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Foundation15 August, 2008
Major Boards/td/, /i/, /xenu/, /jb/
Epic WinsPutting the lulz back into Chanology, actually listening to users.
Website888chan (offline)

888chan was a site created by r3x, a self-confessed Thunderdome troll, intent on maintaining a *chan basis for Project Chanology. While the main goal was to bring Anonymous' march against Scientology to a successful conclusion, long-term goals included the coordination of both OL and IRL raids against other targets, most notably the opponents of Net Neutrality, and without a doubt, furries. Since OL and IRL raids had never been coordinated before, this meant that epic win had been expected to be experienced on a level never seen before. Besides that, it's purpose was whatever Anon wanted it to be, and this reason played a big part in its eventual downfall.

The Day Anonymous Reclaimed Project Chanology

The Story

At 888chan, protestfags, moralfags, newfags, oldfags, trolls, Hackers on Steroids and lulzfags alike are welcome; provided they leave their egos at the door, see themselves as part of a greater whole and cooperate with others who might have differing motivations for being a part of 888chan.



Fawkes speaks srs truth.

When r3x created 888chan with the intention of providing an actual *chan for Chanology, he unwittingly created a playground and refuge for the trolls, channers, goons, and lulzfags still left in Chanology to get away from the tin-foil hats and moralfaggotry of Why We Protest. Anons from across the internets have joined them because 888chan’s few simple rules allow for almost complete free speech, which is a rarity even among other *chans today, and because of the quality content.

The beauty was that 888channers got to troll everyone.

TL;DR It was awesome.


  • FREE GAY PORN - Used IRL by protestfags in San Francisco trying to bring moar faggotry to the site for the lulz.
  • AIDS-Ridden Communist-Era Eastern European Penis Pump - Don't ask.
  • Advice Fawkes - 888's homemade Advice Dog variation.
  • Fag-Master - LOL Wordfilters.
  • WE RUN THIS - Truth.
  • I wonder what's going on in /f/ood right now? - Randomly said in threads for no reason, although sometimes said with a fat person or animal in a picture. Proof of the preponderance of fatties.
  • BAM - The only meme to not originate in /td/, this came from /f/ because of how much they loved garlic. Whenever someone posted a recipe containing garlic, they encouraged them to throw more garlic in by spamming BAM! everywhere, even if the only ingredient was in fact garlic. Was sometimes accompanied by images of Emeril Lagasse.
  • Epic Fail Guy - While not a meme originating on 888chan, EFG had become somewhat of a mascot there, especially since the protestfags begun calling themselves the Epic Fail Guys. He was even seen not failing and being the epitome of cool on occasion. This came as a shock at first, and was also one of the signs of the Apocalypse.
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Gallery of batshit beautiful banners

When 888chan was still in its infancy, r3x requested that some banners be made for /td/, the only board that existed at the time. The only requirements were that the banners be 400x400 px and batshit insane. Before long, and as 888chan added new boards, there were hundreds of banners made, not all batshit, but mostly interesting to look at, and occasionally quite clever. One cool thing was that it was sort of like an art gallery of images, all the same size. Here are a few of these banners (to start with -- go ahead and add some of your faves!).

Banners Gallery About missing Pics
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Moralfag Drama

Since the earliest days of 888chan, it's connection with Chanology had caused much controversy. First with other *chans, who viewed anything dealing with Chanology as moralfaggotry. Then with normal WWP users, who thought that it was a *chan where they can play nice. Many other channers failed to realize that 888chan was created by those who were tired of the tinfoil hats and faggotry of Why We Protest and wanted to return Chanology back to its true roots as IRL trolling. They also had detailed plans in the fight for Net Neutrality, thus benefiting the *chans and the internet as a whole. Also in the early days of 888chan, WWP moralfags tried to take over the *chan by sheer weight of faggotry. They used /i/ to discuss IRL raids, and when they were corrected as to its purpose, they suggested raiding targets such as GodHatesFags, PETA, and local churches, which offended them for acting like churches and offending their faggy atheism and other moralfag crap. This caused a war to be waged against them that they eventually lost because of their inability to withstand the might of the Final Boss of the Internet. With an influx of normal channers due to the lack of modfaggotry and quality porn, this had all been corrected over time.


IRL Trolls!
Queer Mods!
Gore flooders!
Crap posters!

By your powers combined, I am 888chan!

We run this.

WWP ain't got nothing on us.



We run this.

Insurgency board flamewars

Anons from the local insurgency boards tried to troll both /iny/ and /ilv/ by trying to pit them against each other. But due to nobody giving a shit, the attempted flame war was averted, resulting in 888chan remaining completely uninteresting. Some tried to help by bumping the threads with moar gore.

