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This is A RAPE SPIDER, he has a pen tool.

A RAPE SPIDER is a being composed of legs, cock, and humping. He is a second cousin twice removed of PEDOBEAR, but is not popular on chan image boards. Instead, he frequents in the ED IRC channel, #ed. was glined well before the great EDIRC shutdown of 2008.

While there are rumors that A RAPE SPIDER has a less violent brother named A HUG SPIDER, this has yet to be verified.

A RAPE SPIDER is related to the Camel Spider, bane of the Arab, only through their arachnid heritage. It is believed that A RAPE SPIDER is some type of hybrid web creature that is nested deep within the tubes.

Do not anger the RAPE SPIDER, or else your ass will be hurting, and you will not like it. Please the RAPE SPIDER by making pix.


A RAPE SPIDER was concockted by the newbile soKevinsays, who is rumored to be a FTM, and closet furfag. He went on a deep spiritual journey of faggotry and lulz. When questioned to why this fursona was created, he responded:

Well, I was all butthurt cuz in irc, everyone thought sokevinsays was some queer named SonKevin. I did some deep astral projecting and found my spirit animal, which just so happened to be a spider with a bonar :D


— soKevinsays on his furggotry

After this statement was taken, soKevinsays was beaten viciously by OldDirtyBtard for being a furfag, Americunt douchebag.


Tassi crouched on one knee, back to the wall. Her M-16 rifle level and slowly moving the 180 degree arc up and down the corridor. Her right eye to the rear sight post, cheek to the stock. Tassi's reserve of nerve was evaporating rapidly as desperate screams and panicked orders came through over the net into her earpiece. She did not speak into her mouthpiece. She would be just one more sound in the cacophony. Her huge chest expanded as she breathed rapidly, nearly bursting her black combat fatigues open.

Movement on her right, near the ceiling. A shape the size of a small Volkswagen. Tassi did not think or check her fire, she sighted on and instantly fired two 3 round bursts. Then she was up and moving, on pure instinct. Sprinting down the corridor she heard Evans die, then Rogers was cut off mid sentence. The net was quieting down, her team was being wiped out. Tassi had joined the Marines at age 16. After 3 years active duty, she transferred to the reserve corp. so she could settle down state side. Her dad was a Vietnam vet, and with Tassi's exemplary military record, he hooked her up with her job on the city's elite SWAT unit. Still a teenager for a few more months, she yet impressed her team as being one of the cooler heads in the unit. Her own military experience was backed by her father's extensive stories from Nam.

"When in doubt, empty your magazine." her father had told her.

Tassi ran as a flash on her steel muscled legs past two more bodies. Both in lab coats. There is an instinctual feeling when one is being watched. This instinct was being turned up multiple fold down here, contributing to Tassi's haggard emotional state.

Through an arch. A stairwell leading up and down. An explosion from the second floor shook the building. Looking up, Tassi sees heavy smoke and something else. Two more black shapes approaching from the smoke. She vaults down over the steps to the next landing. Lands on her feet hard and rolls down and over in a parachutist landing. Her body absorbing the landing impact.

On her feet, in a flash she decides on the double doors rather than descending further underground. Another corridor. More bodies. Some small fires but not as much smoke.

"God, this is Tassi."

Her little girl voice over the silent headset. Standing only 5'2" with her boots on, Tassi hated sounding like a little girl, but right now that did not matter. Less then 100 pounds, she was called "little girl" by her team mates. With her rich brown skin, almond shaped eyes, hard muscled body with a chest so large on her small frame it severely slowed her marathon running times, all the team secretly wanted to have the 'little girl' for their own. But she was alive now, and they were dead.

"Tassi, this is God." Helplessness weighed the male voice like a stone. The team commander was in the SWAT van outside the burning research facility. "I think you are alone now." The team was gone.

Tassi was moving with bent knees down the center of the corridor. It was lined with doorways, almost all open, many broken open. She passed each doorway by training her rifle on the opening as she did so. The dead technicians and engineers were a terrible sight, worse yet, the females were thoroughly dismembered.

