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"You even don't know what pedophile means. Just like most people"


—Alexandre Pereira

Behold the self-proclaimed enemy of God.

Alexandre PereiraFedora icon.png, mostly known by his Internet name Alenonimo or Alex Perry, is a lolicon and bondage fetish artist from Brazil that is known for militant atheism, stalking ED users that back-talk him on the forums and aiming his smug, arrogant attitude at anyone that accuses him of being a pedophile.

Alexandre's most notable work is Lilim, a Harley Quinn ripoff who enjoys kidnapping little girls to torture and humiliate them in "games". Unlike most sick-fuck artists who rape DevianTART's FREE HOSTING for Internets fame, Alenonimo got infamous not only for his drawings that unambiguously depict little girls being molested by his OC, Lilim, but also by the BAWWWWWING he bleats in response to people who point out the obvious pedophilic nature of his drawings. Once, when someone asked him if the girls raped by Lilim were underage, he rudely burped, "How dare you to insinuate they are underage!?" On another occasion, he labelled the people that don't like his drawings as "puritans"; according to him, the mere fact that you disapprove of the sexualization of young girls makes you an obnoxious defender of tradition and funny costumes.

Aside from being a candidate for WHY DON'T YOU HAVE A SEAT OVER THERE, Alexandre shows a largely hostile opinion towards religious people, as he is known to have created and hosted the Brazilian website Ateus do Brasil, and once tried to create a non-governmental organization for atheists in Brazil, but registration records proved that he failed hard. Also, the fact that he is a militant atheist gives us another way to look at his OC -- who happens to be a demon -- and his use of the phrase "moralist puritans" when whining about people that don't support lolicon.

Recently, it has been noticed that he registered in EDF2 for the purposes of lurking in the activities of the regular EDiots in order to discover what terrible things are being said about him. He has also been watching ED's Deviantart club ED-Teaparty.


It is not certain when Alexandre learned that he was being mentioned on EDF for his blatant shitty loli porn, but what is certain is that he has been watching us since the days of EDF version 1.0. On a post that he made in a forum managed by fellow pedophile friend Daikinbakuju, he claimed that the EDiots were conspiring with 4chan and Anon to take down all the artists of Deviantart that post loli bondage art.

I've unearthed some topics on Enciclopedia Dramatica Forums and I saw that I was an target of moralist puritans, just as a lot of my lolicon friends. Enciclopedia Dramatica is practically an arm of 4chan and Anonymous People.


Of course, none of the EDiots gave a shit about Alexandre's paranoid statements, since:

  1. Not everyone at ED likes 4chan in the first place, given how the forum had a sole section named Chans whose only mandate was to diss Moot and his forums that consisted of retards and basement dwellers;
  2. 4chan has more pedos than any given Christian forum, so why would they help ED to take down loli bondage art from DA anyway?
  3. His name Alenonimo is composed by splicing his name with the Brazilian word for Anonymous i.e. Anonimo, meaning he too is a channer.
  4. EDiots worship Satan.
Rorschach would be proud of him if he wasn't a closeted child molester.
Hey AE-tan, what're you doin' there stuck among fetish and BDSM groups?

Soon after Alexandre registered in EDF2, he was spotted lurking the What the Fuck Fetishes thread, a topic solely done to diss fetishists that crawl amidst the darkest cum-reeking alleys of DevianTART, traumatizing and soul-raping other artists with sick drawings portraying their eye-searing sexual fantasies. It was also noticed that he registered in the DA group ED-Teaparty, for reasons unknown, except maybe to spy on the DA users that are also members of EDF. Or maybe he just wants to know who frequents ED so he can pre-block them and thus avoid the "moralist puritans" who'd call him out on his precious, sexy drawings.

The latter theory is very likely to be right, as lately, Ragenomics (a fellow member of ED-Teaparty) flipped the shit out when he realized that Alexandre had blocked him, even though HE NEVER INTERACTED WITH ALENONIMO BEFORE. To put it simple: Alexandre preemptively blocked Ragenomics in case Ragenomics later dropped any negative and harmful comments on Alexandre's art. When a couple of tarlets confronted Alexandre asking about his pre-blocking acts, he gave the following reply:

TL;DR Version: This list that I've received from another user stopped a bunch of blocked newfags from using sockpuppet accounts and nagging me and it worked pretty well.


