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Truly an avatar worthy of BYOND.
Ready to defend brave feminists from nasty trolls. Now writing for the Guardian!
A more... anatomically correct version of his avatar minus the Cheeto mustache.

We're all going to die. Someway, somehow. Some of us are going to rest for eternity with our dicks rotting off below 6 feet of cold dirt, and some of us are going to lay in bloody messes, mutilated by the flaming metal panels that once made an airplane. It's going to happen eventually to us all, we don't have godmode. Some of us use this as an excuse to be Narcissistic assholes; we're all going to die, so why not only worry about the self? Some of us prefer to take that one step further. Some of us value what we say to the point where, despite thousands of voices (no, not those kinds of voices) calling out and proving our opinion to be complete garbage but still having vast amounts of unwarranted self-importance to the point where we unironically quote ourselves as sources of intellect, and try to get people to pay us to ramble.

...And by "some of us," I'm referring to a Man in Black (or aMiB for people too impatient to type 14 characters), a tub of human sewage known for spouting radically authoritative dogma both before and during GamerGate, constantly defending brave wimmins like Zoe Quinn from pesky things like facts, harassing people that have penises, and writing clickbait for hire.

Swerving into all the Potholes of Life

In a nutshell.
How a young man in black planned for his life to turn out.

In order for one to truly understand just what the fuck is wrong with aMiB, one should walk a mile in his shoes (which are with no doubt drenched in his reeking sweat after years of overexerting himself with such mundane tasks as walking to the fridge, but I digress). Just like his soulmate Sarah Butts, a Man in Black had a life outside of constantly shitposting about GamerGate that he chose to throw away for 15 minutes of e-celebrity status. Was it worth it? Well, considering how shitty his life was beforehand, a little recognition as a stark raving lunatic is better by comparison.

You see, in his younger days in the dawn of Web 2.0, aMiB made it a personal mission to escape his poorfaggotry (which he blames for nearly causing him to fail school, clearly not because of his crippling retardation) and overall unattractiveness through more traditional means: pretending he's a wolf on the internet.

This embarrassing display of autism could be excused as a phase during puberty if aMiB grew out of his 2edgy4u attitude. He did this at the same time he changed his standard username. We can only spectate that he likes acting like a spoiled faggot. No, really, he spent years pretending to be a Mary Stu (literal) faggot, try to mold himself to be as "edgy" and "clever" as his other original character, Leo Morales. We still do not have confirmation if he has forced himself to become homosexual in order to become a perfect match.

Afterwards, he started parading himself as his original character Raziel Lupin, who is totally not a ripoff of Negima.

Gimme Sysops Pls: Rejected from Wikipedia

If only they could see him now...

I like to think that I'm the Wikipedia equivalent of Skeletor.


—A Man in Black, doing what he does best.

Deciding, for once, to actually try to make something of his life, a Man in Black began to devote his time to helping line Jimbo Wales' pockets for free. His exploits on the other wiki were bold and great. He once clashed with the great autist Ryulong to try to deny the existence of the greatest Pokemon evar, Missingno!

Perhaps influenced by the almighty weeaboo, or drunk on power in a website where the community norm is being an abrasive male asshole (go figure), aMiB launched his own series of crusades on Wikipedia that included such innovative and important topics as edit warring about Animal Crossing, his opinions on webcomics, and a bunch of other shit no one cares about. This earned him a reputation amongst Wikipedos as a "bold, daring contributor." In fact, he made such a name for himself that a totally legit fanboy post a request for him to be promoted to bureaucrat! After getting blown the fuck out by some of Wikipedia's actual good contributors, a Man in Black was denied. Devastated that his only reward for volunteering to help Wikipedia was the satisfaction of trying to provide a free source of knowledge to the world, he became butthurt and ragequit Wikipedia after he learned that (surprise!) people don't like abusive manchildren.

Assorted quotes from the beatdown:
"It proves that you are an impatient and commit to edit-warring without engaging into discussions. That also means that you value your own opinion above those of others, and it's not just a couple of blocks."


—The more things change...

