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alt.syntax.tactical is a notable usenet trolling organization, closely affiliated with alt.flaming and The newsgroup is commonly associated with the Meow Wars, despite not playing a primary role in the proceedings.

They are known for their methodical rapage of unsuspecting newsgroups. They use a time-tested plan, which goes a bit like this, foo:

  1. alt.syntax.tactical scours the herd of groups, and picks one that is either lame, old, young, or separated from the group.
  2. a.s.t marshals some trolls to infiltrate the group and become friendly with the target. This is called Group 1.
  3. a.s.t sends in a second wave of trolls to start a flamewar with the moles who have already invaded the unknowing group. This wave is called Group 2.
  4. The two groups of trolls then start flaming eachother, trying to draw others to the defense of Group 1. If they are lucky the flames will get too big to be fanned out, and will rage within the group for months to come. Serves the morons right for defending people on the internets, aye?
  5. a.s.t continues to send in wave after wave of trolls in order to reduce the group to a steaming pile of internets shit.

Most newsgroups last 3 or 4 waves, and none last beyond 5 or 6. 1337ness personified.

Common tactics


A.s.t, being the sadistic cunts they are, consider a group fucked when:

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