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AP is your time - well spent. 82% of students say AP courses are more worthwhile than regular courses.


— 18% says it's bullshit. AP is bullshit.


Advanced Placement or also known as just AP, maybe even Atrocious Pussies, is potentially the most stressing concept created by the Americunt Nation's so called expert wannabes to torture high school students from the unfortunate freshman year throughout a student's senior year. AP offers college-level curricula to high school students, which not only offers such a high leveled curriculum but turns them into all nighters. To satisfy the desperate needs of your average Americunt colleges and universities, students push all their effort to make their momma and poppa happy so they know they're a successful motherfucking math geek.

The lame, midget retarded people out there who commit their lives to doing AP whom are usually white trash faggots, tend find studying the shit out of textbooks as a living and soon slowly find themselves in a deep ass fucking void called an insane insomniac with no life. When they find out the oh so wonderful college they wanted to go to for so long while they go brag about being the first family member to be going to college; their college declines to accept them. It's common sense to see how the entire AP curriculum is full of bullshit and for crying out loud, hypocrisy. Better be off sticking to Honors leveled class or so.

Some scientists say that usually the average AP student doesn't execute performances well due to lack of sleep. Gee, I wonder why.


Then the next day your teacher gives out a pop quiz on what he just explained the last two minutes of class yesterday.

AP is overall, and can be well spent in your opinion (which you'd be crazy to think that way.) The usual AP class is much more faster paced than an honors level course, and yes, best to expect crazy motherfuckers in your class. The College Board desires to give students some bait, and that bait being college. Without that you'd be an unemployed, homeless hobo or work at McDonald's everyday making Chicken McNuggets. Basically, Americunts just really want to see a student just do bondage.

The AP curriculum is meant to be the fast, nightmarish and going at a light speed pace with a shitton of work to further enhance an AP student’s stress, despite how long the student consumed the information whether it’s five seconds or an entire class period. The evil mastermind of the Americunt Nation’s shitty education, College Board, believes that AP students between 14-18 years of age is capable of accomplishing such a high leveled, near impossible to reach the whole idea of the AP purpose to them; college preparation. Teachers, without knowing what the fuck are they teaching, are no more than low life slaves with no more than a single master’s degree seeks their students to explode in class about AP so they can record a video of them exploding live in class to upload it on YouTube. To many people they find public fights or explosions the most interesting videos, and for that teachers will choose to upload their student explode in class and hope that their video reaches the desired one million views or more like the desperate fuck they are; and then quit teaching.

AP Student Routine

Let's say you have three AP classes. Now if you have two assignments that takes a week to do every night and you do have a job to help out your emo parents, you'd explode, no? Well, that's the purpose of AP. To make you explode.

They go to school, arrive in one of their classes, and then you get shoved a bunch of work at. The evil College Board and most especially the AP teachers out there just goes ahead and gives out a shitton of work. Unfortunately for the sad high school students of the United States of Americunt, president Barack Obama decided to put his halfassed political efforts into the College Board. No wonder the country sucks; the student's future is depending on if they stay up all night or not, which is virtually impossible if you don't want to risk insomnia.

One of many sad AP students.

Types of AP Students

  • The smart one - This is the kind of AP student that will actually do the dare; the ultimate challenge. That is trashing their family, their closest friend, food and even disregard air to get that five on the AP exam. Geeky, red haired, disgusting giant glasses and even wearing red braces, she also scores perfect scores in pop quizzes. You can identify this type of student by the fact that they will go apeshit if they get a B on a small quiz and will usually be sporting a 40 pound backpack full of fucking books.
  • The one who shouldn't be in an AP class - Unfortunately for them, they have no fucking idea what the hell is going on. Those types tend to get called on once in awhile. They disgust the smart one.
  • The fat kid - He's just sitting there in the back obsessing over Pokemon Cards while the teacher's lecturing. These creatures also do tend to get called on.
  • Flirty the Fox - Self explanatory; they flirt with the smart one to get the answers to the homework packet they had to do a week ago. The teacher never says anything, to start off with.
  • The bubbly sluts - The big boobed nasty fuck who would pick on either the fat kid or even flirt with Flirty the Fox.
  • The cute girl - She's kind of both the smart one or the one who shouldn't be in an AP class. Male AP students who feel like they don't belong in an AP class likes this type.
  • The loud one - The male version of the bubbly sluts.


Here are some lulzworthy ways to troll the FailageBoard and AP students.

