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FoundationOctober, 2013
Major Boards/v/, /b/, /pol/ and /furry/ Now just /qresearch/ and /vichan/, thanks Jim!
Epic WinsGiving people a place to go when m00t sold 4chan out for some 2/10 pussy

8kun (formerly known as 8chan, also known as InfinityChan, Hotwheels Chan, Dudchan, Pigchan, and 4chan 2: Electric Boogaloo) is an FBI infested Internet honeypot for users who were banned from 4chan. The users are mostly retards or /pol/acks from /b/, /pol/, and /v/. 8chan is essentially the Reddit of chans, which allows any idiot to fag on out their own personal abortion of a board to the point where the entire site has become more full of shit than a Christmas turkey. The creator and former owner of the site is a genetically deficient trainable permanently plastered to a wheelchair who lives with his Jewish lover and AZN nanny named "Hotwheels". It had a low fan base of about 10-20 members prior to m00t trolling all the people who actually value free speech on out of 4chan. Then, thanks to m00t's glorious purge, 8chan's most popular boards had thousands of mourning former Btards, but eventually, Hotwheels was couped by the owner of 2chan, Jim Watkins, causing the site to become shit up and eventually died for a while from being removed by Cloudflare and general incompetence.

Some boards, such as /b/, were filled with cancer. However, not the entire site was like this.

Hotwheels The Janitor

His personal pet pig enjoys "pedo-play" and "furry time"!

The owner of the site is Fredrick "Hotwheels" Brennan, a faggot in a wheelchair with brittle bones disease who leaches off of his pet pedophile in exchange for little boy role-playing wherein he dresses up in kiddy pajamas and lets her suck on his malformed baby dick. Because who doesn't love a "man" that stands less than 3 feet off the ground with an undeveloped, Pamper covered pecker who sounds like he's been huffing helium?

Before making InfinityChan, Hotwheels called himself Copypasta and was one of the admins of Wizardchan, the imageboard full of suicidal virgins that Zoe Quinn accused of harassing her to try and promote her game. Which was ironic because this led to people trolling a forum full of suicidal people in the name of promoting a game about dealing with depression. Even more funny is the fact that Zoe faked the whole thing for attention after a troll from the CWCki forum made a single post about her there to fuck with them.

Hotwheels however is no longer an admin on Wizardchan due to the fact that he's a cripple autistic man-child who was whoring himself out to pedophiles. Once he was exposed as a pedo-enabler, all of WizardChan flew into a fit of rage and rightly ousted him from the group.

Hotwheels replied in kind by shitting his man-Pampers with flustered indignance as he screamed on about how he'd, "Start his own chan... with pedos and social justice warriors!" as he rolled on out of the group with a pant load of ass mad.


Hotwheels eternal legacy: the HotCAPTCHA and errors
  1. No CP.
  2. No Pedos at all.
  3. No Insulting Jim or the Moderation of 8chan.

Notable Boards

8chan features the ability for anons to create and maintain their own boards. This is likely to prevent Jews and social justice warriors from taking over the central moderation and turning the site to shit, as was too late for reddit, wikipedo, and the once great board herself.

