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Aeverine Frathleen Nieves Zinn [1] (born Frank Zinn and a man) of Marion, Indiana is a highly functioning autistic Shemale tranny who previously operated a series of websites which were generally centered around a Walmart-esque store that never actually existed. S/he is also an E-lawyer who vigorously protects his/her Copyrights. S/he currently resides in Apartment 19 at 2900 South Carey Street in Marion; it is here that s/he keeps her "pet children", which include Timothy Rags Zinn and a "transgender female dog" named Deanna (you just can't make this shit up!).

Personal Life

In the words of Paris Hilton, "That's hot." Both the phrase "That's Hot" and this picture are believed to be in the public domain. (Note the similarities to fellow transsexual Kelly Martin.)

Aeverine was born on January 4th, 1983 to Willis and Margarat Zinn. Willis died in 1984, reportedly due to pneumonia, however it is widely thought to be the case that, upon learning that his son would grow up to be a tranny, he lost his iPod. Ava is legally a woman, even though s/he still has a penis.


Ava was in and out of a number of schools through her life, mostly due to behavioral issues, and seems to have been placed in Special Ed throughout her entire educational career. She also claims to have served as Class President at her high school, spanning from 1986 to 2002.

Upon graduating high school, she spent an amazing 4 weeks at Indiana Wesleyan University before being expelled in September 2001 after a "mental breakdown".

Here is an account from a former Mississinewa High School student who attended school with Ava in his/her "Frank Zinn" days:

[[Collapse Me][Expand Me]]


An eerie sign from the past Current mood: contemplative Category: Friends

This goes out to anyone who went to Mississinewa Schools:

If you remember Frank Zinn from school, you probably could tell a million stories about what he looked like, the crazy things he did, and if you made his "list" or not. I think I was #246 and don't think I ever achieved a "top 8" status. The latter is the point to this blog.

The setting: R.J. Baskett Middle School circa 1995. The 69 Boyz and Quad City DJs were all the hot shit, none of this CRUNK BS. Girls were blossoming and guys were cocky. You were king if you had the chance to talk to Ashley Dawson or Veronica Schmerber. Not to mention being good at sports, youd have EVERYONE's attention. But one young man saw through the nonsense of daily life. He was not quite all there, but there was something going on in that brain of his. The concept of the friends list is rooted with Frank Zinn being the founder. I think he was searching for the perfect list. He would travel the halls with a journal of sorts picking out people and writing reasons why he liked and disliked his peers. It would constantly change and you would get weekly updates on your current status. In fact, he was making friends lists long before any of you were shittin yellow in your diapers. So every time you add someone new, week by week, to your "friends list" YOU MUST THANK A FUNCTIONALLY AUTISTIC INDIVIDUAL for the idea. who knew that such a thing would become a worldwide craze?

I give props to such a talented premonitionist! FRANK ZINN FOR PRESIDENT! He's prob the next Nostradomous or some shit.

p.s. he had the best einstein hair!


Myspace Blog entry from 2006

Career (or lack thereof)

All of Ava's employment history is limited to her mother's (and later her) "store" called NO SIR GIFTS. In reality, NO SIR GIFTS is nothing but the fake name used to sell Avon products and household trinkets. And since NO SIR GIFTS isn't actually a store, Ava has never held a actual job in his/her life. S/he is currently makes their living as a Welfare whale, because apparently "Gender Identity Disorder" is covered under disability.

Love Life

It is believed Ava had a girlfriend at one point while s/he was still a man. However, Ava will claim that she's had a number of girlfriends and failed marriages, but these seem to be entirely with people that live in her fantasy world. In 2010, she claimed that her "Partner" "Angela Willis" died in a tragic accident, but it was soon discovered this claim was a fake. (See: Ava in 2010; after Angela "died", she entered a relationship with "Christy Johnson", who is talked about further down this page.


Even Stevie Wonder wouldn't be fooled...