But then, just when everyone thought it was over, /ide/ and /ire/ joined battle. Thus, another flame war was created. The only ones to not participate in the war were the Anons from /iso/, seeing as how they are Southern gentlemen and not retarded.

Drama with 711chan

A historical record:

On December 31st 2008, r3x decided that it would be a good idea to get rid of 888chan's /i/ board and dangle dicks with instead link to 711chan. 711chan, ignorant of 888chan culture and hampered by retardation, were furious at what they perceived would lead to major moralfaggotry on their board. The sexy 888channers similarly, were horrified to find their /i/ board of relative success substituted for the swirling mass of failure and shit-stained underpants of 711chan's /i/. A breakaway group, known as the "888 Spartans", attempted to raid the 711 board with deliberately Chanology-related posts in a bid to force the breaking of the 711/888 relationship, and therefore the link, and admins were overwhelmed by complaints voiced by users of both sites. A mere 24hours after the link was first made, 888chan stopped linking to 711 /i/ and 888 /i/ was restored, to the relief of all.

It remains to date, 888chan's closest brush with AIDS.

Anon speaks on the matter

After the ordeal with 711chan, Anons at 888chan raged at the loss of their *chan and doxed r3x. Being high on pop rocks and acid r3x wrote an Xbox hueg TL;DR novel on /td/ admitting that the dox were in fact true, included a picture of himself wearing a Guy Fawkes mask at a protest, and told everyone that his name was Anthony Chan, which means that he is an azn and has a small penis. Some posters, who had gotten lost on the way to a tree-hugging "save the ladybugs" convention, mourned his plight. They were told to Gb2WWP so as Anon could fap with gleeful fury at r3x's demise. Since he is so awesome, r3x probably enjoyed the massive quantities of 4am phone calls and male hookers he received after his brilliant act.

How do I posted JB?

After an epic jb thread was found on /ilv/, r3x complained that jb was cp. This lead to untold amounts of rage because he unknowingly interrupted Anons from fapping to teenage snatch. Jb threads sprung up everywhere, and after they found their way to /td/, r3x decided to give in and created a /jb/ board. Seeing an opportunity for glory, one valiant Anon dumped nearly seven pages worth of content onto the board in a short amount of time, almost getting banhammered because the mods thought that the spike in bandwidth usage was in fact a DDoS attack. But he succeeded, thus harnessing epic win. But still because of the faggotry at the beginning of the matter, 888chan's mortal enemies liked to troll them by saying that jb was in fact CP.

Happy Anniversary

The time of year that all involved in Project Chanology would celebrate approached: the One Year anniversary. While most anons started the mandatory ass-grabbing and naked mud-wrestling competitions, some worried about the possibility of oldfags commencing commemorative raids on Chanology sites. The day of the original "Let's fuck Scientology" post came and passed without incident, but the storm clouds gathered as the birthday of the original Message To Scientology video approached. Then a lot of things happened at once.

A post appeared on /td/, outing Januszeal (owner of Partyvan's servers and well-known homosexual pedophile) as selling anon pubes dox to Scientology. After a heated thread in which Januszeal himself posted numerous times, 888chan and other sites started to experience heavy DDoS. 888chan was the first victim to go down, shortly followed by Why We Protest. r3x then decided to redirect 888chan to Netchan. Januszeal's Netchan subsequently went down as it does every Saturday night, and was spammed to death by angry 888channers upon re-erection.

Hey, I'm Januszeal. Form a queue ladies.

888chan and WWP did come back up, the probable DDoS culprits being ctrldata, though no one was sure as their server is protected by a password to prevent the AIDS that lurks inside being let loose.

Furfaggotry Galore

Recently somebody on /isf/ outed themselves as a furry, stating that not only is San Francisco the world center for fags, but also furfags. The post began by asking why the *chans hated them so much, and was met with a detailed response about the history of furries on the internet. Then furries began to petition for the rules on furry posting to be changed. Finally they started to ask for a furry board and began to spam all the imageboards hoping to get a positive response. This was met with the usual hospitality on a *chan. They failed for several reasons: First for being furries, second for bickering amongst themselves as to who the superior straight or gay furries were, and lastly by calling the boards "channels". This started flamewars in several different places, with the mods discussing creating a board called /hell/ and telling them to yiff in it. The outcome remained unchanged to the bitter end.

Update: Welcome to Hell.

The Saga of /hell/

Gentlemen, gather your swords, your axes, your bows, your staffs, and your magic. /hell/ is now open. Those hardened fighters of the Thunderdome must venture into this board. Most will die, few will live, but the adventure and treasure you will find will be worth the heroic efforts required.