  • /22/ – Only oldfags remember /22/
  • /b/ – Random: Mostly pics of kids in yoga pants, raids, dubs and bitching about how 4chan sucks. Dead nowadays; good riddance.
  • /v/ – Video Games : A board for discussion of video games and video game culture. Unlike 4chan, discussion about #gamergate and social justice warriors is allowed.
  • /shame/ – Tired of moral fags like John Oliver telling you you can't post/fap to revenge porn because it's The Current Year!? Well cum on over and have a fap and afterwards be sure to send them a message to their real facebook/phone number/employer how much you love jerking it to their nudes!
  • /pol/ – P̶o̶l̶i̶t̶i̶c̶a̶l̶l̶y̶ ̶I̶n̶c̶o̶r̶r̶e̶c̶t̶:̶ ̶A̶l̶w̶a̶y̶s̶ ̶r̶i̶g̶h̶t̶.̶ ̶'̶'̶P̶r̶e̶t̶t̶y̶ ̶m̶u̶c̶h̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶o̶n̶l̶y̶ ̶d̶e̶c̶e̶n̶t̶ ̶b̶o̶a̶r̶d̶ ̶n̶o̶w̶.̶'̶'̶ turkish mod has turned into a cia nigger hugbox no debate anymore
  • /leftypol/ – Politically Incorrect For Pussies: Always wrong.
  • /a/ – Animu and Mango: Board for mostly anime. Weeaboos post here. Virgin central created because Hotwheelz isn't allowed on Wizardchan anymore.
  • /tech/ – Technology: Similar in focus to 4chan's /g/, but with less desktop threads and more programming language wars.
  • /film/ – The last bastion of taste on the internet. /film/ was long requested on 4chan's /tv/.
  • /litpat/ – The second to last bastion of taste on the internet. Refuge for 4chan c/lit/s.
  • /ebola/ – Ebola: A board devoted to the worship of Ebola-chan.
  • /furry/, Board Owner: PuppySky – Your new home: A containment board for furries and failed furry "artists".
  • /younglove/ – Pedophile Support and Discussion: A board for actual pedophiles. More focused on support and age of consent discussion than dumping CP (don't be fooled they are all plotting how to fuck kids and get away with it).
  • /pone/ – My Little Pony: A NSFW containment board for bronies.
  • /vip/ – VIP: A secret board for quality posters.
  • /int/ – International: Promised land for the exodus from 4chan's /int/, also is inhabited by many Finns who left Krautchan. /intl/ won
  • /cow/ – Lolcow: – After Legi0n, 789chan and 888chan have shut down they have now spread here like a bad case of internet herpes. Obsessed with Chris Chan and masturbating to fat fucks like Pixy Terry and Jessica Elwood.
  • /legion/ – Yet another split-off group from 888chan. There are like 20 of these there.
  • /baphomet/ – "Baphomet is great, it's like /i/ or /b/ in the old days." – Zaiger. /Cow/ milks the lolcows and /baphomet/ slaughters them Closed and the admin is currently on the run from the police Bullshit, Benji successfully escaped to China and the board is still there
  • /wx – porn board. Good for requests, shit for fapping unless you like fapping to pics because people are too lazy to post quality gifs and vids.
  • /christian/ & [http://8kun.top/islam/ /islam/ – The two big religifag boards. Made for having serious discussions about religion. Generally boring and unlulzy, due to both being modded to hell and back.
  • /cuteboys/ – The internet's #1 AIDS support group for the mentally ill.
  • /fem/ – The female board, Board Owner: Swami (AKA "The Insufferable Cunt")- Many hate this board with a passion, mostly because the boards owner, Swami, loves to fuck with everyone by tripfagging and stirring up shit on other boards. They always fall for it too. Mostly dudes pretending to be chicks trolling for tits and gay dudes pretending to be chicks trolling for cybersex with dudes trolling for tits. After some major drama around February and March 2015 the board got botwiped and spammed by many other boards for swami's tripfagging and shitting up on other boards. Also the /fem/ userbase was not happy about swami and they decided to abandon /fem and create new boards. Swami even got kicked out of the /fem/ skype group. The successor boards to /fem/ are: /girltak/, /tradfem/ and /beauty/.
  • /namibia/ – This board was created in January 2015 by /pol/acks who wanted to create their /pol/ utopia state. They had many threads on /pol/ about where they should go and they decided to start this project in Namibia because of the mild climate, the cheap land and the low population density (only mongolia is lower) of Namibia. They want to start a autonomous community with their own farms and infrastructure.
  • /sjw/ – A board for social justice, created in early March by Nolongersilenced Nolongerstraight. It is not clear whether he is in fact an autismal socjus activist or if he is just trolling 8chan but the videos he is delivering are pure gold.
  • /kind/ – Is 8chan's dedicated hugbox board, an area where mostly weeaboo trash go to post away from all the mean misogynistic bullies that habitat the site. /kind/ is most notable for its main rule of no bullying allowed.
  • /intl/ – disenchanted former /int/ users, a group of 5 vpn-shilling neckbeards who were right about everyone and everything on 8gag.
  • /newsplus/ – The Yogapig's hugbox.
  • /pnd/ – pol 2: electric boogaloo.
  • /Qresearch/Qanons main base of operation & retardation
  • /mde/Sam Hyde fanfag board.