My current and past vendetta aside and looking at this from as neutral a point-of-view as I can, he does engage in edit wars and often does little to explain his edits other than cite various policy pages. While he has made several notable and well-formed contributions to Wikipedia, he also often ignores and discredits opinions that do not match his own and values his own opinion more than those of others. He also often places various templates for clean up on pages he has limited knowledge of and thus I feel is not qualified to add such templates. An editor, any editor, regardless of who they are, should have at least a moderate knowledge of any subject to be able to properly judge its worth and tag it accordingly. I admit that I have had many difficulties with him, but I am placing those aside as I type this. He has made many outstanding contributions to Wikipedia, and I acknowledge that. However, I also feel his conduct is not as good as it could be, especially when dealing with opposing editors.


TL;DR: aMiB is an arrogant and ego-centered jackass that often talks about things he knows nothing about. Go figure...

And certainly we all make mistakes, but the fact that you've been blocked so many times, and keep getting blocked for the same reason, indicates to me that you're not learning from your mistakes.


—A Man in Black doesn't learn from his mistakes. Noted.

Bureaucrats do have to make controversial decisions and I am concerned that you would not be able to handle criticism or deal with heated conflicts.


—A Man in Black cannot handle criticism. Also noted.

There were a huge number of editors, many highly experienced involved in a series of 14 long debates, and you came up with a solution that wasn't the main focus of discussion, so clearly did not have consensus. Rather than proposing it, you implemented it, implying that you, basically alone, knew better.


—A Man in Black barges into the middle of discussions, imposes his opinions, then ignores everyone else no matter their expertise. Also noted.

Long-term edit warring and admitted abuse of admin tools in support of ideological conflict [2], [3], [4] do not a bureacrat make


—A Man in Black is very abusive and wages ideology wars. You get the idea by now...

Post-Wikipedia Days

aMiB learns the hard way that not everyone is as gullible as his followers.

Following his butthurt from being told he was too much of an asshole for Wikipedia (an achievement in its own right), aMiB ran straight towards the motherland of ego-centered pricks, Reddit, under the name "PopcornDotGif" (a meme on SRD). But, Reddit just didn't have enough... attention and circlejerking to offer him. After all, everyone there is your run-of-the-mill attention whore liberal, which made aMiB feel not quite super special. He supplemented this by joining the even moar elitist jerkasses at Something Awful, rather recently, meaning that he jumped onto the ship as it started sinking into irrelevance faster than a Realdoll™ under the ownership of a quicksand fetishist.

GamerGate provided aMiB with a golden opportunity to satisfy his craving for nerd blood by posting his inane ramblings to the amusement of some of the most easily impressed newfags ever to grace the internet, all to try to enrage the oldfags and make pointless drama. Unfortunately for him, he never ventured out proper into the chans, instead sticking to his roleplay groups where nobody would tell him what a dumbshit he is. It's a lot like that one kid in kindergarten that that thought shitting his pants was lulzy because the teachers got mad at him, but his friends at the short bus don't know any better so they just laughed too.

In similar fashion to his pal Ryulong (who admits to knowing him on Twitter), people started to ask "Who is this fag, and why does he spend all day trying to attack strangers over the internet?" Well, aMiB noticed, and used this to his advantage to make the most efficient attention whoring that he could, even going to far as to create an AMA on GamerGate circlejerk KotakuInAction. Wanting to not deal with such alien concepts as personal accountability or apologizing for shitty behavior, aMiB, in perhaps the most clever plan he's ever devised, denied everything and claimed that he's only aMiB on Twitter and Tumblr. Yet, his name, and an UNCROPPED version of his unique avatar appear here, here, here... Of course, maybe aMiB wouldn't need to try to hide his past if he didn't put his city of residence all over the internet. That's okay though, because according to BroTeamPill, aMiB made like a nigger in the 19th century and migrated to Canada.

Some of his answers to the AMA are quite insightful.

I have spent more time sifting through GGer rhetoric and reasoning than pretty much anyone writing anything about GG. Sorry you think they're misleading.


—Really, aMiB? There's absolutely nobody else that's spent as much time looking at GamerGate than you.

That's the shirt guy, right? That was a really dumb shirt.


