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Acronyms are capitalized abbreviations for common phrases and ideas which are pronounced as proper words. Generally, their comprehensibility decreases as a function of their length, essentially converting something from TL;DR to TS;DR, losing it's meaning.

Popular acronyms

Note: Most of the below aren't actually acronyms. They're initialisms.

Unpopular acronyms

  • CP – Captain Picard
  • BME – British Methodist Episcopals
  • CIA – Conflicting Information Association
  • DEA – Don't Eat Acid
  • DRM – Digital Rights Mismanagement
  • DMCA – Dumbass Makes Court Action
  • SOPA – Screwing Over Pirates Again
  • FBI – Federal Butthurt Instigators
  • FCC – For Corporate Communication
  • MPAA – Making Pirates Always Angry
  • NAACP – Not Another Angry Colored Person
  • NAMBLANorth American Man-Boy Love Association
  • RIAA – Really Into Anal Adventures
  • RML – Read My Latest

Troll acronyms

The entire HTH range.
  • FOAD – Fuck off and Die
  • HAND – Have A Nice Day – standard Usenet troll dialogue. Condescending. Denotes that the troll believes he has pwned you. He doesn't really want you to have a nice day.
  • HTH – Hope that helps
  • YHL – You Have Lost
  • DIAF – Die in a fire – The troll actually means this.
  • YHBT
  • KYS – Kill yourself. Used by trolls when the trolled person in question says something that specifically annoys the troll. Often overused.

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