8chan.co began in 2013 when a Cripple on shrooms decided he wanted to create a 4chan clone. The chan slowly got some popularity after it popped up in search results of people who were looking for another 8chan. When it was in it's glory days, 8chan had some shit going on in it's time. Such as the board claiming system. When boards would be put up on claim.php after some lazy bastards would forget to post in it.

This would lead to the top secret organization, Niggest Crook Force to claim all of the autistic My Little Pony boards. They would replace them with CSS stylesheets that would get on everybody's nerves. After a while though, Copypasta took the white knight route and stopped the board claiming system after he was too scared of the ncf. Pst... If you know the moderator of the board's IP address, you could claim it back.

In February, 2014 a neckbeard named "Mr. Dinkleberg" posted a link to the cancerous chan, Kurobachan to 8chan for all faggots to see. Some anons would think it would be funny to mess with the admin of K-chan, Brandon. It turns out that Brandon was actually retarded enough to put his personal information on his site. He was soon doxed and everyone on 8chan had some epic lulz. He soon demodded Mr. Dinkleberg from the site after he had an intense battle with the 8chan admin.

Afterwards, 8chan soon became more popular and stronger.

8chan split at some point into 8ch.net and 8ch.pl. 8ch.net is completely banned off Google for having boards like lolicon that got a lot of people posting CP. Even though the mods deleted the CP, the pedophiles saved copies of it on archive.is. It used to be that CP deletion meant it was gone. Now with archive.is it's stored forever. Of course pedos do it all over the internet.

With a long time of DMCAs, the owner of archive.is said on his blog:


There are too much snapshots from 8ch.net and media.8ch.net with child porn. I see that blocking the whole 8ch.net is not a good solution, but I cannot review all the snapshots manually. Any ideas how to separate pages with CP from the rest of 8ch content?


—Denis Petrov of archive.is

Archive.is literally is, "IS DAT SUM CP? Fukken saved!"

m00t's GamerGate Sellout and the Exodus to 8Chan

Now backed by 2ch

4chan, the last great bastion of free speech, has fallen.


—The people that 8chan doesn't want to be known to.

In late 2014, m00t's GamerGate Sellout happened. The full account of it can be found in its own article, but what you need to know in short is this:

While GamerGate was in full swing the of GG threads on /v/, /b/ and /pol/ being autosaged and deleted, with their OPs being banned.

Why was all this happening? Because m00t had sold out to the SJW's, replaced all his mods with yes-men, started hanging out with Anita Sarkeesian and dating an SJW, Jew girlfriend who worked for Gawker Media whom "donated" to his new, doomed to fail, startup in exchange for him getting rid of all the GamerGate threads probably just got tired of nerd army drama shitting up the video game board and gave them the boot, leading to a hilariously fake chat log being crafted of moot and the "4chan mods" talking like the SJW Legion of Doom.

So for some loose pussy and a few grand that he will flush down the toilet, just like he did with his failed attempt at making a social networking site, m00t sold 4chan out.

The idea was that, if 4chan bans GamerGate threads, there will be nowhere left for people to talk about it and GamerGate will die. But instead of 4chan killing GamerGate, GamerGate killed 4chan. lol

The Exodus

/pol/ after the exodus of 4chan.

Soon people began doxing m00t and found out about Anita, his girlfriend and his connections with the gaming press. Moot retaliated by removing all spam filters on /pol/ as inviting all 4channers for a shitposting party. There was only one thing left to do- Go find somewhere else to post their shitty "Post ending in xxx names my penis" threads. Everyone with any dignity picked up their shit and moved to 8chan.

Will this last forever or will they come crawling back when GamerGate ends? No one knows. What we do know is that m00t is a sellout and a faggot. Also, 8chan is a word filter on 4chan and typing it will result in the system thinking your post "contains spam" also, 8chan is a banned ULR on 4chan and posting it will result in an automatic ban.

Moot had completely stabbed 4chan in the back, so we made a great exodus to 8chan, where we now find solace, safety and freedom.



