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Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

You're 17 years old, bored and struggling with addiction, and you have the unfortunate name of Addison. So what do you do? Find a hobby that will make you money, of course.

Addison Marshall Mikkelson did just that, and that hobby is filming every cop he could intentionally come in contact with and passive aggressively attempt to flip the script and preach their own law to them.

If he felt they acted out of line during the encounter, he promptly uploaded the video to YouTube and cried to everyone that he was violated by the Gestapo police force of his militant town.

Boy vs. The Man

What Addison really wants from these cops.
"Well hello there, young man."

Addison revealed in an interview that he listens to local police scanners in an effort to track down any cops nearby in his hometown of Topeka, Kansas. Once he acquires his target, he drives to their location and begins filming them with a large camera. He purposely makes himself visible to the cops in an effort to entice them into violating the rights of a retarded kid filming them on the job with obviously malicious intentions.

The fact that their teenage antagonist is only 17 years old really puts a wrench in the situation, as no grown man trying to do his job wants to let some kid with nothing better to do try to get him fired, especially when said person is an armed public servant on a power trip.

Addison is basically taking it upon himself to act as a teenage babysitter for adult police officers in his Wizard of Oz town. He claims he doesn't hate cops, but feels he needs to police the police and report any one of them that fails his test to his subscribers.

After posting his first video in December of 2013, a website caught notice of his shenanigans and thrust him into the public spotlight as a victim of harassment. He took advantage of this by setting up an online fund raiser seeking money for "equipment" and "lawyer fees" to pay for the tickets he earns himself by fucking with police.

Long story short: little faggot rustles pig jimmies for a living drug money.

The New Trend in Trolling

With coning an overdone prank of the past, pretending to fart on people in public being childish deuschbaggery, and Fred Phelps recently being dead, the world needed a fresh way to troll people IRL.

Cops became a popular target because of the large amount of conspiracy nutjobs who believe in an upcoming New World Order that's going to turn the US into a militant police state. Exposing aggressive cops on film has found a big audience as a result, especially after the king of tinfoil hat people himself covered the story.

The kicker about filming police in public is that it's perfectly legal. People originally began filming their encounters with police whenever they got pulled over in case they needed the audio or video as evidence against brutality.

Once those videos turned out to be AdSense-worthy on YouTube, people began filming cops while talking shit to them in order to try to get a millions of views-worthy response out of them, as well as a possible resulting lawsuit.

Cop Trolling Videos

Chief Film-a-cop flips out
Fat cop blows top at kid filming him
Young hottie vs. border patrol
Fuck the police, I'm the law!
BONUS VIDEO: A unique female perspective

Addy Sells Out

Addy's a fatty!

As with any other greedy American kid raised on the belief that cash is king, Addison turned his plot into profit. Well aware of the impending accusations he would face, he set up a fundraiser called "Operation Freedom" with the following message:

I would like to thank everyone in advance for donating to this campaign, I can promise you all it's going to be put to good use. If you cannot donate, it's not a problem at all, sharing this page on your Facebook wall helps out a lot too!


He additionally stated that no one should be obligated to donate anything to him, but provided the link just in case. While conspiracy theorists and pedophiles shower the young man with cash and supportive comments, and all of the current internet news articles completely suck his dick, the rest of the world is calling him out in comments on said articles and on his YouTube channel for being a money-grubbing attention whore.

*Update: Poll's closed. The fundraising campaign ended with a meager $275 dollars raised out of the $1000 goal, with only 16 suckers blindly funding the kid's addiction. Hey, $275 will still buy a pretty neat pile of drugs!

Good Kid, Bad Cop

Officer with the badge #41 should be fired, due to his lack of knowledge of the constitution. Please inform your servants that PHOTOGRAPHY IS NOT A CRIME!


—ADDison, leaving Facebook reviews of cops.

Addison's hero Adam Kokesh.

Addison makes himself out to be an innocent kid exercising his American rights by stalking and filming cops in his town. In every video, he obnoxiously looms around an area occupied by a cop until he gets a response from them, and then runs his mouth and denies their requests to identify himself or explain his actions.

In one video he even berates a cop by continuously calling him a loser.

