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Happy negro LURVES tittays

An addict is a person who does something or uses something excessively to the point of being self-destructive and doesn't assume responsibility for his or her actions. Usually some fucktard that parties too hard, doesn't have the willpower to stop then gets butthurt for attention. Also applies to whores, whether Attention Whores, Comment Whores, or any kind of whore for that matter, for they are all addicted to attention or some other bullshit. Addicts come in many shapes, sizes and black person, and everyone you know is an addict to something.

Where to Find Addicts

"Addicts" can be found all over LiveJournal, tumblr, anywhere on the internet, or anywhere IRL for that matter. Black people are frequently addicted to the white wimminz; Jews are addicted to money; /b/tards are addicted to fapping; Nigra Cell is addicted to lazers; and Women are addicted to emotion, drama, and also to sweet, sweet cash. Anything and everything can be addictive, from the most mundane to the most extraordinary.

Frequent Sayings from Addicts


Another "addict"

Treatment for addiction usually comes from a shitty TV show, coercion from family members, or a judge. They usually involve some 12 step program whose primary message is that you need God to help you, and you're helpless without Him. This can sometimes cause lulz when the addict tries to get away and ends up getting caught drunk driving/dead/in a hotel room with 3 whores and a guy dressed like your mom. After the addict is treated they frequently become bible-thumpers and are extremely religious. This just goes to show that you're never actually cured of this "Addiction", you just trade it for some other bullshit.

Your typical coke addict, minus the passed out hooker.

Addicting ADDICTIVE things

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