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Many people are aware of just how batshit insane and devoid of all sense of reason Deviantart and its tardlets can be. They are known to be crazy and obsessed with meaningless shit like shows that aren't even aimed at their own target demographic, the infinite rants of drama and emo attention whores who's biggest dilemma in their whole lives is who to ship with who or pondering with their lens flared self-insert if they're ranting about their obsession of the week enough or not. Another recent dilemma for the tardlets is "just how many Epilepsy-inducing gifs can one post on their Tumblr before they're overdoing it?" Hint: None at all! Keep posting infinite browser crashing images non-stop, everyone loves that twitchy shit!

And then, out of all of the usual suspects you could choose from, you find a tardlet like 7jackass77.

Who's in love with a serial killer.

A real serial killer.

Who's really, really obsessed with this serial killer, wants to fuck him, writes really shitty self-inserting fanfiction about the two of them and if you don't like that FUCK YOU.

No, this can't be for real. It's got to be a tro- no, it is? FUCK.

The dude in question

OMG he uluks just liek Anders Behring Breivik!!! UNF!!!11

"MY JEFF" was not only into rape, dismemberment, necrophilia and cannibalism, but also adored killing animals and putting their heads on a stake as a past-time. Adorable. He also adored raping both straight and gay men (and occasionally shota) so not only 7jackass77 wouldn't be on his hit list, but he wouldn't even pay attention to her, because Jeffrey was a massive faggot.

Don't judge for who I am. Sence I am a nody body. Wile he in the sky. I'm waiting for him



—Don't ask what a nody body is. Might be the tool Jeffery used to lure the boys to the yard late at night.

"I was so happy to finally be at the very spot were Dahmer use to bring his victims, know them, knock them out, rape them and then killed them."




Arrianna look at me like I was a insane person. She stare at me for the longest time. "What do you mean you promise," she said as teas push down her cheek.

"He got to me," I said with a smile on my face as I walk over to Arrianna. "No, Brandee he insane are you CRAZY," Arrianna screamed at me. "Yes, Arrianna, I went insane. But promise me we have to stay, with Dahmer, we just have too," I said as I took off the rope around her arm and legs. When Arrianna got out of the chair she just look me and Dahmer. She reach over and grab her glasses off a table near her. She look at me and Jeffrey for a little bit longer. "You become one of him. Your going to start killing people aren't you," she whisper. "Adriana, I'm would never kill anyone. And you know that."


—It's as if Twilight didn't even bother to hide that it was a piece of shit and kept trying really hard to convince itself otherwise.

I woke up the next morning not seeing Jeffrey right next to me. He was gone but when I check my self, I had a Pajama T-Shirt on and underwear. on. I crawled out of bed looking around slowly. I could smell bacon and eggs in the other room. I rolled out of bed, and walk towards the door slowly. I open the door and look inside the small kitchen. There was Jeffrey, standing there putting a beautiful white and red rose out on the middle of the table. I look at him with a smile on my face. He look up at me. He had is blond hair slick back and where he plaited shirt tuck in to his blue jean pants on, he also had he big glasses on. He gave me a big smile across his face.


— Please remember that male animu dude named Jeff in question is a FUCKING SERIAL KILLER IRL

I made a cake for Jeff, and I made burn his gifts for him :D I hope where ever Jeff is at I hope God or Satan gives him a good party. With a bunch of beer some stripers. And asowme weed :P Yeah I totaly went there :D I love you Jeff your the bes



—Wst aa grate parsoon.

...im the kind of woman who doses not want to get marry I want to live my life in prison or I want to live my life with 40 cats.



—Clearly 7jackass77 never saw Shawshank Redemption. Or Oz.




—all those people can go fuck a grarden nom

Q: Do you like your bed? A: YES ITS BONCY




and I will do anything for Jeffrey... ANYTHING



—Nope, not creepy in the least.




—7jackass77 in a nutshell.

You are mad. Please, die in pain you stupid bitch. You don't even know what the victims felt when they were killed you bitch, whore, bastard...I hate you so much!!



—This comment wasn't aimed directly at 7jackass77, but it still counts.