Addison is definitely not the first person to do this sort of thing, and appears to be following in the footsteps of celebrity cop-troller Adam Kokesh. The two of them will most likely end up recording a video together when the latter gets out of jail for shooting up meth while smoking crack and popping Percodans.

Team Outlaw - Man vs. The Man + cop-trolling kid = PROFIT.

Mom... I Have a Court Date Coming Up

While some cops buckled under the pressure of a video camera scrutinizing their job performance, others didn't give a shit and used the long arm of the law to smack this kid upside the head with some charges.

Paid for by supporters like you!

Addison was ticketed for jaywalking, inattentive driving, and driving behind a television receiver, all of which he pleaded not guilty to. He accepted a separate charge of not stopping at the end of a drive because he forgot to film that incident with his handy dandy camera.

His mom most likely shelled out the $142 fine for that charge, seeing as Sandie Czajkowski has stated her support for her son's actions in interviews. Again, the e-news completely sucked his dick over it.

Now that our poor hero is meeting resistance from those he makes a hobby out of stalking, he's calling on his loyal tin-hatter subscribers to pay for all his court costs and attorney fees so he can continue to harass cops for a living. Nobody likes pigs, but nobody likes a whiny little attention whore begging for money to fund his bad habits, either.

He is currently awaiting trial.


Addison busted.jpg
The truth hurts.

In a hilarious new turn of events, Addy was recently nabbed for drug possession while he was sitting high on his fatass and flipping off passing motorists.

Porky tried booking it once cops showed up, but was easily comprehended and identified through sources as "that cop-filming faggot." His junkie friend wasn't identified because he wasn't e-famous like Addison.

Also found in the car, a marijuana cigarette plus other drugs and drug paraphernalia. KHP says two 17 year-olds received juvenile citations and were released to their parents.


Old media.

The tin-hatters and the rest of his failbase will no doubt call these trumped up charges, while everyone else now sees the real reason why he's fucking with cops: he needs drug money cus dope habits are expensive!

As a result, Addy has been patrolling his (public) personal Facebook account like a hawk, and will block any criticizers and delete any comment that doesn't ride his chubby little dick. What sucks for him is that this article is now at the top of Google searches, meaning it's going to overshadow all the ass-kissing ones.

It appears all this attention has been getting to his thick head, and he's now emulating the typical young celebrity lifestyle to further his fame.

Good luck with that, faggot! In b4 kid sucks cop cock for crack rocks.

The Real Addison Unearthed

Addison nig.jpg

If there's one thing that ED and Addison can agree on outside of the fact that cops suck, it's the fact that niggers = faggots.

I thought african americans could rap, Well that point has been proven that they are just gay.


—Addison, expressing his hated for niggers and faggots.

Have another relapse, skid?

2 more of Addy's YouTube accounts were discovered, both predating his current cop-trolling for dope money account. There isn't shit there as far as videos go, but there are a few lulzy comments on them. The Discussion page of the oldest one exposes him as a Runefag who threatened other players with failed DDoS attacks, keyloggers, scams, and other empty threats.

But one comment from him in 2012 takes the cake, even before his fatass can get to it:

I've been making alot of money since I've got cleaned. I'm gonna have some pk videos soon I cant wait :)


Holy shit, this kid's been hooked on dope since he was at least 15! As this happened before his days of sucking cop dicks for the next fix, one can only guess what (or who) he had to do to get his drugs back then.


I'm not stopping. Photography is not a crime. I'm trying to hold people accountable for their actions.


—Addison Mikkelson has found his calling in life

I just watch a lot of videos online. I wanted to be a police officer, but I changed my mind. I want to be a private investigator.


—Addison admitting he got the idea from the internet

You're a corrupt officer, do you know that? You should take your badge off and stomp on it.


—Addison Mikkelson, 17-year-old tough guy

He told me he didn't want me to videotape him because it obstructed his duties.


—Addison defends stalking and harassing cops for donations and internet fame.

Run from the police, picture that. Nigga, I'm too fat, I'll fuck around and catch an asthma attack.


Biggie Smalls, feeling Fatty's pain from beyond the grave


Name: Addison Marshall Mikkelson

Address: 4445 NE Indian Creek Road, Topeka, Kansas 66617

Phone: +1 785-633-7553

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