"I don't know where I am." Tassi stopped to rest again, kneeling with her back to a wall. She paid extra attention to where she had come from, as she had visually seen two of them back there.

"Dammit, my floor plans say that place only had two floors. This whole thing stinks to hell. Saunders has been reviewing all the radio traffic, it goes back 10 hours. He says an EMT named Sally, one of the first on the scene commented that some of the bodies were possibly a day old."

Where was Sally now? Thought Tassi. The local police and firefighters who initially responded were strewn over the first floor.

"Tassi, can you see any numbers on the doors near you."

Tassi moved to the nearest doorway. The number 415 on the smashed door. The gargantuan spider moving towards her across the room's floor. It hulked 7' tall as its 8 legs glided over broken furniture and equipment, directly towards Tassi. From its bulbous abdomen hung what was clearly a penis of over a foot in length. It grew larger and lifted up to point directly at Tassi as the beast hungrily approached.

Tassi could not speak. She could not move. She stood rooted, eyes fixed on the shiny black penis that grew larger as the spider closed the last distance to its prey.


Her finger convulsed on the trigger. Burst after burst sprayed into the monster until the rifle fell silent, the echoing roar of her gunfire faded amidst the sound of spent brass casings striking the hard floor. Several seconds passed until her wide, watering eyes realized the carcass occupying the doorway was not moving, and she willed her trigger finger to stop squeezing.

A blinding deafening explosion erupted inches in front of Tassi's face.

The bulletproof glass that was the face guard on her black Kevlar helmet cracked into pieces and the helmet itself flew backwards off her head. Dazed, Tassi wondered what had hit her as she slumped back against the wall for support. From above Tassi a long object dropped slowly in front of her. She focused. It was a penis. Black, oily textured, between 15 to 17 inches in length. Its cock head was much larger than her clenched fist, its length the thickness of a wire fence post. The beast had snapped its abdomen and struck her in the face with its penis. It's cock hard enough to shatter bulletproof glass. Tassi's numb mind hoped it would strike again, for the cock would easily punch cleanly through her skull, killing her instantly as it leapt out the back of her head.

The spider did not strike again. As it climbed down the wall over top Tassi, it knocked her to the floor with its rear two appendages. She spun along the floor, her loose grip on her rifle failing and it skidded away. Tassi settled onto her back, mumbled a curse, and noticed her radio headset was also lost. She prepared to leap as her clearing head prepared for another gymnastic escape like the one that took her out of the spider ambush on her team 20 minutes ago.

A spider claw pinned Tassi's right shoulder, driving it hard against the floor. Just before she had timed her roll away! The creature moved over top the small girl, eclipsing the overhead lighting. A second appendage anchored itself on Tassi's left shoulder. She could not move. The beast poised itself over its helpless victim. Tassi's hope for a life and future was gone in an instant. Her crying eyes moved over the horrible arachnid, seeing its weapon / penis moving towards the area above her pelvis. The spiders head wrenched her attention as it moved down towards her, fixing its separate eyes upon her form. From its mandibled maw came a wretched, low laughter.

"Please kill me now." Tassi knew the thing could jack-hammer its penis straight through her body and into the marble floor beneath her. Death was the only means of escape evident.

Razor taloned appendages tore into her chest with terrific force. Tassi could not gasp as her lungs were forcibly emptied of air. Pieces of material flew outwards through the air, and Tassi knew she should be dead very soon. But the pain dulled quickly. Looking down, she realized the spider had shredded her bullet proof vest, gear, and uniform. She was naked to the waist, Tassi's two brown volleyball sized breasts stood tautly upwards.

The mammoth spider head moved closer to her exposed chest. With one quick attack, it could engulf completely one of her large breasts in its fanged mouth, like a juicy plump melon. If it crashed its insect like fangs and mandibles over her helpless tit, and ripped it from her writhing body, Tassi could only hope the wound to be fatal.