  • Tell them that if they don't get a 5 on a test they have 9 months to prepare for, they are most definitely mentally deficient and should probably kill themselves.
  • Give out fake "real" leaked answers for the AP exam and watch as all of the desperate fags fail in an event of absolute hilarity (Bonus points if they are the correct answers and hundreds of tests become invalidated).
  • Make them feel insecure about their intelligence, trust me this works greatly because AP students feel that they are above the lowly scum of the typical classes (Warning: Only works on the Intelligent students, the others don't give a shit).
  • Ask them if they remembered what they learned in their previous classes, but only ask questions that contain concepts that would never be taught in a high school such as: In the field of statistics, what is an F-Distribution, or, What socioeconomic classes were present in ancient Egypt, and the best of all: Ask them how to calculate the volume of a three-dimensional shape using triple integrals. Call them retards for not remembering these "simple" concepts that they should have learned previously. (Implant the false-memories, they won't have memories of these because they never fucking happened, but they will believe they did).
  • Tell them that AP classes exist as a method for deteriorating the mind of those who enroll in them, via the large quantities of information to be retained in a short period of time, and the voluntary enrollment by those of above-average intelligence who might pose a threat to the current governmental system. The literal dumbing-down of the world!

AP Courses

There are currently 37 bastardized courses and exams available through the AP Program created by wannabe basement-dwellers who ultimately does hate teenagers, which all lies in the fact all of them are literally the same subject; just a different question so teachers don't pull a Cheeyev. Usually, AP students that really devote themselves to the AP program usually have no mother, due to suicide with drugs caused by a failed abortion of your little brother. Taking these courses does have your usual AP student waste their own life for their satisfaction of a college's approval to allow the fucking geek into their enrollment to make emo friends, in which in reality they’re just lonely. The time when college comes is when an AP student thinks they're just going to find a random hot girl and ask if they would like sex, when really, they're a reincarnation of a dead white devil who don't really give two fucks about your unfortunate self. Here is a few of these courses if you want to waste your time reading:

Best if you fail. You'd avoid more stress that way. Thanks bro.
This is one of very few exceptions of an easy AP class.
  • AP Art History - Like anybody cares about art history, Americunts decided to go make a course specializing in that to bore the human mind.
  • AP Biology - A course usually taught by freakishly tall, large women. Like most AP Courses, AP Biology will overwhelm you with a 1,000 page textbook to take home and read everyday.
  • AP Calculus - Well, guess what. If you pass/passed this, you were on meth, and you're an official math geek and you will be bullied for the rest of your life. Congratulations to you if you have already took and passed AP Calculus flawlessly. Clearly the Americunt Nation wanted to give high school students a taste of Satan Claus's Pit. (which that's where Americunts probably come from.)
  • AP Chemistry - The result of Calculus and Chemistry having a child, because that's what we need, another unneeded class. Beware of savage moles, they'll measure your stress levels.
  • AP Human Geography - Currently the only AP Course the unfortunate freshmen have to go through. A well majority students fail the AP test they provide. Really, it's just to stress the fuck out of you, because the school wants a student to have a helpless job at McDonalds.
  • AP Language & Composition - The absolute worst one of them all. The retarded teachers who were sucked into teaching this abomination of a course will try to convince you that this is the most important one of them all. Listening to them will be the worst mistake of your pathetic life in high school.
  • AP Literature & Composition - The sequel to AP Language, for those that inexplicably wanted another year of the bullshit they already knew, with unnecessarily high expectations. If you did well in AP Language you'll probably be fine here, but you're probably also not someone surfing this site.
  • AP United States History or APUSH - A synonym for hell. If you dislike math and science, you might find this your favorite AP class. You'd have to memorize a lot of bullshit nobody really cares about nowadays, though. But still, you'd be a geek.
  • AP World History - Usually the second AP class high school students get. Requires a lot of memorization like AP United States History. Also another course where you study shit nobody gives a single fuck about.
  • AP Government - A class purposely created to give kids the impression that our government isn't as shit as we think it is. Like the others, it requires lots of memorization, but could be argued to be the easiest one.


Well of course, if you plan to go through torture you'd have to go through something called an AP Test. Usually they are made of an extremely large multiple choice part, and a stressing essay part. You'll have limited time. Americunts actually do have the time to grade three million of these kinds of tests. That's how sad they exactly are.

Getting a five.

Required to divide by zero on the math test. Consider unabtainable by humans. As of now, only azns have been able to get this score.

Getting a four.

See: Nerd

Getting a one.

See: Normal person

A typical AP student who would get a 5.

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