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Ahuviya Harel is actually a tranny.

     Enjoy your cock!   8====D (_(__)


I’m a misandrist. I’m a feminazi. I’m a communist. I have an Oedipus Complex. I must be really, really, REALLY fucking evil! – Yeah, fear Chairwoman Harel! You don’t want this monster knocking on your door!


ADF today. Another SJW who (hilariously) doesn't realize that male tears means semen.

Usually when most people get an ED article on here, they are quick to either remove themselves from whatever got trolls attracted to them in the first place or they leave the internet forever. However, such was not the case for ADF-Fuensalida aka Adf-Influenza (Powerword: Phillip V. Haskins-DeLici). Instead of attempting to live as a NORP, ADF continued to dramawhore on the interwebs. When the gay Democrat Hispanic Wiccan shtick got stale, he looked for other edgy subcultures to shove himself in, started claiming to be a woman and christening himself Ahuviya Rotem Harel in the process. Quite rarely do you get to witness the transformation from lolcalf to full-blown lolcow.


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This page is about an attempted an hero.

Denying that I am Female is on par in my eyes of denying the Holocaust.


ADF, feeling completely dissatisfied that straight women and gay males would rather take cyanide than have sex with him, decided that gender-confused women would be his perfect prey. It all started when he first put on his Sakura cosplay, that he began identifying as a “transgender lesbian” and then changed it to “straight queer transgender” (WTF? - the EDitors). Then he started taking hormones and even changed his name from Phillip V. Delici to Ahuviya Harel. He also identified himself as a Jew on account of his obsession with everything Israel and need for some sweet oppression. Ahuviya's last name is Jewish.

Another change happened as a result from watching too much Hetalia: he began identifying as a communist. Complete with China and Nazi cosplay, he was ready to begin fapping to everything Russian or Chinese. This included many sloppy drawings of communism uniforms, Vladimir Putin, and his own batshit insane dickgirl communist Mary Sue. He also tried to force badly translated Russian and German "words" into his drawings and blogs. Of course, the commie masturbation didn’t stop there; he also claimed himself to be Prussian and Russian, solely because of two of his favorite characters on Hetalia.

Some argue that the biggest change was ADF moving out of his mother’s house. ADF’s mom acted as a small voice of sanity within his life, but screw concerned, loving family, right? After destroying all of his baby photos and punching his poor distraught momma, ADF moved out of her house and into a den of a lesbian couple. ADF became much more insane after distancing himself from her.

All of these events contributed to ADF becoming what he is today. Which is, of course, completely fucked-up.

Cosplay Magic

The Perfect Storm

BAWWW, I'm having a hard time ignoring trolls, so go fight them for me!

obviously you're one of those 789fags


—How ADF now dismisses any form of criticism on his DA page.

Two websites in particular focused on his antics, 789chan and ED. Before the downfall of Old ED, ADF’s ED article was being updated by ADF trolls. At the same time, Chris Chan followers first found out about ADF through his trollshielding of the internet’s favorite lolcow, Chris Chan. His trollshielding included sperging on the Cwcki about Sasuke and uploading gigantic pictures of himself on the Cwcki, all while acting superior to Chris. 789chan began to make threads dedicated to discussing his antics and even made a Cwcki-ish wikia.

ADF shit his pants when he found out about 789chan and the wikia. As an attempt at damage control, he deleted his ADF-Fuensalida account and signed up as Verganza-De-Sasuke shortly afterward. Of course, he would not quietly let the trolls declare victory over his fallen account. Oh no, not he. ADF went onto the site and dox’d himself, declaring that he and his roommates would beat any trolls who dared to go over to his house.

Hey, Kourine (and everyone else that is here). If you are so hellbent on getting me, why don't you come up to where I live with my friends in Mount Airy, in Philadelphia. Go and try me and find me in this city, I dare you. Better yet, I dare you to and find where I live in Mount Airy. Because my two housemates are ready to use their Louisville Slugger on ANYONE who want to fuck with me in their house. BATTER UP! Wanna play some baseball? Here's is my -CURRENT- Address - Again, I am ready to play Baseball with your heads . BATTER UP! come at me you chicken-shits...


