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Tools of the trade. They are noticeably worn from excessive use.

Altcaps is a style of typing in which letters are capitalized non-traditionally, usually according to a pattern. Users may capitalize every other letter, only vowels or only consonants, or random letters. Used often by fucking annoying 16 year old girls or retarded azns.

Types of Altcaps

There are several variations of Altcaps:

Sticky Caps (Capitalizing letters in random sequence)
This is your standard Altcaps, and only faggots use it.
Capitalizing all vowels
Not so standard, but may be used to make shitty logos look "stylish".
Capitalizing all consonants
The exact opposite of the above.
Every Word Is Capitalized
Common with shitlords and other undeveloped dumbasses who always make a fool out of themselves trying to sound loud over the internets, but failing (See: Nate Spidgewood).
All Caps with no Spaces
The worst of them all, and not to be taken seriously.
Only capitalizing the first the start of a sentence
It's both sensible and eurofag.
the tuMBLR TYPE!!!111!!!
A recently acclaimed fucked up typing style wherein the perpetrator starts their sentences off calmly and as the statement progresses it intensifies. Usually, these faggots always type in lower-case letters and make purposeful spelling mistakes in addition to the awkward typing, doing it out of "irony".
Capitalizing the first and last letters of every word
This is completely stupid and offers no purpose whatsoever. If you have a username which utilities this variation of Altcaps; you need to GTFO the internet, and quite possibly life as well.
Capitalizing the first letter in every fucking word
If you type like this, people who don't have a fascination with the Shift key will shit on your spaghetti and call you Shirley.
Altcaps were known as "Psycho Chicken" in the pre-internets days when people respected the English language.
Nobody remembers this, despite the next item.
The Twitter variant. Twitter memes suck, all of them, and this one is no exception.
The use of alt-caps on Twitter is meant to signify the words are pronounced in a mocking way. Altcaps is typically accompanied by an image of Spongebob from an episode where the word "plaid" caused him to act like a chicken.

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