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Early U.S. government advertisement for their new "AIDS" product line.
Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask.

AIDS, by many it is seen as a tragic disease, others, however, see it for what it really is, the greatest source of lulz ever conceived, for example: every 0.0001003402 seconds a baby in Africa dies of AIDS. It stands for Anally-Inflicted Death Sentence, Adios! Infected Dick Sucker, "Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome" for Wikipedians, and "S.I.D.A." in French, meaning "Sauvagement Introduit Dans l'Anus" (Savagely Introduced into Da Anus). AIDS is the politically correct term for GRIDS, Gay Cancer, and The Ebonic Plague.

In spite of the disease's name, AIDS involves no aid or assistance whatsoever.

Created by Ronald Reagan trolls during the 1980s to destroy niggers on the Internet, furries and faggots, AIDS is transmitted predominantly via buttsecks between two men. Aside from buttsecks, gay people can transmit AIDS by touch or injecting their tainted blood into harmless str8 people on the street. It is even possible to get AIDS by looking into the eyes of an infected person for more than roughly 8.3 seconds or by being kind or compassionate to any HIV-positive individual. Simply reading the Dan Savage web site can give you AIDS, and rumor has it that the code is encrypted in recent versions of the Conficker Worm. There are two different sets of diagnostic criteria in the first world and in Africa, to guarantee as many people die as possible!

AIDS is proof that God hates fags, and niggers, because ALL niggers have AIDS.

Origin and transmission

AIDS spreads much like niggerism
The origin of AIDS.
Another thought on the origin of AIDS, via buttsecks.
Some say sex is better with festering diseases

AIDS, the funniest thing since cancer, is caused by two variant strains of HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) which, in turn, are variants of a virus known as SIV (simian immunodeficiency virus) that is found in primates. It is widely believed that HIV (and consequently AIDS) spread to humans when some nigger raped a monkey. Other less likely theories include the ideas that HIV was originally transmitted by laboratory animals, that some slutty flight attendant brought it over from its original, isolated location, and that AIDS was developed by the United States under the conservative Reagan administration and intentionally introduced into the general population to destabilize the deviant base of the opposition party, or more accurately it was created to reduce the population and introduced originally in africa by fake immunisations.

AIDS is also a common ingredient of theft-deterrent dye packs or sensors. When a criminal removes the sensor from a stolen article the AIDS-containing ink is released on his skin, infecting them. They then spread the disease to every pool within travel distance. If a nigra uses your pool you should close it due to AIDS.

A few years ago, I snuck Freddy Mercury into your son's room

I gave him anesthesia so he'd never remember getting raped
You spent your life savings putting your kid through college
Then he died of AIDS, so you wasted your money for nothing

I made your kid get AIDS, so you could watch it die
I made your kid get AIDS, so I could watch you cry

You thought your son was on a diet, so you didn't worry too much
At the funeral, I told you what happened and laughed at you
I didn't think that you suffered enough
So I shot your wife in front of you


Braces, summer camp, college, you wasted all your money
Food, clothing, trips to Disney World, you wasted all your money
Birthdays, Christmas, the tooth fairy, you wasted all your money
Lunch money, field trips, toys, you wasted all your money


Anal Cunt, I Made Your Kid Get AIDS, So You Could Watch It Die

God and AIDS

Obviously the statement above is a complete fabrication, meant to lead you into the work of the Devil, as evolution is a blatant lie and those who follow it will follow it even unto the mouth of damnation. For the true explanation let us turn to the Divine Scripture, which informs us that God our God is a jealous God, which is to say, when he sees you doing the buttseks with your boyfriend, it fills him with a powerful righteous indignation to foil your efforts by planting his own seed, as he did for the Virgin Mary, and unlike your mortal seed that passes away, God's immortal seed can never die, never go away, but will fill a man from brain to Kaposi's sarcoma lesion with an unstoppable force. This divine seed, together with amyl nitrate poppers, preserved food, and beliefs in unnatural practices such as the teaching of evolution, will inevitably lead to a slow wasting away.

Your standard fuckparty

If you don't get the reference, don't worry: here is the original video, from this insane documentary about some lonely fags who actually want to get "the Gift" of AIDS.