—On Matt Taylor. aMiB will turn a blind eye to your harassment if you're not a woman.

There is no anti-GG movement. Well, there is; it's me. I am a movement of one.


—Such a humble man (in black)...

If you're not going to believe the New Yorker, New York Times, and Guardian when they cover it, why should I waste my time?


—You should listen to the Guardian. After all, the requirements to write for them are so strict that even someone like aMiB could write for them!

Let's all make ourselves better than aMiB's readers for a moment. Let's actually think about what this all means. aMiB has been using the name outside of Twitter and Tumblr (Did we forget to mention that he has a Tumblr? Honestly, that's not surprising). aMiB is keen on hiding his past identities from the internet, even though being a Wikipedia vandal isn't really that incriminating (after all, his fans also praise Ryulong of all people!). Well, coincidentally, a Reddit account named a_man_in_black exists. What does it post? Well...

i'm a recovering meth addict. i used meth to lose weight, at least at first that the reason i used to convince myself to do it. i've also had my issues with almost every other drug under the sun. and i've quit them all, cold turkey.


—Nothing major.

Now, we're not saying that aMiB started using meth in response to Wikipedia telling him to fuck off, but PopcornDotGif and a_man_in_black (of Reddit) do have periods of use that don't overlap too much, which is typically a sign of sockpuppetry.

During a meth binge, aMiB became associated with neoreactionaries, who accepted him with open arms.

GamerGate Bullshit

aMiB set out to rectify his past of abuse, debauchery, and dickishness with even MOAR abuse, debauchery, and dickishness, this time bringing it into the bandwagon of GamerGate hate, all due to the fragile ego that comes with being a walking pile of cottage cheese.


If TIME isn't an anti-feminist hate group, then why did their poll want to ban the word "feminist?"
Checkmate, atheists.
Racism? Check. Sexism? Check.
I've got a storify answering this question.


—Typical aMiB post.

aMiB was, in the beginning, a copypasta of Sarah Butts, but with a little more edge. Both users would tweet in the same pattern of taking a remark out of context, adding a snarky comment to it claiming "GamerGate [believes/seriously thinks] [hyperbole of tweet in question]." However, aMiB realized that his ego was too big for 140 characters, and shifted towards writing Storifies. For those of us that aren't familiar with hipster websites, a Storify is a service that lets its users write whatever bullshit they want with the added credibility of quoting tweets. This differs from a blog in absolutely so many ways! With a Storify, you have all of the credibility and context of your average Tumblr post with the removed hassle of "layout customization," "comments section," or any of that other autistic crap.

Unsurprisingly, this means that your average TL;DR aMiB post is nothing more than two or so tweets taken out of context from a GamerGate supporter followed by 9999 characters of aMiB tricking literal retards into thinking he's academic by drawing metric fucktons of bullshit from two tweets and quoting himself over and over again. Just like Game Theory.

Fortitude (or Lack Of)

Last Thursday Social Justice Crybabies wanted to pull 2edgy4u game "Hatred" off of Steam Greenlight. What did the game do to deserve such outcry? Well, it... had you kill people. That's it. Just like thousands of other games out there, from Kirby to Grand Theft Auto you're allowed to cause the forcible removal of data classes from a map kill innocent people. They literally want Sandy Hook to happen everywhere, or so aMiB would want you to think.

aMiB advocated for the censorship of the title. In the process, he revealed just how worthless and flimsy his opinions regarding censorship are by pulling a complete 180 when the moment was convenient for him.

A man in backpedalling.png

He took this as an opportunity to do his usual task and spill his pseudo-intellectual opinions everywhere, falling for the illusion that people care about his oh so stable opinions. Needless to say, he failed. Hard. When discussing why Hatred "needs" to be censored, he cited CP. Yes, you read that right, he compared child abuse to the electronic equivalent of a crayon drawing of Barney the Dinosaur getting shot.

Another prime example of how well aMiB prepares for debate can be found in this gem in which a proud /cow/ poster decides to try to have a rational discussion. aMiB, being the predictable white knight faggot he is, tries to convince out poster that Zoe Quinn is anonymous, even though she inserts her fat face everywhere she can like a bad cellulose injection for free publicity and Patreon dollars. Worth noting is how submissive aMiB is the moment he's called out on his bullshit. It's almost as if he doesn't know what he's talking about, but would aMiB really just go on the internet and defend random strangers for the sake of being a nice guy?

