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New Challenger

A challenger appears is a catchphrase-turned internet meme derived from games such as Street Fighter 2. When a new character is introduced, the phrase "A Challenger Appears" shows up. Of course, there will always be serious people who whine about how that's not the exact wording and that wasn't the game in which it appeared originally, so variations of this may include "Here comes a new challenger" and "A challenger approaches".

On the internets, if a related but superior character is mentioned people will say a new challenger appears. Challenger is the key word for starting a brawl on 4chan.

A Category appears

Although a challenger appears once every 5 minutes, you can never beat the challenger because they have superior firepower and use hax. A challenger appears may be used after someone mentions a shiny Pidgey or after somebody posts a picture of anybody from street fighter. If you do post challenger appears, you lose points for no originality and you make God frown at you. Good job, stupid. Other uses include here on our fair Encyclopedia Dramatica, check the new user log if you are wondering how so.

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