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Ajax could mean:

  • Scripting: Ajax is one of the things which any website needs to be web 2.0. Ajax was created by the same wizards that made Stonehenge and is the source of most evil on teh internets, such as Digg and del.icio.us, and lots of other websites not worth visiting. They says that it's an entirely new way of programming sites, but we all know it's just a reinvention of JavaScript, which existed at least 100 years ago. They say using Ajax reduces server loads and allows your web servers to more easily run an Internet Hate Machine.
  • Site Admin: Ajax, The asshole Admin of U413 who forced 3 times of inaccessibility
  • Cleaning product: Ajax is also the name of a great tasting dish-cleaner that smells like severely wet ass with a hint of lemon.
  • Porta-Potty: Ajax is also the name of a porta-potty company run by mexicans that haven't ever been cleaned and never will, not even by the Mexicans that own them.
  • Warrior: Ajax is also one of the main characters from the movie The Warriors, notable for not being a black person and for his love of rape.

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