Failbook Drama

Where art thou spy.jpg

Still anally destroyed over the loss of his deviantart account, he holed himself up on his Facebook page, where he thought he was safe. But ADF was not safe; he had to quickly make his FB page private after invading trolls began screencapping his posts. However, he realized that all of the strange people he friendlisted just might be the very same trolls who were showing screencaps of his Facebook posts to other hungry trolls. This realization fed into his paranoia that anybody on his Facebook page could be a troll. He even began screencapping suspicious troll posts on 789chan and posting them with the caption “The KGB is watching you.”

All of this came to ADF announcing that he was going on a “spy hunt” and eliminate the 789chan spies from his Facebook page. This led to a grand total of six (6) people, including a couple of female cosplayers, being listed in a separate group of whose settings he had changed. Out of all the people he had accused of being trolls, none turned out to be the ones who were screencapping his Facebook. This great de-friending lasted until he was scared of retaliation from trolls and let the people he “had into custody” go.

Two notable victims of his paranoia were a bisexual communist male and a young homosexual male who both lived several states away from ADF and told him off multiple times. ADF constantly started problems with the two and believed them to be trolls. He even accused one of them of being one of the authors of his ED article. After three months of trying and failing to get both of them to be his “dobes” (a special term for lover), both parties got sick of ADF and ADF blocked them from his Facebook.

Homeless Social Justice Faux-Activism

Pick the worst ideologies and fandoms in the world, mash them together and this is what you get.

After getting kicked out of his roommates’ house when his roomies caught wind of ADF doxing himself and their address online, ADF quickly became a crazy, greasy mooch who rarely showered. Of course, he was just another restless, quasi-homeless attention whore wanting to garner as much attention for himself as he possibly could. This led to him getting involved in the Occupy Protests.

ADF is no stranger to Faux-Activism. He has been known to show up at gay pride parades dressed in Naruto garb scaring event-goers who are unfortunate enough to see the 250 pound Sakura in a bad wig. During his time in a support group for transgenders, ADF (along with the other batshit insane trannies including Robert Wayne Stiles), attempted a takeover. So much for supporting your, uh, "fellow" trannies.

ADF flailed around the Occupy Philly in a faux-communist uniform and a Chinese flag. Like most of the Occupy protesters, ADF contributed little to the movement and used the place as a camping area and a spot to mooch free food. By this time ADF had gotten quite a bit of attention, but not the sweet, pity-ing kind for which he had fervently hoped. Nay, for ADF had become, in the liberal eyes of his fellow unwashed hippy-commies, a freakshow at the event. One video in particular went viral which showed ADF bitching about being fired and denying the war crimes committed by Most Honorable Chairman Mao, along with a guest appearance by Rainbow Hippie Jesus.

The video was the subject of a couple of Conservative talk show hosts who used it in their shows to dismiss the Occupy Protesters as leftarded communists. Indeed, ADF gave both Glenn Beck and Alex Jones something to laugh at, making them both look sane in comparison. That'd be a great accomplishment if the circumstances weren't so fucking tragic.

Occupy Portland

Please do not get me started on Occupy Portland - High on my shit list after Four Cisgender Men Assaulted me after I called them out for Transphobic and sexist behavior on 20 December 2012 . I was punched a dozen times around my right eye/temple - All four attackers I am pressing charges against because no movement is worth my help if they are gonna bash Trans* people for standing up for themselves...Yeah...

Otherwise, I am fucking done with Occupy and their hella privileged Liberal-Reformist Nonviolent Dogma


— -but he's not done mooching off them

Kick the Tranny - Occupiers favorite sport
ADF blaming ED for an unrelated situation

Although Occupy Portland consisted of similar edgy hipsters complaining about their liberal arts degrees not being respected by society, ADF was not as tolerated there as he was in Occupy Philly. Believe it or not, ADF's mooching, backstabbing of his fellow protesters, and/or self-centered behavior was not the reason why he was as attractive to them as a feminazi is in a loveshy forum. It was due to ADF being called out on lying to the group.