Aeverine currently goes by Aeverine Frathleen Nieves, but experts in the field of Google have discovered that his/her legal name may be Aeverine Zinn, or possibly still just Frank Zinn; the name "Frathleen" is a combination of Frank and the middle name of her mother, Kathleen.

Ava on the Internets

Wonder no more exactly what on the internet is so serious. Ava's jips are serious fucking business, that's what.

Ava has left a pretty big footprint on the internet, but before you run off to talk about her, remember that s/he claims his/her name is copyrighted and she will sue you if you use it!

A History of Lulz, Part 1

Late 2006: Introducing Aeverine

This is what real news anchors say to Aeverine Nieves. (Note: Two men anchoring; Nieves' pet peeve)

Ava was first sighted on the internet (at least in her current form) in early December of 2006 when she posted a rant about how she was convinced there was a great conspiracy afoot when it came to two men anchoring a newscast; after some point she saw this as an opportunity for her to shine and decided to do something about it.

Early 2007: Live... from the INNCD Apartment Studios...

INNCD's logo. Notice the transgender symbol.

In early 2007 (possibly as early as late 2006), Aeverine began posting short, poorly produced newscasts recorded in her apartment to YouTube called "INNCD News" (The IndiaNa News Center and Discussion); A majority of the content of which these were composed had been copied off of news websites. Aeverine would then fail in her feeble attempt at reciting what was likely a poorly scripted, if not unscripted entirely, pile of trash. There was nothing inherently funny about them, until a member of discovered the videos and made a post about it:

He/She/It has all the qualities people are entertained by: a quixotic (and sadly, an also dead-serious) quest to be an anchor, a truly delusional sense of the world, with serious mental issues (on his/her/it's "Indiana News Center Discussion", "she" claims that over 80,000 viewers saw one of "her" newscasts; also, the oddball rantings on Wikipedia, talking about his girlfriend being pregnant with his "pet children" and calling "her"self a "pet grandparent" at one point), treating pets like people, an unhealthy obsession with 2 males anchoring newscasts and a host of other unique issues...

What makes it even funnier is that Aeverine Nieves does not even understand the way TV news is organized, compiled, produced, written, delivered or any thing about how it works; "she" seems to just sit up and just watch the news on TV, the same way you or I would watch "Lost" or "My Name Is Earl".

Even though "her" nutball ramblings and disjointed "newscasts" display how out of touch Nieves is, "she" still makes these videos that people watch essentially just to laugh at (on a recent video, she had a "co-anchor", which proceeded to read the "news" in a monotone low voice. Towards the end of the clip, Nieves lets out a psychotic laugh that has to be heard to be believed).

You have to see this crap to believe it, so head on over to YouTube and prepare to have a good laugh:


— member "NewzPimpin"

Things got heated when Ava found the post and registered at the site to protect her good name. The forum's users saw this as a chance to produce even more lulz and began trolling her. The resulting thread soon became more than 30 pages in length, however it was eventually locked and Ava was banned before the thread was finally bawwwwleeted by the OP. The thread was partially saved in a Google Desktop cache, but has since been lost to time.

Mid 2007: Goodbye, INNCD

After she was initially laughed at, Ava laid low for a while, finally returning in June of 2007 with a series of breaking news updates regarding a Chicago TV reporter who had been fired; one of which featured an insanely long commercial break for the TV show Jeopardy. It was at this point that the trolls showed up and two parodies of INNCD came out. The first was PNNS News, which did a very accurate job of parodying Ava's voice and reading abilities:

The second was USNCD News, however all of USNCD's videos have been extinguished from the internet due to YouTube's DMCA policy.

After seeing these parodies, Ava halted production of INNCD "newscasts" for the most part. A few more were produced, however they were of little or no significance and have since been deleted.

Ava's Fake Shit

With the internet newscast out of the way, Ava now had time to focus on other ventures, which are listed in-depth below.

INNewsCenter Wiki

Just like Chris-chan, Ava has her own wiki in which she can explain in-depth her fake-ass businesses and characters, along with her relationship to them. If you were to read Ava's wiki, you would see that she is really a multi-millionaire, is married to "Angela Willis", has numerous TV shows, and NO SIR GIFTS is actually as big as Walmart. Of course, you know better, and that's why you're reading a fine, upstanding Wiki.


