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Police.gif This is all true.

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Alexander4488.

Alex4488lol.jpg Ooooh! An actual screen shot of one of my reviews! Wow. How legendary is that..
Alexander, smiling in glee at his efforts to ruin the internet.
Our paranoid friend tried to delete this picture with three separate accounts. For a guy who peddles his shit like a used car salesman, he sure doesn't want his picture out there.

Alexander4488 (Full name: Alexander Jared Hans Badr) is a retarded smug Canadian and wannabe filmmaker who creates pathetic video game reviews with the clichéd "angry nerd" shtick in them on YouTube. He also visits the Vancouver Film School, hoping to "become a better director and filmmaker" and promotes himself as the greatest thing on YouTube next to the Angry Video Game Nerd, despite the fact that he is one of the worst reviewers of all time.

Alex4488lol.jpg Yes. That is my full name. Where did you find it? Oh yes, it was posted on my Facebook page, linked to my Youtube account, so no one will ever find it, but you. Bravo. I don't Google my name on an hourly basis. I just click on the links embedded on my videos. Simple as that. Besides, it's funny reading all of these stupid articles. You make it seem like I'm a one-minded wolf with one goal; To kill everything that stands in my way. That is not the case. As I mentioned before, I like these criticisms mainly because most are beyond illogical, but also because some are true (I will get into that later).

But dare you ever insult or criticize him! Alexander4488 Googles his name on a hourly basis to find out if anyone has ever written anything bad about him or his videos. If that is the case, he will mercilessly track you down and try to defend his good name! Fortunately, he responds to everything, which thrusts the potential for lulz upwards.

Alex4488lol.jpg Ooooh! What am I? The Boogie Man? It's not hard finding these criticisms. I reply to them to laugh at them, correct them, et cetera. Angry? I'm never angry. It's all in good fun. You're the one who's angry because you don't understand that I'm always joking, even when I reply to criticisms. Racist sheep fucker? How on Earth did you come up with that? And with no proof either.

Video Game "Journalism"



—Summary of every video by Alexander4488

Alex4488lol.jpg Bawww? Oh, like a sheep? Because you think I'm a racist sheep fucker, making a sheep noise summarizes my videos. Makes perfect sense. Bawww... Yeah... We all know Dkostuj is the real sheep shagger.

So far, my goal is to have no 3.5 star rated videos. I have one curse that needs to be revised, and that's the awful Mario Kart review. After that, I must have no 4.0 star rated videos, than no 4.5 star rated videos. They all must have 5 stars each, and I will reach that goal for sure.


—Alexander, showing how much he cares about his fans

Alex4488lol.jpg I care about my fans and ratings. 3.5 star videos are shit, so that's why my goal is to get 5 star videos. However, it is morons like Dkostuj that keep them from getting there. Besides, my fans deserve good videos (5 stars) and not shitty ones (3.5 stars).

Actually, all my humor is very clever. Maybe it's just too clever for you.


—Alexander, being fucking delusional

Regarding the two links: I fucked sheep when I forced them to read your stupid comments.


—Alexander, reacting to the screenshot exposing him as a sheep fucker

Just like every video game reviewer on YouTube, he was "influenced" by the Angry Video Game Nerd's videos. But his passion went a little too far: He claims that he has sent hand-written letters to James Rolfe and also created a TOTALLY FUNNY AND ORIGINAL video game reviewing series on YouTube by the name of the Annoyed Gaming Geek. However, Alexander realized that the name was too similar to the AVGN's and changed it -- his only smart decision so far -- to the Gay Douche.

The name changed, the fad remained: in his "reviews" -- which are actually more like rants -- the Gay Douche sits there and needlessly bitches about small aspects of the game which really no one cares about. At the end, he invents new swear words (most preferably with "ass") and combines them to the point where they mean nothing anymore. There's even more: The Gay Douche also rants about new games from old Nintendo or Sega franchises -- up to the point where he trashes them because they offer new or different options and details.

