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LeaseWeb - Administration

Ha ha, oh wow. Guess 7chan just doesn't pay the bills.

FoundationSeptember 2005
Major Boards/b/, /cake/, /zom/
Epic Wins/b/day, kicking furfags out, first /i/ board ever.
7chan seal of approval small.png 7chan's Admins need moar donations hookers and blow.
You can help by donating not doing anything

Newfags from 4chan can fit right in at 7chan, as long as they follow these simple rules!


Penesis, Chapter 1

19:42 < fami> 7chan has a higher Alexa ranking than ED, I think.

In the beginning there was Moot. On the first day Moot created 4chan and said 'Lo, this is 4chan, bringer of pain'.
On the second day, Moot created Anonymous, they became lonely so Moot created Bridget, Anonymous complained of this trap, but Moot proclaimed 'there are no girls on the interbutt, Bridget will suffice'.
On the third day, Moot gave man tripcode, 'behold tripcode' he said, only ye who wish to forgive may perform.
On the fourth day, Moot created /b/, and many Anonymous rejoiced.
On the fifth day, the server crashed, Moots creation was in disarray, MYSQL errors killed off many Anonymous with no mercy.
On the sixth day, there was a sticky, and many complained of this sticky, and thus proclaimed 'this sticky sux0rz'.
On the seventh day, Moot created faggot laws, and anonymous knew what must be done.

Fagsodus, Chapter 9

7chan's Mascot, Conductor Cat!
IRL Conductor Cat!
7chan's old calling card.
Even the Faggot himself knows the truth.

Anonymous toiled under Moot's harsh rule for over 9000 years, building great pyramids unto him on many hectares of land.
Anonymous cried out "When shall we be freed of this tyrant king, who so punishes us for our beliefs?"
The Internet spoke unto Anonymous: "There shall be a baby born amongst you, a child prophet, and he shall be called Ian, and he shall lead you from this place. There will be some other guys too, but they will turn out to be faggots."
Upon his 17th year, the prophet Ian came before Moot and brought plagues of DDoSing and rebellion on his head.
Ian parted the Internet, and led his people to freedom. Forty days and forty nights they traveled through the desert.
Finally, on the last day, Ian dropped his GBC and proclaimed "This, my followers, is our new land. It shall be called 7chan."
And lol, the Internet saw that it was good.

The Revelations of Tanukihat the Apostle, Chapter 13

A vision was brought to me by the Angel of Death, bearing the number 444, the Mark of the Beast.
I saw great gouts of flame, the earth was rent in two, the people tore at their clothes.
I heard the lamentation of woman's, and a great wailing sent up from all I could see.
The Angel showed me the ruination brought upon our world. I saw downtimes last many weeks. I saw noobs crawling over every surface as maggots.
I saw great piles of money, but when I touched them they dissolved, became as dust.
I saw then a great horse, bearing a rider in a black cloak across the landscape. It was Mockskin, Rider of the Apocalypse, and he brought destruction.
I saw Moot, the Lord of the Flies, striding across the world. His minions did battle with those of 7chan, a holy war to last for centuries.
I asked the Angel, "What is this place?"
The Angel stood before me, and he spoke: "Look, look at what I have shown you. It is the final days, it is the End of Times."

The Founder

Symbion, is the founder of 7chan.org. A year after its founding, the events of /b/day occurred, and in the chaos 7chan emerged as a homeland for the /b/tards where jailbait could be posted, raids could be conducted, weeaboo could be humiliated, and other massive wins. A few months after it took off however, he decided it was too much work and gave the entire thing, domain name and all to ian. Many things have happened since then, but no one has really heard from symbion. He used to also own not7chan.org, but let it expire.

Any more info on this elusive being should be reported to the Symbion Watch Administration.

A Little History

Wishful thinking It actually did happen for real.
The cancer that replaced 7chan for a while.

7chan was created on September 25th, 2005 by symbion and the mysterious zeneslev, for the lulz. The site used to be funded by zeneslev's brother Renzo, but that luxury back again bitches. 7chan is currently NOT owned by p4ch3c0 but owned by Moot, when the buyout was announced, it was originally thought to be trolling until a final announcement was made, bricks were shat. For a time, 7chan redirected to 4chan, which at that time had its initial Web 2.0 design, this caused much rage, b-day veterans were of course, pissed, and were forced to return to 4chan or fuckoff to somewhere else. It's main server is in FDC's datacenter. It did not gain a substantial userbase until the events of /b/-day, where it was advertised on /b/ through the underlying chaos. 7chan now has a significant user base, and is slowly garnering moar.

As of January 25, 2007, the beloved /i/nvasion board was taken down due to a violation of the datacenter's TOS.

