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For $250/hr she'll dress up like a little girl and drain your inner child!
People don't want to be associated with Child Porn? No wai!

Alison Rapp, aka mnemosynekurai, Maria Mint, shimo389, or slut cunt, a Nintendo of America marketing and public relations employee - not anymore :( - , was recently discovered to not only be a raging Regressive legbeard, but likewise has a thing for molesting children which inspired her to write a 100 page thesis entitled...

Speech We Hate: An Argument for the Cessation of International Pressure on Japan to Strengthen Its Anti-Child Pornography Laws.


Yeeeaaah... but of course, since being a female pedophile is A-OKAY amongst the SJW crowd, all the major and minor game review shills began fumbling all over themselves for damage control trying to claim that "GamerGate" (their proverbial boogeyman) is trying to attack her and harass/slander her... yeah, because openly exposing yourself as supporting pedophilia certainly isn't slandering YOURSELF in the least bit... *crickets chirping*

In addition to the thesis Ms. [child] Rapp[e] has a long and sordid history of supporting pedophiles on every other corner of the web. From Twitter to pro pedo postings on random news sites she seems to go well out of her way to look for such stories as a means of spreading her personal pedo propaganda. She isn't simply in agreement with the idea: she literally spends a significant portion of her time pandering to the pedophile community like some kind of bizarre wannabe pedo rights leader.

The "Fire Emblem" Localization Scandal

It all started when the newest instalment of "Fire Emblem", a game no one cares about and who's entire playerbase are such nerds they get their lunch money taken away from them by other nerds, was set to be released in the US. But before they can do this they had to make it in English because the unwashed American gaming plebs have yet to learn the language of the glorious nihon people.

Instead of simply translating it, Nintendo opted to go for a "Localization", a process in which a bunch of hacks who failed to make it as writers use their lack of skills to translate a game into English while adding their unsolicited "improvements" to it. The group selected to do this was a company called "Treehouse", and the result was so unbelievably horrendous that it ended up as a hashtag on twitter (Twitter-favicon.png #TorrentialDownpour) to complain about it.
Treehouse's localization is full of typos, mistranslations and even goes so far as to fuck up the translation of the very first line in the game. On top of that, what got the fans really riled up in the butt was (much like in the similar Dead or Alive fiasco of last year) them removing a bunch of infantile and degenerate shit from the game. This included a 13 year old girl's cleavage, a minigame where you molest your subordinates, some sort of lesbian joke that they thought looked like date rape and so on. The geeks were furious. While any sane person would remove these things from the game to mitigate the harmful influence of Japanese degeneracy on American youth, the people doing it in this case were doing it because they were a bunch of equally degenerate SJWs. A fact FE fans set out to prove when they mistakenly stumbled upon one of Treehouse's employee's paedophile tweets.



Alison Rapp - Victimizing2.png
Alison Rapp - Victimizing.png

Once the shit hit the fan Alison began furiously side-stepping, busier than a cat tryin to cover up shit on a marble floor, she desperately tried pinning the blame of her self-inflicted life ruination on imaginary white supremacists (apparently she's transnigger) and GamerGaters, painting herself up as a victim of muh-soggy-knees rather than the truth of the matter; being a victim of her own sheer stupidity.

She attempted to deflect attention away from the issue by asking her supporters to spam pictures of pets on her Twitter account to try and drown out anyone inquiring about her love affair with lovin kiddies. She also attempted to gloss over the issue by claiming that the enraged masses weren't just targeting her, but were trying to "destroy women"... all women... apparently. Likewise insinuating that the GamerGate boogeyman had done the exact same thing to other women online who work in the gaming industry... despite the fact that this was the first and ONLY time a woman working in the video game industry had been called out on her promoting puke porn for pedophiles.

White Knights To The Rescue

Of course it didn't take long for dozens of ronery neckbearded white knights to flood on into her feed offering up their support. The game review circle-journalists of course wasted no time jumping onto the bandwagon, practically frothing in anticipation for another opportunity to tilt at the GamerGate windmill. Apparently logic and reason didn't much enter their wee little brains at the time, not realizing their master plan was to essentially try and kill the captain by sinking the ship they were on. In using Ms. Rapp as a proverbial soap box to try and bitch and bellyache about their continual, unending GamerGate ass hurt they inadvertently aligned themselves as supporters of pedophilia and child rape.