The simple explanation for both of these cases is that aMiB literally can't think beyond "M'LADY IS IN TROUBLE!!!"

Personal Investment in GamerGate - The Story of Jay Allen

Let's go back in time, shall we? Doodly doodly doop. Okay, we're in the past. The year is 2003. Sega is going to disappoint fans by not releasing Sonic Adventure 3, and Capcom is still milking Mega Man for all of his delicious robot semen. This time, they choose to continue with the X series, and, like every unwanted child from a mother on 16 and Pregnant, Mega Man X7 was born. Where would a shitty game be without some shady as fuck PR behind it?

Well, it turns out that one brave game journalist admitted to giving the game a brutal review even in the face of the free swag. Who was it? Well, you guessed it!

Amib journalism admittance.PNG

Interested? You can read the rest of the tweets here. This bullshit leaves us with four options for just what the fuck is going on:

  1. aMiB is lying out of his asshole which, being aMiB after all, isn't unbelievable.
  2. aMiB wants to direct GamerGate's focus away from game journalists and towards AAA, or else try to discredit the revolt so that their attacks on game journalists are unnoticed.
  3. aMiB is okay with them bribing him, he was just angry that they didn't bribe him enough.
  4. aMiB took the money, spent it on meth, then trash talked the game anyway.

Now, if you've been reading GamerGhazi for the last few months, congratulations on reading this article from anywhere other than a padded cell! You may have also noticed the typical sluts of GamerGate's target list using their 5 minutes of E-Fame to attention whore as much as they could. Well, who other than Zoe Quinn would stop taking Fat Girl Angle Shot photos for five damn minutes to grace Ghazi? Why, even aMiB had a question for her!

Amib writing.PNG

It didn't take long for all 8 of GamerGate's critical thinkers to start realizing that something was up about a man constantly trying to discredit a revolt against game journalists being a game journalist. Some of them would later jump the gun and try to claim that aMiB some swaggy lardass under the broad similarity of someone with the same name as said lardass writing a review criticizing a shit game. What these people forgot is that literally everyone thinks that Mega Man X7 was shit, so they need to get just a little bit narrower in their search other than literally everyone who isn't a fanboy for Axl's robo-shota cock.

This doesn't distract from the problem at hand, though. aMiB still needed to try to discredit GamerGate, but even more than that, he wasn't getting any attention after the booming controversy surrounding a certain "satire" website's article on a certain dogfucking pedophile (Let's not point the blame on anyone, now!). aMiB formed a mutual allegiance with Boing Boing, where he had made it into the real clickbait industry and already surpassing his partner in anti-GamerGate retardation. aMiB already had all of the credentials to write about his opinions. Well, okay, credentials isn't the right word. Experience writing his opinions. The only problem is that most people can't identify with an author named "a man in black" because of how small of a demographic 13 year old boys make. If aMiB used his previous pen name or his real name, eyes would turn and, just like with his Wikipedia drama, skeletons would be searched for. Thus, aMiB became "Jay Allen," "doxxing" himself by posting a name that could easily be faked. Being the careful faggot that he was, and not actually wanting to risk his personal identity being exposed so that the evil nasty GamerGate trolls could laugh at him (as if his Twitter profile wasn't enough), he never revealed anything else beyond what's so obviously his real name. So brave.

While shamelessly promoting his own articles on Boing Boing (just like he did with his Storify pages), he used this as an opportunity to parade around Twitter "HEY GAIZ LOOK AT ME, U WANT TO FIND ME, J ALLEN, BUT MY NAME, WICH IS J ALLEN, IZ RIGHT HERE!" Obviously anyone with more than 2 brain cells isn't going to fall for such a "clever" ruse without proof since this is, after all, the anecdote of a sociopath narcissist ex-Wikipedo (possible) methhead. This part of whole ordeal was made to entertain his fans, since aMiB isn't capable of finding each of them and wave a baby rattle in their faces.