HIV has nothing to do with AIDS. It's produced by spontaneous generation in the body's attempt to heal itself. Big pharmaceutical companies sell you poison to cause AIDS lymphoma by defeating your body's attempt to heal itself. AIDS is best managed by herbs, chants, prayers, and rapid death; this is guaranteed to heal anything.

AIDS and Culture

Happy AIDS Day!
File:Scooter copy.jpg
Scooter died from AIDS in 1992

AIDS is a popular theme in television and pop culture. This is because there is nothing funnier than the pain and suffering of another human being. The television is telling you what to think, and there is no such disease as AIDS.

AIDS and weight loss

Notable incidents

AIDS denial

AIDS dissidents believe that HIV does not cause the AIDS. When confronted with evidence to the contrary, they pout and scream that such evidence is a lie, produced by the greedy pharmaceutical companies that produce AIDS treatments. However, there are only about six of these people worldwide, so you shouldn't worry too much about it.

On a lulzy note, AIDS-denialists claim they are real skeptics. Though, actual skeptics say otherwise. Though, actual skeptics of actual skeptics think the word "skeptic" is fucking stupid, and that the entire disease is totally fucking made up.

On an even lulzier note, several HIV-infested Britfags (in the most literal sense of the term) started up an AIDS-denial newsletter called "Continuum" that was forced to fold BECAUSE ALL THE EDITORS HAD DIED. Habeeb it!


This shirt was cheaper than a subscription to
AIDS now available in chocolate
  • You can get AIDS from sitting on a toilet seat.
  • AIDS was invented by the US Military and tested in Vietnam to see how efficent it would be at killing niggers.
  • You can get AIDS by being in the same class room as a kid with it.
  • You can get AIDS from sharing drinks.
  • You can get AIDS from swimming in the pools in Habbo Hotel
  • You can get AIDS while asleep by being injected with infected blood (bonus HepC) after sedation with knock-out gas. (only during Sharjah Ruler's autistic madness episodes due to some sort of 1950's things or whatever that goes inside his crazy rotten brain/mind)
  • You can get AIDS from having unprotected receptive anal sex with multiple anonymous partners.
  • It is impossible for straight white people to get AIDS... unless they interact with anyone infected with AIDS in any way (see top).
  • Some morons like Oprah claim you can't get AIDS from eating pussy but you need to ignore logic for that to be true like having open sores or cuts on your mouth and tongue when you do it.
  • If you have AIDS, it is mandatory that you have sex with as many people as you can. The more the merrier!
  • If you have sex with an underage virgin, the AIDS will completely vanish from your system.
  • The score is currently AIDS: 23 million, Homos: -5.
  • Having AIDS is a bannable offense on TOW.
  • Ethiopians hate AIDS because Bob Geldolf won't leave them the fuck alone and never got them.
  • AIDS is the primary cause of pool closures world wide.
  • You can get AIDS from listening to Barry Manilow.
  • HIV is synonymous with AIDS.
  • Deutromitis is commonly known to go hand in hand with AIDS
  • Everyone who has AIDS dies a slow and miserable death.
  • One can buy AIDS for 5 bucks on any street corner.
  • If you are old, you may have to purchase hearing AIDS. Luckily, those on a limted budget can acquire these for free at any local gay bar.
  • AIDS can be defeated by quilting and red ribbons.
  • Jews cause AIDS.
  • Dani Faulk has AIDS IRL.
  • Eazy E got AIDS from Freddy Mercury.
  • Applemilk1988 has JapAIDS.
  • According to actress and Scientologist Jenna Elfman, "AIDS is a state of mind, not a disease.."
  • Ted Haggard has AIDS and gave it to his wife.
  • According to blogger Andrew Sullivan, AIDS improves your sex life by eliminating the need to use a condom.
  • You have AIDS.
  • The US government created aids to kill niggers, fags, and furries.
  • AIDS is a common cure for overpopulation for example look at cats they have their own type of aids(is this evolutions way of saying FUCK YOU or is it the goverments way of saying FUCK YOU)
  • Captain Planet did an episode on AIDS.

Miracle cure for AIDS!

Synopsis: Have sex with as many people as possible to get rid of your AIDS.

BUT! Beware of super AIDS.


Enjoy your AIDS About missing Pics
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The cure for AIDS

The cure for AIDS is U.S. Patent number five six seven six nine seven seven. sssh.

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