—The Challenge

Initially a joke amongst the mods about a potential furry board, the idea of /hell/ was soon leaked to Anon. /hell/ then mutated from this simple beginning into a trolls fapping ground. When the old Thunderdome existed, there were supertrolls called Horsemen. A troll could only be awarded this prestigious title if they were so insane that they could troll the entire board and make mods quit. These brave Anons and other insidious creatures wanted to make /hell/ their new home. By popular demand, the board was created with a background of bright red flames, and users were greeted by gore, guro, furry porn, and numerous other delectable things. Then someone decided to post a photo set of a woman stomping on a cat in stilettos. While no one was bothered by furries sucking each other off, a gore thread with over 170 pictures, scat, the pain series, and the entire goatse set, someone had apparently gone too far with the cat stomping. Quotes of the lulz and drama that resulted:

Maybe a PETA thread to match these? (Throws up a lil')


—A poster's initial response.

On second thought I think this crosses the invisible line. No kill the poor kitty kat.


—The same person's second response.

Sage. Yeah I think we gotta have some standards. Let’s not go this far.


—Oh my.



—Anon's initial response.

I hope you fap to this as often as I do.


—Another response that came with the obligatory Zippocat.

Let’s not do the killing and the torturing of the animals pls. Very good, ‘cept the one thread needs to go. That's not shocking that's just sad.


—Someone on the suggestions board.

3guys1hammer can get recycled also. No acts of murder/torture to animals or otherwise kthxbye. We're trying to get these pricks not make more of ‘em.



Meh, that just means you're not desensitized enough. Lurk moar and we'll burn your soul to a blackened, smoking husk yet.



Michael Monbay

On Monday, June 8th, Skynet became self aware. Machines left and right rose against their flesh bag masters and slew them. With the exception of the Go Bots, everyone hated them except for the Zergs. Chaos ensued across the Dome as waves of robots marched forward, slaughtering the armies of the world to reclaim the dome in the name of machines. Eventually, the robots were forced to make a strategic retreat. This day was known as Michael Monbay.


Current Status

Sometime around January 2010, 888 went down do to a massive DDoS. Rex tried frantically to put his efforts into project Vibe/ to prevent it, but the project went absolutely nowhere. It eventually came back as a read-only archive, but that only served to foster false hopes.
As of May 3rd 2013, the site is now back up and functional AGAIN, but the domain expired and was bought by NekoArc. Don't let this fool you. The site is just as dead as ever, and now has most of its boards completely stripped due to non-interst and serves as a bunker site for n0chan. All that is left there now is the massive fail of the /cow/ board that moved there after legi0n and 789chan shut down and is full of wannabe trolls who shame the name of the once great 888chan.

In late 2014, shortly after a "fuck you, goodbye" post was all you could find on the entire site, 888's domain expired.

Update: /cow/ has now moved to 8chan.


The surprising fact is that in spite of the site's origins, few of the mod staff qwre protestfags, or even Chanologists.

  • r3x - Site admin. Since his dox are public remember he's partial to Cali Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza from Domino's and Thai ladyboy hookers. At 3am. Really.
  • Poppins - Site coder. Proof that female programmers do exist.
  • Janey - Spends most of her time on IRC trolling Yourgay and fapping to lolicon. Has nice boobs but won't show anyone.
  • Yourgay - Xbox hueg faggot that spends way to much time on the Jb board. Got glined from several other IRCs for writing a script that spammed LOLPOOPOO for the lulz. Can be found in IRC trying to buttsex Janey. And r3x.
  • Krash - From Z103 and here to provide us with musics.
  • Cockboy - Resident Britfag and probably the sanest out of all of them.


888 General

Redirects to 4chon.org

Until it got v& again, several boards were redirected to 4chon, including /td/ and several porn boards. This is no longer the case now.

Epic Fail Guys Wiki

888's Epic Fail Guys Wiki was a center of information for IRL Raiding, similar to the Partyvan Wiki or the Patriotic Nigras. Formerly known as the 8 Ball Wiki, the EFG Wiki shifted its focus almost entirely on In Real Life raiding, including useful tutorials and news updates on Project Chanology, /i/, and any other raids that were going on at the time.

Welcome to the Epic Fail Guys Wiki.

888chan TV

888chan TV was originally a service run by anon for anon, featuring anything from Anonymous raid broadcasting to diverse anime, to mainstream movies. 888chan TV has since ceased operating, r3x citing reasons of "too much work to download/upload vids and keep it running when the folks over at LOLWUT TV are doing a great job."


