in more trouble then they realize. Lets put it this way the feds are tightening down on a lot of crap going around the net even something as simple as that can eventually lead to problems for the person posting it. I have been tolerable most people have come to there senses and even formed friendships with me but there is still a couple people who are going around spray painting my name at locations... .exploiting me falsely on hate sites etc and all it takes is a push of a button to report it all pictures.... websites. ..addresses etc etc and well its your choice REMOVE the material peacefully and Ill play nice keep it up and will see who has the last laugh. Its 6pm as of now my report with its materials will be sent Saturday by 6pm if not removed just that simple. Thank you and have a nice day!


—Lord Rick Founder

Further drama

In early December, 2007, the bemulleted one appeared as a guest on a NowLive radio program entitled, "Paranormal Interest Radio." The resulting chat transcript only resulted in further drama and lulz.

Lord Rick's guest appearance on Paranormal Interest Radio [2] included his usual references to unrestrained marijuana use, claims of omnipotence, and standard shameless self promotion.

Within days of realizing he'd been completely pwned by Paranormal Interest Radio Lord Rick copied Paranormal Interest Radio by starting his OWN radio show on NowLive, and naturally accused everyone of copying him. Then Lord rick threatened the world that he was going to sue everyone. Lord Rick even spent several minutes of the radio show bawwwing about Paranormal Interest Radio for their inability to control all of the users in the NowLive chat room who joked around about Lord Rick's moronic character flaws and stupidity during the show. Lord Rick also devoted much of the show to his concept that kids should be marijuana every day before school because it helps them to think more clearer."

On his 12/20 show, in the NowLive chatroom, a listener was seen asking Lord Rick some basic questions about his paranormal abilities. Lord Rick banned the listener after two questions.

Shortly after, the founder and moderator of an Upstate New York paranormal discussion board received a thread from an obvious AngelofthyNight sockpuppet, who attacked the man for his religion, association with RickTard's longtime nemesis (a successful author from the same area), and accused the man of directly copying the PGS forum. Lord Rick was b& from the forum and sent a warning message to the guestbook on his website. Naturally, AngelofthyNight chose not to post it in his guestbook.

Later that same day, Lord Rick's MySpace featured a blog entry entitled, "King Basher....Exposed....Friends Read This Person Is Dangerous." The friends of The_Basher reported the entry to MySpace as it violated the Myspace ToS. Almost 24 hours later, the post still remained.

On 12/29, der Ricktard released another obscenity-laden on his "radio show." This time, he lashed out with attacks on CPIT, a paranormal group out of Chicago, UER, as well as two other Paranormal Research groups, GSI and BSI, both apparently hellbent on exposing Lord Rick for the blatant pot smoking loser that he is. In the 12/29 show, his inability to keep his crap equipment up and running led to a break (five minutes of static) in his show wherein Lord Rick shit bricks so that Lord Rick could reload on his precious jenkem and marijuana. His claim that that various groups were attacking him in his own chat room in front of his thousands of fans and members was whined about in great detail, preceded by a ranting claim that all of Encyclopedia Dramatica was about himself, and had been authored by the mysterious "King Flasher."

As Rick continues to threaten anyone who refuses to unequivocally accept him as infallible, his adversaries continue to expand their network, establishing open lines of communication, and keeping tabs on his claims, threats, and movements. This "Holy Butthurt" network continues to expand, incorporating those from his original stomping grounds of Western New York, people he has pissed off in Florida, and now private individuals, paranormal groups, and law enforcement in California, where Lord Rick is planning to relocate. Rick's obscenity laden pro-pot, anti government, lolsuit threatening rants have garnered the attention of serious paranormal groups, law enforcement, and child protection groups. It is believed by Lord Rick's alleged "haters" that it is just a matter of time before his kids are taken away and he is remanded to state custody to be pwned in the ass by Bubba for the various crimes of which he accuses others. One can only hope.

Is Lord Rick's kid REALLY into BiFemales?

UPDATE: As of 1/25/2008, Lord Rick continues to engage in the epic ruination of his children. He has replaced his mySpace "profile photo" with a photograph of his young son, wearing a black spiderman shirt and sunglasses. Most hysterical is the fact that his son's photograph now shows up as the "moderator" or as a member on all of Rick's mySpace groups, including "California Bifemales & Threesomes," "central florida foot fetish connection," "Thick Girls in Florida," "The Florida hookup group," "[Chronic Culture]" (a jenkem advocacy group group, "Sweet Teens From Florida," "FREAKSOFDELTONAORANYLOCALS", and "Florida BBWs and Admirers" among others. The irony, of course was that this occurs after he threatens ED for posting a photo of his son which HE snapped and posted on his own site and myspace account.


Lord Rick has been creating further drama on the free podcast service NowLive where he does bi-monthly rant-a-thons about how everyone and their mom is out to get him. Despite the fact that a lot of moms are out to get him for picking the locks of their shrill shrieking daughters. Lord Rick's podcasts can be found at

A growing number of net-tards are hassling Lord Rick by way of blogging at Lord Rick has proclaimed that he never goes there and never reads their shit. Naturally he's all over it like a pig in slop and can't stay away. Just like when he claimed that he never reads this page, except when he vandalizes it and writes TL DL rebuttals in his hugbox.

Even MOAR Recent Drama

In March of 2010, Lord Rick was trolled by someone on See, in September of 2009, His Lordship tried to sucker a poor, unsuspecting person into letting him live in her apartment and watch his kids while he "looked for work and found another place". This person was not aware of his status as a god, and at first was mildly interested in getting to know him. Now, when Lord Rick asked if he could stay with her, they had not met in person yet. So, the girl decides to meet him, and brings along her friend and current roomie. Lulz ensue. Lord Rick shows his true colors and immediately displays his ability to charm. Long Story Short, the girl decides she is not interested in having a weird, ugly, craterfaced caveman for a roomie, and says "Sorry, Can not haz", to which he replies, via email and myspace blog "BAWWWWWW Nobody loves me". He rants and raves about how fat she and her friend are, and tells the totally true story of how they were threatening to have sex, and they were weird cause they talked about D&D. Months pass.

The "whale" he refers to in his blog entry[3] has stumbled upon this article, and lulz ensue. In the comments section, she posts her "version" of the story. Her version involves a lot more detail on his behavior and his troo storeez. Rick's "haterz" are immensely amused, because it just seems like everyone he's ever come across seems to fall into their lap.

Days pass before he notices the update. OMFGDRAMA. Rick starts a huge lashout on the girl who came to see him (who wasn't involved in the trolling), posting badly photoshopped pics, and pieces of her entirely public myspace. Nothing about the girl who sent in the piece, save for some third-grade level namecalling and some Internet Threats. In the beginning, he keeps the posts about them private. The girl baits him, pushing him to unlock them for the viewing pleasure of the public. Another player enters the foray, claiming to be an ex-friend of his newest enemy. He posts her email on his forum[4]. Little does he know, it's a trap! He has been trolled! The same "girl", sent in an email to other Lord Rick Trollers that Rick didn't want to post in public, basically saying she trolled him, and was just trying to start drama. Of course, Rick has already entered her into the game, so he can't just throw her out without cause, otherwise he'll look like a fraud.

He posted many new blog posts cursing out the person he thought was trolling him, and calling her names. Lulz have ended for now.

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