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Pure MILF. The kid got lucky.
"Our first reaction to hearing about something like this is that this is every man's nightmare. It's an abomination,"



— - Gerald Shiener, whipped-ass bitch

"I would let her fuck me if she was my long lost mother. Shiiiiit."



— - [General Fuckface]

Aimee Louise Sword (also known as Aimee/Amy Pope) is a 35 year-old hot mother with a cool name who gave her son up for adoption when he was five. Ten years later, in the summer of 2008, he had blossomed into a fifteen year-old bipolar gangbanger. After communicating online, Aimee arranged to reconnect with her son IRL on one of his brief stints outside of juvie.

Once he arrived, he finally got a chance to get to know his mother, so that summer they had a family reunion. In the August 22-23 2008 weekend, feeling tired and chipper, Aimee knew that he had told some folks about the reunion but still loved and missed him and tried to relax. But later that night, she was almost swooped up! Relieved, she took an exam break on Tuesday, but the pathetic busybodies kept hounding her, but she strongly rose during the worst of obstacles as always.

Someone contacted CPS and they contacted the police. She surrendered on April 24, 2009. This was spread all over the internet on September 10, 2009. The resulting drama made people forget the big anniversary. The pre-trial date was set for September 21.


On her MySpace page, she uses the name Aimee Pope and seems to identify with ‘lil Kim as a role model:
  • Aimee: She rises during the worst of obstacles….Quoted by people magizine about lil kim….Reminded me of myself…. Mood:Strong (az alway Posted at 10:58 AM Aug 29 from mobile
  • Aimee: Y u buzy bodiez so consumed wit me?U all r pathetic! Lol… Mood:Jus shakin my he Posted at 2:02 PM Aug 26 from mobile




The Public Reacts

As is always the case, the Media portrays pedophiles and men who have sex with their daughters as sick fucks who should be castrated and fed their own testicles, but when a mom has sex with her underage son it's HAWT. As such the internet was green with jealousy at this lucky little boy.

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Aimee Sword is Innocent.PNG
"Hope" lives up to her name.

Who Could Resist?

Unable to fathom why having sex with such a hot MILF at such a tender age would be traumatizing, some argue that the boy raped his mother and not the other way round.


Oh man. This is so much better than I thought it was on first read. I thought someone named "Aimee Louise" had "sword raped" the son she adopted out. What could be worse than being sword raped? So being raped by mom isn't so bad in that light, no?


—In the same way Ted Bundy wasn't so bad as Hitler.

Damit!! These young boys are screwing up a good thing, all of them opening their mouths to the fact they screw ther teacher or something freaky is going on with mom. Shut up and enjoy the ride, teacher or mother u will always have your own special relationship that will go well if your mouth is shut and u just let it. But the christian in me tells me its wrong to think of this sometimes, even at my age you can look back and say what if ???


—Even Christfags are jealous.

Yummy should have shut up and continued to lay the bolts to the old lady. I bet she would have let him put it in the back door too ;)



Wow, if some lucky little bastard wasn't just handed a free trip out of repressive conventionality, I don't know what happened. I expect great things from this young man


Great things indeed.

Now that the Oakland Press has found it neccesary to write a one sided story, I'll fill in the missing details. Yes a son was given up for adoption, yes He found her on the internet, or actually they found each other. They met with the permission of the adopted parents, and were able to spend time together to allow him to meet his siblings. This boy was 15 at the time and had emotional problems, had been in trouble with the law and threatened his adoptive parents, also diagnosed as being bipolar. This should have been a sign to proceed with caution. The Oakland press reports as if she tracked him down for sex, which is ludicrous. This was meetings and visits that spanned over a summer to reconnect a family. When things didn't go his way threats were made. Well now those threats have come to light. There are other children to be considered here, that love their mother very much. Before people judge her, lets get the facts. Our court system is innocent until proven guilty!!!!! When the truth comes out I hope the Oakland press will report the truth with accuracy. We all feel for the boy, but putting an innocent woman through this is unjust. He needs serious help.


a removed comment

Obviously the facts and details are not known yet. She is innocent. Aimee if you read this me and my family are behind you all the way. if you need me get ahold of me you know where my mother lives im just around the corner. Keep your head up.


—Stephanie Ramirez

I don't think I've heard of another case like this in my career, our first reaction to hearing about something like this is that this is every man's nightmare. It's an abomination, I'm at a loss for words because it's something that we consider to be so out of the normal, so prohibited in every culture that it unnerves every man just to think about it. This could be his first sexual experience, and his first sexual experience could be something so conflicted, so unusual, so prohibited that it will stay with him for life


—Gerald Shiener

She's married to a black man.


To Pontiac, Sep 18, 2009 11:36 PM

I think she wanted to breast feed him. By the way her when I went to school with her it was Amy Pope.


Amy why, Sep 22, 2009 8:27 AM

As a resident of Oakland County AND Waterford, I can attest to how INACCURATE our fabulous court system can be!


sjm0430, Sep 12, 2009 10:18 AM

This kids isn't an innocent little boy. He wa 17 at the time this happened. He has a violent record and known by the police to be involved in gang activities.


BTW, Sep 18, 2009 6:21 AM

Just wanna comment and let you guys know that Aimee regardless of what you think you know is not that type of person. I really hope that the truth comes out regarding this matter.


Not the Aimee I know, Sep 22, 2009 11:29 AM


Gallery of Aimee About missing Pics
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  • Mike Nifong: got dragged into it


  • Son
  • Ex-husband
  • Swords: Carl M. Sword & E. Sword (relatives?)


  • black person
  • Stephanie Ramirez & her mother & family (friends for 30 years, says she's innocent)
  • Kenneth Burch, attorney


  • Alfy1: Knew her for a short time 15 years ago (when she was pregnant? Or just gave birth?), called her a mentally disturbed smooth talk con person not sound of mind, with 2 small children by different fathers
  • Nicki Weisberger, Oakland County Assistant Prosecutor
  • Jessica Cooper Head Country Prosecutor
  • Wendy Potts Chief Circuit Court Judge
  • Dr. Gerald Shiener, chief of Consultation and Liaison Psychiatry at Sinai Grace Hospital in Detroit


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