—Never forgive, never forget.

Official Statement

8chan wheeler.jpg
I am the administrator of 8chan.co, an imageboard that supports free speech and allows the users to decide their own destiny by making and moderating their own boards.

My site is in stark contrast to 4chan where a small cabal of old "do it for free" moderators decide which content is acceptable or not and where only moot decides which boards are available to users.

8chan.co, like any large website, has many server expenses as well as my time in developing new features. With the new influx of traffic, the server now costs $60/mo for me to run.

8chan.co is a not for profit unlike 4chan. If this gets big I expect to apply for 501(c)(3) status and any excess money will be donated to other charitable causes like WikiLeaks and the EFF.

If you can, please donate, because right now donations are not enough to maintain the server in October. However, even before this page was put up I was given enough for September.

Thank you for your consideration. Any questions please ask me in IRC (#8chan @ irc.rizon.net) or email [email protected]


Hotwheels pigs.png

Partnership with Jim and moving to the Philippines

In October 2014, Hotman sold 8chan to Jim Watkins and moved to the Philippines. The official reason was that after gaymergayt, 8chan.co had more traffic and he needed better infrastructure but we all know that it was only for them shekels. For his shit site he already got more than he could have ever hoped for and it would take half a year before the first ones realize what a kike Breddit really was.

Who Owns 8chan?

The great DDoS attack

2015-01-07 was the day when 2ch owner Jim Watkins orchestrated a giantic DDoS attack on 8chan.co. All the retards from 8chan failed to see this obvious false flag and blamed other faggots for it. <\br> During the DDoS attack, Slim Jim came to help Freddit Breddit and presented himself as the benevolent white knight. The 8chan.co domain was seized by the rulecuck government of Colombia and Slim Jim registered a new one called 8ch.net. The new site was hosted for this domain and after regaining the old domain they just redirected it to 8ch.net instead of switching back. So basically after the DDoS attack, Jim seized control of cripplechan's domain AND he was in control of the servers. This means he was the one who owned cripplechan since January 2015. All in all this DDoS was by coincidence pretty convenient for his interests.

There were also some minor incidents with cripplechan's baphomet board but most of the time they were useless faggots and never achieved anything.

Intimidation Game

After the baphomet drama the genetic goblin once again saw a chance to whore for even more attention. He already planned to flood his shit site with redditors in a few months and the next oppurtunity was perfect. Following the baphomet drama from January, a new gamergate-based episode was planned for law & order, special snowflake unit. Brettit took over the domains of redchanit and used idiots from baphomet to make the site better known on leddit and other normie sites.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

/sjw/ board

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Nolongersilenced.

Nolongerstraight was basically a troll who rused all of 8chan. When he started his SJW board in March 2015 they were all in full paranoia mode. He made them raid his board many times and somewhen after a few weeks he lost interest and just left them retards. Until this day the 8gaggers believe they "won" this conflict.

Gamergate interboard drama

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Gamergate.

Gaymergayters were constantly having internal drama. First they had 13 year olds like Blade and Niko who lead their movement, then they got owned by Ayyteam. Their board was devasted and Acidcuck became the leader of a new gaymergayt board. After half a year it was revealed that acidcuck was a sexual degenerate who was possibly an FBI informant and data mining faggot.

The april fool's raid and creation of /intl/

On 1st of April 2015 /int/ decided to raid /pol/ with smug anime girls. Stromfags got triggered and started banning everyone who posted anime content. The raid transformed into a war over the days and a wikia page that is even more autistic than this article was created about it. Some of the raiding anons were not OK with a few things they noticed. /intl/ was born and it declared war to all rulecucks. Since its crusade started, intl created shitloads of OC and triggered 8gaggers into raiding their boards several times.