NoSirGifts is the name of Ava's "store" in which she peddles crap in its lowest and purest form; also, be sure to buy some cable access from her! Of course, it is believed there is virtually no business conducted with Ava, but that's not stopping her from saying there is! She's set up a whole website about it, claiming that NO SIR GIFTS is actually several stores, and a number of warehouse stores as well. NoSirGifts also owns a number of television stations, and the rest of Ava's crazy ideas. You can read more about NoSirGifts at the INNewsCenter Wiki.

Queen of the Willis

Queen of the Willis is just one of the shows Ava claims to be the creator of. It is "animated" using still frames and the Yahoo avatars. However, if you look at the Episode listing, you may soon start to notice the similarities to Family Guy and King of the Hill. The only original episodes have been written by trolls. An example "episode" (featuring Ava sing along to Rick Astley and Michael Jackson)follows.

Ava vs. ED

If you're not lulzing yet, it gets better from here. I guarantee it.

Round 1 - August 2007

Late in the evening of August 4th, 2007, Nieves first discovered this Encyclopedia Dramatica article and promptly edited it to contain actual, factual information. The article was reverted, and s/he immediately called her E-lawyer who sent ED a DMCA letter. The DMCA was countered, and the page was soon put back up. Ava retreated and whined about it on her sites, preparing her next strike.

Round 2 - Fall 2008

After almost a year of waiting for her ED article to magically disappear, only to discover that wasn't going to happen, Ava again tried to remove the article on September 22, 2008 by blanking the page, but was quickly pwnd by MysteryBot.

ED Mailing List and Ava's Big Break

It was at this point Ava felt that, if you ALREADY didn't know about her (and you probably didn't), you should. On November 11th, 2008, She fired off emails to the ED Mailing List:

You better play hardball. Because I know what ED is up to. I will not stand for this, the next ED administration election (or what ever it is called), I will run. And if I win, there will be a lot of changes. Believe me, ED is not going to win this battle.


Aeverine, This one made the Main Page!

The reason I did the revisions to the Aeverine Nieves article is because I was monitoring it for LEGAL PURPOSES.


—Ava being a e-Lawyer

Woah. Wait a minute--I've got an idea. The Aeverine Nieves lutz is what started this mess and I think it will put an end to this pathetic hoedown. I am currently producing the final episode of "Amanda and Elisa" where they finally do something for the first time--ever.



So let me get this straight and if I understand correctly--I'm responding to a bunch of drug users who would like to see to it that I post a clip of two men anchoring on YouTube? And this is to repeal a ban?


November 25, 2008

Encyclopedia Dramatica and Aeverine Nieves has failed to reach a deal.

Please know that we have tried for the past year and a half to reach a favorable agreement, so that things would be back to normal.

I know that we are disappointed in the outcome of our negotiations with Encyclopedia Dramatica, especially since we have successfully reached deals with every other web site and partners who recognize our fair agreement. Without fair and equitable treatment, local TV stations will not be able to continue to provide top quality news, sports, entertainment, and other local programming that is most important to you.


Nieves' page detailing the "ED Dispute"

Things got even better when a troll posed as an ED Sysop and got Ava to answer a number of embarrassing questions on the grounds that she'd be unbanned. The interview is over here.

December 2008: Suicide over missing cable channels

In another bizarre episode of the life of Frank Zinn, he/she recently had a conversation with one of his/her dogs about the local cable television provider removing stations from the Fort Wayne, Indiana television market. Aeverine/Frank then goes into a tirade:

[[Collapse Me][Expand Me]]

On December 3, 2008, during this reported conversation with her nephew, Weasel, Nieves used stronger language, including the words "cunt," when referring to her current landlord; saying "fuck" 200 times that day, as she gets irritated and angry; and using God's name in vain

