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ED CLEANER 2.jpg This race needs a serious clean up

Somebody should do something about it.


If you have been offended by "Azn",
please click here and scroll slowly down to the bottom of the page.
Other Names Gooks, Ching-Chongs, Chinks, Chiggers, Chink-a-billy, Chinamen, Chinos, Chingy Chonkas, Chonky, Chinigs, Choo-Choo, Nammers, Rice Niggers, Nam Niggers, Chinese, Japs, Fobs, Foreigners, Yellows, Bananas, Faggots, Ninjas, Samurais, Jackie Chans, Wannabes, Teenyboppers, Copy Ninjas, Smalldicks, Twinkies, Zipperheads
Characteristics Flat faced, Chink eyed, Yellow skinned, Two-faced, manipulative, greedy, stingy, mean, prostitutes, FUCKING NINJAS
Surnames -ang, -eng, -ing, -ong, -ung, -an, -en, -in, -on, -lang, -leng, -lee, -ling, -long, -lung, -kim, -park, -yan, -yen, -yin, -yon, -yun, -smalldick,

Example: Chang Nguyen Smalldick.

General Hobbies Act like USA, Dress like USA, Make shitty music like USA, Talk like USA, eat rice, drift cars, watch anime, Instanoodlegram, Hmonglr, Chinkbook, steal pets, cook pets, genocide their own people, bombing Pearl Harbor, Cambodian killing fields, shooting V-TECH, playing old video games BECAUSE WE'RE TOTALLY STILL IN THE 80'S AMIRITE?!
Organizations Temple, Dojo,
A typical Azn

Azns (Asians) are a stark race of souless materialistic robots with little to no culture. Asians are the racial equivalent of women and have serious problems reproducing due to wide-spread nu-malery and homosexuality, but they still stay ahead of everyone else in population. Asians in fact have higher average iqs than Europeans but are such conformist, un-creative pussies that they never accomplished a single thing. A good metaphor for their culture is to look at their art and compare it to European art, this gives you a glimpse into their psychology. It is absolutely minimalist, bare and only having absolutely necessary details. It has no soul, no heart or no love. Asians are a souless, loveless, heartless race. This philosophy is reflected in the cheap shitty garbage they sell to the west. Asians are stereotyped for their strong discipline on their children,in general they have a total lack of empathy when dealing with any type of social outlier leading to extraordinarily high suicide rates. It would truly be the ultimate hell to live amongst this antithesis of humanity. Due to these factors Asians and the proliferation of their influence is a bigger existential threat to the posterity of humanity than even Blacks or Muslims. An Asian dominated world would be an absolute nightmare, this zombie horde must be stopped.


The majority of Chinese men were castrated by Japanese women during World War II, and lack the right equipment to score some fanny.
An Asian in his natural habitat, lost in thoughts of rice and small cocks.
A man, being denied of some delicious whale dog Penis.
What they think
ching chong dong
Some Asian "men" love White guys more than Asian women do it and love to show the White Boys that they are infact better than Asian females

Before Europe got out of being a bunch of hut-dwelling druids and established the first city-state, Asia had already created a massive empire of rape and mastered the efficiency of genociding their own people. The first premier Asian dictator was Qin Shi Huangdi, who conquered every Azn kingdom in sight and named his new empire for himself, which is where China got its name. Of course, being an example of Asian rulership, he killed over 9000 of his own people in purges, including and not limited to scientists, teachers, professors, lawyers and everyone with half a brain. The second most notable rapist asshole of Asian descent is someone named Genghis Khan. Previously, the Mongols were just a bunch of retarded prairie niggers who survived by consuming horse milk. He decided that it was time to go home to his newly renounced wife. But as he went in, he was shocked. His wife was bent over and giggling along with a company of forty-seven foreigners. He asked her "WHY? WHY YU DOO THEES TO MEE?", to which she replied, "because your dick is so damn small you fucking disgusting gook". His half-inch micropenis did not please her. Extremely butthurt he executed the slut and the representatives, and rallied all the Mongols to establish an Empire based on brutal Raping and Pillaging, for the goal that they could at last conquer Europe for that damn white pussy.

