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WARNING: This website contains some or all of the following illegal material; Gambling, Adult, Lingerie/Swimsuit, Drug-advocacy, Nudism, Gross-content, Profanity, Racism/Hate, Sex, Terrorism/Crime. Please remain seated and wait for Police assistance.

And nothing of value was lost.

The ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) has recently announced legislation to protect every Australian from nasty websites such as 4chan, Goatse and even your beloved Encyclopedia Dramatica. To do this, the Government intends to install a compulsory Internet filter for the entire country, one to rival The Great Firewall of China. Not long after trials started, somebody exploited the filter and discovered the entire list of blocked sites. This list of 10,000 URLs was uploaded to WikiLeaks and subsequently to ED. As this is super-secret Government information, the ACMA proceeded to shit bricks as they were forced to explain to the public why certain popular sites were blocked.

After a report citing the severe inadequacies and costs of the filter, the Australian Federal Government plans to continue with the project. In 2011, when the electronic curtain drops over Australia, ED will grow just a little more awesome. Never forget.


File:House australia lolwut.png
The world's reaction upon hearing of Australia's little predicament.

Naturally, parents are happy with the filter because it means that rather than supervising their children and teaching them about the potential dangers of the Internet (you know, parenting), the mother can instead go to her boss' house for sex and the father can contemplate suicide in the bathroom. And since Ausfailians have working hours that would make Japan shit its pants, any lifeboat the government cares to throw to the people to help relieve their cognitive load is welcomed with warily open arms.

But not everyone is happy. Basement dwellers across Australia are enraged that, as adults, they are not being offered an opt-out of this wonderful free service and their latency in Xbox Live will increase. No achievements for you tubsy! Reasons suggested for the filter are:


Your Australian tax dollars hard at work.

In early March 2009, wikileaks poasted a huge list, which in turn sparked a minor shitstorm. The list in question was the upcoming Great Firewall of Australia's censored website list. As you're reading this, you are currently viewing a website that has been deemed illegal by the Australian Government. To further compound the retardation, the Australian Bureaucracy will attempt to fine individuals of up to AUD$11,000 (USD$20) per day for linking to any such content. Also, seeing as the Great Firewall of China is just a torify away from bypassing, it seems next to impossible that Ausfailia could do any better without China's billion-strong sweatshop monkey machine of programmers.

You can view the full list here. Note the number of dead links, dead rapidshits, dead *chan threads, and even dead MySpace profiles. Great job Australia, protecting your sheep against people that Tom already raped and baleeted.


How to get the blacklist from PC based filtering software

Atomic.gif Warning!
The following came from a comment on the Australian Whirlpool forums, which was in turn censored. YOU'RE NEXT!
  1. Download a copy of the Integard content filter and set it up however you want. (google integardsetup.exe)
  2. Open up integard.exe in a hex editor
  3. In your hex editor, do a search for "datetimepicker.js" and change it to the not-at-all-ambiguous "Websites_ACMA.txt"
  4. Quickly kill the running integard.exe and save your changes.
  5. Once integard.exe has reloaded, browse to — which it will now happily serve you via the web interface.
  6. ???


See also: Operation Titstorm, Project Freeweb
ACMA 1.png
If we are to protest IRL, several things must be different from the past chanology.

First, no masks. For one we don't want to isolate ourselves from the regular Australian person. When people walking around the streets the day we protest, if we do, we want them to stop, look, read whatever information we have with us. We don't want them to hurry along not making eye contact with the mask-wearing, meme-spewing, LOLSORANDUMing weirdos dancing on the road. Also, there is no need for masks as this protest must be a legitimate one. The right to a peaceful gathering in protest, which is what we shall create and must adhere to, ensures there is no need for anonymity as was the case with the CoS.

Which leads me into my next point - This protest ust remain legal. There cannot be any violence, CP, gore, racism, hate speech, window-breaking, vandalism, etcetera, or it will be catastrophic to our cause, as the public will not only disregard us, but further support the government when they say "THIS SORT OF TROUBLEMAKERS WILL BE BARRED FROM THEIR INTERNET RENDEZVOUS..

tl;dr : No masks, unless a symbolic gesture - ductape over mouth, No violence or hooliganism - Maintain a beacon of professionalism and seriousness to show our devotion to - and importance of - our cause.




Chairman Mao Prime Minister Rudd Bruce knows what's best.

On December 15, 2009, the Australian Labor Government announced the results of the trial program to censor the Internet. They ran the trial over 9 ISPs, and the results are in: IT FUCKING SUCKS.

  • ISPs had difficulty loading and patching the filter.
  • A "technically competent user" can circumvent the filtering technology.
  • The filter over-blocks 3.4% of URLs.
  • "One particular technology" forces a significant performance impact on traffic (up to 40%). The majority have a "minimal" impact.
  • Commonly used methods of circumvention (such as Tor and other proxies) will be almost impossible to impede due to the fact that the technologies required to halt them will impact traffic performance too greatly.
  • Customers report both over-blocking and under-blocking by the filter.
  • Customers report traffic performance degradation.
  • Customers expressed the need for self-management of the content system (i.e. opt-in service).
  • Non web based protocols are almost impossible to impede.
  • It's really fucking expensive.
  • It blocks fucking Google Images, what the fuck is that shit?

Some argue that the methods for determining "refused classification" (RC) content is completely arbitrary and values-based, rather than having a criteria by which websites are based on. The Government plans to table the legislation before the next election in 2010, and if passed, it will be enforced in 2011. But everybody knows that the Greens Party, who opposes the legislation, holds the balance of power in the Senate, and thus the legislation will fail. Ultimately, this is merely a media stunt by the Government to appeal to single-issue family values voters, rather than serious business. But don't tell Anonymous that.

Given the pilot’s modest goals, it was designed from the beginning to pass. Although it may address some technical issues, what it leaves out is far more important – exactly what will be blocked, who will decide, and why is it being attempted in the first place?




While the Government says that they will be relying on an evidence-based policy, we still haven't seen evidence that this is going to play any meaningful role in preventing children from accessing harmful material online.



—Greens Senator Scott Ludlam

Successful technology isn't necessarily successful policy. We're still yet to hear a sensible explanation of what this policy is for, who it will help and why it is worth spending so much taxpayer money on.



—Greens Senator Scott Ludlam

Most Australians acknowledge that there is some internet material which is not acceptable in any civilised society.



—Stephen Conroy on logical fallacies

It is important that all Australians, particularly young children, are protected from this material.



—Stephen Conroy, thinking of the children

c'mon guize, all the civilized countries are doing it!

A New Hope

Realising that implementing the filter would constitute a direct violation of Labor's current policy of complete inaction, Stephen Conroy's office announced it would be postponed until after the next Federal Election. Labor apologists now claim that the entire filtering scheme was nothing more than a clever ploy to win the support of Stephen Fielding in the senate. Since Fielding will be kick banned from politics at the election and the front cabinet will be reshuffled to bring lesbian Asians like Penny Wong to the reins of power, the whole plan will never be heard of again. We can only hope.


Notable Blocks

Conroy can forget about #4 unless he counts over 9000 Anons

Not Blocked


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