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You can't buy lolis with Monopoly dollars, lol.
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On the February 20th, 2008, some newfag anons were bored waiting for LRH's birthday. They started trolling for pedos on the pedo-den known as FreeChatNow. Many pedos were had, many dox were obtained and dropped, and much lulz were had.

However, by far the most noteworthy pedo trapped on that fateful winter evening was Andy Maher, a 21 year old Irish student, who originally claimed to be 15. Andy is a child rapist and a potential horse fucker, who regularly sniffs around the internet looking for sweet, underdeveloped teenybop booty. He seems to think lying about his age to a 13 year old is acceptable behavior, and regularly drinks Guinness with Pedobear as they discuss methods for ensnaring children.

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