American Psychiatric Association

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The American Psychiatric Association is a professional organization of whackjobs who analyzed their own neuroses with such intensity, they received an academic degree in abnormal psychology. The group has been in a near-permanent state of orgasm since the advent of the internets. Early psychiatrists were forced to test their theories by luring a limited number of homeless people into their labs with spurious offers of Twinkies and cheap wine. Today, the miracle of modern technology allows them to find every aberrant personality imaginable, vocalizing the inner-workings of their psyche for free and at length to everyone in the world.

Though they do not like to be identified as such, there is at least one member of the APA anonymously present in every internet discussion group, silently observing and taking notes. There are also at least six amateurs present who think that taking Psych 101 in college gives them equal abilities to diagnosis insanity. Amateurs can be recognized by their eagerness to practice elaborate e-psychiatry without fear of malpractice suits. Professionals can be recognized by their tendency to call people Case Study 452.