Then the spider attacked, with its talons again. As her lower garments were shredded in a blur of movement, Tassi's terror was brought back to center on the lethal penis waiting above her. It pulsed violently, and stood up so strongly as to be pinned against the bottom of the spider's thorax. Clearly, it's length was 17 inches, minus or plus a couple inches. Like the rest of the spider it was black and leathery.

The spider clasped talons down upon Tassi's ankles, pulling down and outwards. Stretching Tassi's lean athletic figure like meat on a butchers block, it pulled her legs open. Tassi's tear stained face spouted new torrents from her eyes as she watched the cock move towards its destination. She had never imagined a person putting their fist inside her, now this even larger cock head was at her pussy. The spider's multiple glare drank in Tassi's every facial expression as it pressed it's organ against her.

Then with the strength of an oil drill, the rock like pole drilled itself into tiny Tassi's insides. Her screams and convulsions would have revolted even the most hardened human sexual deviant. But the inhuman spider continued its rape as the tiny figure beneath it danced in jolting spasms of agony. Getting 6 to 7 inches of its length into the girl with each inward thrust, the massive cock head acted as a battering ram, smashing further into Tassi. Her body arched madly in all directions, trying to expel the relentless invader as it plowed 8 inches into her, then 9 inches. Tassi's oversized hard tits were smacking into her face as they bounced in time with her throes. Horrible pain wracked her as the penis plunged 10 inches into her. Tassi's face displayed the absolute torture, contorting into a horrid mask. Her internal organs were being forcibly moved within her as the hard straight cock slowly turned Tassi's body into a tight sheath for its pleasure. 11 inches of black spider cock were now pummeling into and disappearing inside Tassi's tight brown pussy. She felt the mammoth cock head begin to hammer into her bottom most ribs from the inside out. She was beyond the need for hospitalization now, far far beyond the ability to walk in any way for a very long time.

The spiders abdomen quivered as its semen began the journey along the length of its penis. It's ejaculation sprayed like a fire hose into Tassi's deepest internal organs. The cock head expanded to half again its size to allow the semen its outlet. Pulling slowly outwards the spider semen continued and continued. five powerful jets depositing near a gallon and a half of the thick syrupy material inside her prone body. Pulled out, the penis was quickly moved over Tassi's face. Here the ejaculation continued, firing gobs into Tassi's mouth so thick that she had to chew and swallow only to resume her pitiable breathing.

Tassi's face was quickly covered with the white goo. The variable consistency of the white cum having clumps of spider sperm coated within each hot thick liquid spurt. The cum coating on Tassi's face quickly reached a near uniform depth of about 2 inches all over except her mouth, where she frantically chewed and swallowed, attempting to keep up with the sperm flow so that she could breath.

The climax ended and the spider moved up and off of young Tassi. Her murderously abused body splayed upon the floor. Her head and hair covered with semen, her facial features recognizable in base relief under several inches of sperm.

Tassi opened her eyes. Another room. Deeper in the underground complex? A very large room, some walls knocked down to make it larger. A spider web. In the web, egg sacs? As large as her body, wrapped in silk. In the center of the web a spider. A spider 25' from top to bottom, more than triple the size of the monsters she'd seen till now. Tassi could move her arms a little, she could not move her legs. Her face was sticky and a vile taste filled her mouth and throat.

The giant spider was moving towards her. She had been brought down here to it. It was approaching and she could do nothing but watch. Mesmerized by the graceful coordination of the 8 legs as it reached its prey, her eyes fell at last upon its penis. It was erect and greedy. It hung just over 6 feet in length, standing level with the floor engorged to its maximum. The cock head the size of the top of a fire hydrant. Tassi had played on fire hydrants only a few years ago climbing upon them and sitting. Her slipping mind understanding she would be sitting on another in just moments.