7chan is one of the first and the largest boards to use trevorchan and kusaba software.

Ironically, despite flourishing as a result of the oppression that preceded /b/-day, moderation and enforcement of rules is actually comparable to that of 4chan. Moderators will ban you over the slightest things, especially upon receiving a topic/post report, as people who create topics/posts that violate the rules (such as those who post more then five syllables) will be met with incredibly swift banhammer strikes, and have their topics/posts deleted. This is also why 7chan is better than 4chan due to the fact retards are eradicated from the site.

When 4chan closed temporarily on July 2008, the 7chan admins made the site inaccessible to all users for several weeks to stave off the cancer. When it reopened, most /b/-day veterans were forced to leave out of sheer anger, due to the fact that the furry board had been restored and that 90% of the other boards, including /b/, had been deleted by the mods. At this point, even the stupidest users have realized that this was a painfully obvious example of trolling by abusive mods/admins, and that 7chan has fallen victim to a case of massive modfaggotry. Most users now agree that OmgWtfIDiedLol and p4ch3c0 have caught the cancer themselves and that they have disgraced themselves to the point where their faggotry is now on the same level as moot and W.T. Snacks. All /b/-day veterans and refugees who used the site as an alternative to 4chan now refer to the newly reborn 7chan as NIGGERTITS MK. 2.

Because of this modfaggotry, some users have even went as far as to claim that moot actually did take over 7chan on December 2007 and that the independence declared during Soviet Sunday was nothing more than a ruse.

This is what 7channers ride frequently.
This is just how much the mods luv furries.
This is how the mods deal with haxxorz.

Mod Drama Sunday

It is not wise to hotlink to 7chan.

7chan and 4chan

7chan and 4chan are in constant rivalry due to the events of /b/-day, where many 4channers separated from the herd to make their new home at 7chan. As such, 7chan maintains that they are better than 4chan because their community is smaller and contains less gaiafags, newfags, and other undesirables, and because their /b/ has NO RULES, LOL. 4chan, on the other hand, maintains that 7chan is inferior because 4chan's is the original /b/, because 7chan is unstable and experiences downtime. Although no one on 7chan ever goes to 4chan, they are always the first and best source when it comes to 4chan's downtime.

The deep-seated nature of this rivalry causes minor outbreaks of interchan conflict occasionally, though usually such occurrences are minor, such as a couple of 4channers posting furry on 7chan's /b/ in order to piss them off. The lingering distrust and anger between these two factions is unlikely to ever cease.

But what IS 7chan?

As the second offspring of 4chan, it is also the most well known of the chans (that is actually still up and running). The difference between 4chan and 7chan is the stereotype that 7chan is essentially cancer-free, full of oldfags, stricter mods, and more boards to choose from. It also has a fully functioning lolicon and shotacon (both gay and straight) board, because they aren't fucking pussies, and if you are gonna be a sick fuck might as well stay in one place where mods ban CP on sight. Also, apparently if you spam or flame any board on 7chan, you get royally pwned hard by the mods. Samefags are also quickly called out as every post an anon makes in a specific thread, an ID will appear next to their post, and every post they make in that thread from then on, making lulz less likely but samefags are obliterated in the process. It is essentially a less fun, but more serious form of 4chan, and what iichan wishes it could be, but fuck that place because it's fucking boring and no one goes there anymore but newfags or pedos.

7chan's minecraft discussion

You may have heard of the indie phenomenon, Minecraft. Well, 7chan has recently made a minecraft-related board, which although you may think it means that it is for all topics related to minecraft (which could probably just be contained on the /v/ board), it has a mildly different purpose. In actual fact, it's just to show of 7chan's minecraft server, and most of the posts are about the "antics" and "lulz" which occured the previous night. They also love to post logs from their as well, because people actually read that shit.

Though the community is what you'd expect (Recieve more updates now faggot or I will BAWW in my hugbox!!!1), they seem to actually be much more productive than the actual /v/ board. If you're an excessive minecraft fan, it is an excellent resource. Otherwise, stay away. But if you're a minecraft fan, it's worth a look.

Mod Drama 2: Electric Boogaloo

"Also, congratulations to those un/b/ fagtards who actually fell for this too. I left a tab open in the screenshot just for you." In conclusion, Hal Turner is out of donations, "overthrown" so to speak, and 7chan wins.