To cut a long story short: Alexander4488's reviews are the love child of the AVGN's swearing, the Irate Gamer's stupidity and Spax3's retrofaggotry.

Alex4488lol.jpg My passion went too far by sending hand written letters? Can you be any stupider? Gay Douche... See, that is actually clever. The reviewers are more like rants. I only have (review) in the titles so they will be found, but if that is deceiving, then I will easily change that. Bitches about stuff nobody cares about? No. Only stuff that you don't care about. Make no sense? Care to give an example? I never bashed any game for being "new." (Quote my Spyro review: The game is very different from the classics, but that's not the problem. The problem is that it sucks dragon balls). You fail at assumptions. Therefore, get your facts straight before you claim such retarded nonsense.

"Where is the manual to this game?
When I downloaded the ROM it didn't come with one!"

"Nerd quote"
Are you fucking serious?!

Alexander seems to like asses.
Alex4488lol.jpg Some ROMs do come with manuals. They would be text documents that come with the ROMs. Brawl quote is correct. Retrofaggotry? Oh, you mean my claiming that the classics are usually better than the newer games? That's not retrofaggotry you dumb shit. That's the truth, and many agree with me. Glove fetish? It's a joke. I wrote (nerd quote) to cite my source. Perhaps I shouldn't have had those lines in there at all. In that case, I may remove them if I revise the review. One more thing. I love asses, but not on men, unlike you.


fuck you jaquan1254, alexnader4488 is awesome


YouTube Favicon.png Kylebuschfan187, who isn't able to type Alexander's name correctly

I saw the Barbie commentary those two people in the commentary were making fun of you. Block them from going on YouTube.


YouTube Favicon.png PaperShadow2001, new to the Internets

Alex4488lol.jpg They write the truth. Well, I myself don't like my videos (I actually dislike them more than everyone), but I still make them to get better at it and because others like them. One day, I may make very good reviews. You on the other hand, will always be a basement dwelling dweeb.

His fanbase are the same scum that like the wackiness of Ctrl+Alt+Delete or Irate Gamer's unneeded swearing: 13-year-old boys, furries, retards and retarded 13-year-old furries. Like every fanboy, they come to defend the person that - in their eyes - is the greatest and funniest video game reviewer of all time, not realizing how much their idol sucks.

The reason why most of Alexander's fans are under the age of 16 is that sooner or later they'll have to realize that Alexander's style of reviewing is just a carbon copy of the AVGN's style. Thus, they decide to leave the "fann comunity" and prefer to flame Irate Gamer's videos as AVGN Nazis.

Alex4488lol.jpg Oh come on. You know your criticisms are weak when you have include the fans. There is some truth in that paragraph, though. However, most of it does not apply to me.


Alexander4488 gained notoriety by his, let's say, "unconventional" way of promotion: spamming every gaming website and YouTube video ever. These hilariously blunt attempts to boost his popularity (and butthurt responses) can be seen here.

Alex4488lol.jpg Yeah, I over did the advertising by posting them on the Irate Gamer's videos, and making four threads at Digit Press, but there's nothing wrong with advertising your own videos. Besides, how else would my videos be found?
A Collection of Alexander4488's Spam and Butthurt About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Contact Information

His Home.
Alex4488lol.jpg Everything, but the name is wrong. I don't call (them) a retard. I call (you) a retard.
Alex4488lol.jpg This is old personal information and should not be displayed on the Internet.

"Fan" Videos

Barbie is one of those shitty games

More shitty games

And even more shitty games

Mario is one of those shitty games

Horrible commentary on one of Alexander's horrible videos

Alexander4488's TRUE and HONEST theme song

Another commentary,
this time with more butthurtness by Alexander himself

Boomstick545 discovers Alexander4488

Proof of Alexander4488's plagiarism
(like it wasn't obvious enough)

The ultimate fight of the rip-offs
Alex4488lol.jpg All those videos are almost as retarded as your article. Almost.

External Links/Examples of Alexander's Douchebaggery


SockPuppet Accounts

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