It all started when ADF and some guy got into the irl version of a pol/ internet fight. Instead of two political nerds pounding their keyboards for half an hour, it consisted of the anonymous man hitting ADF in the eye after arguing with him in an anarchist cafe. As a result, the guy was b& from the cafe and ADF was left with a black eye and his broken pride.

ADF, of course, was not satisfied with the end result and demanded that Occupy Portland do more about the situation, including workshops in the movement that bend over backwards to deal with tranny problems. However, ADF made the mistake of lying about not provoking his attacker to the same people he was demanding from and was caught on his lies. The people at the movement told him off and ADF became disenchanted with the movement and argued with the other protesters on the Occupy Portland Failbook page.

Ignoring this important life lesson about honesty, ADF then went onto his deviantart page and continued to lie about the situation. Instead of one guy punching him as he had originally informed members of Occupy Portland, his opponent turned into four guys as ADF continued his transparent ruse. Despite claiming that he wouldn't help the movement any further, he continued to mooch off it whenever he could.

Then came ADF's infamous paranoia reeling its un-medicated head yet again. He blamed ED for the attack in the cafe. His reasoning: the guy(s) who(m) attacked him supposedly claimed they knew what he did at Occupy Philly. This might've been true if ADF hadn't appeared in several Occupy Philly related videos, including the year-old video that went viral on Youtube. If one even scrapes the surface of ADF's claims, they would see that this article was written a day after the attack, therefore had nothing to with ADF getting his ass whooped.

Still feeling the burn from getting rejected by the movement, ADF took some great advice from his ex-friend Robb. He took a shit on the steps of the Occupy Portland building and bragged about it on Facebook. Despite his best efforts, the people at the Occupy Portland took no notice of it. It was just another day in Portland, after all.

Chris vs. “Jack Thaddeus”

ADF tardraging at Chris on Twitter, which Chris ignored.

ADF became known as something else to most Chris Chan followers. Out of the blue, Chris Chan accused him of being Jack Thaddeus, one of his trolls who made him hump his PS3. Of course, ADF jumped at the chance of making a video, without realizing that something was amiss. ADF made a boring video, trying to get Chris to move out of his parent’s house and move to Philly. He also didn’t edit out the part where he farted on camera. Chris made one last video refuting ADF’s claims.

Chris stopped responding to ADF, due to the death of his father. A couple of days after Chris’ father’s passing, ADF made a video where he panted while walking down the street trollshielding Chris along with his good friend, Robert Stiles. Whatever grotesque mentions of Bob’s death that were missing from the video were mentioned in the next video where he walked in a graveyard, presumably looking for his next dobe. Not caring that Chris is still in mourning over his father, ADF mocked Chris and his mother, stating that Barbara was next to die. To this day, Chris still hasn’t seen this video. However, this video is still used as an example of ADF’s blatant disregard for others.

Behind the scenes

(Threatening to blow up Chris' house) was just a joke.


— ADF channeling A-Log

It probably comes as no surprise that ADF trollshielded Chris a lot behind the scenes, some of which the Cwcki might consider a classic example of Alogging. Some of it started off small, such as posting a picture of pickle jar, submitting a shit-tier drawing of a Sonichu villain, joining the Cwcki, and tardraging at Chris on Twitter.

However, one fine day, ADF decided that pictures of pickles and calling Chris "the most sexist man in America" wasn't enough. Despite the fact that ADF also had trouble with trolls and whined about how trolls were cyber-terrorists who would kill him if he let his guard down, he decided to do the same thing he claimed his own trolls were guilty of. He posted a video of a missile, stating that he wanted to hit Chris' house with it. When it was quickly pointed out that ADF wasn't acting any better than Chris, ADF quickly deleted the post in hopes that his post would be forgotten.

