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You're good enough, smart enough, and god dammit, people like you. Some people say that you're a loser, but those people are the real losers. What they don't know is that pimples are cool, glasses are cool, and being overweight is cool too. Dreaming about fucking your sister is kind of cool too. How many of those people, the real losers, dream about fucking their sister? None of them. That's right. You're the real winner here. It's cool to be unique and it makes you a winner too. A winner is you originates from the NES video game Pro Wrestling. The context it appeared in was when you won a match. Also stylized as "winner is you". The game Red Faction used this meme in 2001. In multiplayer, in the event of a tie, the announcer will proclaim "A winner is you!" instead of "Player 1" or "Player 2", as with a regular win.

Ways to be a Winner

Deleting System 32 is win

Once any of the previous are done, show everyone online that you did


Oh yay!

For those not on the list (i.e. no one), You Win the Prize.


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