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She was just always so sweet and everybody loved her...she was just amazing


—Everybody says this right after they find out their best friend is a murderer.

I want to kill so that I know how it feels.
Alyssa in 2012 at age 18.

On October 21, 2009, Elizabeth Olten of Cole County, Missouri went missing. Over the next 48 hours, the authorities searched high and low for the 9 year old girl as literally hundreds of volunteers gave up their time and energies to find the missing Olten. Who could have taken her? Was it a serial killer? Was it a sex offender? Could it have been a roving pack of white slavers looking for children to send off to Brunei? As it turns out, it was none of these things, but rather, a psychotic 15 year old girl who was a neighbor to the Oltens.

During the fruitless search, a chillingly vacant eyed Alyssa Bustamante was questioned and admitted to the killing. She then led police officials to one of several pre-dug graves that she had prepared and displayed the grisly corpse of young Elizabeth. When asked why she killed the young girl, Alyssa’s only reply was “I wanted to know what it felt like,” which even the most casual readers of Encyclopedia Dramatica will realize is the offline equivalent of saying “I did it for the lulz.”


Fat girl angle shot from her Facebook.

Just like the literally millions of American kids growing up today, Alyssa was an overprotected, underachieving brat whose life of bored excess would make a large African village swoon just to see the opportunities the girl had and had wasted. Her teachers and principal have described her as a smart girl, but often sneaky and clever, just like a Jew. She was the recipient of good grades, but was also very callous when it came to dealing with other students, often ridiculing their mistakes and laughing when they were hurt. Since she had attempted suicide at age 13, she was on anti-depressant medication and was supposedly under close scrutiny by get this... her elderly grandmother.

Other blatantly ignored warning signs concerning her overall mental state include:

  • she often slept out in the woods by herself
  • she told her guardians that she was attending church services while in reality she was taking bus rides to nearby St. Louis to do God knows what.
  • she often posted negative thoughts on her YouTube profile, listing “killing people” under her hobbies.
  • she masturbated to Glenn Beck.

For fun, she enjoyed such trivial things as music, cutting herself, torturing her younger brothers…and eventually, murder.

Oh, and also, she had a history of mental illness.

The Crime

Elizabeth Olten, the 9 year old victim.

The crime was that Elizabeth Olten was begging for it with her provocative clothes and sexual innuendo. Elizabeth Olten often played in the woods near her home, but was so scared of the dark, she was always home prior to 7:00pm. When she didn’t turn up by that time, her parents knew something was up. They called the Cole County Sheriff’s office and alerted them that they might have a missing child case on their hands. This led to a county wide search that produced nothing after 48 hours of constant investigation. It seems Bustamante had hidden the body so well, searchers had already canvassed the area in which Olten’s body was hidden and had turned up no evidence.

Alyssa strangled, stabbed, and then slit the throat of Elizabeth Olten on October 21, 2009. She then disposed of the body by placing it in a grave (one of several) she had dug prior to committing the murder. Since Olten is a minor, several details of the crime have been left out due to the grisly nature of the slaying, but one can imagine what kind of alarming and unsettling things the 15 year old Bustamante performed on the corpse after death. Since Alyssa listed “Cutting” as one of her hobbies on her now deleted YouTube account, you can probably imagine the sorts of fun she had with the cooling corpse of young Olten.

Jail and Court

Some people want to release this soulless, killing automaton back into society.
Portait of a young nutjob.
"We were able to obtain some physical evidence and through some analysis of some of the evidence and in all honesty some written evidence, we were able to develop a person of interest. Once we reached that person and interviewed them, ultimately, they led us to where we've recovered Elizabeth's body."


—Cole County sheriff Greg White

After turning herself in for questioning and then finally showing the authorities the location of the body, Bustamante was arrested and charged with one count of first degree murder and one count of armed criminal action because she had used a weapon (the knife) during the committing of a crime. The Cole county courts ordered that Alyssa be held without bond and be placed within a juvenile prison until she could be properly charged as an adult.

Surprise Surprise!

Unsurprisingly Alyssa's parents seem like total scumbags. Her mother Michelle Bustamante has a history of drug and alcohol charges and her father Ceasar Bustamante is serving several more years in a Missouri prison on assault charges. The Bustamantes are clearly exemplary citizens.

A Small Problem

You can't put this "sweet" and "energetic" young killer in with adults!
The state has no secure facilities with fences for female juveniles. Youths in Missouri's juvenile system generally are housed in group settings and are not typically watched by staff 24 hours a day.