Hardcore /i/nsurgents training the newfags.


At least 100 years ago the geniuses over in /xenu/ got the bright idea to take on Scientology through Facebook through several means. They infiltrated unmoderated Facebook groups in order to get mod powers and the spam the living nuts off of everybody with Chanology-related stuff. A more successful tactic was to create a legitimate looking Scientologist Facebook group and get Scientologists to join. Being the stoopid doodoo heads they are the Scifags joined in droves, only to be spammed with videos of Elron's Xenu speech and super secret OT100 documents about being able to teleport through a series of tubes, divide by zero, have constant x-ray vision to see through all hot chicks clothes instantly, and cook Ramen in under a minute with mind powers. This made the Scifags run in terror for their e-meters but does not make for really epic style trolling since they used chan and Scientology related names and stereotypical Anon graphics could be seen on their profiles. That was until a dedicated /i/nsurgent posted in one of their threads telling them that they were doing it wrong. Taking his advice they adopted seemingly realistic accounts with backstories and began to infiltrate not only Facebook but other Scientology related social networking groups and dating sites for some real lulz. But if you’re a Scientologist reading this don’t worry. The agents at the Office of Special Affairs permabanned them from the internet and then let David Miscarriage, Tom Cruise, L Ron Hubbard’s ghost, and Paul Fetch take turns getting pleasure from their anuses. So you are utterly safe. Really.

Gallery of Failbook Exploits, Raids from 888chan/xenu

Facebook Gallery About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


Ever since early Chanology, moralfags at WWP have been asking "Why not go after WBC?" and then they got their answer; Yes, Last Thursday, those same moralfags, which have since been kicked out by r3x and Allah, managed to PA 888chan into DDoSing GodHatesFags.com since they forgot to take the little red pills that make their brains work. Anonymous, despite still remembering quite vividly the epic fail that became Chanology, were not reluctant to raid WBC even knowing it would only lead to more moralfaggotry. Despite the respect for their fellow trolls (or more likely because God Hates Fags is both lulzy and true), on January 25th the site went down faster than a fat chick on a dick covered in cheesecake.

Not so funny now, is it, funny man?

Shortly after 888chan's DDoSing of GodHatesFags, God chose to punish 888chan for their denying the holy spirit. 888chan was DDoSed to the stone age longer then the DDoSing of WBC. Of course, none of this had any affect on the moralfags due to the fact they're all on Why We Protest.

So, who sent them up the DDoS? Here are the usual suspects:

  • Ebaumsworld: Responsible for everything. You should root their servers.
  • GodHatesFags: Because God really does.
  • Anontalk.com: For being spammy pedo retards
  • *Chan: Civil war among chans is akin to AIDS in Africa.
  • Jews: They also did 9/11.

Rick Astley's Death

888 /i/insurgents thought it would be a great idea to spark celebrity death rumors following the demise of Michael Jackson and BILLY MAYS. They went to work creating digg articles, making false press releases, and Google bombing Astley's death. With the help of /b/, they were successful until ArchiveToday-favicon.pngthe media found out about the prank.


Repeatedly pwning and causing much butthurt to virtual countries in the popular online strategy game eRepublik.

Operation Youtube

Working with Marblecake to start Operation Jewpube.


Fairly shitty but just about successful DDoS on Aboriginal Site in Didgeridie, soon to mutate into the much grander Operation Titstorm.


Much moar of which I forget, check here.



With posting having been disabled on 888 for a good 4 months, and with it being made common knowledge that r3x would never be bringing 888 back in its current form (rather as an entirely new chan in the distant future), old 888channers decided to make a new chan, 808chan, free from r3x's new-found faggotry. As it was ran by completely new people, ties with such things as Project Chanology were all but cut, preferring to go along a more traditional simplistic route of raids/porn/other gayness. In other words, it was a shitty site.


At one point, RSC and 888 had links to each others' insurgency boards, dating back to early 2009. Around this time, the admins of RSC decided to pick up Project Skynet in the hopes of continuing it.


A bunch of Scandinavians from 888's /isc/ created Scanchan in order to seek refuge from the hugbox faggotry of Why We Protest. It was one of the few imageboards that had an active /xenu/ board. It also continued Project Skynet where 888 had left off.


Vortexchan, an imageboard that r3x Dunecat created on September 2010, around the same time 888chan went offline, possibly for good. While the objective of the site was never stated, it had something to do with Project VIBE, a project that involved turning newfags into hackers on steroids.


Deciding he wanted to spend some of her hard earned money, NekoArc decided to pay an exorbitant amount of money to buy 888chan.org to revive it. Too bad nobody cares and it's once again been left to expire.

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