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We get it Adrian. You browse 4chan.


—some fag

Showing his hate against gay niggers
You wish you could be this cool.
Adrian Chen is sexy as fuck

Adrian Chen (aka Gaydrian Chen) is yet another classy member of the Gawker paparazzi blogger squad. IRL, Adrian's a half-breed dwarf fresh out of community college whose buckin' for one serious promotion from Nick Denton. Chen fell in with the Gawker crowd some time ago and has been refining his attention whoring and jew gold-rearing techniques with surgical precision lately, most recently during a proudly touted "e-war" with *chan he and fellow blogger Ryan Tate declared on behalf of Gawker Media as a lulzy response to the thousands loling at their white knighting and internet humanitarianism over Jessi Slaughter.

Oh, he's also an aspiring filmmaker:

<video type="vimeo" id="1600486" width="500" height="450" desc="Too cool, brosef." frame="true" position="center"/>

I are reary good trorr

So, during Chen's self-imposed crash-course in *chan 101 he seems to have taken Anon's words to heart despite his tactics being pretty self-evident to even the newest of new. Some things are becoming increasingly clear, though, and he began to reveal some things about himself:

1) Is perhaps the most obsequious ass kisser on the entire Gawker blogger squad (Ryan Tate second in-line). Seems willing to subject himself to almost anything to get ahead, and would probably jump at the chance to give Nick Denton a reach-a-round for some scraps from the table.

2) A younger, slightly more internet-saavy (and azn) version of Parry Aftab in the making. Was probably the kid who'd have happily snitched you out in high school for cribbing in the hopes it would get him good letters of rec from the principle so he could major in "Journalism" at some shit school. He calls this trolling, of course.

3) Can someone be butthurt, white knighting AND scheming for jew golds all at the same time? ¯\(°_o)/¯

I'm just reporting on it!


—Adrian Chen, actually responding to fucking emails

Chen's Current Obsession

In an elaborate ploy to get in good with Denton and farm pageviews, Chen attempted (and is still attempting to) make /b/ RAGE with his coverage of Ebaums's raid on "Kerligirl13"/Jessi Slaughter/Jessica Leonhardt and her favorite faggot band. While /i/nsurgents and Gawker commenters alike quickly deduced this self-serving chink's plot, a small number of clueless retards started threads urging DDOS of Gawker and, predictably, a raid on Chen himself. Gawker contributors, hoping for some trifles from Denton's bottomless coffers of jewgolds, greedily screencapped these cancerous posts and re-published them as evidence of a /b/-Gawker "feud". Of course, in doing so they ignored the replies of the majority of /b/tards who, in a display of uncharacteristic wisdom, saged the cancer and disregarded Chen's attention-whoring. Gawker continues to milk this non-incident, portraying itself as a muckraking martyr standing strong against cyber-bullies.

As long as you continue to click on these posts and rage over them, Gawker and the bloggers themselves will collect money. During the week of July 17th 2010, Adrian Chen alone is estimated to have made about $6,000 just based on page-views...many of those pageviews attributable to /b/.

Fun Facts

Adrian hard at work. Only for him, it's dudes.
  • Hates teh CP, but browses 4chan for at least 12 hours a day for his "job".
  • Got trolled hard by the "etiquette" sticky.
  • Is half Jew
  • Since he is half yhid, all the dirt on Wikileaks is redirected by Superjews to disseminate out of his orifice.
  • Prefers to shave rather than tweeze the uni-brow.
  • 80% of his posts are reposts of videos posted at Nothing Toxic
  • Not gay.


...then again, I did just see a picture of an underraged boy getting a blowjob...


—Adrian, finally finding what he was looking for.

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