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Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones.


—Psalms 137:9

There are many unexpected benefits to these sort of things.
Eugenics in practice.
How to prepare a Soufflé for your Jewish customers.
Kermit the Frog tries Kosher food.
Miscarriages are done by the one and only God YHWH.
Also portrayed in Vidyas!

Abortion is Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwright.

In other words, if you had a parasite by accident because you got so drunk you were Asking for it, or was Raped by a disgusting animal, or if your baby had a severe and devastating genetic disorder, then you can have it put out of its misery before the second trimester so that it cannot have the chance to develop a brain and soul, and therefore grow up a tormented bullied Emo sociopath who will start about two hundred Tumblr blogs, inevitably shoot up a school and finally wreak havoc on the world. A sure-fire subject to send any politically minded community into a 400 comment flame war. There are two schools of thought regarding abortion: anti-choice (aka anti-woman) and anti-life (aka anti-human). Both of them are characterized by producing extreme portions of drama and nearly no logical points whatsoever. However, everyone knows that neither of these two parties are correct, and that the only sensible stance is for killing fetuses and not letting women have the right to choose.

When a cunt vacuuming is performed on a nigger, spic, Arab and/or Retard, it is considered a crime stopper, and encouraged by some of the world's leading prostitutes such as Donald Trump. Jews have been known to eat fetuses to help them gain god-like powers, this is a powerful technique but only fetuses harvested from the correct source. Abortion is also a useful way to control the redneck/ugly/uneducated population, as the majority of people getting abortions are stupid white trash teenage girl whores who are too dumb to use a condom, and if were allowed to spawn would in turn create even more stupid hillbilly whores eventually taking over the world, very much like the movie Idiocracy.

Most women report abortion to be a kinky, empowering, and a hilarious experience. In short: Abortions are good and should be performed as often as possible, to help aid Stem Cell Research, to troll redneck Christfags, and to serve the leftover body parts to needy school cafeterias.

All pro-lifers are all baby-fucking pedophiles and all pro-choicers are genocidal maniacs. NO EXCEPTIONS.

How To

Psychological warfare

Falcon Punch

In response to societal pressure, internet OB/GYNs have developed the Falcon Punch method as a holistic alternative to medical abortion. It is carried out as follows:

  1. Find a pregnant woman
  2. Pull your shoulder back as far as it can go,concentrating massive amounts of pwn into your fist while screaming: "FAAALCONNNNN... It's FARRRRRRRUUUUUUUUKKKKKOOOOONNNNN....
  3. Set your sights on the uterus, located a few inches below the belly button.
  4. Follow through: ...PAAAAAAAOUNNNCHHH!!!!'"
My baby got aborted and all I got was this lousy T shirt.
Before Roe vs Wade, coat hangers were a cheap source of LULZ,drama and dead whores.

I thought you were a fat chick
Then I realized you were pregnant
I thought it would be funny if your baby died
So I kicked you in the stomach

I kicked you, your baby’s dead [x3]
Ha ha ha, your baby’s dead

There were no stairs to throw you down
There was no roof to throw you off
There were no coat hangers around
So I kicked you in the stomach




You're Pregnant, So I Kicked You In The Stomach [1]

Coat Hanger

Recommended for solo practitioners or if the pregnant woman fails to expel a mutilated fetal corpse within 2-6 hours post-Punch.

  1. Find an oldschool metal clothes hanger
  2. Bend into a large hook
  3. Insert, get a good hard hook on that fetus, and pull with all your might
  4. ????
  5. PROFIT!

Herbal Abortion

Your girlfriend gets her fat, lazy ass knocked up. Unfortunately for you, she believes that all life is precious and refused to go get the little parasite vacuumed out of her. Being the nice, caring boyfriend you are, three times a day you make her a nice strong cup of tea using these ingredients: motherwort, pennyroyal, goldenseal root, blue cohosh root and ginger. Also, feed the bitch mad amounts of vitamin C to help fight off that en utero invader. For added lulz, tell her it will help the baby grow big and strong. After a few days, she should "mysteriously" miscarriage. If this doesn't work, refer back to Falcon Punch.