On a lighter note, here's the rest of ADF's trollshielding shananigans:

ADF and Love

The truest lover ADF has ever had

As was mentioned before, ADF would find willing victims in women who are as gender-confused as he. Interestingly enough, these women do share other things in common, such as being dark-haired and heavyset. In other words, ADF wanted to date himself in the female form, so went towards women who look similar to him.

His first actual girlfriend was a “genderqueer” middle-aged woman who spent a small percentage of her trust fund on ADF for an expensive phone and 100 dollars at a time for him to spend on cosplay. ADF kept going out with her to keep getting a part of her trust fund and even had sex with her. However, that was not enough to keep ADF happy though. He resented her over a small issue they had over children. He hated children and privately wished he could fuck one that looked like Sasuke. She wanted children before she went into menopause. Instead of doing something sensible or realizing that female hormones have ruined any chance he had of having children, he argued with her constantly online and even threatened to commit suicide. All of this came to a boiling point where he punched her in a bookstore.

What makes the situation ironic is that he hated his own father for doing the same thing. Another ironic thing, is that he is open about his hatred against “cisgender” straight, bisexual, and homosexual men and even makes violent statements about what he would do them in a particular situation, though hasn’t acted on his violent wishes towards men.

Just the beginning of many horrible things that have happened

The next willing victims on his list were transmen whom he met online. The first one was an 18 year old weeaboo cosplayer, whom after only a couple of weeks of dating, he announced that he was engaged to the girl. However, due to his inability to separate chan drama from his relationship with her, they split up.

His relationship with the next one went quicker than his previous one. When he first introduced the internet to her, he immediately described them both as “married.” Who is ADF’s blushing new bride? She’s none other than a jailbait Satanist who whores herself out on Reddit. ADF even moved from Philly to Portland, just to get with her. They even had big plans of holding a Satanic wedding in someone’s basement and even have Marilyn Manson be the priest who weds them. After only a year of being together, ADF split up with her, stating that she doesn’t understand that he needs "interdependence and mutual aid".

In between lovers, when he can’t get anyone to have cybersex with him, he relies on his Sasuke plushie with a SPH to keep him company at night.

Daddy Rape Day

ADF using a Nazi quote to cite that he is a rape victim

Despite dismissing 9/11 as American Nationalism or whatever, he demanded international attention for his dad raping him. Whether true or not, ADF shoehorned the accusation into everything (related or not) that he possibly could. If his statement about his Oedipus complex was obvious enough, he wants to kill his own father. However, he is hellbent on ruining his father’s life before he ever gets an unlikely chance to off the old buggerer.

When trolls found out about the Facebook page ADF created to whine about being raped by his father, they flooded it with cosplay photos of ADF pinning down 16 year old girl cosplayers in his China outfit and other embarrassing photos of him that are on the internet. When ADF discovered the flooding, it made him seethe with rage and call the trolls who violated his previous event “Nazis.” He immediately deleted the event in anger due to the fact that the “dang dirty trolls” got him again.

Fourth of July, 1997

It wasn’t enough that ADF made a Facebook event about his own father, he even written about him on Deviantart. Due to ADF having less talent than Tara Gilesbie when it comes to writing, his serious prose read like a badly written shotacon fan fiction. Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

ADF's rape fiction
[Hahaha oh wowLet me see this]

I remember that day,

The Fourth of July Nineteen-Ninety-Seven.

I was defiled by the man,

I was supposed to call 'Father' .

Under those Stars and Stripes

Red, White, and Blue.

It would be the perfect day no one will believe,

Sexual Assault would happened to you.

I guess the word "America" means "freedom" - as in,

"free to rape your fucking eleven-year-old kid" .

I was but a piece of meat,

For him to pound and rip and play.

He radiated sweaty heat

As he bent me over, and was forced to obey.

Like White European Settlers,

He colonized and violated my body,

As if it were land,

a dead thing you can claim.

