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Alisher "Genghis" Mukhitdinov
Place of Birth: Samarkand, Uzbek SSR, Soviet Union
Residency Tverskoy, Moscow, Russian Federation
Ethnicity Uzbek (in denial)
Nationality Unknown
Profession Financially supported by daddy

Alisher Mukhitdinov (born June 28th, 1989) is a renowned DeviantArt fetishist, founder of the LARP group 'Iron Youth' and the forum 'Iron March'. He is also known by the names 'Silent' and 'Alexander Slavros'.

Personal Life


Alisher lives in the affluent area of Tverskoy, Moscow. He is the son of a Russian diplomat of Uzbek extraction, and was sent to an elitist school for the children of high level Russian government figures. After this, he dropped out of two universities. From around 2008, he became involved with DeviantArt, and founded the 'Black Bones', a small fetishist circle jerk. Until 2011, he was involved with the International Third Positionist Federation, and in September of that year founded Iron March, the internet's only 'fascist' forum.

Until 2013 he was in an internet relationship with Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath, a half-Laotian half-White living in Illinois. The following shows what goes on in the depths of the Uzbek's troubled mind:

   3/30/2012  3:25:44 PM  Silent  Sugartits the Impaler (Alisher)  you can't imagine a SECOND of your life go by without it ravaging you
   3/30/2012  3:25:52 PM  Silent  Sugartits the Impaler  sending you closer and closer to the abyss of pleasure and pain
   3/31/2012  9:52:00 AM  Silent  Sugartits the Impaler  and I'd grab onto the headpost and start fucking you even faster, slamming down on you, my cock splitting your walls open, ravaging you mercilessly, you'd be in a sea of pleasure and pain, it would coat you, fill you, make you sing with pure lust and desire as you experience my cock inside you and focus on it's shape, it's details, how it throbs hard, painfuly so

   [10/6/2013 2:44:54 AM] spooky skeleton (Lindsay): Have I ever told you about how I'd watch Slavros masturbating on webcam
   [10/6/2013 2:45:30 AM] neptune: NO
   [10/6/2013 2:46:14 AM] spooky skeleton: because he'd do that
   [10/6/2013 2:47:01 AM] neptune: whyyy
   [10/6/2013 2:47:04 AM] spooky skeleton: and I'd listen to him groaning and talking about his fantasies in that weird-ass accent of his

Failed Endeavours

In the early 2010s, Alisher led a small fascist movement called 'Iron Youth'. In one instance, an aspiring member came to Moscow from another city in Russia to meet Alisher, who, in a state of egocentric euphoria, decided he would try and roleplay Fight Club. The unnamed Russian was left out in the rain, and eventually gave up. In 2014, Alisher, in a burst of narcissism, believed he could become a kind of fascist pewdiepie, and lauched the Youtube channel 'Totenkopf Gaming'. It gathers a hundred views on average per video.


Slavros created numerous notable videos, such as the following:

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