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People have always been asking me why Skuee is always in my videos? Well the truth is he is here to help with game reviews and Vlogging.



AJ in the morning, after a nice cumbath and some game reviews

AJcomix is some anorexic kike faggot from Florida that likes to have buttsecks with his furfag lover, Skuee. He's most likely the biggest Internet tough guy ever, and the most successful e-lawyer out there. He claims to be a pro in martial arts, although he's still a 98 pound stick. It's also been rumored that he masturbates while trying telekinesis. He also seems to be gayer than everyone that he subscribes to (no mean feat).

What He Is

Blatant evidence of faggotry amongst these two.

A spineless Jew homosexual that loves video games so much that he fucks them with his micropenis. His Jewish personality comes into play every time he lies to his viewers, telling them he does not spin dredels and is not loaded with cash. AJcomix is a Jew, and telling the truth would be a huge liability to his Jew gold.

Not only is he a top-tier furry fucktard, he has also apparently been dropped on his head enough to believe in telekinesis, which is of course the phenomenon of possessing the ability to anally masturbate yourself with the Giant dildo of death without physically touching it. He has been known to practice with pencils (experimenting with urethral insertion), as well as tinfoil helmets (possibly to protect himself from the INTERNET HATE MACHINE)

What He Has

Hay, Skuee. How u doin' baby? Can I come over and have butt-sex with you? And for you other boys/men out there, do you find me attractive? Check me out on my MySpace page and come over to my house for a little fun. If you know what I mean... WE'LL ROLL AROUND THE BED UNDER THE SHEETS!

AJ appears to struggle with his horrible condition known as Parkinson's disease, as proved in his many videos that involve a HEAVY amount of twitching. He also cries about how his friend Dog264 got b& on YouTube, showing more evidence that his friends are faggots and cripples.

His Activities on Encyclopedia Dramatica

AJ's embarrassed because everyone knows he loves Skuee. And anime. But mostly Skuee.

They had a picture of his mother on there and his mother never gave them permission to put her image on the internet. THAT IS ILLEGAL! If I could find the person responsible for this I would kick them so hard in the balls, then beat the shit out of them. Then I'll take them into court so they could get arrested.



Because he is a butthurt faggot, AJcomix created a user profile on Encyclopedia Dramatica under the creative name, AJComix, in order to BALEET Skuee's article like a little bitch. However, AJcomix is full of fail and consequently did not know about how vandalism is pointless, so he swiftly received the banhammer from some SysOp or other while the rest of ED two people looked on and laughed.


AJ, being pissed off about the Internets coming after him.

What do you mean I can't be civil? None of the haters are civil to me, posting my EXACT LOCATION, calling me with DEATH THREATS... and like I said, losing a YEARS worth of work and built up fanbase. I offered to be civil millions of times, but they instead decide otherwise. This is the hater's choice, not mine...



AJ's dox were dropped by someone, somewhere on the Internets. He got extremely pissed off and tried to be an e-lawyer, and he even failed at that. He has threatened to call the police on the people who dropped his dox.

AJ Calls It All Off

In his latest video, AJ claims to see no point in wasting time with the whole hater situation. In addition, he called off the whole police pursuit against anyone who attacks him or Skuee, realizing that the police will never help him, and will only laugh at his pathetic ass. AJ declares that he will block anyone with an IQ lower than his, seeing as those comments will be intimidating to AJ, and will only be dealing with cool people that suck his micropenis. The rest of approximate six minutes is supposedly filled with mindless drivel.

Jackass Wannabe

In previous videos AJ announced that he would begin making "Jackass styled" skits. As anyone would expect these skits turned out to be filled with faggotry. These skits include such hardcore events as: jumping off of swings, pillow fights, walking around a house with a cassete, and poking cats. Wow AJ, you sure are hardcore.

I have a toilet paper roll for a nose.




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