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Agoraphobc-Blue is every warriors idol: she draws crappy cats from the Warriors series, and crappy dogs, like her fursona, Blue. She's got 8,000 watchers on DevianTart, and 21,000 Subscribers on youtube. she's obviously a furfag (though she claims not to be) and is 20 years old, and still on the internet, drawing crappy cats. She hates her life, and has a majority of online boyfriends, who she will never meet in real life. Like every deviantARTist, her crap art is usually recolored.

Really Blue, really?

Agoraphobic-Blue Trolls

Agoraphobic-Blue has plenty of trolls, and she doesn't give a shit about. Her White Knights usually say crap such as "dude quit hittin and stalkin blue. If anything good to being u, it would be to me with Tripismehbaby or AjsGURL4eve ^^"



— 1ten11, the douche lover

The most sucessful troll known out there is the DA user Deviantart-favicon.png AjsGurl4eve, trolling saying Agorapboic-blue's Boyfriend, AJ, is actually with Her. Go AjsGurl4eve!

Now in recent addition, what appears to be a knock-off but would be a troll. Deviantart-favicon.png arachnophobic-blue has sprung out of the deep. His art is a rip off, his fursona is a rip off, and is already drawing in the fans. He even has Blue herself watching him. Not to mention Fuchsia's obvious crush on him.

She also has a huge kiss ass! Stealing her style and fursona.Deviantart-favicon.png Fuchsianess is pretty much obsessed over Blue. Kiss that ass Fuchsia.

Most noteable White Knights

Agoraphobic-Blue has lots of White Knights, mostly who go after Her trolls on Deviantart. Deviantart-favicon.png 1ten11, Deviantart-favicon.png Epiclittlewolfofdoom Deviantart-favicon.png sandstone79924 Deviantart-favicon.png TheWeatheralchemist

Incest is Best

Back when the ink on her DA account verification email was still fresh, it was made known that she was dating her Mexican stepbrother. This "stepbrother" wasn't legally related to her; Blue was just stirring shit up by fucking around with her mother's spic live-in boyfriend's son. He dumped her before the inevitable murder-suicide, which while tragic, would've made for a far worthier article.

Oh, and remember how I was all "I can't like him ;3;"? Well that's 'cause he's kinda my Step-Brother. >> But it's Okay, right? xD I mean, I'm white and he's mexican, so there's no relatin there. xD My mom's just dating his dad, and they're all "Yey, let's move in together!"



Online Boyfriend?

and after that, she got a knew boyfriend, Mat. he lives in Australia, and she lives in Phoenix Arizona. Wat

Yeah. she did picture slideshows every once and a while with her boyfriend, like HinaUchi

MatxBlue GONE?

After realizing that their love was not as good as it seemed, Blue decided she had had enough of her current boyfriend and wanted a new boy toy to play with. Mostly due to the fact that he hated Americans and wanted her to move in with him in Australia. There was a lot of drama for a while, as Mat begged for her to come back to him by writing lengthy journals that would probably give you eye cancer just be looking at them.

Seriously, I thought I'd be feeling better by now, but I've realized so many things that just make me cry myself to sleep almost every night I think about it.

I've not been acting like myself lately, I've been frustrated and upset for a very long while now.

I literally just don't know what to do with my life anymore, I've been trying to move on and I just don't know anyone or have any confidence in me that I would find someone just as sweet, gentle, gorgeous, lovely, talented and beautiful like she was literally everything to me and the reason why I continued living and now that I am no longer with her I don't know what to do.

The fact that I barely get any feedback at all anymore now because of that doesn't help me either, it has made me believe that the real reason why I've ever gotten any attention or feedback/encouragement of any sort was all just because of our relationship and I bet that now that I've mentioned this people may try to prove me wrong.

This is also one of the reasons I've been really inactive lately on both DA and YT, I just don't have the motivation any more.

I've also been disappointed at my own actions because of this event, I look at my own life and think of how many girls I possibly know and realize that there aren't any that I would be interested or would be interested in me let alone be happy with, this is cruel to say but it's true, I actually wish my words about Blue being unique and different weren't true because now I don't have her to love with all my heart anymore and now I don't have anyone at all.

I'm angry and furious at myself for immediately looking around for a girl to date and love almost straight after the breakup, I can't believe how desperate I am to find someone to love just like I loved her... I'm just desperate to have someone to love now more than I've ever been.

I really wish there was still something I could do to be with her, but if I just try to ask her to love me again all I'll do is just hurt her more than I already have and I can't bear to do that to her.

I would happily leave my life behind to be with her but there's no way I would survive in that country, this is why I needed HER to be able to come over here to be with me, she would have been in a better place and I would have loved her and took care of her with all my heart... But she wouldn't be able to cope being away from both her home and her parents which I can understand... I just wish that.. Somehow.. We could be together... Just once.

So now that we're no longer together I don't know what to do with all the money I saved for that special trip for her and I don't know what else to do with my life, right now all I can do is just sit my ass on this computer seat playing video games hoping that my life will go away quickly.

I know submitting a journal like this is not wise but I just don't know what else to do with my life now.

I still love her... and I don't think that will ever change... she was everything... and she always will be.... I still love you Blue

-Signed, Your creepy ex boyfriend

Many fans could not accept the new change and cried that they should get back together so that they could draw more porn fan art of they two love birds and continued to BAW about it to Mat.

But it wasn't long until Mat found a new girlfriend to have wet dreams about. A normal good looking panther. Their relationship seems to be based on lust more then love though. Will Mat ever fill that blue shaped hole in his heart?

