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Kids Luv Doing Drugs. Help Them Score Whenever You Can!
This is what really intellectuall and accomplished people have to say about ADHD. (irony)

ADHD is a shit excuse those kikes in the pharmaceutical industry use to get you to buy their drugs which make you into a super soldier with extreme concentration and accuracy so you can kill people so Libtards can blame guns. Also, teenage kids who say they're FUCKING RANDOM OMGGOGGMGGOGMOMOGMGOGMGMGOM instantly diagnose themselves with this. One first encounters those with ADHD in middle school. Remember those asshole kids in your class that spent all their time interrupting the teacher to be unfunny ? ADHD. Remember that time you didn't pay attention in math class and instead scribbled poorly drawn dicks in your notebook ? You have ADHD. Congratulations, faggot.

At least 100 years ago Mohammed invented the Islam and the rule that you had to pray five times a day was developed in order to avoid having coffee breaks with people who have ADHD.

For someone who is suffering from ADHD surfing on the Internet is like this all the time:

An ADHD kid's guide to getting laid

ADHD kids can't get laid.

Here's a TL;DR example (of an ADHD kid not getting laid):

<typicalgirl16> hey i was with Jessica when she read your message. not cool at all. 
honestly who are you kevin? you surprise me
<Logical Male> My understanding of her was one such that I thought that she was of 
the sort that wouldn't freak out about it, and that she would read the note I 
tagged her in (where I satirized myself for doing that, and explained why I did it), 
and she would in turn troll me back

<Logical Male> in addition a friend of mine said the following to me today,
"if shit is awkward with people, maybe it's just because you're not a good match."

which i extended and applied to Jessica as such:

someone capable of thinking some banal conversation about nothing is awkward and 
if I didn't think said conversation was awkward, then maybe it's because it's not
a good match. Because of the way that I think, which is such that it is consistent
only in that i can understand through reason any sort of action, is such that one 
who cannot, is not one who would be able to tolerate me.

<typicalgirl16> ...(thinking about boiz and rainbows)...
<Logical Male> though it was superficially "not cool", it had an underlying justification
which I thought she would get and in the case that she didn't, I provided access to 
material that would allow her to "get it".

i understand that it was hasty for me to jump to such a conclusion and that we 
live in a society that has underlying rules (or customs) that dictate behavior and 
expectations (though I am not 100% clear on where I stand on that issue), 
but it is important to me to assert that I wasn't being 100% dick

<typicalgirl16>I dunno, it sounds a lot like philosophical bs. Which it is.
Your little experiments always go way to far. Its not cool or different in a 
progressive way or anything. And about your remark about my internet use. 
you're right, i don't know shit about the internet because i have other hobbies 
that are far more beneficial. And if you would have trolled me, I probably wouldn't 
talk to you anymore because you would say hurtful things that are true. You may 
not think i know anything but i do know that this kind of behavior will get you 
nowhere in life. your career will be shit, your friendships will suffer and maybe
even your family will abandon you. its just social suicide and i am so over 
destructive behavior. its just immature. I know you are having a grand old time and 
taking this all in like some pretentious po-mo snob but you are in fact are backward.

<Logical Male>what you're saying anti-intellectualism in action.

it wasn't an experiment, it was something i did and when i realized i did it out of 
passion and not reason, I openly admitted to the world that I am retarded and have been
retarded on many occasions where i have let passion and not reason determine my actions.
All of which was done through satire.

i had to phrase the message to you as i did to make I was absolutely clear and to give 
you a logically valid explanation of why i did what i did. you responded with opinions 
which, whether or not they are true, make for a logically flawed argument -- which doesn't
really hold any water upon analysis. again i am not questioning the validity of your claims,
every one might be 100% true, but the key word there is "might" whereas I left no room for 
ambiguity by providing a sound argument.

On a side note, the internet drives the entire contemporary world

And voila, one uses ADHD as a way to intellectually checkmate his opposition.

ADHD's antithesis is utilitarianism (learning for the end of being smarter than most versus learning just barely enough to get a shit retail or service job on Main Street, USA). While some argue that ADHD isn't a real disorder and say "ADHD is used as an excuse for someone being a social fuckup because they set things on fire, shit on people's clothes and cannot do any activity for two seconds without resorting to violence" -- these people are retards and should be killed with fire.

ADHD/ADD & Parents


ADHD is real n shit, but a lot of doctors used to use it to get munniez. They got concerned mothers thinking that their child being a brat was because of ADHD or some other exotic bullshit disease. They also prescribed shitty medications like Ritalin that last like 1 minute, and so basically have no use except for older siblings to steal, crush, and snort when they run out of weed. ADHD meds aren't meant to be prescribed to people with minor ADHD but the people who make Ritalin don't give a shit.

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