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going to jail is a trick, amirite?

Andrew Erickson is an 18-year-old young man who lives in Swansea 'Not Wales' Massachusetts. Pay him a visit! Take your little sister!

Andrew goes to Bristol Community College. As he writes on his MySpace, his interests involve "[his] knives, guns, hanging out with [his] friends, and listening to [his] music. [He is] always up for something new though if it's interesting and has the prospect of being fun."

Evidently, Andrew's idea of "fun" is somewhat different to everyone else's, as he is a dirty fuckin' pedophile.

Teh Crime

never forget where you keep your naked pictures of 7-year-old girls

Andrew handed in a university assignment on CD. He then got home to look at his awesome CD of child porn, and...

he had handed it into his professor by mistake! Realizing his lulzworthy mistake, he sent the following email to try and reclaim his disc:

Oh snap, I am sorry. I accidentally gave you my friend's mixed music CD that I meant to keep here and install the music on my computer, I found the CD with the (final exam) on it. If there's some way I could send it to you, that would be great. I am sorry about that, and hope it didn't affect the grade at all. Again, if I could get that CD back so that I can install the music. Sorry for the mix up.


This of course did not work, and now he's BUSTED and has to go to teh courts over it. Sucked in, pedo. Hopefully he will get raped in the ass in IRL jail.


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