Lulz. They broke up a couple days ago, and now fans are flocking to Mat and Brookie for Answers!

It wasn't long until Blue moved onto her new prey...

New Boyfriend Or a Mistake?

Yeah. Blue found a New boyfriend, Deviantart-favicon.png Ajbob. she draws them alot, and did the same as she did with Mat, and actually Plans to move in with Aj when she's okay to. poor AJ.

It's ALSO an online relationship.

Hmmm.... What to say about the AJ....

Nothing, because I hate him! >:U

But really now, I love everything about you AJ. I love talking with you. I love waking up to your text messages. I love that even when I wake up before you text me, I always know you'll text soon. I love how no matter how annoying I get, you never seem to mind. I love how we can say the most horrible things about each other and never have to say we're sorry, or that we're joking, because we already know it's a joke. And even if it wasn't, we don't have to say sorry, because the other has already forgiven. I love how no matter how horrible the tards are about our relationship, it never breaks us apart, but only drives us closer. I love that you tell me everything. I love how easy you are to talk to. I love how even though I have a hard time speaking my mind, or letting others know my emotions, I have no problem laying it all out for everyone to read. I love how you make me laugh. I love how we can talk about sex and porn and drugs, and basically anything else and never be weirded out by the other. I love how close together our birthdays are. I love how you're always right there to talk to. And most of all, I love you.

AJ is goofy. AJ is corny. AJ is a pervert. AJ is a dork. AJ gets upset easy when he's tired. Basically what I'm trying to say is, you're perfect, don't ever change.

Most of the tards know how I hate online relationships, but for you, I don't care. I'll be in one and be with you, and be happy. Heck, you make me happier then I've ever been. You make me excited about growing up, rather than fearing it. My heart is so totaly yours.

Even if we haven't dated that long, you're just the perfect match to my heart. I've never known a person like you. Someone who really seems to have been a person I knew all my life. I've never been so comfortable around anyone so fast. And I've never been so ready to open up 100% to someone.



And she doesn't even know him.

Me and AJ probably wouldn't be able to live together for a few years, (till he's done with college), but I could live near him, and we could be together. Hell, I even sort of want a baby. (Not for many years mind you, but within the next 10 years) I've never understood what the appeal of having a child be your blood was and why we couldn't just adopt, but I'm seeing it now. I want to be able to look at a child and see me and AJ in them.

I'm ready to have a life. I'm sick of being a pointless blob on the earth sitting on my fat ass all day long, sleeping till 3pm, eating food I didn't buy, and making no contribution. Even if it's working a shitty job, at least I'd be doing something. I'm a fucking loser and I'm tired of it. I'm almost 20. My fun years are over, and I waisted them sitting on my ass.

Being with AJ has just... Moved me. It's stired something inside me. It's made me want to be alive.

I've never been able to give up my family for a guy. But now... I'd give them up to be with him. 'Corse I would still visit them, and force the AJ to come sometimes too. X3

This is a blabbering journal, because I sort of hit an epiphany of maturity today. XD I so love you if you read all this.

And she Doesn't. Know. Him.

The Breakup...Part Two

So as we could all tell, their relationship didn't last long. In fact, barely a year, and then ajbob could not take it any longer.One day ajbob changed a few key things on his profile and then the furries raged and started baww'ing. Sound familiar? It's just like any-other relationship breakup by Blue. Everyone believes that they still maintain a healthy friendship, but lets first read this private PM that was sent to me:

Actually not really, I probably haven't even talked to her for a few months now. She kinda went into seclusion afterwards and I have heard nothing, and moved on since.



Seems like he is happy now.

But then we ask the question, Who is her next prey?

Her Animations

Yes, believe or not, this furfag just has to go so far as animate her shitty cat drawings! Hooray! But really, she animates using Iaza, a free yet horrible shitty animation program that pretty much makes your pictures a slideshow rather than an animation. Not to mention good ol' Blue decides to use MS Paint for animating, with her dull excuse 'I hate animating in Photoshop. ITS TO HARD.' Because apparently animating with Photoshop wouldn't make your little moving pictures the slightest bit better. AT ALL.

Blue also animates her and her boyfriends in crappy little shorts with crappy little snippets of songs. She never animates a full song, however if she does decide too, they normally consist of fucking Warrior cats doing retarded shit.

Once upon a time little Blue tried to animate a totally original show called Vindicated that included sparkledogs, stolen characters, and a Mary Sue with a tragic past. She quit that due to her being a lazy ass.

But no, that wasn't enough. Now she's going to attempt to make a totes new original show that is about...zombie animals. Wat. Apparently these animals decide to attack each other for no reason. She decided to post a W.I.P of the show, which was cats jumping over the fence to Eminem music. Yep. Wat. I dunt no.

Blue's on ED?

wow. some fag by the name of Tigerheart302, probably a warriors fag, posted on her DA that she had one. now everyone's bawwing.

Blue draws porn!

Greedy furbag
Literally fucking herself

As if her furfaggatory level wasn't enough she started drawing porn and yiff on her furaffinity, and now doing commissions and art trades to get others to draw her dumbass furry as well. That doesn't stop there, she also has been drawing fetishes that range from babyfur to feet all for her fucking followers. Don't get excited, just yet, all she does it for is the money.


Blue, now a transgender wants to go by Sebastian, rather than her name Jordan, but like that matters since no one ever called her Jordon in the first place.

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