Stance on Harassment (He's Pretty Chill with it)

aMiB is no stranger to online harassment. He tries desperately to blame GamerGate supporters as harassers of women, but is more than willing to turn a blind eye to the topic if someone he likes is doing the harassment, or even if he's the one doing it.

Felicia Day Doxxing

It also isn't child porn if you delete it immediately afterwards, or possession if you smoke the meth immediately...
aMiB cares so much about victims of doxxing that he saves the dox to post later.

In a distant realm known as "reality", GamerGate is a group of autistic retards that screech until old media promises to stop being newfags. Even such a simple concept eludes crackpot SJWs like aMiB, who happily eat up anything that says GamerGate is a secret organization made by the Patriarchy States of America out to get all women because reasons. Attention whore Felicia Day, famous for being a living Girl Gamer stereotype, realized that nobody had stared at her tits for five minutes, and made some bait that said something along the lines of "gamers made me cross the street in fear." Due to her fear of people doing the unthinkable and *gasp* finding out the address of a celebrity, some "GamerGater" with the username "InternetAristocat" posted her dox.

But hark! How did the troll know what address was hers and not of her talent agency's contact information? Well, aMiB was quick to rectify this situation by posting a street code while insisting that it was her real address. This turned some eyes, if aMiB was against harassment of women, why was he saving the dox? aMiB realized what a colossal fuck up he made and would later on deny everything as usual.

We're not going to make any explicit claims about who initially doxed her, but it was someone who happened to know her address that knew that posting her dox would harm GamerGate, and wanted to get the point across that it was her dox. Again, not saying anything about who could have did it. Whoever did it is a man in black shadows of mystery.

Bro Team Pill

Talk shit, get hit aMiB.
There's a reason why BroTeam didn't believe Quinn without proof...

Not long after that in irl time, aMiB started stalking GamerGate supporters to draw as much attention to himself as possible and to "bloody his knuckles" (his words, not ours) by shitposting. This included libel, often claiming certain GamerGate supporters were harassers prior to GamerGate and getting away with it because of his army of retards. One day, aMiB bit off more than he could chew and claimed that BroTeamPill, famous for pissing of Muslims had a history of abusing Muslims people. BroTeamPill told him pix or it didn't happen, and aMiB forgot the one magical key that makes claims 1000 times more hurtful, preparing evidence before making ramblings like a town drunk.

It turned out, however, that aMiB didn't really mean exactly what he said, and went to have a private chat with BroTeamPill to straighten things out. His hopes for the chat? Intimidation and whitewashing. Unfortunately, aMiB forgot that he wasn't writing his puny blog posts against a strawman opponen, and revealed a lot about his character and just how shortsighted the man without a brain thinks, and just how well he didn't care about harassment towards men. In the process, he revealed that he never read thezoepost (which didn't stop him from talking shit about it), but still believed Zoe Quinn and wanted to attack nerds like an angry little goblin. Full logs can be found here, but we've pulled out the lulzy quotes from it anyway to save both your time and your forehead from facepalm-induced bruises. You're welcome.

aMiB: I was mostly calling you out for supporting GG


—aMiB will find and harass you if you support GamerGate, but GamerGate supporters are the harassers

BT: To me that's incredible! What makes you believe her and not Eron Gjoni?


—BroTeam calls out aMiB on his white-knight faggotry.

aMiB:You don't "warn the world" when you are at your absolute angriest
You don't warn the world at 4chan



—aMiB thinks that thezoepost was posted by Eron on 4chan. Clairvoyance! That must be how aMiB knows who anonymous people are. Watch out guys, he already has all of you doxxed!

BT: What memes? I don't think he ever called her a slut once

aMiB:The five guys stuff. No coincidence it have the name to the IRC channels and YT videos



—Of course it's no coincidence, youtube videos and IRC channels were made in response to thezoepost.

BT:How would he know that would spread memetically? How do you know he set out to get a raid against her?
aMiB:It's funny how every woman GG targets is a professional victim. They have a perfect record of spotting them!



—No, we didn't re-crop anything. aMiB abruptly changes the topic when called out on his bullshit.

aMiB: When was the last time you saw that pattern drive a prominent man out of the industry, tho?