This is garbage take it down.



—Anyone with common sense whom sees 7jackass77's crap.

Dahmer's Love

Ć҉o̵̵̶̵͡m̷̡̢͞ȩ̵ ̵̧w͏̸̨i̧͢͠ţ̛͜͠͝h̵̸̶̡ ̶̴͝͝͏u͏̶͟͢s͘͜ ̢͝C̛͘͝͞ǫ̨̛̀m̡͘e̶̢͝ ̵̧҉͝w̵i̕t̢͢҉̸h̢̕ ̢ư̴̧s̵͜s͏̴̵̶̡s̴̢͢͞s̷̨͜

So, what do you get with a freak who's in love with a serial killer? Fanfiction of course!

And yes, there will be bad porn. Fifty Shades of Whatever+My Immortal style. What's fanfiction without bad porn anyway?

Chapter 1

Serial killer meets retard. I assume. This fucking piece of shit won't load no matter what.

Chapter 2

7jackass77 and two other dipshits, Omar and Arrianna (wait you mean Arianna or Arriana?) go check out Jeffery's apartment for some reason despite the high chances of getting raped, eaten and mutilated before dawn. Our protagonist is instantly turned on by the fact that she's stepping inside the lair of a killer who never got caught because the apartment was big and wide and pretty cozy for a cannibal. The jackasses literally keep screaming and shouting that the apartment belonged to a killer, just in case nobody knew. Not to warn other people, but in order to inform the ignorant people that JEFFERY DAHMER WUZ HERE, OMG. 7j77 knows that the owner is a fake, because Jeffery should have a real red redneck accent. (Wha...?)

It turns out to be him anyway, just as 7j77 falls asleep with spiked coke with her other dipshit friends fast asleep. In the middle of the night.

Chapter 3

It's marked with a "mature" rating and all of our protagonists are fast asleep. In a gentleman's household. With no means of escape.

You know were this is going.


Chapter 4

7j77 is woken up by Troy (wait who?) whom gets knocked out for trying to save his friends. 7j77 tries to escape but Dahmer catches up with her and throws a drill into her head. BOOM, HEADSHO- wait no she's okay, only tied up and fed good old HUMAN FLESH alongside her dipshit pals while calming and HARDCORE Linkin Park music is played in the background. Omar is mysteriously missing. ARRRRGHriANNA got raped in-between chapters by the sad, small, blue-eyed man with his messed up short blond hair [actual quote] and Troy probably got unwillingly buttsexed in the process as well. You'd probably (read: definitely) try to warn someone else from outside in order to be rescued and get the hell out of there, but 7j77 bravely hops towards where Jeff went off to, curious about what he was doing. He only raped her friends and made them eat Omar after all, no biggie. He was beating the shit out of everything into his room. Rather than take advantage of this distraction, she hopped back to her place and willingly wanted for Jeff to come back. Nice going dipshit.

In typical Twilight fashion, Jeffery goes all emo and begs 7j77 to stay with him despite being a monster. Troy does a strange nose.

Then he kills everyone, eats them all and cleans up after him. The end.

Chapter 5

Fuck that, that would make sense. 7j77 goes all Kagome and tells Jeff that she'd stay no matter what. Rather than take her literally and eat her anyway in n̵̨̈̂̐̉̀͘ö́̿ͫ̂̏̀ͩ͋̌͝͡wͦ ͌̈ͦ͐̌̍̈̈͠yͤ̋̽͏̵ȯ̃͛̏ͦu̧ͩ́̈̈̃'́̋ͪ̅͂ͮ̄͊̚҉̨lͣ͡l̢̨̾̂̋ ̛̇͒̃̇͌̇̓̉̽̕ş̛͂̏ͬ͆͒ͩ̊̽tͬ́͝a̴̢ͪ͒̎̀y̋̉͡ ̉w͂ͪ͐͢i̷ͮ̂̓̆ͪ͟͏t͛̐͌̏̐̂͑̀h̡̓̄̃̏ͯ̍ ̡́ͪ́̏͐͟m̨͐̀̔ͥ̚͜ė͋̆͂́ͨ͏͞ ̸̢ͥ̀͗́͢f̉ͣo̵͂̂̆̐͂͛ͩ͊rͪ̊̋̒͑̑͝ë̢̢̛̉͑͌ͮ͐̐̄v̔̓ę̴͋̄͋͝r̒̆̍ͧ́̽̈́ͣ̋͞ fashion, Jeff pusses out and frees her. And her friends. Speaking of her friends, rather than say "I'll stay but set my friends free", 7j77 decides to drag her freshly raped pals along because fuck it, this guy needs some friends. Friends he can rape and mutilate whenever he pleases, of course.


