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Amirite is a Retardese word that means "Am I right?" amirite? Amirite is the GRIDS that is killing ED amirite? It is the internet equivalent of yelling "GET IT?!?!" after a shit joke, and matched in faggotry to people who say "See what I did there?" when they think they thought of something smart amirite? It is usually used by retarded n00bs as a "witty" joke in article introductions whenever they can't actually come up with something funny to say amirite? All amirite puns are about as funny as Oscar Wilde quotes amirite?


Whilst this may be true, using amirite automatically renders this observation a moot point, amirite?

Seriously, don't do it, or your dick will get smaller than it already is amirite?

So amirite?

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