—Well, we would say Phil Fish, but that he specified "prominent" (even though Fez is more prominent than Depression Quest and Revolution 60).

aMiB: They said Gjoni claimed that Grayson fucked Zoe in exchange for good review


—Here's a fun game, go watch the original Internet Aristocrat videos on Zoe Quinn or go read thezoepost and have a drink each time he mentions "sex for reviews." You'll be so anti-drunk that the pope himself will give you a medal. Maybe aMiB would have chosen his wording better if he actually read thezoepost.

aMiB: Grayson didn't give her any positive reviews. Or any reviews at all
BT:So they could have just not reported on it instead of trying to say it's false and gamers are dead for calling them out on lying
Correct. That was never a claim Gjoni made though
aMiB: They didn't report on it, tho
BT: Zoe did lie about fucking Grayson a bunch of times while ostracizing Gjoni so he wouldn't find out, and making him ostracize his friends
What they did report on was the angry mob, which was news, and nobody thought was a good thin



—I'm sorry aMiB, were his corrections interrupting your monologue?

aMiB: They did fact check their claims, tho. She didn't sleep with anyone for coverage


—Kotaku has investigated Kotaku and found no wrongdoing.

BT: So me posting a video where a game developer talks is part of ruining Zoe's life and other lives and the game industry?
aMiB: Yep.



Brilliant logic.

BT: I don't think it's an epidemic, I don't think it's a surety if you're a women in the industry
aMiB: There's a big fucking problem with sexism in tech, especially in the game industry
BT:Or else every woman I've talked to in the industry would have something to report about this.



—Remember that whole "aMiB is prone to judging things he knows nothing about" from his Wikipedia days? Clearly aMiB doesn't.

BT: She has never had a job in the games industry though, she is getting these stories second hand. She wants to be a voice for women
aMiB: That is MRA conspiracy theory shit



—What, a person saying she knows all women in tech wanting power is a conspiracy? aMiB is a master of language!

Cool so you don't mind if a huge angry mob takes anything that could possibly be cut down to look bad out of context and smears you?


—aMiB asks if BroTeam would like done to him what he does 24/7 to GamerGate supporters.

aMiB: Who the fuck cares about her motives?


—No comment.

BT: She's in the game industry as much as I'm in the music industry if I upload a fart to KaZaaa
MiB:wow so uh how much do you actually know about game development, lol
BT: How much do you?
aMiB:Enough to realize that describes half of the industry, lol
BT: You've already said a bunch of times you didn't bother investigating several resources on several topic



—No kidding...

BT: Again, thanks for indulging me
aMiB: But you're okay with supporting the angry mob treating women like shit in the name of ethics.
BT: Many people would just resort to namecalling, but you were patient.
aMiB: Eh, no problem



—A Man in Black: pride before sarcasm detection.

To this day, aMiB still has not gotten over the butthurt of getting pwned by BroTeamPill.

A Man is Butthurt About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Your Game Needs Niggers

Not too long ago, aMiB leveled up his harassment after coming upon a startling revelation. He was wasting his life defending people that wanted nothing but diversity and realism in gaming. However, real life hates niggers so much that they can't outnumber the white man unless we're talking about the motherland. This left aMiB with a choice, to satisfy either the homosexual agenda or logic.

aMiB (unsurprisingly) chose the former, and began harassing Daniel Vávra for not satisfying the nigger quota in his game. Unfortunately for aMiB, Daniel Vávra was trying to make a realistic game about Medieval Europe. When was the last time you saw a nigger in Monty Python?

A man is historic.png

Daniel realized that he couldn't match wits with someone that wasn't doing anything but posting an irrelevant Wikipedia article and caved into aMiB's demands.

A man is historically diverse.png

Clickbait for Hire: Boing Boing and theGuardian

Thank GOD we have bright people like a_man_in_black defending minorities.
Can we just take a moment to laugh at the irony?