The Azns invented gunpowder, but instead of keeping the technology for themselves, they, in the greatest act of stupidity in history, traded it with the Europeans. As a result Europe genocioded one indigenous race after another and began its campaign of World Domination, and the several branches of Azns had different ways to deal with their dominance. The South Asian countries such as Vietnam were not so lucky, as they were enslaved by the same weapons they traded upon their newfound white masters. China was once the treasure trove of the world, but their inability to catch up with the progress white people made caused them to be the laughing stock of the world to be exploited at gunpoint for tea and opium, culminating in the Opium Wars where Britain, having become bat fuck angry due to China's refusal to trade tea, epically pwn3d their flimsy wooden ships. Meanwhile, Japan, hiding beneath the Imperial powers like the proto-Jews that they were, sneaked within the shadows through their ninjas, replicated every Euro tech and made an empire for themselves, but, eventually, they succumbed to being Drunk on Power, and used their newfound technology to rape absolutely everyone and everything (See also: Rape of Nanking). It took Nuclear Weapons to quell the Japanese threat, but unfortunately, the radiation mutated them into the most pathogenic and deadly disease of the Internet: Anime.


Was once a rice picker. Now achieving Swag, the American Dream.

Later on, a disease known as 'Azn' was brought to public attention in the early 2000's with some gay rap song about Buddha. Asian-Americans claim to be "proud" of their heritage (instant lulz, because their heritage is in no way their achievement) which consists of copying other heritages. So instead of combining their superior IQ and kung-fu skills to easily pwn the Jews, Azns instead would pretend to be a nigger, whitey, or any other scumbag race that has a trendy bandwagon in the United States of America.

The most common heritage Azns will copy is the culture of niggers. Many Asian-American teenagers at the time found out about this new-found trend while watching rap and hip-hop videos on MTV, hence dressing, acting, and publicizing like a nigger (a low possibility that Azns whould shoot, rape, stab, or rob anyone but other than fellow Azns but probably wouldn't do it because they don't have the 2 dragonballs to do so). In doing so in this image, Azns would gain public fame and a status quo (only from fellow Azns since they don't interact with other races). This ends in fail as their parents dishonor them and throw them on the streets at the average age of 17 to live day by day sucking cock for "five dorrah", or to work forever in the kitchen of their parents' Chinese restaurants (on the plus side, chopping up and watching screaming stolen pets are fun!).

Azns will also tend to copy the way of the white folks (not interacting with Whites as well, lulz). Azns who want to model would scrap the ways of wearing the traditional kimonos and tabis to dress like Jennifer Aniston (such as AudreyMagazine[1], a bunch of try-hard Azn females trying to live the way of the white wimminz). Some Azns eventually copy the sk8ters. Azns are terrible at skating due to heavily squinted eyesight, but will eventually survive if one hones kung-fu skills.

When Azns tend to act of their own culture, Azns will say they pride themselves on speaking both English and their native tongues, but none of them have ever read a book in any language, including simple pictograms. It is not unfair to assume that they cannot read anything longer than acronyms such as BMW and TNA, which their parents buy them every day because they were born as spoiled gooks.

Azns tend to look cultured by using chopsticks on everything they eat (but it IS useful for picking up those evasive, slimy, and greasy sauteed dog penis). When asking about their religion, Azns are all followers under Buddhism, but most Azns don't know at least ONE of the Eightfold Paths by Buddha, or when and where it originated.

This fact is reflective of another. Azns are also a unique paradox; despite the stereotype of nerdy Asian students, most Azns are complete retards.

Favorite Hobbies

Did you know? You can order live dog meat in one of your local Korean restaurants!

Azns like to eat alot. Therefore, you see alot of obese Azns in your local Chinatown, high school, Tumblr; etc, and kung-fu movies. But heres one fun fact! The reason why obese Azns are strangely scarce is that when Azns become fat, their flesh becomes irresistibly savory and delicious. This is the chance for restaraunt owners to harvest fat Azns and sell their meat in the markets for profit! So if Michelle Wong is missing from your local neighborhood, you know what she tastes like. Azns love to eat Korean food and Chinese food, which consists of a variety of dogs, cats, rat fetus, cockroaches, fly larvae, grasshoppers, and fat Azns.

