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Unprotected Treehugging
Suspected OP. Problem, Adam?

Preparing for Season 7 of their popular show Mythbusters, the writing staff at Discovery were running low on ideas to film in upcoming episodes. The "Bismuth or Diamond" pitch proved popular online, and many helpful citizens of the net directed the writers toward, promising that they'd find proof that hungry goats will swallow a tin can whole. Upon reaching the site, the Mythbusters development team were dumbfounded, stunned by the impressive width achieved by Kirk Johnson. Planning started immediately, and filming began on a very special "Goatse Edition" of Mythbusters.

Klismaphilia: PLAUSIBLE

Myth Busted.


You and me (baby) ain't nothing but mammals,
so let's do it liek they do on the Discovery Channel(TM)

The Story

Young netizens often take great pleasure in exposing the random pictures left unprotected on unsecured ftp servers. Recently, a 148 MB series of pictures and videos was posted online. While examining these stolen images, many eager users noticed an eerie resemblance to one of their most beloved television hosts. The voice in the video was similar to Savage's voice, but without professional voice recognition software, this cannot be reliably confirmed.

Great drama ensued in many forums. Some believed that the photos busted the myth of normality in the personal lives of television hosts. Others believed that the photos' uncertainty could be exploited for quick internet fame. To date, there is no proof of the model's identity. His talent at performing urethral sounding, however, is unquestionable. By all the best accounts, the photos originated from [1]. Advanced WHOIS tech could reveal ADAM SAVAGE, or at least his hosting services done by some Wikipedo reveals it's some guy from New Jersey. [2]

The First Post?

If you have sauce of leaks predating this one, tell us pl0x. kthx


The Horror...

this is to whomever is posting the photos of Adam naked, my 11 year old son woke up early and hopped on the computer to come here to see what episodes are coming up (this is one of his favorite shows) and clicked a photo link (i wont post it here) but the link seems to contain naked photos of Adam Savage, he was terribly upset by these and I feel compelled to contact media sources for scarring my young boy.

this WAS his favorite show, hes been crying all morning.

It seems to me the names of these invaders are googleable and come back as members of

please look into this, and until i see an apology for this consider my family no longer viewers of Mythbusters OR ANY Discovery channel shows, if these are the kinds of perverts you put on air.

thanks. Oh, and I like cocks



Look! Up in the sky...

The Reasons Why

Object to seeing a bare-assed Adam Savage?

Why, sirrah, I demand it! I must say, if there’s any show which would be most likely to have an entertaining blooper reel, it’d be mythbusters. Adam and Jamie are not Burt and Dom. They use explosives, and science, and explosives, and scuba gear. Also explosives. Lotsa fun.


posted by Smedleyman

My teenage daughters love [Mythbusters] as well. My suspicion is that it's somehow derived from their taste for Yaoi.


posted by booksandlibretti

Somebody really ought to drop Adam a line.


posted by cortex

Adam doing teh Paris-Dakar Rally. He reached the first place in this category.
An other reason why is that nice People ,liek Adam, do support environmental protection by contributing on Create new better Motors. This Time Adam was very helpful to teh Project, by experiment our newest Motor at teh Paris - Dakar Rally . The new Motor is a graet Success and a Hope for a Future without Oil


— Greenpeace

Evidence from Original Thread

AN HERO: Adam Savage Suicide Confirmed

Just as SomethingAwful's anal bleaching experts began to suspect the pictures were faked, tragedy struck. CNN reported that Adam Savage had shot himself. Paramedics found the remains of his head face-down in a bowl of shredded wheat. SomethingAwful's forum members went insane by this obvious troll, and the thread grew very long and totally unfunny.

The truth comes out.
He probably looked at it and said to himself "well, I guess this is all my life is now. A bowl of shredded wheat." and the he put the gun to his temple and pulled the trigger. Twice.


—SA mod ScootsMagoo]

Wikipedia page, before censorship

Some insensitive assholes questioned the veracity of these reports. Curiously, while the story was reported CNN and MSNBC, the article on was pulled down soon after it was posted. Is this is evidence of a massive cover-up? Does the Discovery Channel have grasping, Jew-like powers over the media? These screenshots were preserved by warriors for truth.

Savage is scheduled to speak at some hacker conference along with Kevin Mitnick and Jello Biafra and some other toolbags nobody knows about on July 18-20 in New York. This was announced by the conference organizers after his suicide, so draw your own conclusions.

Forum Screencaps

On the Other Hand . . .

Mythbusters porn isn't always so bad.
Moar Kari porn! False, just some other dumb ginger bitch

External Links

Original Pictures and Videos:

Discovery Forums: Location of original drama.

Diggers continue the faggotry?

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