Medical Abortion

Do you want to wade through a crowd of screaming fundies? Do you want to have images of dead fetuses burned onto your retinas? Do you want to risk being caught up in a Christian terrorist attack? Do you want the inside of your baby carriage to be poked, prodded and scraped raw by Jew and Jew? Do you want people to whisper "here comes the baby-killer" every time you enter a room for the rest of your natural life? If so, then Encyclopedia Dramatica formally recommends you stop by your Planned Parenthood facility today! Why take your health into your own hands when you can undergo a safe, inexpensive, routine and completely confidential medical procedure carried out by trained professionals? (For those that are less mentally imbalanced, please refer back to Falcon Punch.)

Natural Abortion

Abortion: God's favorite pastime.

Surprising to many is the fact that the human "error ratio" clocks at upwards of forty percent. Meaning that, out of every human conception on the planet, roughly forty percent end in "spontaneous abortion", the medical term for "miscarriage". Presuming for a moment that there exists a God and that we humans were purposefully and intentionally designed, this would mean that our supreme creator absolutely loves killing fetuses unborn babies. That fact is of course supported in the Bible as well, where killing people's babies and children is often depicted as God's favored form of punishing people for not believing in him.

Having a natural abortion, as such, is easier than you might think. Often all it takes is a good, heavy dose of any number of over the counter pharmaceuticals, a regular drinking habit, morbid obesity or various other self-destructive lifestyle choices. There are however some risks to this option, especially if you do something stupid like actually go to a doctor. Medical science is presently hell bent on preventing natural abortions, often simply to spite God, your doctor will do absolutely everything possible to ensure that your little bundle of fetal alcohol syndrome actually manages to make it past the birth canal still breathing. As such, you should avoid doctors at all costs if you decide that this option is right for you.

Fun Things To Do

While some people say abortion can be a sad time full of psychological stress and worry, there are plenty of wonderful things one can enjoy after the easy operation.

  • Gaining popularity is a game amongst suburban teens to collect their dead fetuses and amass them together with model glue in order to play unbaby shower games. The most alluring is fetus-ball - wherein the cute chunks are frozen then tossed around a room, once they start to thaw, the objective is to get all the fetuses to stick on one person.
  • Wrapping the fetus in hamburger meat and feeding it to a friend for a fun, cheap, and easy April Fool's prank!
  • If you feel like you didn't get to know your soulless little amalgamation, you could always take apart toys and make a talkative little fellow who you can grow to love until they start to decompose.
  • To offend your pro-life friends, you can get pregnant and get abortions for fun and talk about with everyone possible. You can compete with other couples or friends to tally up the most aborted fetuses. For extra fun gather many friends together and try to beat the number of Jews reportedly killed in the Holocaust, who ever gets the 6 millionth, wins a useless trinket of status.


Mardi Gras

Someone who is pro-life (also known as pro-babies-from-10-year-old-rape-victims) is someone who is against abortion because it is murder. Most people who call themselves pro-life tend to be Republican, pedophiles, or populist, but there are uncommon cases of democrats and otherwise liberal-minded people being against abortion. Pro-lifers are all pedophiles because of their obsession with loving children and that they believe there should be more babies around to Love. They are also hypocrites because none of them really want to adopt the abominations they want to force women to give birth to deformed creatures. Further, very few support government welfare systems and the overwhelming majority are pro-capital punishment. Thus, pro-lifers are not really "pro-life" and are therefore retarded.

Ironically, most people who are pro-life are in favor of the death penalty and killing people in Iraq (and pretty much anywhere else President Bush feels like having people killed; what, do you hate America?!).

The mortal enemy of a pro-lifer is someone who is pro-choice whom they often wish death upon and sometimes even carry out themselves. To pro-life, pro-choice are heartless demons, and that feeling is shared.

Hysterically enough, there are cases where pro-lifers have gone so far as to murder doctors who perform abortions. This is widely considered absolutely fucking HILARIOUS. A pro-lifer murdering a doctor is the definition of irony.