The best known Azn food is rice. Azns are very fascinated by rice, especially the females, but it is known that Azn females put rice on their boyfriend's 2-inch wangas, proclaiming it "dick sushi". In fact, it has been suggested that rice should be used as bait for attracting Azns. If there is a device or machinery that needs to be fixed, you should sprinkle rice around and on top of the object. Nearby Azns overnight will transform into a ninja and will sense the rice from up to 100 miles away. Then they will fix your problems in exchange for every grain of rice.

Azns love to blog. The major blogging sites Azns would use is Chinkbook, Chunglr, and sometimes Asiantown[2]. They like to blog about pointless things such as why their parents beat them with chopsticks for getting -A, their lunch, clothes, their small wangas, why their exes got stolen by the black man and their small tits to other natives. Most things for sure, Azns love to take pictures of their cats but if you see this, please contact PETA right away before they cook it for dinner.

One of the most used and favorable platforms for Azns is Instanoodlegram. Azns would upload pictures of themselves to Instagram and ask for a shoutout. This is a method which minor Azn Instagram users tag their pictures with the account names of popular Azn profiles. Then the popular Azn profile (e.g.; fysa18plus, FinestAsians, FuckYeahSexyAsians, HollisterAsians... lol) expose the minor to their followers. Thus, this gives the minor Azn the credibility of being Instagram Famous. On being Instagram famous, Facebook, Tumblr, etc, the Azn will be noticed by other fellow Azns on the internet. However, this status quo is not a real achievement (why should it even be?) and goes without a salary. In the U.S, approximately 100% of Internet famous Azns still live in their parent's chinese restaurant by the age of 35.

Azns love to sleep. In public. So much so, there are online photo collections of Asians sleeping almost anywhere.

Azn Pride

Standard try-hard swagfag azns

The Azn's most unmemorable intervention in the western world is Azn Pride, a bunch of Azn things which consists of driving shitty Hondas at 25 mph, eating rice, rapping about some Nepalese or Indian named Buddha, and raiding Uncle Ben's rice field as ninja squads to steal every precious grain of rice (because Azns hate Niggers too).

Azns in Flicks

Since Azns got tired of killing animals at their parent's Chinese restaraunt, they decided that if they wanted to be cool in the western society, the best idea was to post videos on YouTube. Azns took this idea from the niggers and whites. They believe that posting unfunny and shitty comedy flicks, this would make Azns popular (in the end, only to get known from fellow natives). This is why Azns don't make it to movie industry.

An Azn romance flick about a girl who desperately wants to leave a relationship, because her ex has a small cock.

A biography film of an average Azn. Nunchucks, throwing stars, NINJA.

Azns In The Music Scene

Typical wannabe-nigger Azn rapper
The Azn version of Black Veil Brides
Azns are good at syncing until a wild Godzilla appears.
Is this your mom?

Since Azns were tired of making unfunny and shitty flicks on JewTube, they figured that the best idea was to write music. Copying from black people yet again, Azns would abandon the traditional Chinese music and make shitty hip hop and rap videos. If azns were on the soft side, they would copy the white folks, making generic pop and acoustic covers. Their lyrics fail terribly from lacking poetical sense and original rhythms, making it just as bad as Black Veil Brides (although Black Veil Brides is better by 2 inches). This is why Azns don't make it to the music industry.

Your dad sings this when he does karaoke.
Try-hard Azns being niggers!!
A rare species, the Chigga
Wide-nosed Azn trying to be Elton John.
True Azn village music.

Don nigger 2.jpg
|Don Henrie thinks that since his girlfriend is a wigger it means she's part black and that gives him the street cred to call people niggers.

Facts about Azns

Proof that Azns have the tinest penises second only to India.

Azns are Chinese, so as a bonus from inheritance, occasionally some Azns have acquired the skills of a true Shinobi, throwing ninja stars, teleporting, and using kung-fu, cum-fu, karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Airbending skills at very high speeds and then fading into the shadows as a retreat tactic. Azns' visual inheritance consists of retarded looking eyes and yellow skin, making Azn's the most unattractive race on Earth, second to niggers. Approximately 100% of Azn-American teenagers in the U.S and China combined have the inheritance of very small penises averaging to a size of 1.03 millimeters to 2 in", second to India, which they have no size at all.