Most of the lesser shill outlets were so quick to copy and paste the originating narratives that they didn't even bother to fact check at all, which led to making all sorts of absolutely asinine mistakes and assumptions. Many of them didn't even bother to look at the 100 page pro-pedo thesis she wrote, let alone the ever increasing myriad of pedo-related posts that are being slowly mined up from the dredges of the tubes. That in turn led to hilarity filled comment sections with staffers desperately doing damage control, trying to backpedal their way out of the fact that they had just aligned themselves with child molesters.

Alison Rapp - White Knight 1.png
Alison Rapp - White Knight 2.png

Why Don't You Take A Seat Over Here Ms. Rapp

Alison Rapp - Have A Seat Ms Rapp.jpg

Things came to a head when Jamie Walton, an anti-child trafficking activist and former child sex slave, spoke out against Rapp. This lead to a hilarious clusterfuck as SJWs attacked her, ironically accusing her of lacking empathy, and Kotaku's Patrick Klepek reached out to Walton for comment and to accuse her of being a GamerGate supporter. After Walton told them she isn't and that she doesn't want to comment, Kotaku published her refusal to respond as a response and then began hounding her via emails, demanding that she retracts saying she didn't give them permission to quote her. By contrast, even a tabloid like Breitbart and a tabloid to tabloids like TheRalphRetort respected her wish not to be quoted. I guess Kotaku isn't very big on consent.

The Woman Behind The Controversy


She infantilizes everything about herself
Alison Rapp - Slutting It Up On The Job.png

Alison groomed herself for a top spot position at Nintendo very early on. Originally flunking her way through college she retarded back into "Women's Studies" and other modern basket weaving bullshit classes, she even did a podcast arguing that people should be nice to bronies as ArchiveToday-favicon.pngher Master's Thesis. It was here she found her true calling in life... exploiting her gender and using subversion and manipulation in order to sneak on into a high level, cushy job that wouldn't require much real work. It was around this time that legbeards and Tumblrtards were first starting to invade the video game industry, looking to steal jobs away from more qualified, harder working people through affirmative action, and so she set her sights on the top dog of the industry... Nintendo!

Realizing that she had no interest in gaming, no real skills to speak of and a bit lacking in the looks department she figured her best way in would be to slut herself up as a regressive, overgrown toddler, looking for old man rape time! From her 100 page college thesis on why molesting kids should be aaawwwrite, to wearing kiddy clothing and infantilizing herself on every level she became the perfect pedo-bait poster child... how could those pervy old men running Nintendo resist!?


Alison Rapp Fired.jpg

Alison Rapp was terminated due to violation of an internal company policy involving holding a second job in conflict with Nintendo’s corporate culture. Though Ms. Rapp’s termination follows her being the subject of criticism from certain groups via social media several weeks ago, the two are absolutely not related. Nintendo is a company committed to fostering inclusion and diversity in both our company and the broader video game industry and we firmly reject the harassment of individuals based on gender, race, or personal beliefs. We wish Ms. Rapp well in her future endeavors.


—Nintendo America, covering their asses

It also had nothing to do with the fact that she was ArchiveToday-favicon.pngmoonlighting as a nude model, something that fits the Nintendo image perfectly. Nor did it have anything to do with Rapp's pedopandering, which Rapp was able to successfully defend by attempting to shame those who dug through the detritus of her social media posts:

The amount of obsession it must take to dig up old tweets, find addresses, link me to anon things not related to games is NOT. NORMAL.


Alison Rapp[1], Guize plz stop digging up her pedopast plzkthx

Naturally this was good enough for her white knights, however the rest of the Internet still regards her as a pedopimp and perverted prostatot who simply outgrew Stickam and was able to secure a position at "the big'N" which didn't require much work besides pandering to the oversexed manchildren who still play with Nintendos at age 23.

Of course useless magazines Polygon and Kotaku were quick to come to the ArchiveToday-favicon.pngrescue of this ArchiveToday-favicon.pngfair maiden, like the brave white knights they are. Wonder why that could possibly be, we will probably never know.

Alison Rapp Pkollar.jpg


Because the gig at Nintendo didn't pay as much as she wanted, she decided to get another job as well. So maybe a job at McDonald's or Walmart.. No, how about being a cosplay model, where you wanted to sell off your half-noods so pathetic beta males could jerk off to the thought of fucking a 12 year old dressed as a male video game character.