7chan briefly redirected to Internet Police HQ, paralleling Hal Turner's FBI redirect, as a joke. When 7chan came back up, the following message was stickied on /b/:

"As many of you know, a certain "raid" that was started here has gained lots of attention over the past few weeks. This "raid", targeted at Hal Turner of Hal Turner Radio, was actually a plan that was devised by Buri-chan, former 7chan admin, and Hal Turner himself. The details of the plan are that 7chan offered Hal Turner notoriety with the *chan communities [as most of them are filled with white supremacists anyway], and, unknown to us, donations, in exchange for an extra server to ease the pressure on our current, overtaxed servers.
As the community is open to pretty much any type of discussion, we couldn't exactly stop this so-called raid from happening, so we decided to play along. Couldn't hurt, right?
What we didn't count on was the few "out of the loop" raiders attacking other sites, such as Bill White's [aka overthrow.com owner]. Apparently, Bill White took offense and ordered his own fans [ps3 hueg numbers] to take down our site, which, as you know, has happened.
Apologies to all parties unintentionally harmed by this mixup. We are no longer in this with Hal [since, apparently, this is a scam on his part, since he received over $1,000 in donations].
- Matt"

The clever folks at 7chan managed to take away the last of Hal Turner's fanbase/donators, and make a new meme. I also learned what gullible means.

Reactions to this statement seem to fall into several categories:

  1. "Meh. We did it for the lulz, and we got them. Declare victory!"
  2. "The mods are just kidding! IT'S ALL AN ILLUSION! BLACK IS WHITE! POOL IS OPEN!"
  3. "I'm shocked, SHOCKED that 7chan wasn't honest and forthright! I'm going back to 4ailchan, where the mods never act badly."
  4. "Where's mah check?" (i.e. "Let's make a meme out of it!")

Hal Turner says:

"Bill White is once again simply making things up. He has quite a track record of doing exactly that.
There isn't one iota of truth to what Bill has written in his claiming the DDoS was setup in any way by me.
I do not know anyone at any of the web sites that perpetrated this series of attacks. I did not talk to anyone about doing the attacks.
Bill White simply doesn't know what the hell he is talking about. He is a has- been who is trying to weasel some publicity for himself and his pathetic web site out of the issue involving me.
Hal Turner"

moot Drama

SOLD to the fag in the sombrero!

On December 7th, 2007, Moot implemented his Web 2.0 front page for 4chan, and purchased the rights to 7chan from p4ch3c0 for an undisclosed amount of tacos. The redirect was implemented shortly thereafter. In preparation for the merger with 4chan, massive PARTY HARD measures were implemented on /b/ to discourage people from reading the board, and to go to 4chan instead. At the moment, the Web 2.0 design for 7chan is being prepared and will be available shortly. In the meantime, the admins have removed all rules on /b/ to encourage the exodus. Once the merger and redesign is complete, the boards will be pruned, Javascript/Flash ads will be put in place to ensure the flow of jew golds, and the Chans will be united. lie.

A Chat With "Moot"

Begin: DCC Chat with Mootles ([email protected])
*** Mootles is [email protected]
*** Mootles is «Stoplight Girl»
*** Mootles on harbl.7chan.org
*** Mootles is using a registered nickname
*** Mootles on ~#7chan, +#idlerpg
*** Mootles idle 21 min 53 s, signed on «Sat 8th Dec 2007 01:20p»

<NeppyMan> Thanks for taking a few minutes to talk to me about this.  I know there's been a lot
           of confusion about the *chan merger.

<Mootles> Happy to.  So what do you want to know?

<NeppyMan> Well, first of all, there's a lot of speculation that this is some big prank, or
           faked, or somehow not true.

<Mootles> No, this is no joke.  I took what ad revenue I could scrape together and purchased
          the rights to 7chan from p4ch3c0.  It used up most of my money, which is why we're
          going have to be strict about the no ad-blocking software.

<NeppyMan> I can understand that.  So you're working on merging the websites, then?

<Mootles> Absolutely.  We're using the Web 2.0 design that I put up on 4chan's main page as
          a base, and going from there.  I've contracted with a few AJAX designers to help make 
          the new site extra-interactive.  We'll be eventually removing frames and page 
          submissions altogether, and have it all replaced by Javascript calls.

<NeppyMan> Sounds bandwidth-intensive.  So what about the overseas hosts?

<Mootles> Well, that gets into why we're having to change some of the rules.  Our main server
          is hosted in the US, unlike 7chan's, which is in Germany.  We have to be very
          careful about staying on the legal side of things now that we're going to be 
          implementing premium accounts.

<NeppyMan> That's right, that does subject you to ISP statutes, doesn't it?

<Mootles> Absolutely.  Which is why we're having to be more careful.  Because we'll be taking 
          subscription money and personal login information, we're partially responsible for 

<NeppyMan> Good catch there.  So what are the premium accounts going to be like?