However, not all pro-choicers have clean reputations either.

Pro-Life Quotes

Abortion is Murder!


—What's your point?

Ban abortions and have steralizations coverd by insurance. If you still have an abortion you get the electric chair.


Jim Profit

Kill Choicetards and Long Live Unborn Babies!!



I've found that soldering irons work the best...


Hillary Clinton when asked about her time as first lady

I love children!


—A prolife claim to end abortion.

God loves our children! That includes the unborn ones.


—Another prolife claim to end abortion.

Execute retards not babies!


—Random Texan

I'm a pro-Lifer waa waa waa...look at me waa waa waa...I don't want people to make choices waa waa waa...


—Captain Awesome...waa waa waa

I was an abortion and it was fun.


—Former abortion/Kike

Tell me, if you can: you have destroyed so much — what is it exactly that you have created? Can you name even one thing? ...I thought not.


—Dr. Breen, to women who have had abortions.

Women shouldn't have a choice about abortion. They will take forever to decide, just like at the grocery store....'Hmm....do I want the plastic or metal coat hangers????'


—Zach Braff on abortion

The needs of the next generation outweigh the needs of this one.


Charles Darwin

Did you make that page?
Im all for a womans rights and i think it's their decision, but the jokes are fucking disgusting and i cant beleive you would go that low. that's absoloutely ridiculous! have some fucking respect for the women who had to make that choice. Your a disrespectful little shit. Make it a positive thing not a negative thing. Jesus christ whats wrong with you.



Jaimie Campbell


Abortion should be legal to solve the world hunger problem. Before there was overpopulation and now there's less people and more tasty food.
ED's abortion stance is supported by Christians all around the world.

Someone who is pro-choice is generally considered to be the embodiment of all things awesome (strictly due to their love of killing babies, which is AWWWWRIIIGHT.) The wise and intelligent Chancellor of Germany was a massive supporter of abortion in order to eradicate the greatest causes of crime in the world. However, recently the pro-choice movement has been hijacked with feminists, thus making its ghey levels over 9000. Though, unlike pro-life, they actually believe the mother is a person and do not see the fetus as a person.

There are many theories behind the origins of the feminist anti-lulz, but no clear cut answer is available. However, here are the 3 most likely sources:

  1. Jews
  2. Niggers
  3. Cucks

(Please take to note that these, along with the gays, Jews, and Jesus, are among those suspected for the 9/11 attacks.)

Pro-choicers will not rest until every life-ruining fetus has been sucked from every womb, but are fighting to save the bad guys in the Iraq and take the child-rapists and serial killers off of death row. As Osama Bin Laden is more human than an unborn baby. Just because abortion saves women's lives does not mean that it is all right. Pro-choice advocates are all idiots that don't realize that murder is one of the funniest activities evar. To pro-choice, pro-life are the scum of the earth.

NOTE: Pro-choice shall forever remain unlulzy until every feminist on the planet is executed.

Your real mother was a hooker,your real father couldn't get laid
Your mother left you in a dumpster,you were adopted by two gays

You look adopted [x4]

You hate father and son picnics, you hate the p.t.a.
You won't bring friends to your house, you've got two fathers and they're both fucking gay




You Look Adopted [2]

Notable Pro-choicers

Dr. Pogany

Include the not-so-world-renowned (former Professor) and Jewish HUMAN RIGHTS expert, Dr Istvan Pogany, a guy who knocked up his undergraduate student then dragged her to the local abortion clinic in order to avoid exposure in newspapers up and down the United Kingdom. After said exposure, he ran away as far as his pro-choice legs could take him to avoid the inevitable scorn and laughter which befell his colleagues at the School of Law at the University of Warwick in the UK. He returned one year later and is now to be found skulking the corridors of the same institution minus his Professorship title and his aborted kid. The Telegraph

Pro-Choice Quotes

Because 15 abortions is worse than 15 niglets on welfare
Nothing beats assisted suicide like, a hoover up your vadge after a gangbang!


—repeat PP customer

If God is Prolife, then why do miscarriages occur?