The april fool's raid and creation of /intl/ About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Freddit Breddit

In Summer 2015 Breddit decided that it was time for the next step. He basically wanted to flood his shit site with redditors. When the fatpeoplehate faggots got purged from leddit, he offered them 8chan as their new home. He was even shilling officially on reddit with an AMA and ads. Anons raged and he didnt give a shit about it. However, thanks to /intl/ no reddit exodus ever came to 8chan as they managed to scare away about 3 reddit exoduses from 8gag. Breddit was mad at them and started to whore for sheckels on /b/. Only a few months later he was confirirmed for rulecuck. He ordered his hotpockets to ban "obscure images" from movies like "American Beauty". This was the time Breddit stopped to give a shit about 8gag and hired Jewsh to develop Infinity Never. He also lied about the captcha system and how it was only "a temporary thing".

Freddit Breddit About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Infinity Never Ever

After Hotwheels sold his shit to "Jimmy the Jew" he started working on what he called The Next Big Thing not as an owner as everyone thought. He bragged far and wide about this next big thing which was supposed to revolutionize how you used imageboards. The next version of infinite-chan was supposed to be called Infinite Next, HotWheels recruited many neckbeards for this task, but his single biggest mistake was trusting a faggot known as Twitter-favicon.png "n-tech" aka Josh.


7 months ago Josh fucked up MidgetChan by making the site slower and slower, because Josh is a narcissistic moron who thinks that algorithmic complexity does not apply to his horrible code. Now Hotwheels did his best, which was close to nothing, to keep users from leaving his shit site to go to Twitter or somewhere, but almost all of them thankfully fled to any place that would let them in. This wasn't necessarily HotWheels' fault, because he has the IQ of a retard.

HotWheels shit explanation of what went wrong:
Someone reported to me that posting on certain boards was taking longer than usual, especially /v/.
I poked around a bit on the server and found that I couldn't insert into the board stats table.
I tried restarting MySQL, the `stop` command hung.
kill -2 also hung.
kill -9 did the trick, but as we know from DB admin school (lol), that's a bad thing to do to a DB.
Of course, MySQL didn't start after that. Blah blah u broke me pls inno_db_recovery OK.
Oh shit, I've never done this before. Restart MySQL, read-only tables. StackOverbutts says 
"you're not supposed to leave recovery mode on, idiot!" Oops. Take it off, restart DB.
MySQL has now given up on life. Hmm...
No one seems to be using it...wtf...
Make some random inserts/selects into board_stats, antispam, posts_v, anything to get it to hang and explain this. Nothing works.
All tables are readable, no locks.
Well, I do have VFEC, but I broke it because I'm working on it. Revert to last known working commit and...make a post...it submits...
OK MySQL isn't the problem. No one is trying to access it.
Fuck around with nginx/php-fpm. Suddenly they start working, I guess they all had open connections to the gone MySQL server.
Fuck if I know what actually made them start working after a restart
HotWeels has his own safespace
Dec 20 13:57:48 <copypaste> do like i do, make announcements that can't be replied to
Dec 20 13:57:51 <copypaste> read their replies if you care
Dec 20 13:57:58 <copypaste> rinse and repeat
Dec 20 13:58:19 <copypaste> i've developed this strategy after seeing that previous ones fail
Dec 20 13:58:32 <copypaste> it works well, and they hate it because it works well
Dec 20 14:00:39 <copypaste> oh, there's a part two
Dec 20 14:00:44 <copypaste> anything i want feedback on is nunu's job
Dec 20 14:00:51 <copypaste> to collect the responses
Dec 20 14:01:04 <copypaste> and distill them to some meme-free content-full summary

After this n-tech and HotWheels has had a few calm reasonable talks about this, where HotWheels being the beta that he is buckled under peer pressure and wrote a fucking essay on the SJW site medium. It is not like he has his own site. There he explained ArchiveToday-favicon.pngwhat had transpired

Then it was revealed, Edward Snowden style, that despite HotWheels proclaiming that his shitty site would support both free speech and the privacy of the users, that everything was fucking logged, so it was ready to be bargained with, in case the FBI wanted to browse some warez.

>Josh knowingly enabled debugging

>Josh didn't care

If you don't want to risk having your IP exposed don't visit the kiddy fucking board on the beta site



But because Josh is a fucking skid with no coding experience, he enabled debugging for the entire fucking site. You would think not having your IP exposed to the entire world, would be of a concern to everyone and not just the good guys?. After Jewsh fucked up he boarded an aircraft and fled back to burgerland because he thought Slim Jim is a mafia guy and his pig farm was for getting rid of corpses.