Maybe I displayed effeminate behavior,

and therefore he decided to have his way with me.

I remember that day,

The Fourth of July Nineteen-Ninety-Seven.

I was defiled by the man,

I was supposed to call 'Father' .

He touched my gentials and my torso

and viced my wrists,

as fireworks exploded along the Delaware,

in Philadelphia that night.

Right on the waterfront,

At Penn's Landing to be exact.

I found the courage to report it to the police,

it went to court in Woodbury, New Jersey.

On August Twelveth, Nineteen-Ninety-Seven , My twelveth birthday.

The Fucking Judge Tomasello, let the bastard walk free.

The court said "My mother and I made this up"

I was blamed for telling the truth

The State protects that patriarchal bastard-of-a-prepetrator,

who lied his way out of jail.

I guess that crack in that Liberty Bell,

shows how fucked up the American Injustice System really is.

I was shamed and ridiculed,

And ostracized from my community.

I cut myself on my shoulder, cut out my first birthmark with scissors,

and attempted suicide several times during my teenage years.

I hated my Male Body,

I didn't want to be a boy anymore, more so after the rape.

So I did something about it years later,

but that's a whole other story I'll get into later.

So this and every Fourth of July: past, present, and future.

Please don't fly those Stars and Stripes for me,

and tell me it represents freedom, its fucking bullshit.

Trolls and Whores

ADF threatening Kourine.png

To say that ADF has never gotten over the fact that Canis and Kourine forgot about him is an understatement. Out of the blue, ADF had began threatening them again with the cheap gun he obtained, accusing them of siding with one of his trolls. He also threatened to throw her in the Philly Roundhouse for trolling him. The whining then delved into calling the three Polish and German whores, because it's the strongest word he had to call them.

(The Roundhouse) will give you free cheese sandwiches and we know how much you hate cheese
You're not getting anywhere with this ED bullshit, maintaining the wiki, 789chan . . . I like to see you locked up for it someday. - We have two German whores and a Polish whore!

Needless to say, the DA admins were contacted over ADF's threats and b& him for a month on Deviantart. After his ban ended, ADF seemed to have completely forgotten about the incident.

The Insanity Continues

Separated at birth?

Some believed that ADF had a good chance to flounce after his and Robb's (mostly Robb's) failed attempt to get trolls arrested, because cops don't give a shit about internet trolls. ADF had a perfect chance to get his life back in order since he was moving to a city where only his then-girlfriend knew his name and with trolls shifting their focus from him to Robb. However, due to his nature, ADF is never calm and rational during peaceful moments.

After he moved to Portland, he claimed to have Dissociative Identity Disorder, due to having a tulpa and being aware of its personality. Most pointed out that he is a hypochondriac and doesn't have that disorder, since people with DID are not aware of their other personalities. Obersturmführer Amaterasu 'Ama' Kamiyama, as the thing is called, is just some shit he made up. ADF was half right about wanting to see a counselor, since it is insane for a grown man to still have an imaginary friend, but it's not DID.

Those who are wondering how ADF's headmate's personality differs from his own, it's ADF finding new things to fap to. According to ADF, his Tulpa is a Wapanese, Neo-Nazi, ftm who is also a violent "Die Cis Scum" cop. Had this character existed outside of ADF's head, it would've been cunt-punted out of the police station and into the same unemployment line that ADF is in. However, ADF is not known to use logic.

ADF first started to fap to Nazis in September of 2012. It was no surprise that the DA Nazi drawings ADF fapped to were Shitalia drawings of characters in uniforms. To save face from years of comparing internet trolls to Hitler and to continue to claim himself to be an anarchist-communist, he used the headmate as an excuse. Also, ADF went back to his Wapanese ways and continued to wish that he lived in a country were he could buy used little girl panties from vending machines.

Then came the next step to ADF becoming a full blown Wapanese. After a brief stint of trying to mimic TheAmazingAtheist, he declared himself having converted to Shinto. Understanding Shinto as much as Pixyteri understands Japanese culture in general, ADF used a generic explanation of what Shinto is, suggesting that like everything else, he only understands Shinto on a superficial level. Due to the fact that he washes himself only once every six months, he's already breaking one of the codes in Shintoism.