Social platforms, such as Chinkbook, Chunglr, Instanoodlegram are mostly relied upon not only as a source to get internet famous, but also a breeding ground for Azns to mate with other Azn sub-species to spawn their offshoot of little chinglets (if a chinglet inherited superior IQ and fighting abilities, he/she is destined to become a true ninja. If a chinglet has no IQ at all, it's destined to convert into a swaglet and plague nearby victims with Yellow Fever).

Azn-Americans cause 66% of all U.S automobile accidents each year due to their squint eyes and staggering IQ, but the numbers has steadily decreased after some Azns have acquired a driving technique called drifting, which Azns would activate the e-brake in embracing a turn, as seen on Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift.

Some Azns are extremely good at math. Because of this, they score at least 2,400 on the SAT and get into MIT's Engineering school. This kills everyone else's grades, except for those of the Jew, who use their evil Jew powers and Jewish IQs to plot the downfall of human civilization on a daily basis.

How to spot an Azn

What half of Azns want to look like, and fall horribly short of it.
What the other half of Azns want to look like, but would be better off becoming an hero instead.


What half of Azns want to look like, and fall horribly short of it.

Not as annoying as the female counterpart but is still worthy of deserving a kick to the balls if spotted:


  • Commonly wearing an OBEY or sports/underground brand snapback.
  • Oversized or to-the-skin wool sweaters (stolen from their sisters)
  • Small ear gauges, or oversized plastic diamond earrings.
  • Defintely a pair of Vans or insanely huge kicks.
  • A trampstamp of a star on their left or right wrist.
  • A mini bump on their pants, that is their penis.
  • Hilarious attempt at a mustache.
  • Sometimes stuff their underpants with a tootsie roll to make their penis look (at least) 4 times larger.
  • Often seen wearing the ever popular "Got Rice?" t-shirt.
  • Has posed for a group portrait at Glamor Shots with other Azn boys in matching nigga outfits (that often include fedoras), displaying gangsta hand signals.
  • Horrible, horrible acne. They could be classified as new planets and moons. Unfortunately, azns aren't celestial bodies, they're ppls just like you and me azns are not people.
  • Armpits have a sour smell (can be sensed for up to 1000 feet away).
  • Hair is dyed a color other than black, usually red, or invisible
  • Hair is usually cut short and the top is spiked with jizz, and sometimes they are bald, to show how "hood" they are.


Typical Azn foreplay before applying the bukkake marinade..
  • Are always pissed most of the time (due to small penis).
  • Thinks they're tough... only around other azns.
  • Having trouble jerking off their micropenises (must use tweezers to do the job).
  • Likes to show off their clothing (but not their wangas).
  • Blog about why their comfort girlfriends left them (because of tiny penis).
  • Always brag about their new job (because of course the workplace contains 99% of azns and 1% of a desperate nigger so shut up you chink).
  • Use chopsticks to look cultured.
  • Thinks they're hood but doesn't know a single thing about getting beaten by 20 apes, doesn't even know a thing about Tupac (only to know him from his hologram), and thinks weed make them four times as cooler.
  • Likes to camwhore themselves out Facebook, Tumblr, and Instanoodlegram just like the comfort azn female teens.
  • Likes to fantasize about having a big penis.
  • Likes to collect all 8 badges.
  • Likes to collect all 150 Pokemon.
  • Likes to raid American MMO's with botting and gold farmers.
  • They usually desire twinkies. "You are what you eat".
  • If older than 40, they will definitely own a Chinese restaraunt.
  • Plays lots of Starcraft and Warcraft III.
  • If a hardcore azn, will love beating off to Neon Genesis Evangelion.
  • Has a screen name with a relation to the show Naruto, also usually contains a derivative of "Azn".
  • Claims to be "in da hood, black person" (thus making them even more pathetic than wiggers).
  • Has never been to da hood, and does not know where it is.
  • Most likely are Internet tough guys (usually to compensate for a stale eggroll).
  • Riced out car. Usually driving Acuras or Hondas with coffee tables glued onto the trunk door.
  • Has an exhaustive collection of X-Box, Nintendo, and Playstation games. Usually the latter.
  • Believes that the Western media world is 'against them' image-wise, and that it should portray Asian male characters as being 'cool' (eg, not actually Asian)


Typical Azn female.
A former Thai refugee who's whoring out on Instanoodlegram for rice.