Aeverine Nieves: After WANE-TV was gone from the cable system, I got really devastated. Now it's 21Alive and NBC 33. I had a feeling that the other Fort Wayne stations were going to be dropped as well as WANE. Fuck that! I'm not gonna take a God Damned chance ever in over 20 years life of losing a television market that I like as well as every fucking thing I've worked for 22 years because some fucking cuntheaded cocksuckers at the cable company decided remove 15, 21, and 33. This isn't over by a fucking longshot! I'm not taking that as a God damned answer! Never have, Never Will!! I have never gone without a fucking thing since taking over NO SIR GIFTS! EVER! If Katie [Aeverine's eldest pet daughter] was having sex with the president of Bright House--then we would all be happy about this! You know that, Weasel. If Deanna brought a cable guy home, ya da da, it's none of that fucking shit!

I believe that 19,000 other BHN subscribers would think we say that just get our fucking point across. And we're not taking a chance on losing everything we got over three channels that should remain on cable because Marion is located between Indy and Fort Wayne. I can't live without FWA TV, Weasel. You can't expect Veronica (Willis), Tabby, Rags, Shushu, all them young kids to [garble] because some landlord says 'We can't allow you to hare an antenna or satellite at your apartment' - the hell with the landlord! If I had a choice between committing suicide and not watching FWA TV--you know what the fucking answer is--suicide. I came close to committing suicide twice. I can't handle that shit at the cable company.

Weasel Zinn: Lord, I didn't realize how much the Fort Wayne market meant to you, Aunt Ava. Look at Aunt Angie--she's crying.

The conversation, which Weasel sold to the WMRI-FTV ABC 9, was aired during its 5PM newscast on December 3, 2008, and prompted a coalition of leaders to call for Queen of the Willis animated sitcom on WTOR-FTV to be canceled. After the conversation was made public, NO SIR GIFTS announced it was suspending production for the series pending an investigation.

Aeverine immediately went to the wife of her family friend pastor Roger Knoderer for spiritual advice.


February 2009: He's Finally a Woman?

In February of 2009, Ava got butthurt that the local food pantry refused to give him Maxi-Pads.

In February 2009, an employee from a Marion food pantry reportedly said, "Hey, Frank, you can't get maxi-pads here." to Nieves. Nieves confronted the employee and came close to grabbing him by the arm and lectured him for not showing proper respect.

The following day, Nieves' domestic partner, Angela, filed a complaint against the food pantry. Angela asked the food pantry to reconsider their decision, stating that she only used them for tucking and taping. She believes that being a woman also meant using 100 percent feminine hygiene, other than tampons.

Nieves was subsequently suspended for 90 days from that food pantry (based on an earlier incident a year before over bread) and recommended that Nieves get the maxi-pads AFTER she undergoes sex reassignment surgery and legally prove that.

Nieves plans to have the dispute resolved after mid-summer 2010.



Ava in 2010

So far in 2010, Ava has begun to enforce "policies" regarding how you talk to her and how you friend her on Facebook. Some of these "policies" include required friend request acceptance and not allowing people to "unfriend" her...

If you decide to ignore the request for any reason, you'll be considered to be classified as a "Deadbeat Facebook Friend" and/or "Deadbeat MySpace Friend." Ava will give you every chance to recosider your decision, but if you lie to Ava and waster her time, Ava will let everyone involved know about it and post it on this web site.


—Ava, on her blog

SPECIAL NOTE: If you have denied Ava's request simply because she has undergone the male to female sex change process, you are breaking Indiana law. Since 2003, it has against the law to discriminate based on sexual orientation and gender identity. More information can be found here


I will do my best to do whatever it takes for you to be a "Satisfied Facebook friend of Ava Nieves" and not have a "UNSATISFIED FACEBOOK FRIEND OF AVA NIEVES" on your Facebook and/or MySpace profile. In the event should you decide to cancel the friendship at anytime for any reason, you MUST first let me know your decision and why and try my best to work the dispute out with you and will do whatever it takes to keep you as a Facebook and/or MySpace friend. You do not want the Unsatisfied Facebook and/or MySpace friend graphic on your profile


—Ava, on a special web page about Social Media Friendships.