Addie Got Fingered

(Trigger Warning: RAPE.gif)

For ADF, 2015 started with a bang -- a finger-bang.

ADF has been cruising an anarchist clubhouse called The Long Haul for gay sex. He got lucky on 20 Jan 2015, when some drunken hobo, mistaking ADF as a BBW, lovingly caressed his torso, finger-banged his rectum, and gave his unwashed stinky hide a golden shower. Of course, the proud feminist Maoist anarchist can't be seen enjoying the company of cis white men, so when his sexual escapades were discovered, he did what a feminist do in this situation -- cry rape and did a very visible protest. But, as you can see from the picture below, no one gave a shit.

Given ADF has a long-standing rape fantasy and is a compulsive liar, we're sure he did it for attention again.

Oh, in case you don't notice. ADF considers himself a man-hating Latina now, and soon he'd steal the surname Araujo from a disgusting tranny who was killed because he hid his penis and trapped men to fuck him.

Spooked by Kiwi Farm

As ADF faded from the collective memory of the internet, the autists at Kiwi Farm still kept track of all the dumb things this newly minted anarchist [email protected] said on Facebook (BTW he has literally ZERO Latin ancestry; his father is a wop). It was found that ADF was homeless again and was literally living under a bridge, spent his days downvoting all police departments, and fancied himself as a bicycle rider despite too fucking fat and lazy to learn to ride a bike. Eventually dear Chairwymyn knew his gig was up, and, taking a page from the Brianna Wu playbook, he imagined he was being hunted by cismale, MRA, Gamergate operatives, and threatened violence. Yet, he pussied out immediately when he found out a short video footage of himself on a train. His violence fantasies gave place to pseudo-suicide threats, which he made at a frequency of about four times a day and earned him lots of asspats from his SJW friends. What's more, he threatened to sic the police on his imagined "cyberbullies" - never mind he just gave every police departments in the states a thumbs-down.

Cispatriarchy is Killing me!!! About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

He is also a connoisseur for the ugliest nonsense tattoos. A ever-growing collection, all paid for by taxpayers like you of course, is presented for your viewing pleasure. Note his greasy and diseased skin.

Black marks for life About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Assassination Attempt by GamerGate

No tranny can resist the allure of GamerGate drama, and Harel is no exception. Ahuviya decided to take the Brianna Wu route of claiming GG are trying to literally assassinate you and kick it up a notch.

Ahuving GamerGate driveby.jpg

Yep, he tried to claim they attempted to kill him in a driveby. The kicker is, there's no intersection of any roads labeled 50th and Telegraph, meaning that the driveby never even happened. Police scanner transmissions from the area even confirm that there were no gunshots reported in the immediate area Ahuviya supposedly lived in and where the alleged drive-by occurred. Meaning yet again, he's blaming something he hates hoping to get feels. Even if a driveby happened, it wouldn't be the work of MRAs, conservatives, or gamergate, just a bunch of thugs getting involved in their typical turf warfare over which run-down building belongs to them, and chances are, most the thugs have no interest in killing a white tranny communist with pink hair who thinks he is a Latina.

What Phil did not foresee was that this "assassination" had put him in a Hamlet-esque double bind: no one would take him seriously if he just let it slide, but if he reported it he would be seen as a dirty snitch by his police-hating anarchist "friends". Philip chose the dumbest way out: vacillated the story until even a retard can see it's a lie.

Did he report it? About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Eventually Phil admitted to making shit up again, in a private facebook message sent to his retarded asspatters.



Goodbye Horses About missing Pics
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How he looks in 2015 About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Being a lazy fuck, ADF uses Bitstrip to make stupid propaganda comics in which he is a thin, good-looking young girl.

Unfunny Bitstrip Comics by ADF About missing Pics
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