  • Has a penis.
  • Overloaded with makeup (they're ugly as shit without it).
  • Wears furry coats or moccasins (which came from stolen pets).
  • Small tits.
  • Small ass.
  • Fake tits.
  • Fake ass.
  • Sometimes wear OBEY clothing, but instead copies the white girls (still hideous).
  • Annoying K-Pop, hip-hop, or rap ringtones.
  • Has the hoop earrings and drawn-on eyebrows of a Mexican whore.
  • Has hardcore eyelid plastic surgery or rhinoplasty
  • Wears contacts of unnatural colors to appear less Asian.
  • Wears TNA or LuluLemon yoga outfits to make her look like she actually has an ass. Also known as false advertising.
  • Bad snaggletooth. Any azn girl with decent teeth is uncalled for.
  • Have sideways hairy vagina. Sometimes with teeth.
  • Claim to be the most feminine of the females races but actually has no curves, no tits, and no ass.
Typical Azn girl raging from her period
Swagging on Instanoodlegram couldn't get her a job, so she gave anals and blowjobs to keep up with the bills.


  • Goes batshit insane with an annual period of 2 times a week.
  • Likes to flash their small tits to other fellow azns on Facebook, Tumblr, and Instawhoregram.
  • Take pictures of their crappy asian food and uploading it to Animalgram and Hmonglr.
  • Likes to give shoutouts on Azngram to ugly fellow Azns (it's the way of the Shinobi).
  • Leaves the flirting to the guys, since azn females are lazy whores.
  • Moans so loud during anal.
  • Too obsessed with themselves.
  • Will sometimes be seen with a White guy (Sometimes they'll go with the black man) due to Azns having small cocks.
  • Answers "eating" when asked about favorite hobby.
  • Listens to complete garbage called k-pop, and even CLAIMS they're Korean but they're really just chinese gooks.
  • Some spend endless hours on the japionese mini photo print-club machine and do lots of amateurish camwhore poses.
  • Stays thin via bulimia ("twice the taste, none of the calories").
  • Has experience working as a "model" at a HIN show.
  • Overreacting (not as bad as emofags that overreact more.)
  • Often seen with ricer boyfriends, whom they drain of money like the gold-digging cunts they are.
  • Actually makes the stereotypical "Valley-Girl Blonde" look smart by comparison.
  • Posing on loli sites or working with Dateline NBC "to catch a predator" because they have the body of a 13-year-old boy
  • Has a Xanga page with journal colors that will blind anyone with non-slanty eyes to ensure an Azns-only privacy level.
  • Steals white, nerdy guys from their fat nerdy girlfriends. Then treats them like crap.
  • Well, they treat everyone like crap, so slap those chinks if you see 'em.

Where can I find those..."Azns"?

Some Azns are used as commodities.

The most popular areas for finding Azns are UCLA, downtown Chinatown, and your local chinese store.

Since some Azns have inherited the ways of the Shinobi, Azns can be found hidden in the trees, preempting for a strike to oncoming innocent bystanders for their Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Azns can also be found in the shadows, waiting to steal every grain of rice.

Azns can also be found in public parks only if there is other fellow Azns. If no other races are around, they would speak some sort of gibberish at an extremely high volume and they would bring guitars and ukeleles but won't actually play it. If alone in a pair, Azns would woodpeck on each others' micropenises and use their musical instruments as organic dildos.

Azns hang out with the other azns at their houses because all azns know each other, no exceptions (See Incest) talking about how much they hate the niggers and jews. If not at each others' houses, they can be found at the mall in the arcade rooms spending all day playing DDR with fellow Azns. This makes a fierce and bitter rivalry between the Azns and the Mall Goths. Since mall goths play DDR as much as Azns do, there's often territorial disputes between them resulting in massive lulz getting arrested by the mall cops so none of them will become an hero.