"I promise Jeffrey is that he doesn't kill us then we will be his friends."


—Now this is a friend I can rely on.

Troy actually tries to fight back despite being Mexican EL GASP and ARRRIANNNNA gets locked into a room. 7j77 and Jeff "bond" by reminiscing the pass victims and 7j77 goes in a full on tl;dr rant about her love for Leatherface, her love for bullying her friends and her being depressed due to everyone thinking that she would grow up to become a serial killer.

Later she changes her clothes from Jeff's close. Aaaaaaand cut.

Chapter 6

7j77 wakes up the next day and rightfully checks if she got raped while she was asleep. Jeffery asks if 7j77 likes her toast sunny up and she immediately admits that she is a Furry. (The bird kind?) They leave ARRR-gh and Troy alone because they make strange glares at a fucking serial killer, boo fucking hoo. They watch television together, commenting about the cannibal jokes used in Family Guy and Spongebob and diss FOX and Nick for making them kid friendly in kid's hours, retards. Jeffrey tells 7j77 to bring an innocent victim to his lair in order to reap and mutilate instead of his new BFF pals, which he would have anyway had it not been for the fact that this is fanfiction. This is 7j77's response:

"Of course I would love to help you," I said with a smile across my face."



—Sane reaction.

Of course, rather than plan to escape, Troy, the misspelled chick and 7j77 try to get fresh meat for Jeff. An African American faggot. Don't look at me, that's what it says on paper. Because Jeffery loves man meat, but not too much. Later, the already brainwashed kids (didn't take too long) completey comply to Jefferey's wishes and try to bring an unaware gay man home. They meet an old woman whom is a game breaker. If everyone knows where Jefferey Dahmer lives why don't the police arrest him, and why doesn't anyone do anything about it? Fuck logic. Arrrinnn instantly starts duking it out with alcohol because she's German (is this sum racism?) and later she starts ranting in German about Nazis and a better world filled with Nazis and everyone bowing down to their leader, rants that she's Hitler and says Hi Hitler (HELLO racism!) while Troy shakes his pants off... for some reason.

They take a dude hanging out in the bar, thinking he's gonna get some but gets a hammer in the head instead. Poor dude.

Chapter 7

Mature tag. You know what that means.


Poor dude probably took it in the ass. Meanwhilse, 7j77 watches moar Spongebob.

Chapter 8

Double rape! Dude gets ass raped from BOTH ends! Troy discovers he's a massive faggot! 7j77 watches yaoi instead of Spongebob.


Chapter 9

Wait, text? 7j77 checks herself again for self-antirape checking. The gang probably go do Jeff's bidding again. I don't care.

Chapter Fuck It

Fuck it, there are way to many chapters of this shit. Let's just assume that:

1) Jeffery and 7j77 fall madly in love with one another. They get married and eat human flesh at the reception. As always.

2) ARRRGH-ri-ANNA gets preggers with Jeffery's babby, everyone's okay with it. Later she aborts it and becomes the first Nazi German pirate in existence. She also legally changes her name into MAX Die Destroyer, not only because that name is spelled properly, but because fuck it she's a Nazi German pirate. Are you gonna reason with that?

3) Troy participates in Street Fighter 4 as a Vega-ripoff and brings Zangief back home. Zangief was never quite the same again.

5) Some other chick shows up for there to be an awkward love triangle between her, 7j77 and Jeffery. Because anime that's why.

4) Jeffery tells it straight to 7j77: he's gay, he's faggy and gosh darn it he feels pretty. 7j77 commits suicide in the process.



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