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Alice Sebold

Alice Sebold is a white American novelist and sufferer from acute White Lady Syndrome who is best known for masterminding a contemporary adaptation of the Emmitt Till story, and putting the last nail in the coffin of the Believe Women movement. When she was a student at Syracuse University she was supposedly raped by a black man, and essentially picked a random black man to prosecute because he smiled at her. He was convicted of her rape even though she didn’t pick him out of a photo lineup.

The rape

Let’s face it, the rape probably didn’t happen. But Sebold claimed that while in college she got raped by a black man and she had no fucking clue who did it because after all, they all look alike.

The investigation

Because she had no idea who raped her, there was no progress on the investigation initially. Then a black man smiled at her and she thought how dare he smile at me, he must be my rapist! Detectives decided to “help” her by letting her know that Anthony Broadwater was in town—a troublemaker they had been dying to lock up.

But even with the wrongfully accused Broadwater in the lineup, Sebold picked another black man, not Anthony Broadwater. But cops asked “don’t you mean this OTHER guy?” pointing at Broadwater and in short order the unfortunate Broadwater whose only crime was smiling at the wrong white woman was cooling his heels in the penitentiary for seventeen years.

The prosecutors claimed to tie Broadwater to the crime through microscopic hair analysis that has since been proved to be junk science. So, to sum up, Anthony Broadwater spent seventeen years of his life in prison because:

Shit person
(Alice Sebold knowingly fingering the wrong guy)
Shit science
(microscopic hair analysis)
Shit criminal conviction

The be$t $eller

While Broadwater sat in prison, Sebold was busy launching a writing career with a book about the “rape” and the wrongful conviction. In case you are tempted to believe that Sebold was “just confused” and “really believed Broadwater raped her,” keep in mind that Sebold admitted she couldn’t tell two of the guys in the lineup apart—and that she fingered one of them because the “way he looked at her” (through mirrored glass?) told her he’d surely rape her again right then if there weren’t a wall protecting her. (Yes, this woman is batshit crazy.)

the expression in his eyes told me that if we were alone, if there were no wall between us, he would call me by name and then kill me.


Alice Sebold engaging in some crazy bitch reasoning

And even after fingering that guy, she admits that she identified the other “identical” guy in court because the police told her to. So she can’t claim to have been sure whether the right man was convicted.

She seriously used the excuse “they all look alike.”

They looked virtually identical!


Alice Sebold

Sebold’s book about the alleged rape, Lucky, sold over a million copies, and launched her writing career. She made millions of dollars off this story. She lives in a six million dollar mansion in San Francisco. Anthony Broadwater lives in squalor in Syracuse. He was ostracized as a convicted rapist and sex offender until a movie producer working on the (now cancelled) film version of Lucky noticed the story didn’t make any damn sense and hired a private investigator with his own money.

So Broadwater spent 17 years in prison on a bogus rape charge made by this crazy bitch who knew she picked the wrong guy, until he was exonerated because of the actions of one decent person (the producer).

These guys looked “virtually identical!!”

Sebold, the celebrated wordsmith who wrote The Lovely Bones, Lucky, and one other best-selling crap novel, hasn’t uttered a single word of contrition for her role in this modern lynching. She ignored a Daily Mail reporter who asked her about it.


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