—Bill Herbele, Missouri Youth Services

Since Missouri has no facility for under-aged female offenders, this brought forth yet another problem for the prosecutor: where would they house the minor female until the court could decide what to do with her? Her court-appointed defense attorney, Kurt Valentine argued that Alyssa, if left in an adult female prison would:

Either kill herself or be assaulted and killed by others. We are throwing away the child and we are signing a death sentence for Alyssa, She is not going to survive her time in the Cole County jail.


—And this is a bad thing, Mr. Valentine?

Finally, after much whining and crying, Bustamante was placed in an “undisclosed location” until the proceedings can be finalized.

Trial and sentence

On January 10, 2012, Alyssa pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. On February 8, 2012, she was sentenced to the maximum penalty for second-degree murder: life with the possibility of parole. Under Missouri guidelines, Bustamante would have to serve 35 years and 5 months in prison before she is eligible for parole, said Department of Corrections spokesman Chris Cline. It's also possible that the more than two years Bustamante spent in jail while awaiting her sentencing could be counted toward that time.

The Nut Hatch

This is a well adjusted and socially skilled sane person.

While in the custody of the Missouri prison system, Alyssa attempted suicide by cutting herself with her fingernails. Authorities were so alarmed by the viciousness of her actions, they decided to argue whether the teen girl needed to be placed in a mental hospital for further evaluation. After much deliberation, Alyssa’s defense attorney has successfully had Alyssa taken out of Missouri’s prison system and she languished in a state mental facility for at least 96 hours for evaluation.

Heil Hitler


Bad decisions make great stories.


—Alyssa Bustamante before she killed.

It's not like she kept it private, people would see her wrists. And she'd just kind of be like, 'Oh well it's whatever,' and then just kind of laugh it off. She really didn't seem to care much about herself.


—One of the crazed killer’s friends.

As a 16 year old girl, I weigh around the same weight and I can dig a hole. I mean all you need is a shovel, not a boyfriend. She was a 15 year old girl who had power over this 9 year old girl. This young girl probably looked up to Alyssa. I doubt she needed anyone to help her. I believe she should be tried as an adult and hopefully put to death for her heinous crime.


—OH SHI- another one to watch out for!

Lets put this Alyssa tragedy aside for a moment. I'm a 50 year old women. When I was in J.H and H.S. We weren't put on Prozac or Prozac want-a-bez. If we were hard to handle we got my ass beat. And if we were depressed our Mom's noticed and somehow made it right. Oh ya, we didn't kill each other either.


—A concerned Karen Johnston who got her ass beat.

I'm sorry, I can't blame the kid entirely. Something is happening to kids. Some say it's medicated, some say it's video game, or the music, others say it's because we kicked God out. Maybe it's all of these in which instead of coming up with new solutions maybe we should try to get back to some old ways.



Are you serious ! this "MONSTER" of a human needs to be put to rest for good. This is not normal and there is no EXCUSES for this behavior. I am a parent of four and I could not imagine this happening to one of my kids. She is a threat to herself and everyone arround her. This was pre-meditated and she should be given the death penalty. She does not deserve to ever get to live a normal life after commiting such a crime. I hope she gets a judge that agrees. Hopefully a judge that has grand kids and can relate. This is a horrific tradegdy and my heart goes out to the family of the victim. I hope you recieve the justice you deserve.


—serious in seattle

If anyone would just look at all the women and children who have killed 'out of their character' it always leads to this, they are all on psychotropic drugs that causes them to have these thoughts, look at susan smith, (on psycho meds), andrea yates (on five different psycho meds), the columbine high boys (one which was on at least one psycho med) and thousands of others, I started looking into this factor years ago when I was a psych student and many people would say 'oh they were nuts before the meds', but show me the same number or women and children who kill without being on meds? the numbers are staggering!


—It’s gotta be the druqs

I hope that the media will keep in mind who the victim is. I would like to know who Elizabeth was. What made her laugh? Her favorite ice cream? What she wanted to be when she grew up? I would like to know all the special things about that precious angel that made her who she was.


—pedophile in New York.

Facebook activism

When evil killers and sex offenders threatens our society, the noble right wing comes to our help. Since the right wing loves peace, life and children, they want to kill dear Alyssa and burn her at the stake. The facebook group "Alyssa Bustamante - Miscreant Psychopathic Child Killer" created by Timothy Nelson has the peaceful description "For like-minded individuals to gather and burn this little bitch at the stake ~ Or atleast talk about it.". Then the internet love machine found it and decided to have som fun.

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