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Amateur porn

Tasty pussy
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Amateur porn, (aka home-made porn) is the most AWESOME porn on the interwebs, e.g, HOME-MADE LESBIAN. Not only is this porn usually free, it's copyright free, hawt and most likely stolen, making it taste even sweeter to your cawk. Often the women you see here are the prime examples of why you should have bought your daughter that pony. Because of some bullshit father issue, or some other piece of fabricated sob story, these women feel liberated by letting the dregs of society masturbate to their delusional attempts at looking "sexy." Unfortunately they'll continue down the porn food chain looking for self actualization until they end up in pain videos and granny bush pornos sucking the AID's infested cum out of some whore who's only slightly more pathetic than herself.

While still some other stupid cum dumpster will be tricked into thinking its a memento of their love.(guys if your reading this: try it out, those stupid cunts fall for it all the time)

9 out of 10 amateurs are HIDEOUS

How Amateur Porn Is Found

Most home-made porn on the interwebs is submitted by a combination of ex-boyfriends getting their own back on a slut and your local PC repair centre serviceman who found your home-made pornz. (Or CP if you're Gary Glitter).
It is also a national past time for Schlampen in Germany to submit home-made videos.

Stickam Whores

Recently, however, many sluts have started to enjoy broadcasting via streaming sites. This species of woman is commonly known as camwhore and will show tits/vag for only 100 viewers.

Typical Stickam Whores

How to Make Amateur Porn

So you want to be a part time porn star? Well all you need is your shitty iphone and an account on youporn!


Common Mistakes

  • Poor lighting
  • Shit video camera
  • No English?
  • Forgot to shave/wax
  • Shaky camera
  • Bad angles
  • Not enough anal
  • Shitty bewbage
  • Having a fatass in there
  • Having a shitty cameraman who won't stop huffing
  • Making it CP
  • Poor sound editing. If you have pets, kids, etc. audible in the background, dub your shit over with music, preferably something lulzy.


If you're lucky enough, the community will post positive one-handed comments for your videos.

she is not that good, lets see the!! a small dick and quick cum... must save this vdo to share with my wife...::) you very well know why!


very hat movie


can't stop thinking she looks like my girlfriend fucking with her brother...


You are sooo beautiful. I love your nipples and how hard they get. I would like to see more of you especially you using a dildo in your ass. I loved your video!


pretty hot, she could have done a better bj the anal was hot, love wet sounds.



God I wish that was MY sister


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  • Whoever put the now deleted link here is a furfag and needs to GTFO

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