But then again HotWheels sold his site to someone who's been known to farm and sell user info.

Update 8/2/2016

Josh has decided to explain ArchiveToday-favicon.pnghis side of the story

The cripple is kill

Remember when the cripple laughed about moot for quitting? After Infinity Never, Hothead was pretending he was fixing the site. However, beeing the genetic dud he is, he was unable to do so and most of the fixing was made by based Ron. Ron is the son of Jim and developer over at 2ch. In May 2016 it was revealed that the genetic goblin was demoted from site admin to tech consultant and that he gave over the admin account to Jim and Ron. Ron was based and actually fixing the posting errors of the site, however Jim was a total rueleuck. After taking control he went on to ban pedos, TOR nodes, VPNs and anyone who dared to critisize him. A day later he tried to damage-control but failed hard. As of now, the new 8gag policy is to not tolerate pedofags and the 8gaggers have lost their sanctuary of freedumb of speach.

8chan BTFO by Librechan


eggy man omlet BTFO

Death and Rebirth as 8kun(t)

In 2019, while lulz and OC was winding down from the site leaving only /b/, /v/ and /pol/ to have any activity whatsoever, a KiwiAussie known as Brenton Tarrant announced his intent to become an hero, achieving a high score of 49/51 in kebab removal. Shortly afterwards, it being on /pol/, there was mass celebrations and donning of skullmasks and edgy attempts at memetic warfare being done in his name, and even a few failed an hero attempts like the Poway shooting. This would continue as normal and not produce anything similar until, in September 2019, Patrick Cruisius would shoot up a mall full of spics in El Paso, challenging this high score with 23 while still falling behind Tarrant. Hotwheels cucked massively and felt bad about the site he created and caused CloudFlare to pull the plug, despite the fact that the manifesto was posted on instagram first hours before anyways.

This left the site down for about 2 months, as the userbase scrambled to find new homes on the "alt-chan" webring, some to never return. However, an overly produced and tacky announcement came out about the rebrand of the site as 8kun, and it came back. Hotwheels continued to get pissed about this site's existence and booted them off fucktons of hosting services and shilling himself on VICE documentaries leaving 8kunt to host out of an asshole in China or Taiwan or something. While this was going on, Jim Watkin's mental state continued declining, with Freddit even getting v& in the Failipines for pointing this out over "Defamation" laws, resulting in the firing of Mark and axing of /v/'s entire userbase, moving base to 8chan.moe with some other boards. These same leaked logs also finally cemented Watkins as an absolute shill, only keeping his staff around to promote QAnon news links, interestingly enough Hotwheels is 10000% convinced that Q is Jim Watkins over or related to this ordeal. Even his own son, Ron, packed bags and left over his absolute incompetence.

Nowadays, 8kun.top lies in a dormant state, with the only real activity coming from boomer shitholes like /qresearch/ or /pnd/ (/pol/ in all but name) and the cancerous polish /vichan/. All posts now have an annoying ass disclaimer at the end of them and the site lies riddled with technical issues despite being given forever to fix them. Seeing this, oldfags may have gone back to 4chan or just went dark entirely now.

TL;DR: The only thing accomplished in the cleanse was btfoing all the pedofags and drumpf hating neo-nazis

Original Content

Since the 2014 exodus'/exoduses many disenchanted oldfags, Gamergaters and /pol/uters have left cuckchan and migrated to 8chan. As their creativity now went to 8chan it had to be expected that new original content macro images will be created soon by them.

Unfortunately the uncreative fucks they are, no major OC was generated in over 18 months. The main drama and OC creators were /intl/ and they are not even to be considered as real 8gaggers as they have their own imageboard now.

"Original Content" About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

8chan Gallery

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


Many anons (including /Baphomet/) have been pretending to be 8chan Oldfags but usually they are spotted very quickly by Hotwheels because they have no idea about trivial things from 2013/2014 ranted at for not knowing anything about Hungarian Imageboards. The original editor was too lazy to write out all the trivia himself, so read these pics instead.

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