I’m not a proper journalist


—aMiB, making the understatement of the century

Under the ingenious pseudonym of "Jay Allen," aMiB turned his ego into profit by doing the exact same shit that he did on Wikipedia years ago: rant, rave, and pretend to be an expert in a subject all while offering insight so piss poor that even your average Fox News viewer would shake his articles off as retarded. aMiB hates Fox News, though, and if you disagree with him you're part of the same right wing conspiracy that it works for! Using his excellent writing skills, aMiB turned to one of the thousands of clickbait sites that happily accept any hack where the only job qualification is "ability to smash face against keyboard until words are formed": Boing Boing.

We should, however, give aMiB credit where credit is due, since unlike his dog-fucking ally in harassment he has such varied topics as pretending to be an expert in chans, "How crowdfunding helps haters profit from harassment," saying that everyone that disagrees with him is an idiot Republican, and pretending to be an expert in chans. It should be no surprise then that reading any of these articles will result in your brain turning into a pile of gray goo, but this experience isn't new to anyone that takes aMiB seriously. It's not atypical to find such common tactics as aMiB citing himself as a source, trailing off on completely unrelated topics in order to talk down to the newfags that read Boing Boing, or try to be hip young and edgy by inserting random Republicunt hate no matter the relevance...

all of these communities share a common creed, tech-fluent and superficially self-aware. To outsiders, it's distinctly conservative.


—...Even if the reference doesn't make any sense. Does aMiB write for Family Guy?

At the time that our editors were brave enough to sacrifice a few brain cells by "researching" this shit, aMiB had written 4 articles. In case you feel brave enough to tackle the stupidity, you can find them as listed (don't worry though, they're archived so he won't get jew golds from it):

It's also not uncommon in these articles for aMiB to contradict himself. What makes him extra super special compared to your typical lolcow is how blatant he is about it; aMiB knows that his audience is so gullible and stupid that he can contradict himself mid-sentence and his readers will remain none-the-wiser. With that being said, to spare our readers an agonizing fate of wanting to take a hammer to the cranium, here's MOAR assorted retardation from the articles:

But it takes passive forms, too, such as the corresponding belief that any time white men have an advantage over anyone else, it must be because those men are just better at it, rather than for systemic reasons.


—If you don't believe that there's a conspiracy out to get women, then you are an MRA redpill conspiracy theorist.

Despite espousing often-conservative views, most GamerGaters identify as left-libertarians when given the opportunity, as in this self-selected poll from politicalcompass.org aggregated by Twitter user @hazmatbrigade.


Got any examples of those "conservative" views, Jefferson, or are you going to go ahead and post evidence that proves you wrong?

Causing confusion and angering GamerGaters with perceived false accusations is itself “lulz”. Some GamerGaters make a point of publicly denouncing /baphomet/ and the harassment tactics associated with it.
That said, GamerGate and /baphomet/ work in tandem.



—"Even though GamerGate hates /baphomet/ and doesn't work with it, GamerGate and /baphomet/ work together."

This takes active forms, such as the conclusion any woman or person of color who outperforms a Redpiller must have cheated to do so, either with sexual favors or affirmative action.


—All is fair when Affirmative Action is involved.

If your real name is available online, if you reused any account names on different services, if you reused an email address on multiple sites, if your IP address was ever publicly exposed, or even if you used the same avatar image or photograph on multiple sites, it may be possible to piece together enough to reveal further details


—Do as I say, not as I do. Don't forget those 7 proxies.

Redpillers rationalize even vicious bigotry as hatred of a particular person who happens to be a minority, rather than hatred of the minority groups themselves. And you are the real bigot, for pointing out any sort of pattern.


—If you don't agree with aMiB, you are a racist sexist bigot MRA conspiracy theorist.

#libertarianismin4words Pothead who is racist


—Not aMiB, but a tweet that he cites for the previous quote. Didn't realize that liberals are a minority group, Mibby.

Indeed, anything that is studied subjectively, like philosophy, religion and theology, or art, is considered a lesser subject because it cannot provide the objective truths of “hard” science.


"Why do physicists hate philosophy?"

8chan, one of many imitators of flagship English-language imageboard 4chan


—Imageboards literally began with 2chan 4chan guys.

In addition to his promotion of atheism and debunking of pseudoscience, he focuses on attacking feminism and particular feminist personalities.