Death of "Angela"

Angela Willis-Zinn appeared on the internets sometime in 2009 and was referred to as Ava's "partner". Ava's wiki claims that they were married in May 2001, long before she started getting trolled online, and long before Ava started posting videos on the YouTube. Angela has never appeared in either of these, and whenever Ava uploaded a video, she'd often reach to turn it off or on (much in the same fashion as Chris-Chan). Angela definitely wasn't helping Ava with the videos, nor did she contribut to any of Ava's "Queen of the Willis" shows. The fact she went unmentioned for a number of years and her sudden appearance goes to prove that she's made up, but that's not stopping Ava! "Angela" has a Facebook and a Myspace, and has the ability to take on different looks between the two. She also has no Myspace friends outside of Ava, but has 53 on the Facebook. Hmmmmmm.

Goodnight, Sweet Princess

Ava's fake wife "died" on June 01, 2010. According to Ava, one of her "stepdaughters" (i.e. a dog) told her that Angela was shot dead by a "bully customer" while repairing an outdoor antenna in Van Buren, Indiana. This left no doubt that Angela has always been a figment of Ava's imagination.

Even though she pretended that "Angela" (and her death) was real, Ava continued to spend as much time on the internet as possible, playing Facebook games and posting about her upcoming vacation.

Even Ava's "friends" sniffed "Angela" and her subsequent death out as entirely fake. Obviously they realize that this is yet another attempt to garner sympathy and attention from others. More lulz came when, questioned as to why the media hadn't covered the shooting, Ava changed the story to Angela having suffered a heart attack. After allowing a shitstorm of questions regarding the existence of Angela and the murder/heart attack to pile up, Ava finally did what all attention whores who have been called out do and deleted fucking everything on June 4th, including her and Angela's facebook profiles. Later that night she posted on her Myspace that she was "Taking a break from Facebook until I get everything worked out", which probably means she's waiting for it to blow over and for people to forget. Unfortunately for Ava, internet drama is not forgotten.

It should be noted that this is not the first time Ava has killed off someone, only to retcon and change the story. When she first became e-famous, she killed off one of her fake anchors named "Michelle Abernathy", claiming Michelle had been found dead of an apparent suicide (which she had directly copied off a similar event that had happened IRL). A few days later, when the trolls started mourning the loss of Michelle, Ava went back and said that it was just someone who looked like Michelle; that the Police had gotten it wrong, and Michelle was okay (she also blamed her dog for writing the story). She was forced, however, to "fire" Michelle since she had basically trolled everyone and pretended to be dead for a few days.


Expert investigators took to the internet after the death, building on information Ava provided in her blog about Angela's death. The obituary Ava posted claimed that Angela graduated from Mississinewa High School in 1996 (the year before Ava attended). The investigators used Facebook to find other alumni of the Class of 1996, and simply asked if they have any recollection of an Angela Willis graduating with them. There was no surprise when the first response came back from someone who also knew Ava IRL: Angela never existed.

I am sorry, but I do not know anyone by that name. I checked my year book to make sure and if that is her maiden name, no one is listed. The only Willis in the year book is a Jama Willis and she would have graduated a year before me. I hope this is some help. If I find out anymore information, I will be happy to let you know.


—Anonymous Source from the Class of 1996

Ava still continues to maintain that Angela was real, blaming her "stepdaughter" (again, a dog) for "false reporting".

Sexual Assault!

Shortly after the Angela incident, Ava, in another desperate attempt for attention and asspats, claimed to have been robbed and sexually assaulted while "vacationing" in Indianapolis. Unfortunately for her, nobody believes her after the whole Angela thing.

On June 10, 2010, Nieves was a victim of a purse snatching (she lost everything of value) and sexually assaulted while being vacationing in Indianapolis. Nieves did state that she now knows what it is like to be a homeless, even on vacation. Nieves did eventually make it back to her home in Marion, Indiana.



