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Another satisfied customer! (Also known as Jews Incorporated) is the biggest scam since bottled water. Essentially, it is a website that bears little to no difference from (notice how they nearly copied the exact same domain name). It is a website in which is inhabited by 13-year old boys thinking they can actually make money off of the site, but they give up in a week from being exhausted by downloading all of the malware from bullshit programs to increase your earnings. The good people who own also fail when it comes to common sense, because they named the site "AdFly" and have a bee for their mascot. This is unsurprising, because the owners of the site are a bunch of moronic Jews that can't tell the difference between making money and making pennies.


Holy shit son, really?

If you actually manage to reach 10,000 visitors that have clicked your links, you can make 5 dollars. It's nice to see how generous AdFly is to their users. Since most people realize that the owners of the website are only jews that leech off of their own users, nobody ever goes to this website ever. Even though there are 13-year old boys trying to make money off of the site to this very day.

Annoying Ads

These ads are what make the website go round. Typically, the ads portrayed on the redirection links are extremely cryptic products/companies. The reason why professional companies don't even bother to advertise on their site is because they know full well that the majority of the people who click the redirection link will have AdBlock. But that has changed, as Adfly has gone full jew and banned Adblock users.

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