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disambiguation: this initialism can also refer to AllTheFallen
ATF can be purchased at auto parts stores, or can be shipped to you for free with the purchase of any illegal firearm.
Intimidating but underneath the hard shell lies a heart of lead

The United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (and Chicken) aka NAMBLA, is an altruistic government organization devoted to making sure every nigger in America has a cold 40 of malt liquor, a packet of Newports and an AK47 as dictated by the Bill of Rights of the United States of Amerikkka. Get it right, That's SAMCRO's Job. They control alcohol, tobacco, and firearms so its common knowledge that the ladies Traps and Sick Fucks fucking love them.

Attached to black community organizations like ACORN they go around the country like benevolent Santas in trains leaving boxcars full of gats, smokes and malt liquor open in rail yards for community leaders to distribute to the ghetto. SAMCRO has that shit covered as well.

The ATF also serves in an advisory capacity to organizations -both black and white- who need assistance in arranging cookouts for the entire neighborhood.

Since the late 90s, the ATF has been increasingly utilized on a state level in enforcing two-drink minimums, ladies' night, and smoking bans in the clubs, bars, and restaurants that white people frequent. Typically, when called upon, they will swoop in like a SWAT team and surround a belligerent smoking customer or drunk and set him on fire while deafening him with death metal. Their current leader is Agent June Stahl Owned by Opie Winston in the Season 3 finale

What you need to know about the ATF

The ATF in action

An ATF agent at Take Your Gat To School Day showing gang members how to shot footbullet.

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