—aMiB is too retarded to see the similarities between pseudoscience and third wave feminism.

GoFundMe and Patreon illustrate how, even if services ultimately remove toxic users, they still profit in the meantime.


—If you think he's talking about known doxxers like Randi Harper or harassers like Zoe Quinn, you'd be wrong because aMiB thinks women are perfect little angels.

In a moral, if not legal sense, they are the business partners of people who profit from intentionally inflicting human misery.


—A perfect summary of aMiB's involvement with Boing Boing.

Further reading:

“Patreon and Common Carrier Sociopathy”.



—Further reading: My blog storify posts.

Having an ED article on you means that the page will be filled top to bottom with smears against you or anyone who shares the same name as you, mixed in with hateful slurs against your ethnicity, religion, or (real or perceived) deviation from the sexual norm.


—Worth noting is how sudden the mention of ED is. It literally has nothing to do with the rest of the article except to try to smear us. Then again, it's not as if aMiB was trying to discredit a certain article that was calling out one of his friends as a dogfucking pedophile at the time, or anything like that...

Anon culture is a decentralized echo chamber, but one that can produce interesting things through the work of many hands.


—"Decentralized echo chamber..."

It isn’t clear why Vivian is so joyless about games, or why she’s never wearing any shoes.


—aMiB thinks that Vivian's character is odd for a character to not wear shoes while playing video games in a traditional video game environment. How nice of him to notice.

To their minds, why would you post in the #gamergate hashtag on Twitter if you didn’t want to defend your arguments — and yourself — from attack?


—That's actually a good question, and the opposite of an "echo chamber."

One example of how the anon underpinnings of GamerGate can turn toxic is from early in GamerGate’s life. GamerGate discussion was banned from many sites because GamerGaters were spreading personal information, nude photos, and defamatory accusations against game developer Zoe Quinn.


—People posting nude photos on 4chan? How unthinkable! Saying mean things on 4chan? Oh, what new ground these GamerGaters tread...

And this integration of the internet with our lives—and the trails we leave as we use it—has become a new weapon for the hateful and bored to lash out.
Until the law and internet services catch up to what’s needed to protect people, the best protection is being aware of what constitutes a threat—and what you can expect to happen after you receive one.



—aMiB: The safest way to use the internet is to augment your personal information into whatever you do on it, then worry about threats after a troll makes the first move. Protip: Don't be a retard with your personal information.

If you want more retardation, read the articles themselves at your own risk. Encyclopedia Dramatica takes no responsibility for any internet-related suicides as a result of reading them.

Seeing this wonderful writing, the Guardian realized that it wasn't getting enough clicks, therefore it must not be retarded enough. Therefore, aMiB must write for them! Unfortunately, it isn't as lulzy as his other works. He even advertised it, but alas, it was not enough to warrant a return entry because even the Guardian realized that it fucked up by giving this sociopath an outlet. As for the article itself, it's literally nothing but aMiB reviewing a game as if he were Jack Thompson, if Jack Thompson were a batshit insane sociopath rather than an old Republican (read it here without giving aMiB or tG jewgolds).

Taking Down ED

It's no coincidence that aMiB mentioned ED for seemingly no reason in one of his shitty articles. ED is after all guilty of the crimes of laughing at stupid people and documenting proof that aMiB's friends are criminals. Why, anything legal is fair game on ED. That means that even aMiB could have an article written about him, with all of those nasty words like "faggot" and "nigger" included! aMiB saw to it a favor to the internet everywhere by trying to shame ED.

A man in black ED.PNG

However, some time later he decided that his hatred against us was so petty and stupid that even his mentally retarded followers would see right through it. He was mighty quick to abandon thread after realizing that he couldn't snark us without revealing some pretty ugly shit about his friends.

A man in black 2lazy ED.PNG

Of course, this means that his master plan all along was to...

Wait for it...

It's going to really surprise you...


We're shitting ourselves in fear, aMiB. After all, writing blog posts is the most dangerous weapon in your arsenal.


A Man on Crack About missing Pics
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Will Razz Jefferson, the Wolf About missing Pics
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