Some guy

It's my body, not theirs!






It's not a life!


—Pro-choice n00b

I hate babies.



Who in their right mind would want a screaming, crapping little vampire to tear out their vagina, suck their tits dry, ruin their marriages and bobsled them to an early grave?


—some fat cunt

we just think, you know, the less black kids out there the better


—An online donor to Planned Parenthood

How Does Abortion Affect Parents?

If I was a girl, I would get pregnant as many times as possible, then have abortions after the third month of being pregnant so I would deliver a potato sized 1/3 developed dead fetus, then I would take the fetus, put it in a jar of preservative liquid and put it on a shelf in a secret room in my house. and i would do it until I had so many rooms walls were nothing but potato sized aborted fetuses. then i would have a kid and when they're bad i would make them sit in the fetus room and remind them of how easy i could have aborted their ass.


Anonymous, /b/ No.32255003

Abortion Drama OTI

Abortion kills. LOL we know, ain't it GREAT!?
  • Recently some prick managed to amass 1,200+ comments and 89,000+ views in one day, by mistaking The Onion for a purveyor of real news. The article in question, I'm Totally Psyched About This Abortion!, netted a few enthusiastic replies by this gentleman who believed it to be real, and not obvious satire. Notably, he doesn't know what an Ellipsis is, nor what it signifies... it is assumed that he doesn't speak Japanese...

LJ Drama

There are many pro-life communities on LiveJournal (the biggest one being prolife), just as there are many pro-choice communities. The two hate each other, and if any member of one community crosses paths with a member of the opposing community, you know some flames will go down - a perfect opportunity for epic lulz.

Rebutal: Killin' the Tiller

Lvl 12 Fetalmancer dual class Ranger George Tiller of (What's the matter with?) Kansas was permabanned from God's green Earth last Sunday (May 31st) in church. Lolwut? He was shot through the heart, causing over 9000 damage. The paramedics came to late and the loving cause of pro-life was given, a bad name, YEAH! BAAAAAAAAD NAMMME!

Being one of the few doctors to perform the sweet surgical symphony that is a late term abortion, loose/unlucky women/asking for it will have to travel even further to prune their crotch fruit. So basically it will be mostly private school girls on "vacation with their aunt" and less poor people getting their abort on which will, funny enough, lead to more po' folks in general and a boom for the wire hanger industry.

Reaction has mostly been hilarious on both sides. Check back for further, tasteful updates.

Abortion Fun Facts!

Always have a Backup Plan

True Impact of Abortion

This being based on no hard researched facts...Truth is most seeking an abortion are scared knocked up teens. Emotional stories of successful NFL up and comers such as Tim Teebow are a rarity. Most if they take their pregnancy to full term, will have a child that either become Ward of the State because they do not have the education or maturity to raise a child properly. If that child is a female there is at least a 70% chance of her becoming a productive member of this nations sex-based entertainment industry.

With the rise in abortions has had a devastating effect on the available pool of local available talent for local exotic dance facilities and studios that produce films for the adult crowd. With the short usable life span of the sex based professional. Liberal areas are burning out of fresh talent faster than their cracked out teen population and produce and incompetently raise them into a life of sluthood, while conservative areas with strict anti-abortion laws and adherence to fundamentalist christian values have a thriving sex industry with exotic dance clubs filled with a constant stream of supple young firm talent who are willing to serve the needs of their repressed hypocrite middle aged undersexed married males. While strip clubs in abortion ravaged liberal areas are staffed be dancers who are 35 year-old bullet wound riddled, knife scarred heroin addled truck stop whores who should have been replaced when they hit 25 but are forced to perform way past their usefulness because of the depletion of any fresh young talent.

On the national scale if abortion continues to drain our available domestically produced sources, the USA will be forced to depend on foreign sources for fresh young talent. This means having to do business with counties like Moldova, Ukraine and Albania and other corrupt 3rd world regimes, and criminal organizations such as the Russian mafia and Croatian war criminals.

So please people stop abortion so you can save your nation's domestic sex industry.

Baby Pictures

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