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Who is this person, children? Helen Keller--that's right! A+! NOW SUCK MY DICK.

A Plus (commonly known as A+), is a catchphrase meaning "really good" or "top-notch", It's something you will never see, never. The Muslim analog of A+ is Aleph-Plus (from the arabic letter "Aleph"). Appropriately based on the primary and secondary school letter grade system (A, B, C, D, F), wherein a grade of "A" is considered "excellent", and "A+" denotes a grade marginally better than an "A". Teachers can give their students an A+ to make the victim trust them long enough to lure the over-acheiver kids into their office after hours. In many European countries grades are given on a scale from 4 to 10, so Europese ppl will more likely say "10+" rather than "A+."

In Netspeak, this is often considered not to provide enough degrees of variation, and thus you'll often see it used with more plus signs—the more plus signs, the better the content thus labelled. Originated in the eBay feedback system which is limited to 80 characters. Typical feedback: "A+++ EBAYER!!!1! WILL BUY AGAIN!!!!!!"

Mediacrat: Have you seen tardblog yet? It's totally new meme!
RealAdrian: Oh LOL. A++++++

Numbers of Pluses++

The numbers of pluses ("+" vs "++") have become a more and more intense problem for eBay users. When leaving feedback a ebay user may find that he needs to rate someone higher than the last person he did business with. Giving feedback in this manner is accomplished by adding another plus to the end of a lower score.

ebay user rates user isellstuff A++++++++++++
ebay user wants to rate buymyshit higher than isellstuff
ebay user appends another + to the score given to isellstuff

This infinite circle to find a higher and higher ebay score led to the downfall of ebay. At least 100 ebay users revolted when they reached the 80-character feedback limit, thus could not find a score higher than A followed by 79 plusses. Luckily smart people avoid eBay, narrowly escaping a nightmare of supertexted numbers and algebraic equations.

Other Uses

A plus is also a fucktarded certification from Comptia that enslaves 13-year-old boys as computer hardware repair guys for $8.99/hour. It requires studying TL;DR articles about the XT motherboard, how to plug in PS/2 keyboards, etc. Typically done by script-kiddies and unix users who hoard computer carcasses in their basements and try to prove to everyone that they are smart because they can assemble their own computer.

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