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Slashdot readers identify with this
Scan this with your phone's camera and the Android bar-code reading application.

Lagdroid (or Shitdroid if you prefer) is a Java fatware application running on top of a neutered Linux distribution. That's all, bunky. It's a dickless frankenstein operating system. Ironically, in the context of how Unix got its name, "Android" is quite appropriate; it is now completely androgynous. It was made popular by Google with their shitbrick the G1. Android runs on various devices, most notably just about any phone by HTC and Samsung and the Motorola (who?). It's the new one-size-fits-all OS, and the glue holding many a marketing circlejerk together. Basically it's for basement dwellers too poor to buy a fucking iPhone.


That's easy -- it was a giant hack-job thanks to Andy Rubin, who started Android Inc. as a separate company and sold it off to Google in 2005 for a shit-river of cash. Or rather; he hired a few dozen nameless coders who assembled the main codebase, so Andy could claim HE invented it all. After Android created the most popular smartphone OS in history, Larry'n'Sergey gave Andy $90 mil to go away in 2014. Because Andy was fond of shtupping female employees. He promptly started several other tech firms, one of which is an "incubator" for new ideas. And that is how to disappear an excess $90 million.

What Google did not make public was that an employee had accused Mr. Rubin of sexual misconduct. The woman, with whom Mr. Rubin had been having an extramarital relationship, said he coerced her into performing oral sex in a hotel room in 2013, according to two company executives with knowledge of the episode. Google investigated and concluded her claim was credible, said the people, who spoke on the condition that they not be named, citing confidentiality agreements. Mr. Rubin was notified, they said, and Mr. Page asked for his resignation.

Google could have fired Mr. Rubin and paid him little to nothing on the way out. Instead, the company handed him a $90 million exit package, paid in installments of about $2 million a month for four years, said two people with knowledge of the terms. The last payment is scheduled for next month.


Not to be confused with this android.
Or this one

What can you do with it

Google Chrome thinks that the Android Market is a cover for attackers to install malware on your computer, and they are correct!
Yes you can download it. DO IT Faggot!
  • Download porn apps. (As long as the Parents Television Council keeps their hands off the Android Marketplace!)
  • Download Sound /b/oard.
  • Install apps remotely with Appbrain so you can fuck things up good.
  • Use your bluetooth headphones/Bluesniping
  • WiFi / Wardriving like a script kiddie.
  • Take photos in the dark. (some android phones have double flash all the way)
  • Scan barcodes.
  • Live Wallpapers to make your clit hard.
  • Use as a big screen TV. (see: Droid X, lol DISCONTINUED)
  • Tell Google everything that you are doing. (This can be minimized by turning off "Submit usage to Google" and by not using Google Buzz. Unless you're a FUCKING MORON like 99% of Android users.)
  • Buy a fucking piece of plastic to protect the screen from your dirty fingers from Verizon for $15. (WTF?!)
  • Flood the Android Market with over 9000 bogus apps that do nothing but show you a couple of images of Justin Bieber with huge tits, ripped from Google Images; and sell them for 99 cents.
  • Download viruses and make yourself miserable, sucker.
  • Pinch to zoom. Like an iPhone diddling pussy.
  • Use Google Goggles to solve Sudoku.
  • Use Google Goggles to identify fucking everything.
  • Play retro video games with NES, SNES, Genesis, PS1 emulators and more.
  • Use a physical keyboard (on many Motorola and HTC phones). Beware that if you are a fatty with fat fingers nobody cares about you or your ability to use a hardware keyboard. (lol DISCONTINUED, all Android phones are fucky iPhone clones now)
  • Watch apps crash from over 9000 memory leaks.
  • Buy yourself some hookers and blow with the extra money you won't be shelling out to buy an iPhone.
  • Laugh at people walking out of an AT&T or Mac Store who will be sleeping in a cardboard box with their Apple Debt.
  • Take photos of said cardboard dwellers as they cry their salty tears into the gutter because they have no home to go to anymore.
  • Make your own apps...CSIII style!.
  • Troll Steve Jobs or Tim Cook (if they aren't dead yet).
  • Troll iPhags, especially if they paid $1200 for an iPhone Xs.
  • Automatic application updates.
  • REAL MULTITASKING. Whatever that means.
  • Voice Actions using Voice Search. Not only will your phone display all the disgusting furry porn you talk about all day, it will also report everything back to Larry Page.
  • Be forced into using Bing (root will let you uninstall)
  • Sync with Google Chrome. You have no choice, the phone AND the PC will harass you until you do it.
  • Fuck it. (lol BANKRUPT)
  • Freedom lolol