Christy Johnson

Just two days after the "death" of "Angela", Ava claimed to have a new girlfriend named Christy Johnson. This led to rumors that Ava poisoned Angela just so she could be single again. It was largely believed she was just using a random picture of someone she knew as the picture for "Christy". This belief proved true on July 7, 2010 when Ava posted another picture of her and "Christy" to Facebook, disregarding the fact that the first picture contained a blonde woman and the second contained a redhead with a different hairline. One commenter mentioned that it was an employee of Carey Services, who works with Ava.

The fact that they're both wearing red lanyards probably means both are employees of either Carey Services or another organization Ava is involved with.

Another ED Response

Realizing that her Encyclopedia Dramatica page isn't going to come down, Ava decided to start issuing "Ava's BS Alerts"[2], which are apparently supposed to give you the "inside scoop" and truth about stories that get posted to this ED page. This just further proves that Ava has the same mindset as Chris-Chan, in which she thinks anyone will believe anything she has to say. In fact, the first one addressed the "Similarities to Chris-Chan" section below by taking a screenshot of the page and photoshopping "Bullshit" over it. Oh the irony!

August 2010: Extreme Home Makeover

In August 2010, Ava finally posted pictures of her dilapidated living conditions. Many of the pictures were of poor quality, but thanks to her captions, they revealed that her landlord had to patch numerous holes in the dirty, nicotine stained walls. She also uploaded pictures of the floor which she claims to have damaged when she threw "5 glass jars across two rooms". It is reported the only reason Ava's landlord puts up with this kind of bullshit is because the government pays the rent every month.

Ava in 2011

2011 was Ava's year of the shit video, as evidenced by all of the explosive diarrhea she splattered on YouTube. Here she is going batshit insane over American Idol.


Ava goes completely batshit and starts removing clothes

Ava tries out for American Idol

Ava's Idol "Golden Ticket". The "N" stands for "No".

In July 2011, Ava headed to Pittsburgh to try out for American Idol, where she made the "top 300" because the producers saw her and instantly knew they found this year's number 1 "freak auditioner" because of her exemplary talent.

Tosh.0 discovers Ava

On July 22, 2011, Ava was featured on the Tosh.0 Blog after being posted multiple times on Tumblr and

2012 and beyond

2012 proved to be yet another banner year for Ms. Zinn. The year got off to a slow start, with a year in review and video of her trip to Pittsburgh being the only real content in a sea of completely non sexist pleas to vote for the female contestants on American Idol. The results of the 2012 Idol season led her to say she would no longer watch the show, and then retracting that statement and announcing she's launching "Vote for the Girls"] in response to "Vote for the Worst".

She also continued to fret about her High School prom, which took place 11 years ago. She somehow retroactively blamed her dead mother for making her prom date late, and then went on to retroactively change who she went to prom with[3] to "punish" the late date.

Similarities to Chris-Chan

By now you're saying "How many Chris-Chan references can they make here?". You wouldn't be the only one. Therefore, this easy-to-read comparison table has been crafted to show you the TRUE and HONEST similarities these two have.

Trait Ava Chris
Autistic? Yes Yes
Claim to be "cured" of Autism? Yes Yes
Dislike Men? Yes Yes
Claim to be a woman despite being a man? Yes Yes
Have created their own little fictional world? Yes Yes
Believe their little fictional world will make them wealthy,
regardless of the massive amounts of copyright infringement?
Yes Yes
Ever married? No No
Virginity? Unknown (Likely intact) Lost
On Social Security? Yes Yes
Displayed 'tard rage when kicked out of somewhere? Yes Yes
Have attempted to take down their ED page? Yes Yes
Despite being a man, wears a bra? Probably Yes
Dressed as a woman in public? Yes Yes
Think that people should believe everything they have to say? Yes Yes
Have "rules" for people who are potential dates/sweethearts? Yes Yes


External lulz

Fake Facebook Pages

This section needs to stay up to date with the latest accounts. You can help by hunting for new fake accounts by browsing through the members of one of these two Facebook groups for accounts with pixelated, way too professional photos.

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