The deviation featuring Alenonimo's pre-blocking act on Ragenomics, as it is currently deleted from the site.

Just after this incident, Alexandre unblocked Ragenomics, acting like he never wanted to pre-block and upset Ragenomics in the first place.

Ateus do Brasil

sketching some loliporn in an atheist NGO meeting

Alexandre's most notable contribution to his own homeland is Ateus do Brasil, a website that, at a first glance, supposed to be a Brazilian counterpart of Atheist Nexus. But instead of being a respectable site where actual atheists could hold a honorable and intellectual debate, Ateus do Brasil turned out to be a place where Alexandre could vent all his anger and disgust toward people whose only crime was believing in something that is not scientifically proved to exist. Mind you, nowadays everyone has a right to hold or reject faith in supernatural deities and invisible people, but unlike many atheists, Mr Lolimo believes he has an important and sacred duty to diss and unmask any kind of religion or religious figure. In other words, Alexandre's site is nothing but a blog that portrays religions in an extremely negative way, in the same way that the UK's DailyMail do with any kind of shit .

According to his site, all religious people are greedy fucks, gigantic morons and/or psychos that kill and eat their own children because that's what happened in that one Jack Chick comic. While all of this is likely to be true, being religious doesn't automatically make you a psychopath or a greedy asshole -- it just helps you down that path. Alexandre pretty much insults those people instead of engaging in a pacific, reasoned discussion like an actual, rational atheist would do.

If that isn't enough to reveal him as a major lolcow with a terrible case of inflated ego, Alexandre wrote in one recent entry that he is slowly getting disinterested with the site due to its failed attempts at taking down God's tyrannical reign in Brazil, complaining that he is the only person who posts entries on the site, and mentioned that he once tried to create a non-governmental organization of atheists years ago, but as he admits, the plan backfired when his own atheist friends showed to have very diverging opinions concerning how many rusty nails they'd need to hammer into a baseball bat in order to successfully beat Jesus out of Brazil forever.

The original entry where Alexandre admits that his site has been nothing but a fucking failure. Bonus points if you have a good knowledge of Brazilian-Portuguese.

Though the original text is in Brazilian-Portuguese, one of the EDiots who edited this article is also Brazilian, so let's use the mystical power of translation to see what Alexandre has to tell to the rest of the world about his would-be born atheist terrorist organization!

The problem is that the site's history is not very good. The site began as an attempt of creating a non-governmental organization, and it was basically a forum previously. Such as the organization as the forum failed miserably due of a series of problems based in the account that atheists tend to don't agree with each other - and especially with me. Here's a tip: If you have an atheist forum, don't let wiccas get in. They'll want to fuck with everything.


Obviously, the "atheists" who are devoted members of his site rubbed his e-penis in sympathy and told him there's nothing wrong with the site, but in one post in the forum section of the site, Alexandre revealed another reason why he doesn't like the site anymore -- he'd been banned from Google Adsense, and since he was using Adsense to promote his site, he wasn't raking in that sweet, sweet Free-Us-From-Jesus cash. Curse you, Google and some random idiot for ruining his plans!

"GOOGLE STOLE MY MONEY!!!" Again, bonus points if you know Brazilian-Portuguese.
The site is with the usual problems and there is another one. Some clown created a script to keep clicking in Adsense's ads and now my account is banned. In other words, there are no more funds in Adsense. And Google doesn't even care if it's my fault or not as it ran away with all the money that was there.

Now the site isn't interesting to me anymore. Even if add another ad system, probably there is going to have another tool to screw the system. I can maintain the site with my own money without any problem, but it was much cooler when there was some cash popping up because of the visits.


Geez, Alexandre, such admirable persistence in your crusade to destroy God! If it's not the loneliness of being the martyr of the Brazilian atheists that's the root of your failed existence, it's because you're not making any money with your cause.


You see, as a fetish artist, it's a combination of moral bankruptcy and finding that special niche of sick fucks who aren't as good at tracing that makes up the recipe for success. His fans know this but don't mind, being too busy fapping to pornography that most people find repulsive.

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