The spider locked its talons around Tassi's wrists, lifting her ninety pounds weight 30' high into the air. She looked down to see that the spider was hunching itself under her. Aiming that 6 foot penis at her, positioned directly beneath. With 8 limbs available, the spider clasped 2 more talons on her ankles, spreading her legs apart. Two talons took hold of Tassi's waist as she was lowered bodily onto the spider's member.

Tassi knew this was it. She would be dead in mere minutes. There was no rescue coming for her. She would have been happy to know her torture would only be a few more minutes, except that the clear nature of her coming pain destroyed any hope for anything.

Her body now rested on the spider cock beneath her. Her legs hanging to either side, like this was an amusement park ride. A small smile as her mind slipped a little more. So this is what it was like to be tall. Upon the 6 foot penis, Tassi wondered if she could dunk a basketball from up here. Then the amusement ride tightened its grip on Tassi's ankles and hips. Her mind was back at the moment, tears rolled again in the last seconds before it started. Loud sobs. Then the wait was over. Tassi was yanked down and the penis thrust hungrily upwards. Her pussy split, and the black spider began its entrance into the little girl. Both the spider and Tassi watched Tassi's washboard stomach as the penetration continued. The 15 inch wide cock filled her insides. The bulbous head identifiable to the eye as it pushed deeper by its huge distention of her stomach. The pain was far beyond any feeling any human has ever experienced.

Internal organs were popped out of place one by one as the cock continued its unstoppable trek upwards through beautiful young Tassi .Now appearing pregnant somewhat as her stomach was pushed outwards too accommodate the monster penis. The rape continued as the first foot of cock had plunged into Tassi. She felt her lungs being punched around as the cock fucked itself beneath her ribs. Deeper into her. The cock head was smashing upwards towards her collarbones. Tassi knew the penis to be far thicker than her neck, but her searing pain burned her brain like fire. Abruptly her breathing was cut off as the cock found her esophagus and filled it. Cutting her mouth off from her lungs. Like her hips before, Tassi's collarbones now popped out of place as the cock began its way up her neck. Please, she silently begged God, let me die soon. Tassi was now fucking half of the 6 foot cock.

Tassi's neck stretched obscenely, the skin threatening to burst as it accommodated the black spider cock on its upward journey. At this point the spider looking from above could see down Tassi's open mouth, and see its cock head fucking upwards towards the air again. With the snapping of jawbones, the ebony cock emerged triumphantly from Tassi's mouth. With rivers of tears flowing down her face, Tassi wished to suffocate. But it had only been a half minute since her air was cut off.

With a couple more hard fucking thrusts, 15 inches of huge throbbing cock now jutted upwards out of Tassi's mouth. Tassi's body was now only a glove upon the center 4 feet of the 6 foot long spider penis. With its hold upon her now shattered hips, the spider masturbated itself by slamming Tassi's body down to its cock base, then pulling her back up until its penis head rested wonderfully inside Tassi's mouth. Then another downward thrust that launched the cock head out her mouth, two feet into the air as the spider ground Tassi upon his cock base again.

The hellish pain could not last would be what Tassi would tell herself if only she could form a thought. Instead she was just a tortured puppet, her mind's only functions now to process wave after wave of wracking pain signals. With the next thrust Tassi felt the spider cock shudder within the length of her body. Her wide eyes, forced skyward, witnessed the first geyser of semen as it gushed far into the air. The jet reached its apex then began to drop. Like a waterfall, sperm fell back upon Tassi's body, as another fuck thrust through her body launched another geyser into space. Thick sperm also ran out along the cock head, streaming down the black organ. The river of cum and the continuous rain of sperm from the air soon had Tassi covered. The spiders eight eyes delighted in the sight of Tassi's brown volley ball sized tits bouncing up and down to its fuck rhythm. These tits were soon covered with thick white cum that ran between them and over them. The cum-greasy tits continued their death dance as more and more of the goo washed over them. The sperm coating growing thicker and thicker upon the orbs.

At some point during the climax the girl had finally died. The spider had no way of knowing when, and did not care.

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