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The general idea.
Best advice that little canine ever gave.

This is just another iteration of the same bullshit that features a person or animal in the center, some faggity kaleidoscope design with different colors or different shades of color, and a line of words at the top and a line of words at the bottom. This is not new or original in the slightest. Every since Advice Dog popped into the scene, this shit just spread like wildfire. None of this shit is worth saving, and anyone who perpetuates this garbage needs to die.


Anon gives its candid opinion

All this began with the sloppy birth of advice dog, a vaguely chuckle-worthy meme that got stale real fast just like any other forced meme shat out by the interbutts. And it was this mentally disabled dog giving poor life decisions that popped a cork on the floodgates of what we now call Advice dog variants. These multicoloured abominations splashed across the drooling masses of the internet like a hobo's piss over dancing kittens. The basic principle is to apply some badly shooped cut out of some living, breathing thing, slap it on some pretty colours and give it a little unfunny quirk. Like an amoeba that hates jews, or a pedantic cow or some other insipid arsewaffle that gets your regular uncultured 12 year old internet user laughing and clapping and begging for moar. Retard convention sites such as reddit jumped into the bubbling hotpot of unfunny diarrhea, just pooping out one after another of these things, so be aware that there are quite a fucking lot.

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