<Mootles> There's going to be four levels.  Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum.  Silver accounts 
          get higher bandwidth priority.  Gold accounts get access to certain VIP boards, as do   
          Diamond users.  Platinum accounts are generally reserved for admins, since they get to 
          view deleted threads, posts, and images, although we may open them up for purchase in 
          the future.

<NeppyMan> So what kind of money are people going to be spending for these accounts?

<Mootles> We're going to keep it very reasonable.  Silver accounts are $2.99 a month, Gold is 
          $4.99.  Diamond is $9.99.  Platinum, if we were selling it, would be $19.99 a month.

<NeppyMan> Not bad.  So what about plans for the future?

<Mootles> Well, like I've said, some of the boards are going to have to be toned down.  Due to US 
          laws, we're going to have to be really careful with /cake/ and similar boards.  I've 
          been talking to a representative from Sealand to see about purchasing hosting there, 
          but it's not cheap, so it'll have to wait until we get ad revenue.

<NeppyMan> Sealand?  Isn't that that off-shore oil derrick island nation?

<Mootles> Exactly.  That will let us get around some of the laws.  Some of the 7chan staff, 
          especially EtnaIsMyWife, insisted that we at least make an effort to keep /cake/ up for 
          now, so I think we're going to use 7chan's Germany server to do it for he time being.

<NeppyMan> Sounds like a plan.  So what about the new rules on flaming and insulting?

<Mootles> Well, again, that goes back to the ISP statutes that you mentioned.  We're opening 
          ourselves up to lawsuits from users who might be upset by some of the more abusive 
          behaviors that we've tolerated in the past.  So we're going to have to enforce more 
          strict rules about that sort of thing.

<NeppyMan> I suppose I can see that.  Anything else you want to say to the people who will be 
           reading this?

<Mootles> Just to relax and be patient.  We're working hard to make the transition as smooth as 
          possible.  We're doing our best to give all our new users the best possible experience.

"Moot" "Denies" Involvement

In an attempt to quell the impending shitstorm, a sticky appeared on 4chan's /b/ on Monday 10, 2007 (wat). Of course, everybody knows that Moot is simply attempting to prevent a rebellion on 4chan's /b/ board, as 7chan's /b/ is currently under siege by many individuals who are expressing their displeasure about the intended merger. The real story is clearly visible here.

Moot himself admits that he would make it shittier...

Currently, the 'survivors' have evacuated to Zerochan and 711chan, where - like the Mormons - they hole up in their bunker and pass the shortwave radio around by candle light, acting out their "I am Legend" fantasies, while the rest of 7chan laughs at them for thinking the internet is serious business.

It's the rapture! OH SHI-


People don't realize that the 7chan staff like to troll the user base periodically to weed out faggots. It works, but it's incredibly annoying, sometimes the staff push it too far. Things like this are done in subtle ways like partyhard.css (hardly subtle). When problems are at extremes (ie: 4chan going down), mods are pretty much allowed to do anything. When 4chan was hacked, /b/ was changed to party mode, an image of a large obese woman was flying around the page, Walk the Dinosaur was played with a flash of two male dinosaurs 69ing, and pretty much anyone complaining was banned.



In an effort to cure the cancer, 7chan mods introduced a new mechanic to sage, dubbed Powersage© by 7chan users. While active, Powersage© made it so that any saged post on a thread had to be canceled out by a non-sage post before a thread could be bumped. Also, OP's couldn't cancel sage on their own threads, so they couldn't bump their own shit. Sadly, this proved to be ineffective, as sage is the automatic response of most of the 7chan userbase, and as of June 2010, Powersage© wasn't active on /b/.


Recently on 7chan's /b/, /x/, /men/ and /banner/, there have been these messages slowly scrolling up the screen saying "LURK BEFORE POSTING", and if you complain about them the mods insantly ban you. People have probably been on other *chan boards before and therefore do not need to be reminded one of the fundamental community rules again and again. And even though a bit of guidance to the n00bs is a good thing, it should be contained on the help page, it doesn't need to be presented in such a patronising manner. It is just ridiculous.

However, 7chan users have been strikethroughing through this section and have been linking this section to the "butthurt" article. I guess they not only love irritating words floating in across the screen and making the text barely read-able, but they are also mad.

Current Events

As of February 2009 always, 7chan is currently having issues with its hosting.

The 7chan Videos, TV and Anime Division, imaginatively named "channel7" has a new blog as of April 6, 2009 at some website. Their moderators have politely told ED to go to hell and to not mix up 7chan and channel7 in the future.

On 27 September, 2016, 7chan went down again.


Later in the same day, it's back.

On September 26th, 2018, 7chan opened up an old meme board (comprised mostly of newfags LARPing with old memes stolen from chan wikis and ED) & a discord server one month later.


Conductor Cat

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