Alison Rapp Low-Rez Pics For Her Store.jpg
ArchiveToday-favicon.pngPlease buy my noods for Nintendo

The firing only took so long, because the bitch is ArchiveToday-favicon.pngtoo retarded to set up a store

Becoming an escort

It turns out she actually was fired because she was a hooker, a job very similar to being a PR representative for Nintendo. Somehow Nintendo found out that she wasn't just modelling, but also hooking. Within hours of being fired, she added a lot more content to her hooker webpage including photos of her tattoos and wedding ring and this allowed people to find out it was her, when they were looking for whores in Seattle.

Kiwi farmers tracked her hooking activity to at least December 2015, possibly earlier. Because she has no actual job, other than sucking dicks and pimping her husband (who she turned gay) to men, she quickly took the site down, as she does nothing but name search herself all day. If you should be interested to see her photos in their original place, they have been archived ArchiveToday-favicon.pnghere, here, and here.

Alison Rapp High End Escort.jpg
Intelligent, confident, saucy, and down to earth fuck for cash

Alison Rapp Maria Mint Hourly Rate.jpg
Only 250 trumpdollars per hour to play Wii games I presume.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Maria Mint Proof.jpg
Serial numbers magically line up

Personal Life

I don't think she wants to fuck children... I think she wants to go back to being a child and get fucked
Alison Rapp - Special Snowflake.png

When not at "work" giving the heads of Nintendo head whilst wearing kiddy cosplay and showing off her tattooed naughty bits Alison enjoys spending most of her free time online where she depicts herself as an overly privileged special snowflake under constant attack from the evil GamerGate boogeyman! While she endlessly self-victimizes she cries to her circle-shlick of copycat cohorts for coddling with cute kitty pictures whilst pining for pity parties to try and drown out the seemingly nonexistent onslaught of evil "woman destroying" misogynistic white male supremacists!


She cheated on her feminist, crossdressing husband, Twitter-favicon.png Jake Rapp. Only one question remains: Did he prep the bull of the men she had sex with?

But what's more is she has a husband, Twitter-favicon.png Jake Rapp. He describes himself as a "feminist", wears women's clothing in selfies, votes for Bernie Sanders, and is a total cuck! In nine months she'll give birth to a black baby and he'll help raise it!

Rapp, by the way, is Alison's original surname. It came from her father so her cuckold husband took her last name and abandoned his. Normally a feminist woman will require their last names to be hyphenated like Kerry-Kohn, and all scientific studies find that all marriages like this always end in divorce within three years because the wife gets bored of having sex with only one man for years. But Alison is so extreme and her husband so emasculated that he took her last name and she didn't take his. Which extrapolating those studies means some insane shit you would not believe:

  • Alison convinced Jake to explore his “hetero-flex” side and turned him 100% homosexual.
  • From the start of their marriage, it was a polyamorous marriage. That means even though they're married, they constantly cheat on each other.
  • They both have sex with men for money. So while she has sex with men for money, she pimps her husband (which she turned gay) out to have sex for money. Jake Rapp's whoring alias was ArchiveToday-favicon.pngBeau Parker.
  • He doesn't spend Valentine’s Day with his wife because she was having sex with another man for money and he too was having sex with another man for money.
  • Jake is an open cuckold, who had been posting about his cuckoldry and being turned into a gay hooker on Twitter and since his marriage. He proudly preps the fucking bull of all the men she has sex with and then when they're done, he eats out their semen from her asshole.
  • Jake got a vasectomy so he can't get his wife pregnant. He will raise whatever kids his wife has from other men.

His cuckery is on a level of at least 10 Anthony Burches.

Jake worked as a coffee server in a Nintendo cafe and then quit after he got tired of people asking for the coffee to be as black as the guy who was plowing his wife right now.

Jake wrote a 100 page ramble about complaining about the trolls and boasting how he is proud of be the emasculated King of Cucks and a turned-gay prostitute.

Pictures of his circumcised pierced dick were quickly discovered, by people who found Alison too revolting.

Alison Rapp Husband Pierced Dick.jpg
ArchiveToday-favicon.pngThat is what 8 inches look like apparently

That's a Rapp!

Gee, why would Jake leave a face like this?

After months of relationship turmoil including Alison ArchiveToday-favicon.pnghaving a BPD chimpout and repeatedly punching herself in the face, smashing her head into the wall, and strangling herself with a belt ArchiveToday-favicon.pngresulting in a trip to the ER, because Jake had moved in with another woman, it was discovered that the Rapps had filed for a ArchiveToday-favicon.pngdissolution of marriage in February 2017.


Alison Whorin' It Up About missing Pics
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Retarded Pedo Tweets About missing Pics
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