Azns of the World

Asia is a dangerous place ridden with tribal savages, autism and Communism. Here is a guide to the various Azns of the world and decide which country you should go too. REMEMBER!: The more autistic and yellow/pale the Asian is, it usually gets worse: An Indonesian ape nigger is much better than asplurgian South Koreans zerg rushing you- BUT STILL, every Asian is dangerous, the aforementioned Indonesian monkey can easily beat a puny South Korean to death OR maybe you!

TYPE FIVE: These guys are the BEST type of Azn because they do not share the same disadvantage with the others for not being bananas, these guys are usually the Indians (Curry Niggers), Bangladeshis (More Curry Niggers), Indonesians (Shore Niggers), East Timorese (Asian Tribal Niggers) and the Sri Lankans (Even more Curry Niggers). As they are so much different from the East Asians we are used too, most of this article should be irrelevant to them. They are known for having Negroid/Mongoloid blood (Indonesian DNA is 10% East African).

TYPE FOUR: These types of subhuman often reside in closer proximities the the Chinese states where the sun is not as brutal, making them yellower, these people are known as the Nepalese (Mountain Niggers), Northern Indians (Curry Niggers again!?), Filipinos (Asian Multiniggers/Sea Niggers), Maldives people (Island Niggers) and Malaysians (More Shore Niggers).

TYPE THREE: These types of people are usually the darker kind, Southeast Asian scum and their equally retarded associates! These sons of bitches with higher assburger rates are also known as the Burmese (Rohingya Niggers) , Cambodians (Swamp Niggers), Laos People (More Swamp Niggers), Thai (CP Niggers), Tibetans (Self-Immolating Niggers), AND some ugly as fuck East Asians such as the Mongols (Mongoloido-niggers) and the Central Asian scum who support Communism.

TYPE TWO: These types are the retards who are best known for its inbreeding, faggotry and autism. Everyone hates how they are so communist and yellow that everyone thinks they have jaundice when they don't to make themselves feel better. They include the Chinese (Rice Niggers), Vietnamese (Southern Rice Niggers), North Koreans (God's Gift), Singaporean Chinese (Asian Neutral Niggers), Hong Kongers (Gold Rice Niggers), and Taiwanese (Other Rice Niggers). If you want to know more about them, see the Qing. Browse at your own risk or their assburgers and retardation will consume you and turn you into their slaves.

TYPE ONE AND A HALF: South Koreans are a special type of Asian, having assburger levels less of that of Japan and more than China's. They created Starcraft and Zerg Rush. For this reason, they are the only Asian country that fits in such a unique category.

TYPE ONE: These retarded, insane, horrifying and SEVERELY AUTISTIC freaks are definitely the worst type of Azn... these subhuman abominations are known for being the no. 1 cause of Assburgers' Syndrome on the planet as well as being the creators of Anime, Guro, Hentai and Baby Fuck . Most of these subhuman meat calculators are clueless, mentally ill and permavirgin faggots who are known for their mental retardation, unnatural rates of autism and 10 Jew Tribes' DNA. They are the Japanese.