What you can't do with it

Main promotional photo for the G1, where the clock is set to 2 different times 2:47 and 9:11. This is thought to be a message from an elite group of Google engineers tho are desperately trying to get out the truth.
  • You can't use it with any iPod enabled device. Like you would want to anyways, not a big loss there. You can, however, plug it into any standard audio jack or USB port. Something the iPhuck can't do anymore lol.
  • Some devices can't be used with a Mac because it hasn't been approved by your Apple Genius, and nothing of value was lost.
  • You can't use IRC on some 3G networks that only allow for secure connection. You can however IRC using WiFi or through 3G on browser based clients like Mibbit. You could also be 1337 and SSH in through a UNIX server and screen irssi you Mary. Nothing is more fulfilling than unleashing the power of while you are driving.
  • Install it on an iPhone. Now you can. (oopsiedaisy nevermind DEAD PROJECT as of 2015)
  • Have an acceptable battery life. (GIANT EXTERNAL brick battery will fix this, and make you look like a cuntboy)
  • Have a mediocre battery life. (Root+CPU manager fixes this) (lol NOTHING FIXES IT ANYMORE)
  • Back up your phone log or text messages. (3rd Party has this covered nao)
  • Back up your browser bookmarks (Again, 3rd party has it covered)
  • Back up any of the apps you downloaded for free. (Most of the apps that you paid for are remembered. PDANet won't appear in that list because you paid the folks at PDANet not Google.)
  • Back up any other data stored on internal memory. (See root)
  • Get the guy at the phone store to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING off your old Android phone.

What it can do for you

What you will be able to do with it in the future

  • Play WebM/HTML5/VP8 games just barely....
  • Play music over the cloud without buffering or hiccups (Google is making music to stream over your network instead of using space).
  • Use it with Google TV to run your porn apps.
  • Divide by Zero (According to Gizmodo).

Banned Apps

Just like Apple, Google also has a blacklist of apps, although they have yet to blacklist most of the shit apps that flood the Android Market everyday. Verizon, in particular, doesn't like any app that allows users to avoid paying their $20 add on fee for Wifi tethering. The average Android user is paying about $107 per month for service through Verizon Wireless, so fuck them AND YOU.

  • Easy Root was removed from thew market for stealing the source for the app from DMUpdate, a FREE rooting process.
  • Android recently decided to remove a slew of Hitler and Nazi themed add-ons from the Market for being obscene in the eyes of Jews. No word yet on when the Star of David is going to be taken down for being offensive. But you can still have all the weev dick pics you want.

ED Users on Making Apps

Give it up, you turd. It's a java sandbox wrapped in another sandbox.



If for some in-fucking-credibly misguided reason you do decide to make an app, heed this warning; you will want to fucking shoot yourself half way through.

Android Kill Switch

On June 25, 2010, Google added a new remote feature to the Android Operating system: The Android Kill Switch. While Google defends this new backdoor program will be used for good to allow Google to delete shit apps off your Android phone, it is essentially Google's version of the Internet Kill Switch.

UPDATE: As a wise sage once predicted, Google has in fact used the kill switch. Google is an enemy of your freedom. And don't bother Googling a way to disable the kill switch. It's possible but Google is forcing people who post it online to take it down. You do not own your phone, Google and their marketing partners do. SUCKER.

Oracle Gets Butthurt

In a move that seems like one part dickery and twenty parts stupid, Oracle, not mere months after acquiring Sun, have decided to sue Google over their use of Java as the primary development language for Android. If Oracle somehow wins this suit, it could mean the end of Java on Android. All things considered, this would not be the worst thing to happen considering Java is pure and utter shit. Besides, didn't Google make some other compiled language? Why the fuck don't they just use that? Anything is better than fucking Java.

The case is still being fought as of 2018. It will NEVAR END because Larry Ellison is a fuckhead. He laughs at you.

How to Troll Androids users

Android, more so than any other OS, attracts unrivaled numbers of fanboys. Android users are very defensive about their phones, and tend to tell users of other phones how great Android is even when nobody gives two shits. They also believe that rooting makes them computer gods. Because Android users are so pointlessly in love with their phones, they make for easy trollng. Any of the following are effective both online and irl.

  • Complain about the "platform being too fragmented". Like a pussyass.
  • Say Apple's app store is better than Android Market/Google Play/whatever and be sure not to give any supporting evidence.
  • Say iOS has better multitasking.
  • Say they're too poor to afford an iPhone.
  • Tell them Google is tracking everything they do with it and everywhere they go. (Apple does the same with iOS devices so LOLOL.)
  • Point out that root apps are taking advantage of serious security flaws, and that any other app could as well.
  • Say that more apps are free on android because they suck dick.
  • Tell them that the Motorola-Google merger will MAKE GOOGLE ONLY PRODUCE MOTOROLA PHONES AND WILL SCARE AWAY ALL OTHER MANUFACTURERS-hence destroying Android. As if Motorola phones were not shit anyway.
  • Android users really hate Apple, so just say anything good about Apple. Mega-lols.

Bitch I got an Android

Bitch I Got An Android, fuck you iPhone fanboys [Music Video]

Android been doing that shit, plus they got Flash, and if you talk shit about Android I'll slap you on your ass. Stick my finger up it, and then I'll say fuck it.


TripperOnDaTrack - Not realizing that it is impossible to sound gangsta and gay at the same time unless you are in prison.

Who will use/buy this

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