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Alt-right (alt. CIAlt-right, salt-right, aut-right, far-right SJWs) is a fascist ideology whose adherents have achieved absolutely nothing of value, have no discernible skills or merit as human beings, and therefore put pride in their race above all other things (sound familiar). Their whiteness is the one thing that can never be taken away from them, yet also is the one thing that took no effort whatsoever to possess, thus giving them a completely undeserved sense of superiority over ethnic minority individuals, many of whom have accomplished far more than they ever will.

Despite having zero power or influence over real life politics, these sub-Nazi deadbeats have a significant online presence ready to thumb down YouTube videos on important topics such as female Ghostbusters and Mexican Spider-Man. This is their natural habitat, along with Twitter, where they can be found protesting against multiculturalism while masturbating to Japanese anime waifus in their avatars and expressing the opinion that immigration to the United States should have ended the second after their pasty ancestors arrived to ethnically cleanse the natives. It is sometimes said that the salt-right is the endpoint of the Republican party- its purest manifest form.

TL;TR: /pol/tards who are also normies

Face of the Alt Right

NEET much?

If you want to know what type of person the Alt Right would be in real life, it would be this guy who walked around with a sword to kill a young black thug in New York because he has hated niggers since his daddy told him about mommy who rejected him for a black bull's cock. But this faggot was too much of a pussy to kill one nigger since niggers hang out in gangs and have guns. So Internet Tough Guy killed some old unarmed black guy so big black Mandingos wouldn't ram small tight pussies of white sluts. However he realized his plan failed as is still up and running so therefore to prove how much of a pussy he is, he turned himself into the police rather than commit seppuku. Now he is really fucked since the New York Prison system has tons of young horny niggers waiting to tear his asshole open.


Although the so-called alt-right has existed for some time, the emergence of Donald Trump as a presidential candidate led to the growth and widespread recognition of the movement. Trump policies such as building a wall on the Mexican border (financed by wetback drug barons) and a ban on Muslim visitors to the United States convinced them that Trump was an alt-righter too, even though in reality he has no idea who they are and doesn't even run his own Twitter account.

YouTube regulars subscribe to the Sargon of Akkad channel because although Carl BenjaminFedora icon.png denies being a member of the alt-right, he agrees with all of their opinions and reinforces their prejudices. In the past he's referred to alt-rightism as a "collectivist" belief system. Having rarely left his own echo chamber, he is free to say that literally all feminists are Marxists and say that SJWs are "Cultural Marxists" despite Cultural Marxism being coined by Trent Schroyer and popularized by Pat Buchanan. He also described an anti-harassment initiative as "social Communism" - proving that he doesn't really know what Communism actually is. His ability to smugly misunderstand terms and misuse words while simultaneously losing every debate he's ever had, such as one against a Majority Report weasel fuck and another against a feminist professor, are qualities admired by the dishonest perpetual losers of the alt-right. If reality had a pause button during which Carl could insert smug non-sequiturs then he'd be the genius he believes himself to be, in reality however, he has no business debating with a professor of anything (even Gender Studies) because outside his hugbox, he's just another fat-mouthed stupid cunt.

Paul Joseph Watson is another racist YouTuber with a large alt-right following. His greatest hits include videos on the 2015 New Year's Eve sexual assaults in Germany, in which he claims immigration is bad because rapefugees are more likely to be rapists. This is a remarkable double standard, considering in every other video he's made he expresses the opinion that women frequently lie about sexual assault. On Prison Planet, every allegation of rape is automatically false, unless the alleged perpetrator is a Muslim, Mexican or Black in which case every allegation of rape is automatically true. Watson is part of the Alex Jones crowd who previously supported Ron Paul for president, a man who claimed in his newsletters that 95% of black males in Washington DC were criminals. Ron Paul later disowned the newsletters and Alex Jones maintained his support for the candidate, despite the fact that if he wasn't fit to run a newsletter then he wasn't fit to run a country either.

The alt-right movement has strong ties with the New Atheist movement and much of their Islamophobia is inherited from godless zealots such as Christopher Hitchens, who was a strong supporter of the war in Iraq. It was convenient for him at the time to blur Islamic terrorism with the legitimate Iraqi resistance as he sought to justify the west's continuing bloody occupation. The tens of thousands of oil-hungry US and UK war criminal soldiers who invaded Iraq were exempt from his definition of extremism, though the Iraqi rebels who were merely trying to defend their country against the invading white trash were smeared as religious extremists.



Prime enemy of the alt-right is the single main disease in the entire fucking universe: the bankers, the lawyers,the 1%, the world elites,the "Men", the Fed... Seriously, who they are? . Alt rights operate with the holy truth, which is pretty much 90 years old fairy tale. The alt-right sees immigration as the serious threat facing the west today and have been particularly vocal about the prospect of Syrian refugees settling in their countries. One of the reasons for this prejudice is the belief that Muslim migrants (based on media reports) are more likely to be pedophiles and rapists than the natives of their host countries. They don't know that the legal age of consent in Syria is only one year lower than the age of consent in the UK. Obviously, nobody ever violates age of consent laws, which is why statutory rape is not a thing in the West, just like it's not a thing in the birthplace of Islam, Saudi Arabia. In refugee camps, Syrians have been reported rescuing girls from being raped by Afghans, who are almost 100% Muslim.

Anti-Communism is a core belief of the alt-right and they've been quick to deploy the term as an insult against people such as (but not limited to) a Labour Party MP, Pope Francis and Bernie Sanders. You can also see them here getting butthurt over a humourous Communist-themed school prom, showing they're just as prone to manufactured outrage and professional victimhood as the feminists they criticise.

Some of their anti-Communism is because they believe Judaism and Communism to be strongly linked, however research into the subject would prove that Communists, even Jewish Communists, were highly critical of the way Jews behaved. In 1843, Karl Marx remarked, "What is the secular basis of Judaism? Practical need, self-interest. What is the worldly religion of the Jew? Huckstering. What is the worldly god? Money." Vladimir Lenin was violently opposed to Zionism and referred to Zionist Jews as "National Jews" - diametrically opposed to Communist Jews, who were regarded as "international" and humanitarian, concerned about more than their self-interest. Joseph Stalin was the most antisemitic of all, launching a public campaign against "rootless cosmopolitans" in which Jews were specifically targeted for death. In the press they were accused of "grovelling before the West," helping "American imperialism," "slavishly imitating bourgeois culture" and "bourgeois aestheticism."

How To Troll The Alt-Right

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