Trolling An Azn

A reason not to troll azns, however in real life they are pussies, so go ahead.
The Japanese azns are most notable for their instinctual desire to fondle and rape little children.
  • (GUARANTEE TROLLAGE) Talk about how Timothydelaghetto[3] is such a wannabe-nigger and he should go back to China.
  • Ask if they're Chinese or Asian (classic lulz).
  • Tell them they have small penises since they're Azns.
  • Go to all of the videos shown above, and tell them "America Does It Better".
  • Brag about your dick size.
  • Point at an old china-man, and tell them that's their dad.
  • Say ni-hao regardless of Azn sub-races (also a classic!)
  • Tell them Ching Chong (It's a common courtesy though).
  • Ask if they work at a chinese restaurant.
  • Ask if they know how to make fried rice.
  • Ask if they eat puppies.
  • Ask if they know kung-fu or karate, and say what's the difference?
  • Tell them that taking pictures on Instanoodlegram will not achieve the American Dream.
  • If encountered by an Azn swagfag, look at them from head to toe slowly. Then say "America Does It Better".
  • Tell them that blogging on Hmonglr will not achieve the American Dream.
  • Ask about why they have flat faces.
  • Ask if they're tired since their eyes are so squinty.
  • Ask why they dress and act like niggers.
  • Tell them that k-pop isn't poetical enough to be music.
  • Tell them they look like Jackie Chan.
  • Tell them they look like Bruce Lee.
  • Ask why do they have coffee tables glued onto their ricer cars.
  • Ask if they know about Bruce Lee.
  • Great Wall of Japan.
  • Make sure to carry a gun when trolling IRL since all Azns are ninjas.
  • Assume all Azns are Chinese. (This will piss them off and make drama)
  • If they are Chinese remind them of how the comfort women got raped by the Japs, for epic lulz
  • Piss them off telling them "I'm glad those Japanese fuckers got nuked during WW2". This will only work if the Azn is of the Japanese subtype, as most of the rest of Asia hates Japan intensely.
  • Tell them they look like retards - but at least retards have the strength to smash up coke machines.
  • If they're cosplayers, say "America Does It Better".
Alan Ling a ding, is a popular choice for fb stalkers, as he whores himself out on fuckbook, allowing very easy fbstalking
  • Leave Comments on AZN pages saying"BROWN PRIDE!!, "BLACK PRIDE" works fine as well.
  • Since most Asian males and females die of loneliness as they are only accompanied by other Asians, it puts a bug up their ass when you ignore them especially if you're not Asian.
  • Call them a TB (Teeny Bopper), especially offensive to those who ACTUALLY ARE. Extra effective to those posing on failbook photos, trying to look gangster and gain respect from their peers.
  • Tell them they're short (Mostly true)
  • 1. Steal their failbook profile (Create one with same name (CLOSE NUFF K), upload all their pics)
  • 2. Add all their "friends" (other aznfags).
  • 3. Say a lot of shit/troll/start flamewars

The Dangers of Asians

Azns don't know who you are. Azns don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, they might tell you "ching chong ling long ting tong". But what they do have are a very particular set of skills; skills they have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make them a nightmare for people like you. If you stop making fun of the hideous Azns and their penis size, that'll be the end of it. They will not look for you, they will not pursue you . But if you don't, they will look for you, they will find you, and they will throw ninja stars on your ass like you never seen it coming.

The Dangers of the Asian Penis

Azns are crazy anyway, but if you mention their miniscule penis size, you are gambling with your life. If you want to survive a conversation involving Azn dicks, listen up.

  • Remain calm! Go about the conversation in a slow, chill manner, so to not provoke the Azn into doing something you and it will regret.
  • After you have mentioned their tiny wangas, there is no going back. If you try to steer the conversation else where or end it, the Azn will have all the info it needs. You see, Azns predict if you will be an easy to kill coward by if you continue or stop. Stopping, obviously, will merit the Azns to kill you easily. Because of this, it is your best interest to continue making fun of his penis size. Again and again.
  • After more provoking, the Azn will probably succumb into a fit of rage. No amount of bullets will stop the beast. Your only weapon is to whip out your schlong. The Azn will immediately forget all it was doing and will congratulate you on such a nice dick. Then it will go back on its way to whatever it was doing. (WARNING: If the Azn is gay, you will most likely have sex with it)
  • CONGRATULATIONS! You have survived an Azn encounter. Be more careful next time!

List of Azns

Can YOU tell the difference?
what about NOW?
NOTE: Asians hate Niggers even more than Crackers do

See also

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Azn Music

Now you too can be Azn. Micropenis not included.

The stupid fucking song some faggot ED editor thinks started it all, even though Azns have been around since the 80s and were seen in Nightmare on Elm Street.

It doesn't get any more hard-core than this!

flame war has now started in comments section, contains several AZN lolcows

Trolling them is simple and recommended for easy lulz

asians and their bizarre facial features


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Pika Pika.gif Azn is related to a series on AZNS. [Domo ArigatoHerrow]
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